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The Adidas Mat Wizard 3 wrestling shoes are an exceptionally breathable option that will help your performance on the mat. Training for wrestling takes a ton of focus and drive. You will need a variety of gear to ensure you are well protected and comfortable during long training sessions. This includes items like shoes, headgear, singlets, and mouthguards. Adidas can help you with all of these things and the Mat Wizard 3 shoes will become your favorites quickly. They are designed to give you excellent support and comfort. You will also get the grip you need to move in any and all directions. Whether you are standing, working on a takedown, or grappling on the mat you will be able to focus on your next move rather than on your slipping and sliding feet. There are a variety of styles available. Matching them to your gym gear will be simpler than ever. The level of durability you get with this item is better than many others in the same category. There are a variety of features that ensure this. Consumers are pleased with this product and feel that they have made a solid investment from the first time they wear them for practice.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good For Boxing & Wrestling
  • Excellent Fit
  • Great Structure
  • Superior Grip
  • Trusted Brand
  • Great For Training & Competition
  • Versatile Style Options
  • Longer Break-In Period
  • Exceptionally Long Laces


Adidas brand is known across the globe for high-quality equipment and gear. Whether you are simply an active person or someone who is invested in sports they offer options to help you with protective equipment, gym clothing, footwear, and more. All of their products aim to help you along your journey towards being your best and healthiest self. They offer a wide variety of items that come in at all different price points so that any and all people will be able to buy the items they need for their chosen activity. When you need quality, durability, and products that exceed your expectations trusting Adidas is a solid choice. Consumers are satisfied with this brand and their products. They use the latest technology to ensure you get the latest and greatest options in a variety of categories.


While this option by Adidas does not have an insole, you will find that the inside is built better than most. Most wrestling shoes do not have any type of insole and oftentimes are lacking in arch support. This option offers a midsole made of EVA foam. this phone will help support the arch of your foot which improves the overall fit, feel, and comfort level. The way that this midsole is formed it will also improve your stance while in attack position. Consumers are more than pleased with the way they have developed the inside of this wrestling shoe. Due to the fact that it is not a full insole, you will have great flexibility with this item. Overall, it is a solid option that will promote correct positioning which can improve your overall performance and technique.


The outsole of this option is built of three different pieces. It starts with a molded piece of foam that is covered in fabric. From here they apply a durable coating of rubber. Rubber is an excellent outsole material as it provides fantastic grip. The pattern and the soul will give you the traction you need to move in any direction required. Whether you are standing, shooting, or grappling with your opponent you won't have to worry about your feet sliding around. Obviously, this is advantageous to the wear and can help improve your overall performance and win count. The outsole does not wrap up over the toe as high as many other options which may decrease your grip in certain holds and positions. Overall, customers are very happy with the design and durability of the outsole.


Keeping your wrestling Footwear light is important to your training and overall performance. A pair of heavy shoes can increase leg fatigue. Wearing truly lightweight shoes help to reduce fatigue overall. This option is made of materials that will not weigh you down. The design is streamlined and while they use high-quality rubber on the bottom it is structured to not add a lot of weight. The exact weight of these shoes is unavailable, however, it has been mentioned from customers multiple times that they are so light it feels as if you are not wearing shoes at all. Lightweight options for all of your gear is important. In terms of your footwear, this is a great option. The minimal weight improves aspects like flexibility, fit, comfort, and breathability. Overall, you really couldn’t ask for a lighter shoe.


There are a minimal amount of materials used in the construction of this wrestling shoe. You, of course, have the rubber outsole to ensure you get a great grip on the mat. As mentioned before, this is covering a foam piece. That foam piece is covered with a piece of material. The upper is made of a couple of different materials. The majority of it is made up of synthetic mesh. You will get stellar breathability with this feature. There are overlays on the mash to improve the structure, fit, and support of the shoe. You will also have sections of synthetic leather that wrap around for the same reasons. Naturally, there is a standard set of shoelaces that come with this item. You'll also notice a bit of padding in the tongue and collar of the shoe to improve the overall level of comfort. All of the materials used in this item are excellent quality.


You'll actually be getting a great fitting shoe when you purchase this option by Adidas. They don't require a long break in time but may fit a bit snug when you first wear them. With only a little bit of use, you will be left with a shoe that fits fantastic. They are not too narrow in the toes which is amazing as many wrestling shoes are. This is great news for those of you that have slightly wider feet. While there is a built-up midsole it is not exceptionally High which improves the fit for those of you that have feet that are a bit flat-footed. You, of course, will have great adjustability because of the laces. Overall, customers are more pleased with the fit of this option than many others they have tried in the past.


These shoes offer a fairly high level of durability. There are several aspects that ensure that you will get excellent longevity of use from them. For instance, the outsole is sewn to the upper. Many Brands glue the outsole to the upper and this leads to the soul separating from the shoe. Obviously, when this happens you're going to have to replace them and it can be very inconvenient. You will also notice double stitching throughout the upper of the shoe. This improves durability and ensures that you will not be breaking seams in high-pressure areas. Consumers are happy with the length of time they get to use these shoes. It is, however, important to note that there is not a raised area of outsole at the heel and toe which could lead to durability issues in these areas.


The quality and design of this product are fantastic. Adidas is a brand which consistently produces items that are excellent quality so, it is not surprising that this one ranks in that same category. You will be able to easily see the high-quality nature of this product as soon as you take them out of the box. The attention to fine detail is obvious and absolutely helps the overall quality. This is things like the double stitching and the stitched outsole. When you have a product that can last through tough gym sessions and extreme workouts you know that it has to be great quality. This one can do both of these things and more. Working hard requires footwear that will work with you and that is what you will get when you invest in this option by Adidas.


When you very first start to use these shoes you may not find them to be the most comfortable as they are quite snug. Within only a short period of time, the comfort level will improve drastically. It does not take long to break these in and once that happens we are certain you will be pleased with how they feel. The way the midsole is structured and the outsole is formed helps to absorb impact which can lead you to better feeling muscles and joints. The lightweight nature and truly flexible materials also improved the comfort level that you have with these. If you train for long hours the last thing you want is uncomfortable feet. Choosing to invest in these will help alleviate sore feet and allow you to work as long and hard as you are able to.


You will be getting a truly breathable pair of wrestling shoes when you go with this option by Adidas. The upper is made mostly of single layer mesh panels which, obviously, breathe extremely well. The air flow throughout the entire shoe is made to keep your feet feeling cool, comfortable, and dry. Wrestling is a sweaty sport and when your feet are in shoes that don't breathe while it can lead to a variety of problems. This includes issues like athlete's foot, ingrown toenails, and blisters. Due to the fact that this footwear choice offers better breathability than most, you won’t have to worry so much about these common issues. The people that are currently using these wrestling shoes are more than impressed with the level of breathability that they offer.


The development of this shoe is quite impressive. There are no major negative aspects and that includes the category of support. You'll be getting a supportive option in the areas where it matters most. The ankle area does offer a structured design and a bit of padding to help give you support. The level seen here is a bit better than most other wrestling shoe options. It is important to note that if you are susceptible to ankle injuries or your ankles are exceptionally weak you may still want to use an ankle support while wearing these shoes. The other area that they offer a good level of support is in the arch. It is not exceptionally high which makes it more versatile for those that do and do not have high arches. Overall, the design of these wrestling shoes will give you a good level of support.


The price of this item varies based on the size and color variety, that you choose. The swinging prices are actually pretty significant. Some options are quite affordable and would fit into most budgets fairly easily While others may be totally out of range. This is a bit frustrating for consumers, especially, if they are on a limited budget but want a style that matches their uniform nicely. The price of this may be a bit disappointing but it doesn't change the fact that consumers feel that these wrestling shoes are an exceptional value. They feel this way because of all of the positive aspects and impact they have. When you are working your hardest to improve your skills on the mat wearing a pair of shoes like these can help. Once you give them a try we believe that you will agree that they are a stellar value.

Bottom Line

Adidas provides consumers with a variety of gear and equipment that is top-notch. When you're working hard in the gym or at home to perfect your wrestling technique you need a great pair of shoes. This option is exactly that. They are flexible and lightweight which means your feet will feel great regardless of how long you wear them. They will help improve your grip and traction which can make maneuvering easier than ever. Taking down your opponent and getting the win means not focusing on uncomfortable feet. Wearing these shoes will allow you to focus on what is important and we are certain that if you decide to invest in this option you will be pleased with the features and benefits that they offer you.