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The Anthem Athletics Raptor ankle supports are made to suit participants of Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate, and other mixed martial arts. They offer a decent level of support, as well as, a comfortable fit. You won't have to worry about them digging into your skin. In addition, they are easy to take on and off. Consumers have noted that they will help you avoid mat burn to the tops of your feet. However, your toes will be exposed so they will not protect you there. Wearing these will not only give support to your ankles but also to the arches of your feet.

The people wearing this option by Anthem Athletics have noted that they hold up well through washing. You won't have to worry about hand washing them. It is important to note that you will want to hang them or lay them out to dry. Putting them through the dryer may detriment the material and structure of these ankle supports. There have been a few reports that the stitching of this item is not the best. Some consumers found that the seams tore apart after only a couple of uses. However, for the most part, fighters are getting good longevity of use out of them. They hold their shape and size even if you wear them frequently. Overall, people are pleased with the look, fit, feel, and performance of these supports.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sold In Pairs
  • Breathable Material
  • Stay-Put Fit
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Fast Drying
  • No Hand Washing Required
  • Stitching Durability Issues
  • Only One Size Available
  • Scratchy Tag


Anthem Athletics is a brand that hasn't been around for a very long time. However, they are doing a great job of making a name for themselves. Their focus is on apparel. In addition, they have some options for protective gear. So, if you are looking for trunks, fight shorts, rash guards, or compression products they have you covered. They have started expanding their lines so that they now offer some glove options as well. The fighters that have switched to Anthem Athletics are very impressed. They use top quality materials to ensure you get great durability out of every one of their items. Additionally, they keep their prices reasonable so you will be able to work whatever you need into your budget easily. With options for youth fighters, as well as, adults, they truly do have you covered. Overall, this is a solid brand that, we believe, will continue to grow and exceed the expectations of their customers.


The exact material of this item is not clearly laid out. It is referred to as a synthetic stretchy material. Whatever the exact material is really is not the most important thing. What consumers are saying, however, does hold some weight. They find the material is comfortable and soft. It offers a good amount of stretch to accommodate a variety of different sizes. The material is thicker at each end to ensure that it stays in place comfortably. It is important to note that some customers have had issues with the quality of the stitching. Some have found that this item after only being worn a couple of times breaks apart at the seams. Obviously, this could make them unusable. There are not a ton of complaints surrounding this exact issue, however, is something to be taken into consideration. Overall, the material is comfortable and provides a good level of compression to the wearer. It will also help to keep the tops of your feet safe from mat burn.


This type of ankle support does not offer a ton of support. The people that are going to want to use this will not be looking for high levels of support if you simply have weak ankles or sore feet this may be the perfect option. However, if you have sustained ankle injuries like sprains this may not give you enough support. This is especially true while your injury is still healing. If you have fully recovered from an ankle sprain and some extra support as what you need to continue to feel great this could be a good fit. In addition to supporting your ankles, this product will also help to support the arches of your feet. When you train without supportive shoes on it can lead to a lot of foot pain or overall discomfort. Overall, when people are looking for a lower level of support this is an excellent option that can help you to feel better and last through all of your training sessions whether they are with your coach or a sparring partner.


The reviews are consistent when it comes to the level of comfort that you will experience while wearing this item. Customers are exceptionally happy with how they fit and feel. As a matter of fact, many people have stated that it feels like you are not even wearing them. The stretchy material offers some compression but it won't cut off your circulation. The snug fit stays in place. It is also been noted by consumers that you won't have to worry about these rolling down as you get sweaty throughout your routine. Moving ankle supports is a major issue and can leave you open to injury if it shifts when you're not expecting it. So, the fact that these will stay in place regardless of if you are sweaty or not is a major advantage. Overall, customers are very satisfied with the level of comfort they have while wearing this item even if it's for hours on end.

Sizes & Style

There is no size variety available in this item. They state that one size will fit most. As we looked through customer reviews this appears to be correct. Men with very large size 13 feet are able to wear this item comfortably. In addition, there have been comments from women that wear a size 8 using them with just as much success. So, the stretchy material will accommodate a large variety of people and different sizes of feet. This item is styled very much like a sock. The only real difference is it's missing the heel and the toe coverings. This helps to improve the level of breathability and level of comfort you experience while wearing them. The sock-like design makes these exceptionally easy to take on and off. You will find that it is barely an inconvenience. Many ankle supports can take some time when trying to put them on or remove them. This can be frustrating as many people have very busy lives and don't have time to slow down.


The design of this item makes it very breathable. Another piece that plays a major role in the level of breathability is the material that it's made from. Consumers have mentioned that it breathes quite well. As noted many feel as if they aren't wearing anything on their feet at all while these supports are in use. In addition to this, the fact that the heel and the toes are cut out will help to keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout your entire routine. When you are spending hours working at the local gym with your coach or at home with a friend it can be uncomfortable due to excessive heat and sweating. So, when looking at the fact that these breathe very well and will help to keep you cooler and more comfortable it's easy to see why so many people appreciate this aspect. Overall, these are far better breathability than many other options that are currently available to you in the same category.


As you probably expect, there is no adjustability in this item. Not only are there no straps or any pieces to be adjusted they only come in one size. So, if you don't find that the fit is comfortable you will need to look towards another pair. In addition, if the fit is not right you may not find that they offer enough support for your intended use. These supports are going to fit most people quite nicely so the fact that they aren't adjustable really isn't that big of a deal. If you want to be able to adjust your ankle support throughout your training sessions this is not going to be the perfect option for you. While they are exceptionally easy to get on and off an offer a low level of support and a high level of comfort they are not going to adjust to issues like swelling feet. Overall, the fact that this product doesn't offer any of just ability is not a major downfall due to the structure and design of them.


There are definitely some good advantages and adding ankle supports to your gear. It will help you to avoid common injuries like mat burn. Mat burn can be exceptionally uncomfortable and lead to possible issues like infection. Obviously, these things should be avoided at all costs. Another advantage to this item is the fact that you'll be able to slide them on easily before your training session starts. Keeping them clean is also an aspect that won't cause you any trouble. I'm like many other options you won't have to worry about hand washing these. Simply throw them in the washer, give them time to dry, and they'll be ready to go. Consumers are also very pleased with the arch support that this product offers. It helps to ensure that your feet continue to feel great even when you spend a whole day on them. Overall, this is only a look at the advantages this product has to offer.


There have been a few complaints surrounding this item. The first one and probably the most insignificant one is the fact that the tag is quite scratchy. They have attached a small tag at the top of this item that many customers end up cutting off as it irritates their skin. This is more of an inconvenience than an actual disadvantage. Another thing that customers are not exactly thrilled about is the fact that this product only comes in one size. If your ankles and feet are very small or very large this option is probably not going to work for you. It can be a waste of your time and money to give it a try. The last thing and what we feel is the biggest issue is that consumers have reported having stitching durability issues. Obviously, when you invest in fight related equipment or gear you want to know that it's going to last. The chances of this bursting-at-the-seams may be a deal-breaker for many users.


We feel as if this product is a very good value. The consumers that are using them feel the same. They offer a decent level of comfort and an affordable price. In fact, we were surprised at how cheap the price really is. You will be able to buy a couple of pairs very easily if you so choose to. Pretty much every budget will be able to absorb the blow with ease. For the most part, this item is quite durable and will last through a ton of training sessions and washes before needing to be replaced. There is a chance that the stitching will let loose which would require you to buy an additional pair. They do offer some support to those that are not dealing with major injuries. They will also help you to avoid abrasions when your feet are dragging across the mat. Looking through all of the different aspects in weighing the pros and cons we feel that you will be satisfied with the fit, feel, and performance that this product offers.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of different pieces of clothing, equipment, and gear that you will need to acquire if you start participating in fight sports like Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, or other mixed martial arts. Ankle supports can play a major role in keeping you feeling great even after you've been training at the gym day after day. This option is comfortable and well regarded by the people that are wearing them. They do not offer a seriously high level of support but they do offer enough to keep most people feeling great. They are a very affordable option that you can find in a color to suit your style. People are not in love with the fact that this is a one-size-fits-all kind of item, however, it does appear that they can accommodate a pretty wide variety of foot sizes. Overall this is a solid option in ankle supports and you will more than likely be very satisfied with your purchase.