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Body opponent bags, like the Aqua Bruiser Bag, offer some amazing training potential. It gives you a very realistic striking surface that can better prepare you for when you step into the ring. There are many uses for this bag. It is simple to fill and to drain which means you can take it with you no matter where you are headed. These bags are cropping up more and more in local gyms as well as in people's homes. You will get a warranty that lasts a couple of years which is a feature that customers like when making this type of investment. If you have limited space in your home gym, this bag is a great option. Another thing that makes this bag so versatile is the fact that you can use it outside. Switching up your routine can help keep you on track and headed towards your farthest goals. Whether you are into boxing, Taekwondo, Brazillian Ju-Jitsu, or other mixed martial arts disciplines, this bag can help you enhance your skill. Consumers are thrilled with this heavy punching bag and feel it has absolutely added to their overall success. When you need a great option to train with at home, this could be just what you have been looking for.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great For Absorbing Shock
  • Realistic Striking Surface
  • Hang Then Fill
  • Crazy Durable
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • Easy To Fill & Drain
  • Expensive


Aqua makes some of the most durable punching bags available in today's market. While they do offer some gear options to meet your needs, this brand really specializes in bags. They create long-lasting options that give you realistic training time. Hitting a person is, obviously, much different than hitting a bag. When you practice with something realistic in feel, it can help make the actual encounter of striking someone less awkward. If you need mounting supplies they have you covered there too. This brand has really gained footing over the last several years and we are starting to see their products show up in gyms as well as in people's homes. They are doing this by providing high-quality items that are truly built to withstand the test of time and punishment.


As you could probably guess, you will be filling this bag with water. Water is an excellent filler for punching bags. It is superior at absorbing impact and reducing the shock that your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders feel. This heavy punching bag comes to you empty. Filling it is very simple. You will just have to remove the plug, insert the included nozzle after attaching it to your hose, and fill it up with your preferred amount of water. Then all you need to do is replace the plug so that it is secure and water isn't leaking from your bag. You will get everything you need to fill this bag easily and it can be drained and refilled whenever you want to move it around.


The only opening in this bag is a small hole with a plug in it. This is used for filling and emptying it. Aqua does give you an extra plug, so, if you lose the original you won't be left with a leaky bag. This closure does require a special nozzle when you are ready to fill it up with water. If you do not have it you will not be able to fill the bag as the hole is tiny and makes it majorly impossible. The closure is solid and customers are happy about the fact that they don't have to worry about this water-filled heavy bag leaking as this is a common problem among items like this. Keeping things simple is awesome, especially with so many complicated options that we run into on a daily basis. This is a very simple system and it is well-appreciated among users.


The Aqua Bruiser Bag weighs in at one hundred and fifty pounds. It is important to remember that this is not your typical heavy bag. So, whereas a standard heavy bag you want to purchase in a weight that is roughly half of your body weight, you won't need to do that here. The reason you do it with standard bags is that the filling if the bag is too heavy, can lead to injury. On the other side of it, if it is too light, it will move excessively while you are trying to train. This bag, however, is filled with water which offers great movement and impact absorption. This will make the one hundred and fifty pound weight suitable for pretty much all fighters. Due to the material and filler you won't have to worry that it is too heavy. If you find that it is a bit light and has too much movement while training, they do offer a weight you can attach to the bottom to promote better stabilization.


There are no specific measurements listed for this bag when it is full. Once it has been filled it equals out to working with someone that stands about six foot one. You can raise and lower the bag by increasing the length of chain you use to hang it. This makes it quite versatile and suitable for a variety of heights. Consumers have noted that it is plenty large enough to practice kicks and punches. It is shaped like a torso which helps the realistic feel. They also try to make it body sized to enhance this realistic effect. So, while it is odd to us that we can't find exact measurements it also makes sense as you may not use as much water as other people use. It comes down to the fact that this bag gives you plenty of striking surface to use while training.


Finding exact information on this heavy bag option has proven to be difficult. The material used to make Aqua bags is unavailable. From what we can surmise it is made of a blend of rubber and likely polyurethane. This gives it a realistic skin-like feel that you are sure to notice during striking practice. This material is exceptionally durable. It will take a serious beating for years to come. There is also a metal grommet located towards the to so that you can hang the bag without damaging it. The only other real material you will be dealing with is the plastic nozzle that you will attach to your hose when getting ready to fill it up. Naturally, there will also be water in it as it is a water-filled bag. Consumers are happy with the material and realistic feel of this punching bag.


Consumers feel as if this bag is an exceptional value. It allows you to train in a variety of ways, from punches to kicks. The price tag it carries is a bit lofty and may be impossible for some bank accounts to absorb without some saving happening prior to purchase. The price is not that surprising, especially when you consider the durability of this item. It will withstand abuse for years upon years. The price only plays a small role in the overall value and this is why so many feel that it is a stellar value. You will find your technique, agility, speed, and accuracy all improving as you continue to train with this bag. We concur that this is a great investment in your training future and an even better value.


Working a heavy bag at home comes with a plethora of advantages. It is not only great for boxers and mixed martial artists but also for fitness enthusiasts and people looking for something a bit different to work into their exercise routine. This bag is truly versatile and can be used inside as well as outside. Keeping some variety in your training routine can help keep you on track. You will notice an improvement to your overall speed and accuracy of strikes while working this bag. Training in a gym can help you succeed but opening up the training possibilities at home can take you to a whole new level. Another advantage to this training bag is that it is easy to fill and empty making it possible to train while on the go.


One of the biggest disadvantages of buying this bag is the lack of information about it. There are awesome pictures that show accurate sizing but it is a let down that we can't find actual size information on it. Another point of it that customers are not super pleased with is the price. It makes sense that it is pricey considering the fact you will get great longevity of use with it but it does make it difficult for some to afford. These are really the only aspects that we can find in it that are negative. It is rather impressive that there are so few negative aspects with this product as we do not often find ones with so few.


You will be able to train with this bag for a variety of purposes. Obviously, it is going to be great for boxers. It gives you a life-like feel and you can absolutely practice any punches that you need to work on. It will also do fairly well for those of you involved with mixed martial arts disciplines. It is not super long but can be hung a bit lower to allow you to practice kicks. In addition, those that are into fitness kickboxing or are in general active people can find a use for a heavy bag like this. It is excellent for taking out your pent-up aggression. It can be a good option for those trying to lose weight, build muscle, or improve agility also.


When you purchase the Aqua Bruiser Bag you will be getting a very high-quality heavy bag. It is made of exceptionally durable material that will hold up better than most, even if you are giving it a good beating on a daily basis. It is simple to care for and barely an inconvenience to fill or empty it. Where the chain goes through the bag there is a reinforcing ring to ensure your bag does not take damage while in use. The design is rather simple but it does lead to better training due to its realistic shape and size. Consumers feel as if the quality of this bag is better than most others that are available. We would have to agree with them.


There is almost no care required for this body opponent punching bag. You will want to wipe it down after using it to make sure you don't have any bacterial build-up. You can do this with your choice of antibacterial sprays and cleaners. Life is busy enough without having to worry about an extensive care routine for your home gym equipment. You will on occasion want to check the ring that the chain goes through to ensure it is in good condition. The only other thing you may need to do is replace the plug if you notice that your bag starts leaking. This does not seem to be a big problem with these bob punching bags but it is certainly something you should watch out for.

Bottom Line

Looking for a really heavy bag that feels like hitting a person is advantageous in many ways. This option from Aqua is one of the best water-filled bags in the market today. It does take a bit of an investment to make it your own, but those that do feel that it is well worth it. In terms of durability, there are very few bags that we would consider to be better than this one. Your training will become more versatile and you will be able to work at home. This can, obviously, take your skill level up. Extra training time leads to improvement all the way around. Customers are raving about this bag and the way it performs. If you decide to give it a go, you will quickly see why so many people have fallen in love with it and why so many gyms are starting to include them with their other punching bags.