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Anthem Athletics Stormbringer is a real leather glove that is appropriate for all of your sparring and competition needs. It is designed like a classic Muay Thai glove but will also work well for boxing. It offers excellent protection. In addition, you will be getting better durability than you will with many other options available to you today. This glove does not focus on bells and whistles but on what you need in your home gym or your local gym to ensure you and your partner stay safe and well protected. They are a bit pricey but they are a solid option. Consumers are surprised at the amazing quality that they get with these gloves. When you go from working a bag to training with your coach, to practicing powerful boxing exercises, these gloves transition nicely. They offer decent wrist support, however, if you find it to not be enough you can simply add wraps underneath. They help you maintain the proper punching position which in turn helps you avoid injuries. The solid construction and design ensure that you'll be able to wear these gloves for quite some time. Consumers are pleased about this as once they are broken and they are very comfortable and you will want to continue to wear them.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile Use
  • Excellent Padding & Protection
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Secure Closure
  • Very Durable
  • Good for Home & Gym Use
  • Solid Construction
  • Good Design
  • Pricey
  • Sizing Runs Small


Anthem Athletics prides their brand on producing some of the most advanced apparel, gear, and equipment available for MMA, Boxing, and other combat sports. While many brands focus on the training aspects of high-impact sports, they gear more towards the actual competition. They absolutely offer everything you need for successful training they simply go above and beyond that. Using top quality materials that are built to last, their products have been helping fighters of all ages reach their goals more easily. Listening to their customers they continue to innovate and change the standards in fight gear. Customers have put a lot of trust in this brand over the years and they continue to be impressed with the products they purchase. It is a safe bet that you will get exactly what you are looking for when you give your business to Anthem Athletics.


These heavy bag gloves are padded with several layers of dense foam. This makes them very stiff in the beginning but they do loosen up a bit with time. It offers a great level of protection during heavy bag work. There are only a few reports of people feeling as if this glove lacked padding. Not only is the mitt padded to protect your hands and knuckles, but the thumb is also well padded. This padding gives great coverage and ensures that whether you are working a speed bag, heavy bag, or participating in sparring practice, you will be well protected. This also helps make sure your sparring partner and trainer are protected. Overall, consumers are very pleased with the level of padding in this glove and the way it holds up to frequent abuse.


The closure system on this glove is exceptionally simple It is made up of a strap that has a Velcro piece that is used to secure it. What this means for you is that you will be able to take them on and off without the need of someone to help you. This is a very common closure system for gloves nowadays. Where there starts to be a problem with this, is when there becomes build-up in the Velcro. As debris gathers on this sticky spot it will be less able to stick to itself. This could lead to your glove becoming unsecured. When this happens it may slip or even fall off resulting in injury to you or your sparring partner. This is why it is important to make sure you clean the Velcro out if you notice any sort of build-up.


These gloves offer a great level of protection. The foam is multi-layered and quite dense. What this does is absorb and distribute the impact that happens upon striking a surface. Whether you are working a heavy bag, speed bags, mitts on your trainer, or your sparring partner your hands will be very well protected. The protection in place is not only for you when training with a partner you want to keep them protected as well. Not only will your hands be protected but so will your thumbs and wrists when you decide to wear these gloves. There is a bit of padding at the wrist which offers better protection than many others as they don't add padding to this area.


Consumers are commonly saying that they feel the fit of this glove is very snug. This can make it difficult to wear hand wraps underneath. Some find them a bit uncomfortable, especially before they are broken-in. Now, it is important to understand that once you give these gloves some time, their fit drastically improves. The foam is made to conform to your hand as you continue to use them which in turn, promotes a great fit. If you like to wear wraps under your gloves this will also become easier as they break-in. There are not a ton of complaints about the fit of these gloves, just know if given a bit of time the fit really improves from where it starts.


The reviews agree that these gloves are very comfortable. Some feel they are very comfortable right out of the package. However, most feel that they become comfortable shortly after using them. They are stiff in the very beginning but, as previously noted, they will conform to your specific hands as you use them. Once they hit their sweet spot they will stay there. You will have a very comfortable pair of gloves that will give you this same comfort for an extended period of time. If you are looking for extra support, protection, and comfort hand wraps can absolutely help. Overall, we feel you will be happy with the comfort level that these gloves provide you.


The price of these gloves varies slightly depending on which color and size option you decide to go with. They are a bit pricey compared with others available to you. This is understandable considering the fact that they offer exceptionally versatile use. they also provide you with good durability and protection. When you are buying a glove made of excellent materials it naturally costs a bit more. Overall value is a compilation of a variety of aspects. When you look at what customers are saying and the way this glove performs we feel that it becomes an excellent value. It is important to note that there are absolutely much more expensive options out there and they may be of better quality. However, this glove gives you great bang for your buck.


Part of the reason that this glove is a bit more expensive is that the outer shell is made of real leather. Real leather does cost more but it also more durable and leads to better comfort levels. The best gloves available to you will be made of genuine leather rather than synthetic blends. As previously noted, they also contain several layers of foam. This foam is durable and can take an impact like nobody's business. It does have a liner made of sweat-wicking material. The only other material you will find in this product is the string used for stitching and the large piece of Velcro that is used to keep this glove securely on your hands. These are all high-quality materials that lead to a very durable glove.


In terms of breathability, these gloves are not the best. Boxing and Muay Thai gloves are not known for being exceptionally breathable. You typically only get small vent holes to add breathability to this type of glove and this is what you will see with this one. There are many gloves available to you that have a mesh palm. This use of mesh seriously helps the level of breathability in a glove. It is important to note that the liner of this glove helps wick sweat away from your hands which does help keep them a bit cooler and dryer even though this glove does not offer excellent breathability


These gloves are labeled as a Muay Thai glove but they can be used for a variety of purposes and disciplines. Due to the fact that they offer great levels of protection, you will be able to wear and use them for a heavy bag as well as speed bag work. In addition, they are awesome during sparring practice or when hitting the mitts with your trainer. Some use them for fitness classes but you probably don't need to spend this kind of money if that is all you are using them for. It is important to note that these gloves will not work well for grappling as you will have limited use of your fingers and thumbs. This brand also suggests you can use this glove during competition. There are no reports from customers about this so, we are unsure if this glove would actually be good for that purpose or not.


When you are determining what weight you need in a glove it is important to understand that it is typically based on your body weight. These gloves are available to you in twelve, fourteen, and sixteen-ounce weights. This means they do not offer an option, in this exact glove, for youth fighters. It may also be a problem for those of you that are small of stature and have very small hands. There are a variety of gloves available to you that come in lighter weights. This glove is going to be great for a variety of people and their sizing chart is a bit different. They state that even if you only weight ninety pounds you can use their twelve-ounce gloves. This may be ok for some but for others, it will be too big and bulky.


This is a high-quality glove that won't leave you disappointed. The materials used are quite durable which means you will get extended longevity of use. This means the price is even more understandable as you will not need to replace these gloves as frequently as others. Anthem Athletics also pays attention to the fine details. It is easily seen in the construction and stitching of this glove. The quality is better than many gloves that sit in the same price range. If you are willing to spend more there are options out there that are even higher quality but, for this price point, you really can't go wrong. We, as well as consumers, feel they are great quality and believe you will agree if you decide to try them out.


Taking care of these gloves will require a bit more work than those that are made of synthetic leather. With synthetics, you can easily wipe them down with a variety of cleaners without the worry of ruining the outside material. When your glove is made of real leather you need to not only clean it but also condition it to ensure that it maintains its overall integrity. When you put the time in you will be left with a great feeling glove that will be with you for the long-haul. As previously mentioned, you will also need to pay attention to the Velcro closure. As debris builds up they will become increasingly less sticky. Keeping the Velcro clean will ensure your gloves stay put and you remain protected during all of your training exercises.

Bottom Line

These gloves are a great option for many people. While some may have a hard time working them into the budget, they are not even close to the most expensive option out there. When you can fit them in, you will be getting a truly versatile glove that can take you from practice to competition with ease. They offer great durability which, in the long run, saves you time and money. Fighters work hard on their craft and having boxing gloves that works hard too helps to keep them on track towards achieving their goals. Overall, this is a solid choice made by a company who cares about producing the best products available.