Adidas Performance Boxing Trunks Review

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The Adidas Performance Boxing Trunks are a decent option for those of you looking for a versatile pair of shorts for around the gym. They are designed and most well-suited for boxers but will also bode as a solid option for those of you that need shorts for cardio, mixed martial arts training, or weight lifting. You will be getting a roomier fit than with many others and this will help to make sure your movement is not being restricted. It is important to note that these shorts do not offer slits at the bottom outside of the leg opening. The reason this is important is that if you are working on kicks, especially high ones, you may notice a bit of restriction. There are no complaints from customers about this, however, this design is infamous for causing a bit of trouble. The fit of these trunks appeases most people. They not only have a stretchy elastic waistband but also a hidden drawstring so you can make adjustments when needed. This will accommodate the times you are wearing groin or belly protection nicely. Adidas has done a decent job when constructing these shorts. The materials used will ensure a cool and comfortable environment, regardless of how hard you decide to work. Overall, they are pretty durable and quite versatile. Consumers are fairly happy with this option in boxing trunks.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Fuller Cut
  • Breathable Mesh 
  • Great For Training & Competition
  • Secure Fit
  • Excellent Adjustability
  • Fits Nicely Over Protective Gear
  • Large Size Variety Available
  • No Slits On Leg Opening
  • Not As Versatile 
  • A Bit Pricey


Adidas is a brand that is known across the globe. They have been a leader in the world of fitness apparel, gear, and equipment for generations. Striving to provide their customers with top-quality products that are built to last it is easy to understand why so many people trust this brand and rely on their products. What are you are looking for footwear, clothing, protective equipment, or other fitness-related products you are sure to find one that suits all of your needs if you turn towards this brand. Whether you are into playing sports, lifting weights, boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts, or simply staying active you need the appropriate items to help you succeed along your path. Trusting of Adidas won't let you down as they have worked for years and years to develop their product and grow their brand.


These shorts, like many others, are made from 100% polyester. The Weave they use is a micro weave which allows improved air flow. This will lead you to a more comfortable session in training. You will notice that throughout all of your activities you are cooler and more comfortable than ever before. This product also has a large elastic waistband. This is typically seen in boxing trunks. It improves the fit and ensures that you will have room for the protective gear that you want to wear under them. They also have an adjustable drawstring hidden inside of the waistband. Naturally, this will improve the fit and feel of this product. All of the materials used are of top quality. While many trunks use polyester they are all different qualities. The polyester seen here is some of the best you could ask for and provides exceptional long wear and durability.


Sea shorts offer a more relaxed fit. This means that they will be a bit looser through-the-legs than many other pairs you may have tried in the past. They allow ample room so that you can wear protective equipment under them easily. The large elastic waistband will provide a secure fit around your waist. In addition, the drawstring tie inside of the waistband also improves the fit. They will stay securely in place while you work inside the ring, skip rope, work the heavy bag, or during sparring sessions with a partner. It has been noted from consumers that while the fit is quite secure you may still find that you are losing your shorts during grappling practice. You may want to find a pair of shorts geared towards mixed martial arts if you don't want to have to worry about this. One other note about the fit has to do with the lack of an opening at the legs. Due to the fact that this product does not have these slits in the sides you may notice restricted movement or you may feel as if these shorts are a bit tight.


The set of trunks is excellent in terms of breathability. While they use 100% polyester for the majority of these trunks, which is typical of boxing trunks, this one breathes better than most. The reason that they breathe better is due to the fact that they use a micro mesh polyester. This provides better air flow throughout all of the trunks. When your trunks permit air to move freely you will notice that you are cooler and drier than ever before. Another advantage of shorts made of polyester is the fact that they will wick moisture away from your body. You will no longer have to worry about uncomfortable jock itch or skin breakdown. The slightly looser fit also plays its role in breathability. Due to the fact that these don't hug your legs quite as tightly, they will be cooler. Overall, customers are impressed with the lightweight and comfortable nature of these trunks by Adidas.


Durability is one of the areas we commonly see consumers complaining about in the world of boxing trunks. When you spend long hours at the gym participating in high impact sports, naturally, you need clothing that will survive it. Polyester is an exceptionally durable material. It not only wears well but it also washes exceptionally well. Our gym clothes take a major beating when they're in and out of the washer and dryer all of the time. These ones will absolutely withstand the test of time. Adidas has been providing top quality products to the world for a long time and they understand that durability is one of the most important aspects. You'll be able to easily use these shorts for the next several years without worry of busting seems or shredding material. Overall, consumers are more than pleased with the level of durability they get out of these shorts.


These shorts are styled similarly to old-school boxing trunks. The fact that they sport an exceptionally wide waistband is a key feature in promoting this. The length of them is also styled like an older pair of boxing trunks. This is because they are a bit longer. They come all the way to the knee. Another feature that is more a standard boxing trunk feature is the fact that they do not have a side slit to improve Mobility. Due to the fact that boxers don't kick they don't need to worry about whether or not their shorts will restrict their range of motion. You can wear these easily to move about the ring and not worry about your legs being restricted. There is ample room in them so that you can wear the protective gear that you need to while training or in sparring sessions.


While these trunks are pretty versatile they are not as versatile as many options that are currently available to you today. You will be able to easily transition them between bag training, the ring, and your cardio routine. They will also work exceptionally well for those of you that like to do weight training. For those of you that are into mixed martial arts this may not be the best option. We say this because of the fact that during grappling practice you may not find that the fit is secure enough to keep your pants up. This is especially true when you are working on grappling practice. When you like to take your activities outdoors these shorts will also do quite well for you. Because they are exceptionally breathable they are appropriate for a variety of physical activities. Overall customers are pleased with how many opportunities they have to wear these shorts throughout their daily routine.


The sizing of these shorts is standard for Adidas brand. What this means is they run a bit smaller than average. They do offer a plethora of sizes to suit a variety of needs. Not only do they make these shorts to fit adults they are also available in youth sizes. Ranging from an extra small to a 3XL it is simple to find the fit that you are looking forward to keep you truly comfortable while in the gym. Oftentimes, when you are trying to order clothing online it can be exceptionally frustrating because the sizing is so far off. That is not the case here and it should be fairly simple to find what you need. On the Brand's website they do offer their sizing chart so that you can guarantee you find the correct size to fit you beautifully. Overall, customers don't stumble much in finding their correct size with this brand and it is an aspect that is truly appreciated among the people wearing.


One of the biggest advantages and wearing these trunks by Adidas is the level of breathability that they provide. When you are looking for an option that will help you maintain a comfortable temperature while working out this product will suit you well. They also offer fairly versatile where. While they may not be the best for grappling practice you will be able to use them for most of your gym activities. It is nice to know that they offer exceptional durability and well wash and wear for a long time. Having the ability to transition the shorts you are wearing from an outdoor run to your Fitness routine inside the gym or your home gym is awesome. It saves you time and effort. They also offer a nice fit. This will guarantee that you can wear whatever equipment you need to or none at all. You will find them to be comfortable and relaxed. Keeping them up will never be a major issue, in terms of boxers, due to the fact that they offer not only an elastic waistband but also a drawstring tie. Overall customers are very pleased with the performance of these trunks.


There are really only two major complaints in regards to this item. When you compare this to others in the same class that is exceptionally small. It is nice to know that there are Stihl products available that don't carry a plethora of disadvantages. One thing that consumers are not thrilled about is the fact that these shorts do not offer slits on the outside of the leg openings. Some find that this can restrict movement and can make working on kicks difficult. Due to the fact that these shorts are geared towards boxers this is something that most people can look past. The other thing that consumers are not overly thrilled with is the versatility of these shorts. While they do offer a decent amount of versatility you won't want to be using them during grappling practice. If you do you may find it difficult to keep your shorts where you want them. Overall, there are very few disadvantages that come along with buying this product. Consumers are very pleased with them and we feel that if you give them a try that you will be too.


Most people feel as if this product is a great value. While the price tag is a bit steeper than others you may have been looking at, you will also get better durability. You won't have to worry about the destruction of your shorts when you put them through hard routines. This includes issues like holes and splitting seams. These shorts will provide you exceptionally long use that is not only comfortable but also aids in keeping you cool. The fit is very good and secure. You won't have to worry much about your short sliding around. The materials used are also all top quality which improves the durability of this product. In general, we would have to agree with customers that this product is a great value. You will get great use and comfortable where which will help you perform at Peak levels during all of life's active moments.

Bottom Line

There are a large variety of boxing trunks available on the market today. Choosing the best pair for you can be exceptionally difficult. These shorts will fit into most budgets relatively easily and give you excellent longevity of use. They will help to keep you cool throughout your entire routine no matter how sweaty it becomes. Most people will be able to find a use for these shorts. They will function well for cardio routines, boxing practices, and other Fast Pace Fitness Ventures. As noted before they may not be the best thing for kickboxers or those of you working on grappling, however, you can probably find room for them in your life as well. This brand is worth trusting and has provided people with exceptional products for quite some time. Putting your trust in them will not be a mistake.