Adidas WTF Forearm Review

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The Adidas WTF Forearm guards offer a more adjustable fit than many others. They use a hook and loop style strap that will make it simple to loosen or tighten them as you work through your training activities. Whether you are into Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or other hard-hitting sports, this item is going to give you a good level of protection. In addition, they offer a stay-put fit. This will help to ensure you don't sustain any injuries. You will actually get very versatile use out of these guards. People use them for training sessions with their coach, heavy bag work, sparring sessions, and even during some weapons training.

The materials used in this item are built to last. When you are participating in fight sports it is very important you get products that will stand up to the challenge. Your gear will take constant abuse. In addition, you will likely be using it frequently. This item from Adidas will last you a good amount of time, even with consistent abuse. The break-in time on these forearm guards is a bit longer and people find them stiff in the beginning. This is due to the thick and durable foam padding they use. It is going to absorb shock nicely and maintain its integrity nicely. Overall, people are very happy with the level of comfort, fit, feel, and performance that this item has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 5-Layers Of Padding
  • Great Adjustability
  • Heavy-Duty Velcro
  • Sturdy Design
  • Won't Slide Around
  • Sweat-Wicking Liner
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Longer Drying Time
  • Lengthy Break-In Time


Adidas is a brand that is known the world over. They offer a ton of different options for just about every activity you may find yourself into. They do offer solid options for those of you that are into combat sports. This brand is known for offering high-quality options in footwear, clothing, gloves, and protective gear. In addition, you can find other sport-related items that will fit into your routine nicely. They don't have the most options for fight sports but what they do offer is great quality. You can put your trust and hard earned money into their products with confidence. A brand doesn't stay a leader in their industry by creating inferior products and it is easily seen when you make your first purchase of a product from Adidas. So many have put their time into this brand with great success. When you are on the hunt for quality good that will improve your active-lifestyle, Adidas will not leave you feeling disappointed.


Materials used in a piece of protective equipment like this one play a major role in how much use you are going to get out of it and how well it performs. Adidas has done a good job and their choice of materials. You will be protected by five layers of high-density foam. This is going to take a serious amount of impact and disperse it nicely. Even when you are working through a full powered sparring session these will keep you well protected. They are covered with a layer of vinyl. Vinyl offers good durability and easy maintenance. There are also two fairly long elastic straps. They feed through a hook and loop style closure and are secured with a large piece of Velcro. The velcro is also of great quality. It's going to stick better and longer than other options that are out there. Overall, all of the materials used in this product are going to handle the hard-hitting nature of Combat Sports quite nicely. People are truly happy with the item this brand has chosen to make this product.


This is an option that you're not going to need to struggle with the fit. Oftentimes, items like this do not strap-on but are more like a sleeve that you pull on. This can lead to a fit that is too tight or way too loose. Obviously, the way your protective gear fits plays a major role and how well it keeps you protected. This product is going to give you better adjustability and, in turn, a better fit. Regardless of if you need to tighten them up or loosen them quickly the velcro hook and loop style closures are going to make that simple to do. In addition, these are going to suit a variety of different fighters. Whether you are just starting out as a youth fighter or you have been at it for years as an adult these will offer a size that will fit you nicely. No matter how thick or thin your forearms are they should also fit well here. This is because of the great level of adjustability that they give you. Overall, customers are more than happy with the fit they're finding while using this item.


You will definitely be getting a better level of breathability when you go with a forearm guard that is styled like this one rather than one that pulls on like a sleeve. This is due to the fact that a large portion of the underside of your forearm is going to be exposed. Obviously, the more skin you have exposed the cooler you're going to be. This brand is also added a sweat-wicking liner to the inside of the pads. This is going to help keep wetness away from your skin and, in turn, keep you more comfortable and cooler. It has been mentioned by consumers that this item takes quite a while to dry completely. This can make it feel a bit uncomfortable when you are putting them back on if they are still wet. Obviously, you want your gear to be dry and ready to go during your next session. You may need to invest in a couple of pairs to ensure that they are completely dry during your next session.


Adidas has done a great job at making sure you'll be getting a high level of protection when using these pads. Most brands only use a single layer of high-density foam padding to absorb and disperse the shock that you will take from fighters landing blows during sparring sessions. This brand has chosen to use five different layers of high-density foam padding. Obviously, this is going to absorb more impact than a single layer. Some have found this set of pads to be a bit bulky, however, you are never going to have to worry about sustaining any serious injuries while wearing them. They do offer coverage from your wrist to your elbow. There are many other options out there that provide you with greater coverage, however, many of them do not offer the same level of protection. When you are working through sessions with your trainer, humbling the heavy bag, or participating in intense sparring sessions these are going to give you the protection you've been looking for.


Most people find these extremely comfortable. Consumers have mentioned that the break-in time on this product is longer than many others. In the beginning, you may find these to be a bit bulky and stiff. However, given some time they will break in and the foam will mold to the exact shape of your arm. This is going to seriously improve the level of comfort that you experience while using this item. While you are spending long hours training at home or in the gym Comfort is key in keeping you focused. So, the fact that you will be able to find a comfortable fit is an important aspect that consumers truly appreciate in regards to this item. There are several features built-in that are going to help to keep you comfortable. As noted that have adjustable straps and a sweat-wicking liner. Both of these aspects play a pretty big role in keeping you comfortable. Overall, we believe that you'll be truly satisfied with the comfort you get from this piece of equipment.


Taking care of this item is not exceptionally hard. You will not be able to simply throw these guards into the washer, however, it won't take an exceptional amount of time to keep them looking and smelling great. You will want to invest in a good deodorizer or disinfectant. The foam inside of these is going to absorb your sweat and over the course of time, these could get smelling pretty funky. As noted, they don't dry exceptionally quickly so you'll want to keep that in mind when you're trying to freshen them up. Obviously, if you spray a cleaner on them you are not going to want that sitting against your skin. Giving them enough time to dry completely will ensure that you don't undergo any skin irritation from the cleaner that you have chosen to use. Many people already have this type of cleaner in their home gym for other pieces of equipment. If not, it's not that big a deal and you can pick up a variety of different kinds for great prices.


One aspect that customers truly love about this item is how easy they are to put on and take off. Unlike a sleeve styled guard it won't take a long time to get them off. Sleep styled guards tend to stick to your skin and this can be very frustrating when trying to move on to a different activity. With this item making adjustments is also extremely easy. The hook and loop style closures that seal with velcro see to it that you won't have to fight with them. This item is also going to give you a very high level of protection. This brand has done an excellent job of making sure of this. Sure, this item is a bit bulky and stuff in the beginning, however, that is going to majorly improve over time. These will eventually feel as if they were made just for you all while giving you excellent protection during a variety of different combat sports related training activities. Overall, these are only a couple of the advantages that come along with using this product on a daily basis.


Unfortunately, pretty much every item that is available in the market today comes with its own set of disadvantages. Obviously, you are going to want to take them into consideration before you make the decision of this is the perfect product for your routine or not. Consumers have had some complaints about the sizing of this product. They stated that it runs small. This is going to be a problem in length and coverage. Another issue consumers have is the fact that it takes quite a while for this product to dry completely. It can be very uncomfortable to be putting on a wet cold piece of protective equipment. Ensuring that you give them enough time to dry is going to keep them smelling better and keep you more comfortable. The only other issue that consumers have with this item is the fact that they take a bit of time to break in. This is not necessarily a disadvantage as this is an extremely durable product.


Getting a very good value when you decide to go with us option from Adidas. The price tag they have associated with it is average. This means that it's going to fit into just about any budget easily. Forearm guards are not the most expensive piece of protective equipment. There are sets out there that cost a pretty penny, however, they truly are no better than more affordable options. You will be getting a great level of protection with this item and a price that is going to please. Trying to find equipment that meets your wants, needs and your budget can be difficult. So, as you can see it's nice that there are items out there that can suit all of those requirements. You are going to get great longevity of use out of this item. In addition, they are fairly easy to maintain and if you find the drying time to be annoying you can simply buy an extra pair. Obviously, this is going to cost a bit more but it will give you an option for each and every one of your training sessions.

Bottom Line

Putting your trust in money into this brand is rarely a mistake. If you decide to go with this item we believe you will be more than satisfied with them. They offer an excellent fit that is comfortable even when you are training for long hours. They are also more versatile than other options. This is due to the fact that they do provide such a high level of protection for the wearer. Wearing your protective gear on a daily basis for combat training means it needs to be extremely durable. This brand has done an excellent job of ensuring this. All of the reviews surrounding this item are consistently good. As with all items, there are a few downfalls that should be taken into thought before making a final decision. We feel that the negatives are pretty easy to move past. Overall, this is a solid option in forearm protection.