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Amazing Grass Protein Superfood is an organic protein shake that will provide your muscles what they crave to perform at their top level. You will get twenty grams of organic protein that will help your muscles feel better and grow faster. This choice is great for Vegans and just about everyone else that decides they want a super healthy option to boost their protein levels. You can make this product into a delicious smoothie or add it to a variety of other recipes. You will be getting a huge dose of fruits and veggies. Avoiding dairy, grain, and gluten is simple when you use this product as it does not contain any of these troublesome ingredients. It is low in sugar and gives you a decent amount of fiber which will help aid a healthy digestive tract. There are a good amount of flavors to choose from. You can use this product before or after your workout and reap the benefits it provides to your muscles. Customers are satisfied with the results this product gives them when they use it alongside their strict diet and exercise regimen. Whether you are trying to build muscle, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle this product can help you along the way.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 2 Fruit & Vegetable Servings
  • 20 Grams Protein/Sering
  • Promotes Lean Muscle Growth
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Low Sugar Content
  • High-Quality Ingredients
  • Helps Control Appetite
  • Provides Clean Energy
  • Solidifies Easily
  • Very Sweet
  • Difficult to Mix


For sixteen years Amazing Grass has been mixing up delicious and nutritious drinks that are fully organic and excellent for you. This brand knows that plant-based nutrition can help you stay active, lose weight, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of if you are a Vegan or not, you will enjoy their products and they will help you achieve your goals more easily when paired with an active fitness routine. This brand started with drinks but now offer a variety of nutritional products that are organic and well thought out. This is a trustworthy company that is really starting to make a name for itself within the nutritional supplement world.


There are more reviews stating that customers enjoy the taste of this product than ones that don't. It is very sweet and that has been noted oftentimes. The flavors taste as you would expect them to. You should know that this product is completely plant-based and therefore many do seem to say it tastes a bit like grass. They use stevia for sweetening and that is the culprit for the overly sweet effect customers are talking about. For a Vegan protein powder, we are surprised at how much customers like the taste of this one. There are not any reports of this product leaving a rancid aftertaste in your mouth. Overall, taste is purely objective and you will have to give it a try to find out how much you like the taste of the different flavors that are available to you.


This product comes in five different flavor options. This is plenty to find a couple you like and keep your daily protein drink interesting. When you drink or eat the same thing every day you may get bored. When this happens you could head towards some less than stellar snacks. Giving this product a try will allow you to choose from Rich Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Original, Vanilla, and Peanut Butter. This is enough option for you to have a variety when you need it. Also considering that they are affordable you can stock up and choose multiple flavors of your choosing. Overall, they have spent the time and energy to research their products and ensure they offer you balanced flavors that you can look forward to consuming.


The consistency is rather well-liked among users. There are a few people that feel it is too chalky and a bit gritty. It has been said several times that this product is a bit difficult to get completely dissolved which is why the texture of it is lacking. You will need to use a blender or an excellent blender bottle to get this product completely mixed. Once you have it mixed well you will be left with a smooth drink that is easy to swallow. The fact that you can get this product to completely dissolve at all is impressive. Most plant-based shakes are almost impossible to get to a decent consistency. When you can't get it completely mixed not only are you left with a drink that has terms of texture you will also be losing some of your serving. Overall, this product is decent in terms of mixability and with a bit of work you will be left with a good consistency and a drink you can stomach easily.


This protein shake is exceptionally effective at providing your muscles the nutrients they need to perform at their top level. With twenty grams of protein per serving, you will notice the difference in how you feel after extensive training sessions. It gives you times which means you will feel less sore and be able to head to the gym more often. With extra work paired with the protein this gives you, you will also gain extra muscle growth. The muscle growth you gain will be better protected meaning when you are overworking them you will have less muscle deterioration. This product will also help provide you with energy that will help you achieve your goals and make it through long days more easily. This product will also help you in terms of sticking to your diet. With great nutrients and a decent calorie count, it will help keep you full and on track.


The ingredient mix used here is clean and healthy. When looking for excellent plant-based products you want to look for an ingredient list that looks like this one. First, you have a blend of protein which is made up of all organic ingredients. They are Hemp Protein, Pea Protein, Chia, and Quinoa. Then they use a blend of green foods that are also organic. They are Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spinach, Chlorella, Spirulina, and Broccoli. Last, they include a blend of vegetables and fruits. This consists of organic Acai, Beet, Banana, Carrots, Pineapple, Sweet Potatoe, Goji, Raspberry, and Rose Hips. They do use a few other ingredients for texture and taste. These are Xanthan Gum, Madagascar Vanilla, and Vanilla Flavoring.


There is a pretty decent range in the calorie count of this product. It depends on which flavor option that you decide to go with. You will be consuming somewhere between one hundred and ten to one hundred and ninety calories. The higher end of the caloric value that this holds is plenty to constitute a snack. Most people keep their snacks under three hundred calories. Protein bars, for example, typically carry about two hundred calories. So, as you can see one hundred and ninety calories is enough to help you sustain your energy levels and keep you full between meals. The lower end of the spectrum may not be enough to sustain you, however, you can pair it with another healthy snack or supplement to ensure you are getting what you need to keep your energy levels up and avoid unhealthy food options.


Maintaining energy levels throughout your day is imperative to proper health and fitness ventures. When you are exceptionally tired it can have a major impact on your exercise routine and your daily life. Eating calories, obviously, will help you improve energy levels and using this as a snack will do exactly that. More importantly, the protein this product contains will help your energy levels. It provides energy to your muscles and allows them to perform better because of the increased nutrients. You will experience less muscle fatigue while lifting weights and you won't need as long between sets to recover. The energy you get from this product does not come from stimulants which means you will not need to worry about any sort of crashing effects. Obviously, this is something consumers really appreciate about this product considering crashes can ruin your entire day. You will have long-lasting energy that will stick with you regardless of the activity you decide to be a part of.


None of the flavor options available to you carry very high sugar contents. You will not be consuming any more than four grams of sugar per serving. Actually, most of the flavors have zero or two grams of sugar. This is very low and will fit easily into just about anyone's diet. Keeping your sugar intake to a minimum is important and there are so many brands that use an extravagant amount of sugar which can lead to a variety of negative effects. It is appreciated that this product is not full of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols as they can be very difficult for some people to digest. It is impressive how good this product tastes considering the low sugar content and the fact that people find it too sweet seems quite astounding to us.


One of the scoops included in the container is one serving. It is thirty-six grams of powder. This is a bit more than you will use with other products but as long as you are using a great blender bottle it should not be a major problem. You will have several options when it comes to container size. This product is available in single-serve packages and you will get ten or fifteen of them with each purchase. When it comes to the powdered variety you will also have some options. you can get it in thirty, sixty, or one hundred servings. This type of opportunity to stock up is awesome. There is also the fact that you get a discount for buying a larger quantity of this product. Who doesn't want to save some money on a product they are going to be using on a daily basis? Most brands do not offer this type of variety and it is a nice thing to see.

Side Effects

Most protein products carry fewer side effects than other supplements you may be taking like pre-workouts and BCAA boosters. It is important to note that, basically, every supplement has the potential to cause adverse side effects. The only reports about this one that we have found are that it does cause many of its users to experience excessive gas. This is more of an annoyance than anything. There is also a chance that you will experience nausea, upset stomach, increased frequency in bowel movements, thirst, fatigue, or bloating. Before starting any supplement you should discuss the benefits of it with your doctor or healthcare provider. Most people will not have any effects from using this product but it is important that you understand there is a chance you will experience these things.


Boosting your protein levels gives you several advantages. Your body will break the proteins down into amino acids and they are the building blocks of our muscles. So, when you are crushing it at the gym daily and using this product you will get an increase in your overall muscle growth. These amino acids will help maintain your new muscle which will help you retain the growth you have gained. One of the most important advantages is the faster recovery time you will experience. We have all left the gym feeling sore and it can majorly impact future workouts for the worst. When you don't feel as sore you will be able to work at your top level each and every time you are at the gym. Obviously, this will lead to better weight loss and increased muscle growth. This product will also help keep you on track with your diet if you decide to use it as a snack at some point throughout your day.


One of the biggest problems with this product is the difficulty people have mixing it. When your shake doesn't mix completely you end up with awful consistency and losing part of your supplement as it is stuck to the sides and bottom of your water bottle. There are a decent amount of side effects, however, we do not see this as a disadvantage considering pretty much all supplements have some sort of side effects associated with them. Other than these things, this is a stellar product that is hard to find major downfalls with. Vegan-friendly and truly healthy, you will definitely find more advantages than disadvantages when using this product.


This product carries a mid-range price tag. Most people will be able to afford it and you will absolutely get a discount if you decide to stock up on it. This is a feature that customers really appreciate as most people like to buy their supplements at least a month at a time. This stellar plant-based product won't break the bank. The value to customers is not only based on the price. When looking over the reviews people feel as if this product is a very good value. Pairing it with a great exercise routine and healthy diet has been very advantageous to the users. We agree that this product is a very good value and once you add it to your life you will wonder why you waited so long.

Bottom Line

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood is a clean and healthy option that will absolutely boost your protein and energy levels. They use stellar ingredients that will fuel your day and keep you crushing it regardless of the activity you are participating in. It is quite affordable and will allow you to work longer and harder than before. You won't have to worry about ingredients that you would rather avoid as this one only contains truly healthy ones. The taste is good and the texture may need some work. Overall, you can't go wrong when you give this product a try. They provide a lot of options which makes it easy to fit it into your budget on a monthly basis. People are flocking to this brand and their products as they truly are superior to others you may have tried in the past.