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The Adidas Box Hog Plus boxing boots are an excellent option when looking for a lightweight pair of boxing shoes that truly look great. They offer a lower profile than many others. You will find that the materials used within their construction to be very durable and quite breathable. This helps keep your feet feeling great even after hours of bag, sparring, or ring practice. Whether you are new to boxing and looking for your first pair of shoes or you have been at it for some time and need to replace your old ones, these will give you exactly what you are looking for. Planting your toe and pivoting will be easy because of the great outsole that they use. In addition, you will actually have some instep support while wearing them. They offer good ankle stability and a reinforced heel. Customers are very happy with the overall look and feel of these boots. They carry an average price but offer long-lasting use. Your footwork is an important part of your form and overall success in boxing. Wearing a pair of stellar boxing boots can help you feel less fatigue in your legs and improve your technique. Once you wear these boots you will notice the difference immediately.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Nice Arch Support
  • Great Look & Style
  • Fairly Affordable
  • Quite Durable
  • Sturdy Design
  • Excellent For Pivoting
  • Breathable Mesh Panels
  • Sizing Runs Large


Across the globe, Adidas brand has been providing athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and every day active people the clothing and gear they need to give their best performance every time. They are a brand that is trusted to have what you need regardless of the activity you are participating in. Spending true time to research and develop their products they offer some of the best quality items you can buy. Spending time listening to their customers, employees, and the world around them they provide options that are innovative and ahead of their time. Adidas strives to help people become their best, healthiest selves. With hard work and dedication, they want to help you along the road to whatever goals you have set for yourself. This brand is worth trusting and typically, does not let their customers down.


Many boxing boots offer today do not have any type of insole inside of them. This is due to the fact that without an insole your feet can feel more and therefore your footwork is more technically sound. Your toes grip more easily with a thin insole. The problem with a boot lacking in insole completely is the fact that it can lead to a very uncomfortable fit. Especially, for those of you that have high arches. These shoes offer a partial insole. They are built up at the arch and have a bit of padding in the heel. We do not often see a partial insole like this, however, consumers are very pleased with it. It provides a higher level of comfort and support than many other options that are of the same quality.


There are a variety of different materials that people use for the outsoles of boxing boots. This brand uses gum rubber. Rubber is an excellent outsole material. This is due to the fact that it offers excellent grip and traction. On top of that, it is very durable. The tread pattern on the outsole of the shoe is also excellent. It will give you excellent traction while in the ring. This will make your pivots and footwork better than ever. Overall, this is an excellent choice of outsole material. Consumers have frequently commented about how much it is improved their pivots. The solid construction of this out soul will last you a good amount of time and you'll be able to use it inside of the ring, during bag training, while working with your trainer, or during sparring sessions.


You want your boxing shoes to be exceptionally lightweight. We were unable to find the exact weight of this pair, however, the review speaks for themselves. Every review we have rad has stated that these shoes are insanely light. The materials that are used in them help to keep them this way. When you wear light boxing shoes you will experience less fatigue and this will allow you to work longer during your training sessions. In addition, the lightweight nature of these shoes will allow you to keep your feet moving quickly and improve your footwork. There are no mentions from customers that they feel these boots are bulky. Obviously, this is an advantage as you want them to be low profile and not cumbersome as you move about the ring.


This product is made up of very high-quality materials. The upper portion of the shoe is made of a breathable mesh. It is only one layer yet it is extremely durable and will withstand the test of time. There are also overlays that are made of synthetic leather. These overlays help with the overall feel and longevity of use. Customers are very impressed with the look and feel of the upper material. As previously mentioned, the bottom of the shoe is made of gum rubber. The inside of this boot is also lined with fabric. This helps keep your feet dryer. In the midsole of the shoe, there is an EVA foam piece that extends to the back of it. Naturally, they also have standard shoelaces in them. Overall, the materials seen here are great quality.


Overall, customers are very pleased with a fit of this boxing boot. There have been a few notes that they run a little large and you may need to order a half size down to ensure a great fit. Oftentimes, people find that their boxing boots are a little looser than expected. Typically, this is due to the fact that it does not have an insole inside of it. With this option, you won't run into this problem. The inclusion of an insole helps promote a great fit. obviously, they lace up and you will have quite a bit of a just ability in the way this product fits around your feet and ankles. The design is fairly well structured and reinforced at the heel. This does not mean they are not flexible. In fact, they are quite flexible because of the materials they are made of.


When you decide to go with this boxing boot you'll be getting a pair that is very durable. You won't have to worry about the seams near high-pressure areas bursting as they are double-stitched. This seriously helps improve the durability of this option. In addition, the outsole and the upper are made of materials that offer excellent durability. Not all synthetic Leathers are created equal but the one used here is well above average. When you spend long hours training in the gym you want to ensure that you are using a product that is going to withstand the test of time. Combat sports are, naturally, rough on equipment. So, investing in an exceptionally durable pair of shoes is important so that you won't have to frequently replace them. These will suit you very well in this category.


This brand is known for putting out high-quality merchandise. When you look at the details of these shoes it is easy to see that this is a great representation of the quality that Adidas is known for. They offer features like a reinforced heel which promotes great durability and comfort within the shoe. It is easy to take notice of the design and structure of this boxing boot. You will have a lightweight option that allows you to move about the ring with ease. Trusting this brand to provide you with quality standards that are well above average is a safe bet. Customers are very impressed with the craftsmanship and style of this item. There are some very real reasons athletes of every level keep coming back to Adidas and one of those reasons is the quality they always provide.


These boxing boots are built for Comfort. They offer a variety of features to ensure that your feet continue to feel great regardless of whether you are having a quick session with your trainer or spending hours with a bag. They are designed in a way to keep airflow moving which helps in terms of coolness and comfort. The reinforced heel also plays a big role in the comfort level you get while wearing them. More importantly, this product uses an exceptionally comfortable material for the midsole and he'll portion of the shoe. When you combine all of these comfort features what you are left with is a boxing boot you will be happy to wear day in and day out when working hard in the gym.


This is another aspect that we are pretty impressed with. Due to the fact that this product only uses one layer of mesh and limited leather on the upper, they are exceptionally breathable. airflow will not be a problem when you decide to purchase the shoes. Keeping your feet cool and dry is important in maintaining their health. When they sit in a dark, warm, damp environment you can quickly end up with a battle against harmful bacteria or fungus growth. Wet feet can also lead to skin breakdown which can make training and possible. So, the fact that these breathe so well is one of the features that fighters love the most. It improves the overall comfort level and can help you avoid a plethora of foot-related problems.


These boots are not the most supportive option available to today, however, they are fairly supportive. There are a couple of features seen on this option that help in terms of support. The reinforced heel plays a major role. It helps give structure and support to your foot and ankle. They are mid-height boot so they will not offer as much ankle support as a high top boot. Obviously, the lace-up design will allow you to tighten them and this will give your ankles added support. In addition, this option does offer good arch support. The built-up midsole is a great aspect and helps to reduce foot pain. Overall, consumers are satisfied with the level of support that this product gives. If you do have weak ankles you may want to look for an option that has a strap around the ankle for additional support.


The price tag that this product carries is pretty average. It does vary based on where you buy them from and what size or color you order them in. They are most certainly not the most expensive boxing shoes on the market. Most budgets will be able to afford them but it may take a little bit of time to save up. When you look at the fact that these boots can help improve your footwork and keep your feet feeling great even after hours of training we see the value of the increase. Customers feel as if this product is a great value and we agree. They are well-structured and very durable. When you invest in them you will be getting a really good bang for your buck. This is a high-quality option at an average price.

Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting out in the world of boxing or you have been at it for a long time these boxing boots are a solid option. They offer an excellent fit and a higher Comfort level than most others in this price range. While, for some, some saving may be necessary they really are more affordable than many others. In terms of breathability, they are also above average which is great for maintaining proper foot health. You'll be getting a decent amount of support but for those of you with weak or bad ankles, it may not be enough. Overall, we do not feel as if you can go wrong if you decide to give these boots a try. This brand has earned the trust of consumers for a reason and if you have not tried their products in the past and go with these we think you'll see why.