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The ASICS Aggressor 4 wrestling shoes are packed with technology to enhance your overall experience. The outsole features great flexibility after they are broken-in and they are very durable. When you are on the mat you need strategically placed grip and this option does it flawlessly. You will have better control while wearing these whether you are standing up or down on the mat. Training for matches is intense work and requires a durable option that will last round after round. The uppers are structured to maintain great breathability, comfort, and style. When you participate in wrestling training you need a very versatile pair of shoes that will transition nicely between activities.

Finding wrestling shoes with great comfort features is not always an easy task. The ankle and tongue are both padded which, obviously, helps to keep you feeling great. You won’t have to worry about these shoes weighing you down or causing unneeded leg fatigue because they are exceptionally lightweight. It has been mentioned by customers that the sizing is a bit difficult to figure out and they run a bit small. You will want to take this into consideration when deciding what size you want to buy. Overall, these are an excellent choice in wrestling shoes that can help you improve your overall performance.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Exceptionally Comfortable
  • Excellent Placement Of Grips
  • Very Durable
  • Unique Style
  • Great Look
  • Lock Down Laces
  • Padded Collar
  • Difficult Sizing
  • Narrow Toe Box
  • Pricey
  • Longer Break-In Period


ASICS brand has been around for sixty years and they provide every day active people what they need to meet their fitness goals. Active people are not the only ones who benefit from this brand. Whether you are into sports, boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts, you will need great gear to ensure you are well protected and moving towards becoming your best. They offer everything from clothing to mouthguards and headgear. Their items come in a variety of prices so no matter what your budget is you will be able to find what you need. ASICS spends their time focusing on keeping their customers happy by providing them with outstanding options that will outlast the competition. Putting your faith in this brand is not a mistake. Consumers are happy with what this brand has to offer in terms of products that are durable, supportive, and perform better than expected.


When you go with this wrestling shoot option you were going to get an exceptionally comfortable insole. The fourth edition of this product line has improved in just about every area including its insult. It is molded and it is made of foam. You will find that it is extremely lightweight yet it is also very supportive. This is great news for those of you that have high arches. The quality of your insole plays a big role in keeping your feet comfortable during long hours of training. the insole is attached to the outside wall so you will not have to worry about it sliding around as you put your shoes on and take them off. Overall customers are more than happy with the fit and feel that these insoles provide.


The outsole of this product is made of rubber. It is exceptionally high-quality and offers great durability. It has been noted by customers that the outsole is quite stiff. It does take a decent amount of time to get them completely broken in. This stuff outsold does have a great grip. The grips on these shoes are not only on the bottom but also seen higher up on the sides.

This is a great feature for when you are down on the mat. You'll be able to use every part of your foot for great grip and traction which can completely change the outcome of a match. Overall, customers are more than pleased with the design and material of the outsole of this option by ASICS. It is well thought out and balanced.


Keeping your footwear light has a lot of advantages in terms of wrestling. You'll be able to move around more easily while standing up or down on the mat. You will experience less leg fatigue which will keep you working harder and longer on the most difficult takedowns and moves. When you decide to go with these you'll be looking at significantly less than 2 lb between both shoes. As you can see, this is not very much weight at all. The lightweight nature will also keep your muscles and Joints feeling better than ever. Overall, there are very few options lighter than these ones. This brand has done an excellent job at choosing materials that keep this product exceptionally light. We found this to be a bit surprising especially considering the fact that they do have an insole.


Using top quality materials like the one seen in this item ensures that you are getting a great product that will last a good amount of time. As we have discussed, the outsole is made of a thin yet durable rubber that provides stellar traction and grip. The upper material is a combination of a few different items. they use a synthetic suede leather that looks and feels great. In addition to this, there are fabric panels that improve overall breathability. there is padding throughout the tongue of this boot and at the collar. You'll be able to lock down your laces with a velcro strap located on the tongue of the shoe. Overall, we are impressed with the structure and materials used in this design by ASICS.


The fit of these wrestling shoes leaves a bit to be desired. Their break-in time is quite a bit longer than others because of the durable yet stiff outsole. Customers have noted that the toe box is also quite narrow. This could leave your feet feeling uncomfortable in your toes pinched. Another problem with a narrow toe box is that it could lead you to ailments like ingrown toenails which can be exceptionally painful.

Once you have these broken in, the fit is much more comfortable. It is also important to note that if you have narrow feet you will likely love the fit of these wrestling shoes. Those of you with wide feet, be warned, these will likely not fit you very well and you will find it necessary to purchase a different pair.


You'll get great durability when you invest in these wrestling shoes. Pro wrestling gear gets put through tough situations all the time and it needs to be able to last through them. This goes for everything from your headgear to your singlet to your footwear. This brand has been an excellent job of providing you with a durable design.

They have double-stitched all of the seams to give you great longevity of use in terms of the upper. Another feature that we were impressed with is that the sole of the shoe is actually sewn to the upper. This promotes some of the best durability you could ask for as you won't have to worry about glue wearing out and your soul separating from your shoe. Overall, this is one of the more durable options available to you in the market today.


ASICS Is a brand that seriously focuses on quality. With all of their years in the business, they understand that if you provide top quality items your customers will be pleased and they will continue to come back. You can see the quality of this option easily upon looking at them. Not only is the design and structure fantastic they are also very durable.

They offer decent flexibility, especially once they are broken in. The design of the outsole is advantageous in doing your best during any wrestling event. Customers are very impressed with the overall quality of this item. We believe that if you give them the chance you will also be pleased with the attention to detail and the time spent developing these shoes and the quality you get with purchase.


The comfort level of these wrestling shoes depends honestly on your feet. They are very good for those of you that are looking for a more narrow fit but are not going to be very comfortable if you have wide feet. As previously mentioned, the toe box is quite narrow and some may find this very uncomfortable. Those of you with high arches will also do well when wearing these shoes. The padded collar and tongue also improve the comfort level that you get while wearing these. If you find that they are an excellent fit you will also find that they are extremely comfortable for long-term wear. Once they are completely broken in, which does take a bit of time, most customers find them to be quite comfortable.


In terms of breathability, this is not your best option. It does not use single-layer mesh paneling which means it is not going to breathe as well as other items that are currently available to you in the market today. They are lightweight and have areas of perforation to help them breathe a bit. Consumers have noted that they find them to be a little hot but overall not uncomfortable in this regard.

The material of the tongue also helps with breathability. In addition, the low height helps make them a little bit cooler. Overall, this is an area that this product could be improved upon and may lead you to some pretty hot and sweaty feet. There are not a ton of complaints about this aspect but it is something we have found customers talking about more than once.


These wrestling shoes are very supportive. One area that you will find great support with these is in the ankle. The lace-up design and secured closure help in this aspect. In addition, the padding at the collar helps improve ankle support. Another area that is quite supportive and impressive to us is in the arch.

While they don't take up a lot of room on the inside they do give those with high arches the support they need to keep their feet comfortable and in great condition. The consumers that are wearing this option feel that these are one of the more supportive wrestling shoes available. Obviously, this is an important aspect as you'll be moving forward, backward, side to side, and in a variety of other directions wow down on the mat. Keeping your feet supported will help keep you feeling great and moving towards the win.


Most people feel as if this product is better than average value. The price tag that they carry is quite high and they can be difficult to work into a lot of budgets. You will be taking a decent chunk out of your balance when you buy them. Price plays an important role in value but it is not the only piece that we should be looking at it. You'll be getting great comfort and excellent traction when you decide to go with this item.

They are lacking in a couple of areas but overall customers are more than satisfied with the results but they get after purchasing. they look great and overtime will feel great too. You will get better longevity of use when you decide to rock this day-to-day. We do not often see things like sewn on soles and it shows that this brand has put a lot of time and effort into creating a truly long-lasting product.

Bottom Line

If you can afford the investment in this pair of wrestling shoes you will have a supportive pair that will last you a good long time. Having wide feet may mean you need to look elsewhere as the fit will likely not be pleasing to you. you may also find that they are lacking in breathability which leads to a hot environment for your feet. As with most products, this one does have some room for improvement but overall they have what you need to do your best while on the mat.

You won't have to worry about your laces coming undone or the soul separating from the upper. This brand has been a trustworthy choice for athletes for generations and it still is. We do not think you will be disappointed with your purchase if you decide to go for this pair.