Adidas Martial Arts Body Protector Review

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The Adidas Martial Arts Body Protector gives you better coverage than many other options available to you. Not only will it protect your chest, abdomen, and sides but it will also protect your groin. The added coverage will not weigh you down. Consumers have mentioned many times how lightweight this product is. When you coach fighters or are on the receiving end of a sparring session, keeping yourself protected is very important. Without proper protection, you may sustain injuries. This could be simple bruises or more serious conditions like broken bones. When serious injuries occur it could take you away from your favorite activities like boxing or Judo for quite some time. So, wearing proper protective equipment is critical in keeping you in the game. This option has a solid construction that will allow a variety of strike training to take place. It will hold up to consistent training sessions easily. Consumers like the fact that it is reversible. It not only changes the look but also helps in the longevity of use you will get out of it. This is due to the fact that the fighter won't be striking the same spots all the time and damaging the protective foam inside. It is smart the way Adidas designed this product. Overall, this is a great choice and consumers believe it is one of the better body protectors available on the market today.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Adjustability
  • Reversible
  • High-Quality Design & Construction
  • Easy On Easy OFf
  • Simple To Care For
  • Offers More Protection Coverage
  • Quite Affordable
  • Great Brand
  • Insanely Positive Customer Reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Strap Stitching Durability Issues
  • Warm To Wear


Adidas is a common name in households across the globe. This company is a leader in producing items related to sports, fitness, and overall health. The quality that you receive from this brand is better than many others. This is not surprising when you take into consideration how long this brand has been around. you don't become a leader in any industry if you are supplying inferior products. Whether you are looking for your next great pair of running shoes, tracksuits, or a variety of equipment this brand has you covered. Athletes, fighters, and fitness enthusiasts have put faith in this brand for generations and so far it's working out fine. They continue to research and innovate new products that fit into active lifestyles seamlessly. Deciding to put your trust into them and their items will not leave you disappointed. In fact, it will likely be quite the opposite. Many consumers mention that after their first experience with Adidas they turn to them for all of their sports and fitness related needs.


The outer shell of this product is made from Vinyl. Vinyl is not quite as durable as other options that we commonly see in the outer materials. For example, synthetic or genuine leather is going to give you better longevity of use. It is important to note, however, that vinyl is rather durable and it is insanely easy to care for. The shock absorbing power located in this product comes from foam rubber. Foam rubber is good at absorbing and dispersing shock. Consumers have noted that you will feel the impact but you will not sustain injury while using this product. There are two elastic straps located at the shoulders that offer some adjustability and a comfortable fit. You will lace this product up with a nylon strap. Nylon is exceptionally durable and easy to work with. It is all so easy to care for. Overall, the material used in this product are fairly simple and quite common. They will stand up to some serious abuse and give you the protection that you need.


You'll actually be getting a bit better protection with this item then with some of the other top-selling brands. Not only will your chest, abdomen, and sides be well-protected but, as previously mentioned, so will your groin. Typically, you have to wear separate groin protectors which is just an extra piece of equipment that you have to strap on before getting started. The foam rubber padding that is used to absorb shock does a pretty decent job. It may not be as good as cell foam adding but it does a good job. As noted, you will feel the impact but it won't be enough to cause you any harm. The protection that this product offers will last a bit longer than others due to the fact that it is reversible in nature. You won't be constantly having the same side taking strikes and this will ensure better durability of the foam. Overall, you will be getting a good level of protection when you decide to wear this item by Adidas.


The closure system we see on this product is not as common as other styles. It uses a lacing system. It does make it exceptionally easy to take on and off. You will simply Loop Long nylon straps through the loops of material on the back of this piece of equipment. They will be easy to tighten. As noted, the laces are made from nylon which is an exceptionally durable material. Consumers have made mention that there is some stitching durability issues where the elastic peace at the shoulders attaches to the closing straps. This is only been mentioned a couple of times but it is certainly something you want to watch out for. If the strap breaks it could lead to your protective equipment moving and you sustaining injuries. Keep in mind, this is not an exceptionally common complaint it is only been mentioned a few times. For the most part people are very happy with a closure system that this product uses.


This product offers and excellent level of adjustability. The type of closing system that it uses makes it possible for a large variety of people to wear this product. Loosening and tightening it is as easy as untying the bow. Another aspect that plays a role in the overall adjustability and fit of this product is the shoulder straps. They are made of elastic which means they are going to have quite a bit of stretch to them. This can help give you the perfect fit that you have been looking for with this type of protective equipment. Adjusting this product is barely an inconvenience and an aspect that customers truly love. You certainly don't want to have to spend a lot of time fiddling with your gear rather than participating in the training exercise that is starting. Overall, the people wearing this product are very happy with the adjustability that it offers.


Unfortunately, this is not the most comfortable body protection available to you. Oftentimes, protectors such as this are lined with material to help remove moisture from your body. This product is completely covered in vinyl. This makes it a bit stiffer and hotter than many others. Obviously, these two factors are not going to equal a great level of comfort. Now with this being said, it does offer great adjustability which does improve the level of comfort. People are not complaining that this product is uncomfortable but it is certainly not as comfortable as others. When you're wearing a variety of protective gear including mitts, shin guards, and other pieces, it can lead to major discomfort. So, the fact that this is not an exceptionally comfortable piece of equipment is a pretty big disappointment. Overall, this is an area that Adidas brand could work on to improve this item.


This is probably one of the easiest pieces of equipment to care for. The vinyl outer covering is exceptionally simple to clean. You can choose from a variety of cleaners. If you prefer to use Simple soap and water that is going to work out just fine. Vinyl naturally does not absorb water so you won't have a large amount of time waiting for it to dry. If you don't want to use soap and water you can use just about any disinfecting spray you prefer. Obviously, if you use a very harsh chemical you could damage the material. This is unnecessary so sticking to standard cleaners or deodorizers is a good plan. You will not have to spend much time at all wiping this product down to make sure it is ready for its next use. It will stay smelling better than most other options because it won't be absorbing all of the sweat that you produce while wearing it. Overall, customers are more than happy with the minimal amount of maintenance they have to put for the best product.


One of the major advantages of this product is the fact that it offers groin protection. Due to this fact, you can avoid wearing an extra piece of protective equipment which is appreciated by many users. The less equipment you have to wear the more comfortable you'll be. This item is also easy to put on and take off. It provides you with fantastic adjustability so that it can accommodate a huge variety of different sized fighters. This will allow multiple people to use the same piece of equipment which can, in the long run, save you money. The fact that this product is reversible is also an advantage. Not only will it allow you to choose the color you prefer but it will also add to the longevity of use of this item. When your equipment isn't taking a beating on the same area consistently it is, obviously, going to last longer. You also won't have to invest much time and taking care of it. Unlike many products that require time and attention to care for, with this one you will simply need to wipe it down and it will be ready for its next round.


There really are not too many major disadvantages that are associated with this product. There have been a few reports from consumers about the stitching on the elastic piece that attaches the strapping system detaching. So, you may want to check this area out when you purchase this item to ensure that the stitching is solid. We don't believe this is a major concern in regards to this item. The other complaint that customers have is the fact that the all-vinyl construction of this product makes it quite hot. Wearing protective gear, in general, can be uncomfortable and hot. So, the fact that people are saying this product is worse than others is a bit of a disadvantage. Overall, these are more inconveniences than disadvantages and the reports of them are not consistent. We believe this is a truly solid piece of protective gear that won't let you down for a long amount of time.


Consumers feel as if this product is a great value. The price tag associated with it is much more reasonable than with other options in the same category. Most budgets will be able to work it in exceptionally easily. This product is not quite as advanced as others and that may be part of the reason that the price is more affordable. It does offer a good level of protection and a decent amount of durability. You should be able to get several years worth of use out of it. Adidas has paid attention to the fine details and it shows. Not only is this product easy to take on and off it is also easily to adjust. Overall, we can see why consumers feel like this product is such a great value. We believe that upon using it you will agree with the reports of this being a great option for a versatile group of coaches and fighters.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust in a brand like Adidas is always a safe plan. You won't have to pay an astronomical price and you will get a solid piece of equipment. The materials that they use are all fairly durable and it does give you a good level of protection. On top of this, it gives you better coverage than many others. This could save you money in other areas of protection. When you live a busy life and don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining your Fitness Gear, this may be you are a perfect item. You won't have to spend hardly any time maintaining it. The reviews on this product stand out. They are all insanely positive and customers are very pleased with the way it performs and holds up.