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The Adidas Impact wrestling shoes are not the best option this brand offers. There are mixed reviews on a variety of aspects that concern it. The materials used are high-quality and the design is solid. There are some flaws that lead to some customers needing to replace them rather quickly. They are very flexible and offer a comfortable fit. The grip is also something that customers really like about these wrestling shoes. It has been mentioned that the grip works best on the mat and can be a bit slick on other surfaces. The style is an aspect that customers love about this footwear and feel they easily fit into their wanted look. One aspect that consumers appreciate about this option by Adidas is the level of support that it offers. The structure of them will promote proper form and positioning.  You will notice this in the heel of the shoe most of all. If you are just getting into wrestling this may be a good choice for you. They will be a bit of an investment but if you aren't using them every day you will have a comfortable pair of wrestling shoes that help improve your overall performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect Grip
  • Responsive 
  • Insanely Light
  • Stylish Design
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • Supportive Heel
  • Structured Design
  • Durability Issues
  • Narrow Fit
  • Stiff Outsole


Across the globe, Adidas is known for the fantastic gear and equipment that they provide athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and every day active people. They make a variety of items that will easily fit into your busy lifestyle. From clothing and protective equipment to footwear and sports gear they have an option that will fit into your budget. People have been putting their trust into this brand for generations because of the reliable products that they make. With great thought and innovation, this brand helps to keep their products relevant. You will stay a step ahead of the game when you invest in their products. There are always a plethora of choices which will enable you to find the perfect features to aid you along your journey to better health and wellness. You will not be let down when you put your trust in this brand.


As it is with most wrestling shoes, this product does not have much in way of an insult. Using minimal materials between the bottom of your foot and the mat gives you a good advantage in terms of your footwork. You will have a better feeling for what is underneath you and your feet will be able to react more naturally. There is a supportive area in the midsole of this shoe. You will also find extra padding in the heel. so really you'll be getting a partial insole that is just structured a bit differently than what you may be used to. Consumers are exceptionally happy with the improvement of stance that they have while wearing this option by Adidas. Overall, it is a smart way to build the interior of the shoe to keep you well supported and performing your best.


There are mixed reviews from consumers over the outsole of this product. It is structured and designed to contour nicely with your foot. The place where there is some contrition is over the grip. Most people are saying that went on the mat it provides you with ample grip but will still allow you to move easily without your feet feeling stuck in place. On the other hand, there are a few reports of consumers feeling as if they are a bit slippery, even on the mat. The tread pattern is very well-liked on this outsole and it is relatively durable. You will have good lateral movement while wearing them. Overall, you'll have to give it a try before you make your final decision on if you love or dislike the outsole of this product.


Obviously, the weight of the shoe will vary depending on what size you order. We were unable to find the exact weight of this shoe, however, many customers have noted on it. What they are saying is that it is an extremely lightweight option that will keep you exceptionally mobile. Being able to move around the mat with ease will help improve your chances of beating your opponent. It is surprising to have such a structured wrestling shoe that is also so extremely lightweight. When you wear a truly light shoe you will notice a reduction in fatigue which will allow you to train longer and harder than you have previously. Overall, you do not need to worry about added weight when you decide to go with these shoes.


The materials used in this product are pretty good quality. they are built for excellent flexibility and breathability. The upper portion of the shoe is made of a couple of different materials. You will have sections that are made of synthetic leather. Also, you will have sections that are made of a mesh material that promotes breathability. These two are combined together in a series of overlays that make the upper of it completely seamless. As previously mentioned the outsole is made of a rubber material to help provide you great traction and grip. There is padding located through the ankle, tongue, and heel of the shoes to improve comfort levels. Naturally, you will have a pair of standard shoelaces that come with this option. It also includes an internal sock liner made of nylon to help keep your feet comfortable and cool.


The fit of this wrestling shoes quite narrow. Many customers have noted that it is narrow not only in the toe box but also through the midsole. This is going to work out fine for those of you that have regular or narrow size feet, however, if your feet are slightly wide or very wide you may not like the fit of these at all. Most customers are pleased with the fit around the ankle of this product and you will find some adjustability because of the closure style that it has. Overall, depending on your feet you may love the fit of this shoe but you may also hate it. It is anatomically designed to contour to your feet nicely as long as you find there is enough room inside them.


Durability appears to be an issue with this product by Adidas. It has been stated multiple times by consumers that the overlays start to peel away from the upper very quickly. If you plan on using these shoes daily you may find them deteriorating before the end of your season. There is also been some concern over the durability of the outsole. The way it is attached to the upper can cause some separation which will lead you to need a new pair of wrestling shoes. In general, customers are not exceptionally satisfied with the durability that this shoe has to offer. It is a bit surprising coming from a brand like this one. Overall, we feel as if Adidas needs to do some work on the durability of this wrestling shoe option.


When you invest in this product you will be getting an item that is decent quality. It offers a lot of features to help keep you comfortable and cool while wearing them. They are truly flexible and if you have a narrow or regular foot you will find them to fit well. The durability issues are one of the major downfalls of this item. It is a big part of the reason why we, as well as consumers, feel that they are only decent quality. There are many options available to you that are better quality for a more reasonable price. It is uncommon for us to say this about products from this brand. it is important to note that while there are options that are better quality there are certainly ones that are worse. These will provide you with the good grip and traction you need to handle yourself appropriately on the mat. Adidas may need to do some work on this option to make sure that their customers are truly happy with the finished product.


If you find that you love the fit of these shoes you are certain to love the level of comfort that they provide you. There are a variety of aspects found in this wrestling shoe that help promote true comfort. For instance, the way the heel is designed will cradle your feet and help keep you in the correct stance. This improves the fit and feels that you get while wearing them. Another way that the Comfort level of these shoes is improved or in the Strategic padding through the collar and tongue. This improves the feel when you are wearing them for long hours training in the gym or at home. Overall, there are not any major complaints about the comfort of the shoe and most customers are quite satisfied with it.


Choosing to go with his shoe will give you a very breathable option. The way the upper is constructed in layers of mesh paneling and overlays allow them to breathe quite well. The airflow surrounds the entire shoe which helps to improve how cool your feet are. When you have grueling workouts it can lead to a hot and sweaty environment for your feet. This can cause a plethora of negative effects. You could be facing ailments like athlete's foot, blisters, or ingrown toenails. These can all be very painful and take you away from your chosen activity for quite some time. The improved airflow of this option and the use of a liner helps to keep moisture away from your feet. In turn, this leads to better overall foot health and improved comfort during long wear.


You will be getting a very supportive pair of wrestling shoes when you decide to go with this pair. Typically, when we discuss support we only talked about two areas of the shoe which are the arch in the ankle. In concerns of this one, we can also talk about the heel. The way the heel is structured your foot will be cradled and very well supported. The padding and the height at the collar also provide excellent ankle support. This is great news for those of you that have sustained ankle injuries in the past or suffer from weakness in your ankles. The arch support in this option is also excellent. The midsole is built up and not too high but also not too low. This would suit a variety of arches comfortably. Overall, consumers are very impressed with the level of support that they get from these shoes.


To be honest, most people feel as if this product is below average in terms of value. There are several aspects that Adidas needs to work on to make these a truly great pair of wrestling shoes. We trust this brand overall and are bit surprised that these shoes have durability issues the way that they do. The price tag for them is quite Hefty. Working them into an average budget may be difficult especially considering you may not get to use them for very long. You will have a very supportive pair of wrestling shoes that will improve your standing footwork and grappling moves while down on the mat. Overall, we feel that there are better options to invest this type of money into.

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, there are many options available to in this price point that may work out better in the long run. These shoes do break-in quickly and offer a breathable and flexible feel. many budgets will have a bit of difficulty fitting these in easily as they are pretty expensive. The durability issues can be massively frustrating especially when you intend on wearing them frequently. The design of the shoe is solid and it can help improve your footwork overall. The way the interior is built you will notice that a proper stance is more easily attained. Consumers have very mixed reviews over this product. It may be a bit of a gamble, however, you may find that in the end, these shoes are absolutely worth it.