Adidas FLX 3.0 Super Body Protector Review

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If you are training serious fighters you need protective gear that can stand up to the challenge. The Adidas FLX 3.0 Super Body Protector can. Not only does it offer the standard thick foam protection it also has target areas that are protected with gel. The gel they use is amazing at absorbing and dispersing shock. This means when you take a hit or a kick from a boxer or mixed martial arts expert you will barely feel it. Participating in the training of someone into combat sports can be a dangerous situation. You could sustain simple injuries like cuts and bruises or you may face more severe injuries like broken bones and concussions. Choosing the correct protective equipment will ensure you don't have to worry about any of these things. Adidas has done a phenomenal job in the design and construction of this item. From durable and easy to care for outside materials to truly protective inside materials, this item has you covered. You may need some help adjusting it. This shouldn't be a problem as if you are going to be taking punches and kicks, obviously, there is someone there to help. Overall, coaches, fighters, and sparring partner are all impressed with this item and the level of protection it offers.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gel Target Areas
  • Insanely Durable
  • Comfortable Padded Straps
  • Good Adjustability
  • Moisture Wicking Liner
  • Excellent Protection
  • Customizable Fit
  • Quite Pricey
  • Bulky
  • Difficult To Adjust


Adidas has been a trusted brand for fighters, runners, fitness enthusiasts, and active people for generations. With options to cover your needs in clothing, footwear, protective equipment, and more, it is simple to find exactly what you are looking for. This brand has a strong foundation. They continue to research and develop new cutting edge items to help you up your game. Spending long hours of training for activities will always require items to help you along the way. Knowing you can purchase an item from Adidas means you know you are getting quality and fine craftsmanship. when you need reliable equipment and gear for life's adventures you will always find good quality options here. Consumers have been trusting this brand for so long because Adidas has worked hard to earn it. We believe if you put your faith in them you won't be disappointed. In fact, we believe you will become a lifelong customer if you aren't already.


The outer front shell of this product is made from synthetic leather. This is a common material used in this type of protective equipment. Brands used it because it is not only exceptionally durable but it also looks good and is extremely easy to care for. In addition, the front also has gel targets strategically-placed. These are excellent for absorbing a serious amount of impact. What this means for you is you will feel less shock when you take a hard blow to one of the gel targets. Below the gel padding there are several inches of foam. This also helps to absorb shock and keep you protected. The inside liner of this item is made of fabric that will help Wick moisture away from your skin. This will keep you cooler and comfortable throughout your entire session. There are nylon straps that are adjustable and secure this item to your body. There are also exceptionally durable. The buckles used are made of plastic which could, in the long run, lead to some durability issues. However, this is not been noted by consumers so we don't believe it is something you need to worry about.


You'll be getting good coverage and a great level of protection when you decide to go with this piece of equipment. Your chest abdomen and sides will be protected with several inches of foam padding. As noted, there is also three target areas that are filled with gel. What this means is you will get better impact absorption been with many other options. When your body is taking less shock it will lead to you feeling less sore, even after spending hours training with a fighter. Consumers have noted that they feel the fit of this product is very secure. This plays a major role in the level of protection you get. If your protective equipment slides around while you're wearing it it could leave you open and susceptible to injury. Overall, they have done a good job at designing this product to keep you safe throughout any and all of your training exercises. What are you are taking hits from a young fighter or from an advanced mixed martial arts expert this product will stand up to the challenge.


The closure system on this product is exceptionally simple. You won't have to worry about laces getting wound up or going through the correct areas. In fact, you probably won't need any help at all to put this piece of equipment on. There is one simple Buckle. Slide one piece into the other until it clicks and you're good to go. It is important to note that the Buckle is made of plastic. And unforeseen strike to it could break it which would end up and you needing to replace it. There have not been complaints from consumers over durability issues with this Buckle but it is something to look out for. Overall, this is a very typical closure style for a body protector. As noted, it is very easy to use. Consumers are pleased with the fact that they no longer require help to take this piece of equipment on and off. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the absolute best way to go.


There are only three straps attached to this item. Each strap is able to be adjusted. The level of adjustability that you get with this item is much better than with many others. It husband mentioned by consumers that adjusting each strap can be a bit difficult and may require some help. Due to the fact that you'll be working with a fighter while wearing it, it should be no problem to make the adjustments that you need. It is important to note that this product does have extra padding at the shoulders to improve the level of comfort and they can be adjusted to the place that suits you the best. The fact that you can adjust this product quite a bit ensures that not only you but other people will be able to wear it as well if they need to. Overall, Fighters, coaches, and sparring partners are pleased with the level of adjustability that is offered with this item.


In general, people are pretty happy with the level of comfort they get while wearing this item. The fact that it uses a sweat-wicking liner definitely plays its role in the overall level of comfort you experience. It will help keep you cooler and drier even when you're in the gym for hours. It has been said that people find this item to be bulky. This may restrict your movement while wearing it and weigh you down a bit. It is lightweight but when something feels oversized it can be cumbersome. With that being said, consumers have also noted that given some time this product will break in and fit better than ever. When you have a well fitting piece of equipment it, obviously, will lead to a better level of comfort. The great level of adjustability will also play its role in your comfort. Because you will be able to find the securefit you are looking for, in turn, you will be more comfortable.


In The Busy World we live in today the last thing we need is another piece of clothing, gear, or equipment to take care of. When we purchase items made from materials like genuine leather it can come with a serious care routine. That is not the case with this item. A big part of the reason so many people are using synthetic Leathers in their products is the fact that it is simple to maintain. You'll be able to wipe it down with a large variety of cleaners and deodorizers to keep it looking and smelling great. If you prefer to use soap and water that's okay too. Synthetic leather will handle just about anything. It is important to note that the inside material of this product is made from fabric and while it will need cleaned you won't want to completely saturated. In addition, you will want to make sure your equipment has plenty of time to dry it before you use it again.


We, as well as customers, feel that one of the biggest advantages in using this product are the gel targets placed at the abdomen and sides of this piece of equipment. Not only does it give your fighter something to aim for it all so seriously reduces the shock that your body is going to feel. When the strikes you are taking aren't causing you pain or damage you'll be able to hang in through however many rounds your fighter wants to go. This item is also insanely durable. While most body protectors will give you good longevity of use this one is even better. Part of this has to do with the way the foam and gel are structured. The more padding that is used the longer it's going to stand up to the type of abuse fight sports cause. Obviously, the fact that this product is going to keep you very well protected is a major advantage. It will keep you in the ring or in the cage with no problems. This will lead to more opportunities for training and better performance overall.


The disadvantages associated with this product are minimal. In fact, they're more inconveniences than actual disadvantages in our opinion. The first thing that consumers are not overly pleased with his the bulky nature of this design. It can be a bit cumbersome to wear and they inhibit your movement slightly. This may be a bit frustrating, however, over the course of time this item will break in and feel less bulky while you are wearing it. The other aspect that consumers are a little less than thrilled about as the difficulty in adjusting it. The straps can be quite burdensome to get where you want them. Here again, you will be using this piece of equipment when you are practicing with someone else so asking them to help you make adjustments for a perfect fit should not be a big deal. Overall, as you can see, these are not huge disadvantages and while they should be taken into consideration they don't really take away from the overall quality that this product has to offer.


This product is an average value. It has many aspects that are truly Stellar that make it better than other options. However, the price tag that it carries is very high. You will get excellent longevity of you side of this product but you can find other items that will offer the same amount of use for a much more affordable price. Not every budget is going to be able to afford this easily and it may take you quite a bit of time to save up for it. With that being said, you will have a great piece of protective equipment that will last you for years to come. Consumers are very happy with their purchase of this product and feel that it performs better than they expect. With features like gel targets it is better than many others. Depending on how much you have to spend or want to spend this may be the perfect option but again, understand that there are more affordable options that will give you an equal level of protection.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it this is a very good choice in a body protector. It covers all of the areas that you may take devastating blows and it will handle the impact beautifully. The gel targets ensure this. There are a couple of disadvantages associated with this item, however, they are easy to look past. One thing that's a bit difficult to look past is the price. You will be getting a great fit and fairly comfortable feel when you are wearing it. Going for a plethora of rounds with a variety of Fighters will be no problem if you're wearing this piece of equipment. You really won't feel much when taking strikes whether they are punches or kicks. The structure and design of this item helps it to stay in place which will, in turn, help you avoid injury. Overall, the people wearing this are very pleased and if you decide to make the investment we believe that you will be too.