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The Adidas Defender III duffel bag offers better variety than many others. You will have a ton of different color options to suit your individual style. In addition, they have several size options. This will help ensure you have plenty of room for all your gym, training, and competition needs.

Whether you are heading to a lifting session, working with your mixed martial arts trainer, or getting in the ring for competition there are a plethora of things you will need to have with you. Housing them in one bag is majorly convenient. This bag will give you plenty of space. Additionally, you will be able to stay organized due to all the pocket options.

Carrying the Adidas Defender III may end up being a bit annoying to you and the people around you. We say this because there have been many comments about it being squeaky. Where the shoulder strap attaches to the bag makes a terrible noise. You won't be able to avoid this unless you carry it by the other set of handles.

Users truly trust the Adidas brand. This is because they give quality options at reasonable prices. Most people are truly satisfied with their Adidas Defender III. We believe if you decide to invest in this bag you will be happy with the size, quality, and use that you will get out of it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Huge Color Variety
  • Good Size Options
  • Excellent Quality
  • Affordable
  • Many Pocket Options
  • Water Resistant
  • Comfortable To Carry
  • Shoulder Strap Frequently Missing
  • Squeaky Clips


It seems as if the Adidas brand has been around forever. This is due to the fact that they are a household name all over the world. They have done this by offering stellar options to help you along the way of your active lifestyle.

Not only do they offer options for everyday people but they also have great options for fighters. When you are on the hunt for shoes, clothing, gear bags, and other pieces of equipment you will find them here. In addition, they make items like shin guards and other protective gear.

This brand does an excellent job in the development of their items. It is very rare to find one that consumers are truly displeased with. This makes it easier to put your trust and money into their products. Overall, this is a brand worth putting your time into as they almost never let their customers down.


The Adidas Defender III uses polyester for the outer material. Commonly, we see the outer of a gym bag made of nylon. Polyester is an excellent option as it breathes a bit better and it is simple to care for. Additionally, it gives you good durability so you won't have to worry about it falling apart quickly.

Most gym bags are put together fairly simply. The Adidas Defender III is too. You won't be looking at a whole bunch of different materials in the construction. This makes it easier to care for and honestly, sometimes simple is best.

The only other real materials that you're going to come into contact with what this item are the zippers, plastic clasps, and velcro. All of the pockets are closed with zippers that are of decent quality. There is one piece of velcro that is used to secure the two smaller carrying handles together. The plastic clasps are used to hold the shoulder strap on and are of decent quality, as well.


When you decide to go with the Adidas Defender III you will have several different Pockets to store your items in. This can make keeping your life organized much easier. When your fight gear is organized it can get you to your training session more quickly. In addition, it won't be frustrating when you're trying to find certain items.

Obviously, there is a large compartment in the center. This is where the bulk of your items are going to go. Due to the fact that there are different size options in this model, you will be able to find one with a compartment large enough to hold all of your pieces of sparring gear. This includes things like your shin guards, headgear, shoes, and gloves.

There are also a couple of smaller pockets. The smallest is located on the front of the bag and it's excellent for housing options like your keys, cell phone, mouth guard case, or hand wraps. There are also pockets located at each end of the Adidas Defender III.


As noted, you'll have a few different size options when you decide to go with the Adidas Defender III gym bag. This can make finding the perfect fit for your routine simple. We do not frequently see so many size options available. Most brands only off of one.

You will have your choice from small, medium, or large. It is twenty and a half inches long which is smaller than a classic sized duffel. You are looking at a width of almost twelve inches and a height of just over eleven inches. These are both fairly close to classic sizing.

The medium, obviously, is going to give you a bit more room. This option has a length of twenty-four inches which is the standard measurement for a classic sized bag. It has a width of thirteen inches and a height of twelve inches. These are also the average measurements for a standard duffel.

If you truly haul a lot of gear and equipment around you may want to go with the large size. It will provide you with a length of twenty-nine inches. The width and height of the Adidas Defender III are also fairly large. The width comes in at thirteen and a half inches and the hight measures up at a whopping fifteen inches.


You won't actually end up getting a decent level of breathability when you decide to go with the Adidas Defender III. It does not have mesh panels built into it, however, it is made from a relatively breathable material. Polyester does tend to breathe better than nylon.

With that being said, you will still likely need to empty this gear bag out after each use to ensure that your items dry completely before you need them again. You may also find that you need to combat foul odors by using a deodorizing product with this bag. Some people, that don't have exceptionally sweaty routines, won't have to worry about this.

The more breathable your bag is. the less maintenance you're going to have to do. You'll be able to leave your gear sitting in a mesh bag and it will dry completely whereas with the Adidas Defender III you want to remove it. Overall, customers are not complaining about the fact that this item Lacks breathability.


There are really only two different styles of gym bags. Basically, you get to choose from a duffel bag or a backpack. They both have advantages and we'll fit into different routines better than the other.

Obviously, the Adidas Defender III is styled like a traditional duffle bag. You are looking at one large compartment and some other pockets located on the sides in the front. This is absolutely what we expect to see in duffle bags.

This style of bag is best suited for those of you that have a large variety of gear and equipment to carry to and from the gym. When you need to have space for things like your headgear, water bottles, gloves, shoes, pre-workout drinks, and other items a backpack simply isn't going to cut it.


Let's face it, durability is one of the bigger aspects when we start figuring out if a product fits our routine or not. Most people using the Adidas Defender III are getting excellent durability from it. It does not break down quickly. Polyester is truly a strong material that can take quite a bit of abuse before breaking down.

Consumers have noted that there are some issues with the durability of the zippers. It is important to note that not everyone is complaining about this and we have only seen it crop up a few times. If you over pack your bag you may find that these zippers are not up to the challenge and break open. This could make some of your pockets unusable.

The only real complaint we've seen about the Adidas Defender III is in regards to its durability. There have been a couple of notes of consumers having durability issues, however, this appears to be a fluke. In addition, if you do run into trouble simply, contact Adidas and they'll do what they can to make it right.


Consumers love the fact that the Adidas Defender III comes in such a good variety of sizes. Depending on your stature, finding a bag that can actually have all of your sparring gear and other pieces of equipment can be difficult. So, as you can see, having some option in size means you'll be able to easily find what you need to fit your routine.

Another facet that consumers are really smitten with is the fact that they offer so many colors. While the look of your gym bag is not the most important aspect it's nice to know that there is an option out there to fit everyone's unique sense of style. Regardless of what size you decide to go with you'll certainly be able to find the Adidas Defender III in a color that you truly love.

The Adidas Defender III can also help you stay organized. Some duffle bags are simply one large compartment which can make finding your smaller items impossible. In addition, this can be very frustrating. Having the ability to separate your small items from your large items is a pretty big advantage that most consumers truly love.


The disadvantages that are associated with the Adidas Defender III are pretty minimal. Customers truly are happy with the overall construction and design of this gym bag. Even though there are very few negatives there are a couple of noises that need to be discussed when you are deciding whether or not this is the bag you want.

One thing that has been consistently complained about is that where the shoulder strap attaches to the bag gets very squeaky. This is very annoying and it doesn't stop with added use. The plastic simply rubs and makes this very irritating sound.

Another thing that has been mentioned consistently is the fact that when people receive their Adidas Defender III, it doesn't come with a shoulder strap. This should be a pretty easy fix by contacting the company but it does take extra time out of your day. It's an annoyance that really shouldn't be happening.


Investing in the Adidas Defender III is investing in a truly great value. We were really impressed with the different features that this brand has built into this bag. In addition, the reviews are outstanding. People are truly happy even when they're using this bag on a daily basis.

Not only will you be getting a durable bag but you will be getting an item that is quite affordable. This option is going to fit into basically, every budget extremely easily. We can't imagine that anyone would need to save up to call this item their own. It's nice that we can find something that is high quality that doesn't break the bank.

Once you review all of the different aspects of the Adidas Defender III we feel that it is easy to see what it's true value is. You will get excellent longevity of use out of it and you have several choices to customize it to your style. Overall, this is a solid option in a gym bag that will work for pretty much anyone.

Bottom Line

There are so many great things being said about the Adidas Defender III that we feel like it is basically a no-brainer. Everyone has differing opinions and there are a few things that have cropped up that are annoyances. However, when compared to the downfalls of other products it's easy to see that these ones are simple to get past.

Lugging your gear to and from the gym doesn't have to be a burden. This brand has paid attention to enough of the fine details to ensure that you'll be able to not only carry all of your belongings but carry them comfortably. They do this was simple features like padding around the handles.

Overall, there are not many bad things to say about the Adidas Defender III gym bag. We have the confidence to say that most will be more than satisfied, in fact, pleasantly surprised at how good this gym bag really is. Deciding to invest your time and money into this brand and their products is rarely a mistake and this bag helps to prove it.