3G Cardio Elite Runner Review

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The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is a treadmill that will challenge even the most physically fit. While it is suitable for people that love to walk, it is geared towards those that are truly looking to take their performance to the next level. With a great variety of incline levels and speeds, you will be able to find exactly what your indoor routine needs. Maintaining a cardio routine can be difficult and boring. This piece of equipment offers many different programs so that you can switch up your routine and stay interested. It also allows you to create your own programs. This leads to an endless variety of options for your cardio regimen. This treadmill is quite large and provides you with plenty of surface to run on.  You will also get a more comfortable run due to a variety of aspects in its design. Less impact will be experienced which, in turn, leads to better feeling muscles and joints regardless of how many miles you decide to go in any given session. From basic convenience features to advanced tracking options this treadmill offers a lot to keep you going. It will be quite an investment to call this option your own, however, it will exceed your expectations of home gym equipment.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Handles Up To 400lbs
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Dual Speed Fan
  • Heart Rate Monitor & Chest Strap
  • Vast Incline & Speed Options
  • Offers Great Rebound
  • Large Running Surface
  • Club Quality
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Extremely Heavy
  • Very Expensive
  • No Bluetooth Connection
  • No App Access


3G Cardio is lead by people with more than fifty combined years of fitness industry experience. They offer fitness equipment to solve your home gym needs. They offer a variety of elliptical machines, treadmills, upright and recumbent bikes. With a span of different features and price points, you are sure to find exactly the item you have been looking for. Checking off all of the boxes of your wants and needs is not an easy thing to do, however, this brand makes it a bit simpler. 3G Cardio understands that you have a massive amount of options available to you and they strive to make theirs better in every way. Due to this diligence, they have built a strong following of beginning fitness enthusiasts, seriously fit athletes, and everyone in between. From basic to exceptionally advanced this brand continues to impress with their top quality products.

Basic Features

This product packs an abundance of features. That means that some of the aspects that are typically considered Advanced features will be shown here as basic features. You'll be able to keep an eye on your phone and not worry about it bouncing all over the place with a sent replaced cell phone holder. To both sides of this, there are water bottle holders to give you easy access to hydration throughout your entire routine. This piece of equipment can go with a fairly High rate of speed so, naturally, there is an emergency stop if you were to ever need it. There are simple push-button controls for a variety of features including the fan, speed, and incline. the fan that is included in the console offers two different speeds and consumers are quite pleased with the are that it pushes out. There are three different LCD displays that will provide you with a variety of information including your heart rate, speed, incline, calories burned, and more.

Advanced Features

You certainly won't be lacking in advanced features if you decide to go with this product. It will provide you with eight different pre-programmed workouts to help you achieve different results depending on what you're going for. This could be things like fat burn, strength enhancement, or cardio. You will also have the ability to set up programs of your choosing. This will allow you to change up your routine at any point. In turn, you will stay more motivated as you will be more interested in your consistently changing routine. As with many other treadmills, this product does offer a heart rate sensor. It also comes with a wireless chest strap for the most accurate heart rate reading you could ask for. Having access to your heart rate will allow you to tune in on a specific heart rate zones. This product also has a USB connection and a jack for an AUX cable. You can easily listen to our music or your favorite TV shows through the in console speakers. Two advanced features that this product is lacking in is Bluetooth connectivity and access to a fitness app.


When you were looking for a truly challenging run adding incline to it can make it just that. Not all treadmills offer any sort of incline. This one, on the other hand, offers plenty to help even the most physically fit work up a good sweat. In 1% increments, you can increase the incline up to 15%. This, among treadmills with incline, is pretty standard. Many of the routines will use different levels of inclined to help you target different zones. The transition of incline happens relatively quickly but customers have said that it is exceptionally smooth. This means that you won't have to worry about a sudden jerky movement throwing you off track. Adding inclines to your routine can help expedite your weight loss, endurance building, and strengthening efforts.


This brand has worked a couple of features into this product that will help improve your comfort while you run. It starts with something as simple as a fan. Oftentimes, customers complained that the fan on their treadmill is not powerful enough to actually cool them down. On the contrary, this item offers a fan that will indeed help you stay cool. More impressive than that is the deck. They use a suspension system that will help absorb impact as your feet pound the belt. This will lead to less shock on your muscles and joints. With reduced shock comes a better feeling body after a rigorous running session. While it may seem minimal the in console speakers are also a comfort feature. They will allow you to tune into whatever helps put you in the best mind frame for your best performance. Overall, customers are very happy with the level of comfort they get while using this piece of equipment.


You're not going to need to worry about whether or not this product can offer you the speeds that you are looking for it starts off at a half a mile an hour for those of you that want to take it easy. As your performance improves you'll be able to crank up the speed all the way up to 12 miles an hour. If you are an advanced runner this will give you a good challenge. Consumers are pleased with how easy it is to change the speed at which they are moving. There are a couple of different places that was a press of a button you'll be able to increase or decrease your speed. finding that it's moving a little too fast is also easy to handle with the convenient emergency stop feature.


If you are working with a small home gym or limited space you might want to look for a smaller option. This treadmill is exceptionally large. The length of this piece of equipment is 84 inches. this is a bit longer than most standard treadmills. The width of it comes in at almost 36 inches. where customers typically have a problem making a piece of equipment this size fit is with the width of it. It does offer a larger belt or more running space. In addition, the large size of this machine will accommodate a higher user wait. People weighing up to 400 pounds can use it without worrying about causing any damage or having a rough run due to a jostling machine. This product is also exceptionally heavy. It weighs 386 lb which means if you need to move it around you are definitely going to need some help.


Consumers have noted that the assembly of this item is pretty straightforward. Many people opt for professionals to come in and put it together as there are quite a few pieces to assemble. This may be the best option for those of you that have difficulty putting things together. The instruction booklet is laid out well and there are a plethora of videos available to help you through the process. If you take your time it shouldn't be exceptionally difficult to have it put together correctly and functioning. It has been said often times from customers that you'll want to set this product up wherever it is that you will be using it. The pieces are also quite heavy so relocating it after it is assembled is exceptionally difficult.


You will benefit from some major advantages when you decide to invest in this particular treadmill. As with all treadmills, when paired with a healthy diet it can help you achieve better fitness and overall health. The impact absorption that this product offers whether you are walking or running on it is a major advantage. When your body feels great you are more likely to continue working out. It will also be able to challenge even the most physically fit people. So, whether you are just starting out on a new fitness venture and trying to lose weight or you are training through the winter months for that first spring marathon this treadmill will be able to help you along the way. With a variety of programs, incline options, and speeds you'll be able to tweak your routines to suit your specific desire. It will continue to challenge you as your performance improves and you will continue to want to use it as you see your stats get better and better.


In reviewing products we find that everything comes with at least a few disadvantages. This product is not an exception. While really more of an inconvenience there are a few complaints about how much this product weighs. The weight of it will allow a more stable run, especially, for those of you that are heavier. It does make relocating this machine Impossible on your own. The other aspects that consumers complain about in regards to this product have to do with its ability to keep you connected. Many of us use a variety of fitness apps and like to be able to see these stats combined with other activities for the day. The fact that you will not be able to do this is a bit of a disadvantage. these are really the only disadvantages that we found with this product and as you can see, they are exceptionally limited.


Consumers feel as if this product is an above average value. The price tag that it carries is extremely high. More than likely there is a large variety of people that will not be able to afford this treadmill. Even with some long-term saving, you may find it to be out of reach. Price is a big piece of the value of a product but it does involve a variety of other aspects. When you compare this treadmill to others in the same price range it is lacking a couple of the advanced features that we typically see. This includes things like being able to sync data via Bluetooth. A lot of times tracking activities is imperative to people. This is because it allows them to easily see how active they have been and in turn helps them stay motivated to keep going. Overall, we would have to agree that this is a better than average value.

Bottom Line

When looking for a treadmill that can truly challenge you and offers a variety of different programs this one is an excellent option. It is made of high-quality durable materials and can accommodate a bigger variety of weights and fitness levels. If you are looking for a true challenge you can crank up the speed and the incline to guarantee a stellar workout. On the opposite side if you are just starting out in your journey towards better fitness you can take it easy and work your way up as your health improves. It does offer a lower impact workout because of the way it is structured and designed which will be more suitable for those of you that are susceptible to aching joints or have sustained injuries in the past. Overall, this is a solid option that will give you years worth of use and continually help you improve yourself.