Adidas Adi-Kick 2 Martial Arts Shoes

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Adidas Adi-Kick 2 Martial Arts Shoes Review Facts

Martial Arts has a lot of history behind its name that dates back for centuries. Through the years slight things about some of the forms of martial arts have changed but for the most part, the morals behind it have remained the same. While practicing an art with such great meaning behind it, why not wear gear that also comes from a company with meaning and just like martial arts has also been around for quite some time. 

Wearing the appropriate gear during training or competition is more important than you may think. The right gear can not only help you increase your footwork, but it can also mean the difference between being properly protected or not. Adidas is a brand that takes the stress out of knowing if you’re purchasing quality gear or not. Their products are designed with the active in mind.

One of the products Adidas has graced the active community with is the Adidas Adi-kick 2. A reinvention of the original Adi-Kick martial arts shoe. This is a martial arts shoe known for its durability and lightweight design that could easily become one of your favorites and a pair of shoes you are sure to get much use out of.

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Pivot Points




Narrow Fit

Minimal Padding


The Adidas brand came along as a result of one man with a dream of his own. After returning from World War I Adi Dassler ambitiously began working in his mom’s laundry room constructing the first bits and pieces of his products, while also developing more ideas along the way.

Soon after Adi began his journey with this company, his brother joined in and became apart of the dream. This was the beginning of the company becoming the “ Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory”.

Throughout the years the Adidas brand has had their share of trials and tribulations, all of which they’ve pulled through and managed to make their small shoe company into a worldwide success over time. All of the blood, sweat and tears put into this brand make it the trustworthy name that it is today.

Adidas is a company with the active in mind and for a long time has been a durable brand you can trust. To this day the company strives to continue putting out new gear that appeals to a variety of people. Adidas is still evolving and recreating products as well as designing new ones today.


Adidas Adi-Kick 2 is an upgraded version of the first edition of The Adi-Kick and it's a great addition to your martial arts gear. This new upgrade comes packed with new features and is a better design! Made from durable materials and with the active martial artist in mind, this is a shoe made to keep up with even the extreme martial artist.

Made with PU materials, very lightweight and built to last. This particular pair of martial arts shoes are great for tae kwon do as well as other forms of martial arts. The lightweight design helps decrease the added weight on your feet and can help with advancing your footwork.

The synthetic leather is soft yet strong and with an added piece of synthetic leather where laces would normally be your kicks are even more padded than usual. Which helps with providing a bit more protection for the top of your foot. Creating a smaller section of laces not only minimizes how much of the lace is coming in contact with others or the equipment, but you may also find this helps secure the shoe around your ankle as well.

Featuring a rubber outsole with pivot points for exceptionally fast footwork and effortless movement with a grip that won't slow you down. The grip on the rubber outsole will help prevent slipping, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to maintain speed and remain focused rather than being worried about slipping.


This martial arts shoe is designed to be a nice snug fit during times of high activity. The pliable design will form nicely around the curves of your feet providing you with a comfortable yet breathable fit. Though this narrow fit may not be ideal for those who require a wider fitting shoe.

The Adidas Adi-Kick 2 comes in a variety of men's US sizes. It is suggested when ordering pick a size smaller than your normal shoe size. Though the shoe is a more narrow fit when it comes to the width of it, the length can be a larger fit than usual. Some children’s sizes are available as well.

All around this is a good fit for active people. The Adidas Adi-Kick 2 is the nice snug fit most athletic people seek. Feeling like your shoe is going to fall off is not going to be ideal for anyone trying to be active and will not be a concern for those wearing this shoe.


The laces for the Adidas Adi-Kick 2 are unique and unlike the typical lace set up. Different from what you'd usually see on just about every other pair of shoes. This martial arts shoe provides more synthetic leather surface area and less area with exposed laces. This unique design with the laces is good for various reasons.

One great reason for designing the shoes this way is stability around the ankle. Tightening the laces towards the ankle provides a sturdy and snug fit that’s not very likely to slip off during times of excessive activity.

Another reason behind this special design that is not often considered, is the added padding this gives to the martial artist's foot during kicks. Laces over the top of a foot during a kick with force can cause soreness for not only the person wearing the shoe but also the person receiving the kick. The design of the Adidas Adi-Kick 2 prevents this by moving the laces up towards the ankle and adding the extra synthetic leather in place of laces.


The soles for the Adidas Adi-Kick 2 are manufactured to provide a slip-free experience with a grip unlike bare feet. With pivot points that aid in quick pivotal moments. The pivot points on the outsoles are designed to work like the natural pivot points of the human foot. Allowing extreme ease of movement regardless of the direction.

The rubber soles on the bottom of each shoe help tremendously with traction. The added grip and stability is great for balance and helping to improve the speed of your footwork. One way wearing martial arts shoes take away the worry of bare feet is by providing a safety barrier between you and the floor. This barrier protects against bacteria and prevents stepping on anything as well.


The Adidas brand, in general, is fairly known for comfortable products. The Adi-Kick 2 does not disappoint that known standard. During times of high activity especially comfort is important. During practice is not the time you want to be stuck dealing with blisters or shoes that pinch.

Comfortability is so important. Without a comfortable shoe, you are sure to lose focus and forget concentrating on your form with shoes that hurt. The Adidas Adi-Kick 2 martial arts shoes take away the worry of an uncomfortable situation and provide you with the happiness of wearing a shoe you can forget about.

When first worn these shoes will feel a bit tighter and have a firmer feel. Wearing them for a period of time before training with them may be ideal as breaking in the shoes will help them to become more comfortable and more form-fitting.


When shopping for products often times you will find the higher quality products cost a fairly larger amount than other products that appear to be of lesser quality. Adidas is a brand that offers great deals for high-quality products.

Often times a great product that comes at a lower price almost seems too good to be true. The Adi-Kick 2 martial arts shoes truly makes a great addition to your favorite martial arts gear. They may also be used for other athletic activities like rope jumping and are not limited to only martial arts. Giving more opportunity for use and providing the buyer with more bang for their buck!

These martial arts shoes are proof that you can have a nice quality product without breaking your bank. The comfort and durability of the Adidas Adi-Kick 2 martial arts shoes alone are worth more than the cost. With the added features and well thought out design, this purchase is truly a bargain!

Bottom Line

The well thought out design and the breathable fit are sure to appeal to a variety of people. From beginners to experienced martial artists the Adidas Adi-Kick 2 martial arts shoes are a great addition to your go-to gear. With the variety of sizes available there’s sure to be something for almost anyone seeking more bang for their buck.

By wearing shoes during martial arts training this creates a more realistic training experience as well as helping to advance footwork technique and speed all together by providing extra grip and stability within your feet. The pliable material and pivot points are an added bonus to a glove-like fit that’s hard not to love.

This is an all-around durable product that’s easy to maintain and overall comfortable to wear. The possibilities for use with this shoe are endless and do not end at using them only for martial arts. You may easily get your money's worth of use from this product and then some. With all the possibilities for use with the Adi-Kick 2 shoes, they may also be a nice gift idea!