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Best Belly Pads Reviewed in Detail Buying Guide
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Best Belly Pads Reviewed in Detail
Boxing has become a popular sport for many. It's not surprising because it provides the best workout and challenges many of our senses and capacities. It has the potential to turn lives around by providing focus and an outlet for pent up aggression. Boxing's greatest benefit might be in the training ...
best caffeine supplements Buying Guide
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Best Caffeine Supplements Reviewed In Detail
Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in many things most people consume on a daily basis: coffee, tea, colas, energy drinks, food products containing chocolate, some energy bars, and over-the-counter medications. Caffeine takes effect on the central nervous system and different people may feel diffe...
review of the best BOB Body Opponent Training Bags Buying Guide
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Best B.O.B. Body Opponent Bags Reviewed
BOB aka. Body Opponent Bags are a staple part of any strikers training regimen, equally as important as sparring, pad work, and shadow boxing. When you are hitting the punching bag you can work on so many different things to improve specific areas of your striking game. Punching dummies are a great w...
best foam rollers Buying Guide
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Best Foam Rollers Reviewed and Tested
Fighters are tough, we all know that. But besides being tough, fighters also need to relax, and nothing feels better than a good, thorough massage after a match or a tough bout of training exercise. But, as me and you both know, not everyone has a personal massage therapist – but everyone needs a goo...
best Resistance Bands reviewed and tested Buying Guide
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Best Resistance Bands Reviewed
Fighting doesn’t only come down to punching, you know. You can be the quickest puncher in the world, with the best technique, but if you fail to pack some punch in your punches (pun intended) – make no mistake, even a weaker fighter will bring you down with a well-placed strike. Regardless if you’re ...
Best Water Punching Bags reviewed & Tested Buying Guide
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Best Water Punching Bag Reviewed and Tested
Hello there champion, we meet again! FightingReport has been your faithful companion on your journey to greatness, and today isn’t much different – a new challenge awaits. Namely, that of picking the best heavy punching bag. But not just any heavy bag – we’re focusing on the best water heavy bag toda...
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