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The Aircast Air-Stirrup is a great option for people that have sustained serious ankle injuries. If you are recovering from surgery, a bad sprain, or even a break this item can give you the support you are looking for. In addition, it is made from solid materials that will inhibit lateral movement. This means you won't have to worry about your ankle rolling from side to side. The design is simple. Additionally, it is easy to put on and take off. When you need solid structure and a high level of support this is a great option to look at. Doctors and orthopedists have been recommending this product to their patients for generations.

After sustaining an injury, oftentimes, you will find yourself in a cumbersome boot. When you can transition to a brace it will be a great day. This option has a low profile design that will fit into most shoes comfortably. Participating in combat sports like Judo, wrestling, boxing, or other mixed martial arts disciplines means you will likely succumb to an injury at some point. Feet and ankle injuries are common due to the fact that there is kicking involved in many of these fight-sports. When you are recovering and want to do it the right way, wearing this item from Aircast can seriously help to speed up the process. It can help get you back in the ring or the cage and practicing what you love.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Low Profile Design
  • Excellent Support
  • Great For Recovery
  • Doesn't Inhibit Flexing
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Trusted By Doctors
  • Affordable
  • Easy On Easy Off
  • Strap Durability Issues
  • Problems With Inflation
  • Can't Return


For more than thirty years, athletes, fighters, and everyday active people have trusted Aircast to help them through the recovery of injuries. This brand is brought to us by DJO. They are a company that offers products across the globe. They have been working in the world of helping people take care of injuries for more than twenty years. They acquired the Aircast brand because they knew their products were top notch. More than likely, when you participate in hard-hitting sports like Taekwondo, Karate, or other fighting disciplines you will sustain an injury. Investing in products that will help you recover quickly so you can get back in the ring or the cage is, obviously advantageous. Overall, this brand and the companies they are in control to make stellar products that are backed by proven technologies. The people healing from injury are very pleased with the performance and results using these products has given them.


Most of the materials used in this product are extremely durable. This is especially true of the outer shell. It is made of a stiff plastic material. This helps to ensure that your ankles do not roll from side to side. Lining this hard outer shell is a combination of foam and air. This will give good support to the injured ankle. There are two wide velcro straps that you will use to wrap around the item and secure it to your foot, ankle, and lower shin. There is also a strap that goes underneath your foot. This is made of a relatively soft material that is also quite durable. It is important to note that this brand has chosen to glue the bottom strap on. This has led to some durability issues. If it was sewn to the product there would be much better longevity of use and durability seen with this item.


You'll be getting a very high level of support when you use this item. The way it is structured and designed it will inhibit your ankle from rolling to from side to side. Obviously, this is a major advantage as rolling your ankle will cause more damage to it. If you sustain this kind of injury too many times you can permanently stretch out the tendon which could land you with needing surgery. Oftentimes, when wearing an ankle brace it can completely inhibit all range of motion. This can become very uncomfortable even though it is very supportive. This item is not going to do that. You will be able to flex your foot forward and backward. The only movement that will be really restricted is the side to side movement. Overall, customers are very pleased with the level of support this product gives after sustaining an injury like a bad ankle sprain.


There are mixed reviews on the level of comfort you will have while wearing this item. Some people find the fit to be perfect and due to the fact that it is a pretty streamlined design, it'll fit comfortably into most shoes. Other people find that it's hot and cumbersome. Comfort level is truly a subjective thing. Overall, the support that this item gives you is more important than the level of comfort you'll have while wearing it. It is important to note that many consumers have said that wearing a tall sock underneath this item does improve the level of comfort. It will feel less like it is sticking to your skin. Honestly, we don't wear ankle supports of this level for comfort. We wear them for the functionality and improved recovery time that they offer. So, the fact that this is not the most comfortable item is really neither here nor there.


There are four different sizes available when you decide to go with this item. Not every brace that we look at comes with size options and it is nice to see that this one does. The smallest is meant for children. It's nice to see that there is an option out there that can help our young fighters as well as ourselves. The sizing of this item really has to do with the length of it. The longer the brace is the more support you will have. So, depending on how bad you have injured yourself will depend on what size you need to order. Each one of these sizes offers a decent level of adjustability. We will cover that further later on in this article. You can shorten the size of this item by adjusting where your heel goes. Overall, customers are happy with the size options that are available and aren't having much trouble in finding exactly what they need.


The item itself is not going to breathe well at all, however, the structure and design of it to allow for a decent level of airflow while you are wearing it. The outer shell is made of plastic and that is obviously not going to breathe. Where you are going to get some airflow is in the fact that your shin and the back of your calf are going to be exposed. This will help to keep you cool or while you are wearing this item. It has been mentioned by consumers that the area of your skin that this product touches may become exceptionally hot and sweaty. This can seriously reduce the level of comfort that you experience. Here again, the level of breathability is not nearly as important as the support that this product provides. So, the fact that it doesn't breathe very well is not as big of a deal as it could be with other items.


Consumers are very happy with a level of adjustability they have when using this product. It is adjustable in the heel so you can find the most comfortable fit possible. In addition, and more importantly, it is adjustable with the strapping system. There are two fairly long and thick velcro straps that will wrap around the top and middle of this brace. It is quick and easy to make adjustments. If you find that this item is too tight simply loosen it up. Obviously, if it is not tight enough you'll be able to send it down to find the perfect fit. Customers are thrilled with how easy adjusting this item is. Overall, it's nice to find a truly supportive brace that is simple to deal with. Oftentimes, it's a major time consumer and burden to put ankle braces on and take them off. This is an aspect customers truly appreciate.


There is a variety of different Advantage is associated with this product. The fact that doctors and orthopaedists recommend it so frequently allows us to put a lot of faith into its ability to keep our ankles stable and well supported. The structure and design of this item will allow for your foot to move naturally in a back-and-forth motion. However, you won't have to worry about side-to-side motion that could lead to your ankles rolling. When you are recovering from an ankle injury wearing support like this can help you recover much faster. Obviously, if you've been taken away from your preferred combat sport you're going to want to get back to it as soon as possible. Another advantage of this item is the streamlined design. You'll be able to wear it with just about any shoe that you prefer. This makes wearing it less burdensome than others you may have tried in the past.


Pretty much all items that are currently available come with some disadvantages. This item is not the exception. There are a few things that you need to consider before calling this item your own. It has been noted many times by consumers and verified on the brand's website that this item is not able to be returned. So, if you don't like the fit, feel, or it simply isn't the item for you, you're going to be stuck with it and out of money. This is a pretty major disadvantage. Another issue that we are seeing pop up pretty frequently has to do with inflation issues. The pockets that are built into the inside of this item tend to lose some air. This means that you won't be getting the correct level of support. The only other thing that people are complaining about is the durability of the heel strap. It is glued onto the outside frame rather than being stitched to it and may tear away from it.


For those of you that truly need a high level of support, this product is an exceptional value. It is important to note that the price tag it carries may vary depending on where you buy it. You were going to save a lot of money by purchasing this item online rather than getting it from your doctor. Most budgets will be able to afford it easily. You only get one Aircast Air-Stirrup when you buy this item so if you have injured both ankles you may need to buy a second one. Needing true support means you will require a top quality item. This is exactly that. You won't have to worry about your ankles rolling from side to side and sustaining more injuries as you're trying to heal. This will get you back to your preferred activity more quickly. Overall, we think it's simple to see why consumers feel that this product is an exceptional value.

Bottom Line

This is not the type of brace you will buy for some simple compression or sore muscles, bones, and joints. This is the type of item you'll be looking for after you have sustained a more serious injury like a high-level ankle sprain. It offers good structure and support to your weak joints. When warm consistently it will help to heal your ailment more quickly. The design of this item makes it exceptionally simple to put on and take off. You won't have to spend a lot of time strapping into this product. The price tag that it carries is quite affordable which means just about any budget will be able to find the protection that they need. Overall, this is a solid option that has been trusted for Generations. When you want to find something to keep you well supported this is a great option.