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review of the best BOB Body Opponent Training Bags Buying Guide
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Best B.O.B. Body Opponent Bags Reviewed
BOB aka. Body Opponent Bags are a staple part of any strikers training regimen, equally as important as sparring, pad work, and shadow boxing. When you are hitting the punching bag you can work on so many different things to improve specific areas of your striking game. Punching dummies are a great w...
Best Water Punching Bags reviewed & Tested Buying Guide
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Best Water Punching Bag Reviewed and Tested
Hello there champion, we meet again! FightingReport has been your faithful companion on your journey to greatness, and today isn’t much different – a new challenge awaits. Namely, that of picking the best heavy punching bag. But not just any heavy bag – we’re focusing on the best water heavy bag toda...
the best speed bags for boxing and mma reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Speed Bags Reviewed and Rated in 2017
Another essential training equipment in boxing, and other fighting sports (such as Muay Thai or kickboxing) is of course, the speed bag. As different from the heavy bag, the speed bag’s purpose is again contained in its name: it’s meant for speedy punches, fast hitting. In other words, helping you de...
Best Heavy Bags for Boxing reviewed Buying Guide
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Best Heavy Bags for Boxing Reviewed
  Punching bags are an important buying decision that will have a huge impact on a fighter's training. The right bag can make all the difference and it is important that aspiring combatants pick equipment that will be beneficial to them. While there is no single best punching bag, there ar...
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