Adidas Speedex 16.1 Reviewed

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The Adidas Speedex 16.1 boxing shoes are more breathable than most other options available to you today. They come in some really stylish colors and designs to suit a large variety of looks. They do not come up your leg nearly as far as high top boxing boots but they do offer a lot in terms of stability. Whether you are working in the ring or with a bag these shoes will suit you well. The grip pattern will make moving about the ring exceptionally easy. In addition, you can wear them while working with a sparring partner, your coach, or while doing a variety of fight-related exercises. You will be able to pivot and change direction quickly and effectively. When you want to improve your footwork these boxing boots can help. As you see your footwork improve you will also see the other aspects of your boxing training improve. This will show itself in your punches as well as your defensive maneuvers. These are very nice boxing boots, you can see it in all of the details seen throughout it. They are flexible from the word go and will not take much time to break in. With the comfort and breathability of these shoes, you will be able to wear them during your longest and sweatiest training sessions with ease.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very Flexible
  • Excellent Grip
  • More Breathable Than Most
  • Average Price
  • Great Ankle Support
  • Low Profile
  • Durable Materials
  • Versatile Gym Use
  • Sole Durability Issues
  • Narrow Fit


Adidas is a name that is known globally. For decades, athletes, fighters, and every day active people have trusted this brand for footwear, clothing, gear, and more. They provide a variety of price points to satisfy every budget and ensure you have what you need to succeed in your chosen activity. This brand has been in business for a long time and in that span, they have learned what it takes to keep customers happy. They spend a lot of time researching and developing their items so you know you will be getting good quality. No matter what you are looking for if it is related to fitness, sports, or the things that keep you active Adidas has an option for you. So, no matter what your budget is you will be able to find a quality option that will help you on your journey to top performance.


Most boxing boots don't have anything in the way of insoles. This one is the same. The reason that boxing boots don't have insoles is that the less material that is between your feet and the floor the more feeling your feet will have and the better your footwork will be. Your toes will be able to splay and grip as if you were barefoot. This product is better than most that don't have an insole because they do offer arch support. The arch of this item is built up which will be an excellent feature for those of you that have high arches. It is important to note that if you have flat feet you may find them to be uncomfortable. There are many options available that have no arch support that may be better suited for you.


This item uses an ADIWEAR outsole. This is a specialty outsole that is an innovation by Adidas. You will be getting fantastic durability with this outsole. It is one solid piece and has multi-directional grips so lateral movement will be easier than ever. For many boxing shoes, the durability of the outsole is a major issue. You won't have to worry about that with these as the material is built to last through a ton of training time. The flexibility in the sole is also exceptional because of the thickness of it. The fact that the outsole is thin helps keep it light. You will be able to move with ease around the ring while wearing them. Planting your toes and pivoting is also a cinch when you are wearing them. Overall, this is an awesome outsole that will give you a good term of use.


These boots are ultra-lightweight. The materials that are used throughout the design are built to be light. When you are training or competing wearing boots that are lightweight are advantageous for a variety of reasons. First off, lightweight shoes will help keep muscle fatigue at bay. Secondly, keeping them light means you will be able to move easily in them. They are quite flexible and the outsole is built to keep you moving quickly. Consumers are more than pleased with the weight of this option by Adidas. The exact weight of these shoes is not available but the people that are wearing them say they give you a barefoot feel. This is majorly due to the lightness of them overall. When looking for a truly light pair of boxing boots you won't find many lighter than these.


All of the materials used in this product are exceptional quality. They are built for durability and speed. You will have an upper made of a very small amount of synthetic leather and the majority of it is made of a single layer of mesh. The panels of mesh are flexible yet also very durable. They help keep the weight of the shoe down and offer good airflow to the shoe. As mentioned, the outsole is made of an innovative blend of rubber that will give you great traction in and outside of the ring. Naturally, they have a set of shoelaces that come with them. There are also some textile supports located throughout the shoe that helps with not only support but also stability. Overall, the materials used are high-quality and will give the user a great pair of boots that will last a long time.


These boots do have a bit of a narrow fit. This can make them a bit difficult to fit into if you have wide feet and may leave you feeling uncomfortable. The fact that they have built-up arch supports is great for fit if you have high arches but if your feet are flat they will make the fit not so stellar. You will have decent adjustability because of the lace-up style closure. The break-in time for these boots is almost non-existent. This means that when you get them and put them on you will have a good fit. So, normal to narrow feet will love the fit of these boots while people with wider feet may want to look at a different variety. Boxing shoes that are uncomfortable due to a poor fit are going to have a majorly negative impact on your performance. If your toes are pinched or your feet are uncomfortable you will notice it in your footwork.


For the minimal design of these boxing boots, they are actually quite durable. The outsole is exceptionally durable and will last through a plethora of training activities inside the gym. You won't want to wear these boots while out for a run as you will cause major damage to the outsole. The upper is also made of durable yet flexible and light materials. The stitching of the upper is doubled in areas of high-pressure which will ensure you aren't busting seams while moving around the ring. You will be able to use these boots for a long time and this, obviously, has to do with the great durability that they offer. Consumers are exceptionally happy with the use they are getting from these shoes. Adidas has done a good job in making this product and ensuring they are going to last.


Adidas is known for producing products that are excellent quality. The quality can be seen throughout the design of this product. The sole is amazing quality. Many boxing boots break down quickly because of the thin outsole that they, typically have. This brand has built an outsole that will last a very long time and help you improve your footwork, overall. Double stitched seams are also a sign of quality. It not only offers great durability but you will also be able to trust that your product has been well thought out and long lasting. When you are working hard to improve your boxing skills, lose weight, or become more fit inside the ring you need products that are great quality. They can be had when you decide to go with one of the many options that are brought to us by Adidas.


From the word go you will have a pretty comfortable pair of boxing shoes. There are a variety of aspects that help with the comfort level of this item. It is important to note that if you have wide or flat feet you may not find these to be comfortable at all. But average width to a narrow width foot will love the comfort level of these. All of the materials are flexible and move with you exceptionally easily. The low-profile design is also built for comfort. Many supportive boxing shoes come up quite high on the calf and this can lead to an uncomfortable fit. This is a much lower height and it offers a better range of motion and a higher level of comfort. The breathability levels that this option offers also adds to the amazing level of comfort you will get from them.


These are more breathable than most other boxing shoes. Many supportive options have a full leather upper and they do not breathe at all. This leads to a very uncomfortable environment that can be detrimental to your feet. You may end up combating athlete's foot, ingrown toenails, or skin breakdown when you are wearing a boxing boot that doesn't breathe. This option uses single layer mesh panels throughout the upper of the boot. You will get an amazing airflow throughout this entire boot. This will put your feet in a cooler and dryer environment. Overall, customers are very pleased with the level of breathability that this boxing shoe offers. Stop worrying about your uncomfortable and hot feet during long sessions in the gym when you wear these truly breathable boots.


When looking at the support of your boxing boots you need to look at a few different areas. First, let's talk about ankle support. So, typically the higher the boot the better ankle support you will get. There are options that offer straps around the ankle that offer even better support. This one is low in height but at the same time, the ankle is very well supported. Adidas does this with straps placed around the ankle. They offer great stability and support for your ankles. The other major area where you need to look at support is in the arch of your boot. Those with flat feet won't need to be overly concerned with this but if you have high arches it is imperative that you wear a shoe that supports them so you don't sustain injury. This boot rocks a built-up arch so your arches will be well supported while wearing them.


You will be getting an exceptional value when you invest in these boxing boots. They offer great durability and house technology that support what boxers need to improve your footwork. The price tag that they carry is average. This does not mean they are exceptionally cheap but in terms of boxing shoes, they are average. For most budgets, their cost of these will be fairly easily absorbed. With the features that they offer you will get long wear and use out of them. Your feet will stay cool and dry all while keeping your feet and ankles supported. After looking over all of the aspects we are sure you can easily see why so many people feel that they are an amazing value.

Bottom Line

When you need an exceptionally breathable and lightweight pair of boxing shoes so you can improve your footwork and stay moving easily on your feet, this is a fantastic option. Adidas is a brand that can be trusted to provide you with the high-quality gear you need to move along your fitness journey. The price is reasonable and most people will be able to afford them relatively easily. They will go fit nicely with a variety of styles. The reviews are positive and the results are clear. There are a lot of features that you will find with these that you won't find elsewhere. They provide better grip and traction than most others. Overall, if you can work them into your budget you will have a great pair of boxing boots that will last you a significantly long time.