ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 4 Reviewed

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The ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 4 is the line and sports some upgrades you are sure to love. It is lined with a bootie that offers compression to keep your feet feeling great and improve the overall fit of this product. There is a split outsole which improves traction and performance on the mat. When you take wrestling seriously, you need to invest in quality gear that will keep you performing your best. This requires items like headgear, singlets, and of course stellar footwear made for the mat. The design is high top to offer added support to your ankles which means you won't have to worry about taping your ankles before your next match. Your laces will be easily secured in a pocket at the top of the tongue so you won't have to worry about them coming untied at a pivotal moment. You will also be getting good structure and stability when wearing this option by ASICS. Spending hours in the gym or at home training is tough work and buying gear that will last alongside you is imperative. You will get great longevity of use with products from this brand. These shoes will stand up to all different types of training sessions with ease. Overall, customers are very happy with the Dan Gable Ultimate 4 wrestling shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Barefoot Feel
  • Quite Supportive
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Great Style
  • Excellent Grip In Toe & Heel
  • Split Sole Improves Flexibility
  • Durable Design
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Nice Arch Support
  • Expensive
  • Seam Durability Issues
  • Sizing Runs Small


ASICS brand has been around for seventy years. Starting as a company that produced footwear, over time they have expanded their lines to accommodate a variety of sports-related needs. Whether you are into mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, or you just like to stay active they provide some of the best gear available. They offer a large variety of prices so you will be able to find the equipment you need at a cost you can live with. Consumers have relied on this brand for all of their training needs for a plethora of generations and this will continue to be the case as we believe ASICS will continue to make some of the top quality products available in the market today. Trusting companies today is not easy to do because they are aloways simply about the bottom line, that is not the case with this brand. They care about their customers and it shows in every aspect.


Many options in this category don't have any sort of insult to speak of. This is quite normal as limited material allows you a better feeling and improved footwork. This product does have some padding located in the insult. It is built up around the edges and through the front and back of the shoe. It also offers a decent amount of arch support at the midsole. They do not use a very thick insole in this option to ensure that you get the proper flexibility and feel that you expect from your wrestling shoes. The insole is attached to the outsole so you won't have to worry about it sliding around. It improves the overall comfort that you get while wearing these shoes. It offers good shock absorption which will help keep your muscles and joints feeling better than ever.


The outsole of this option is made of rubber. This is a standard choice among wrestling shoes for an outsole material. Rubber is a great choice because it gives excellent grip and traction to the wearer. It is also quite durable Which means it can stand up to some serious use. The outsole uses a great tread pattern to ensure that you can move in any direction with ease. This is true whether you are standing up or down on the match. Wrestling requires Footwear that is not going to lead you to slipping feet and can stand up over the test of time. You will get both of these aspects when you decide to invest in this option. The outsole of this product is split. This offers better flexibility and range of motion while working on beating your toughest opponent.


When you need a wrestling shoe that is extremely lightweight this is a stellar option. The pair comes in at less than two pounds. You will feel like you are not wearing any shoes at all which is advantageous in performing your best against your opponents. Due to the fact that they are so lightweight, you will not have to worry about added leg fatigue from heavy shoes. It also means that you will have excellent flexibility and be able to move easily while wearing them. This is one of the lightest pairs of shoes available in the market today and customers are thrilled with the overall feel that they get while wearing them. So, if keeping things extremely light is important to you this is a good choice that will fit in easily with your routine.


All of the materials used in this product are exceptionally good quality. They are built for durability, speed, and style. As noted above, the outsole is made of durable rubber that will last you an excellent amount of time. The upper is made of a material called Ecsaine. Ecsaine is a combination of materials. It consists of a non-woven, microfiber material and elastomer which helps improve flexibility and stretch. It is a synthetic material that offers great durability and an improved fit from the word go. There is foam padding used in the outsole and the tongue of this shoe to improve the comfort level you have while wearing them. The last material used is synthetic suede leather. This is seen at the tongue and around the outsole of this option. Overall, customers are impressed with the materials used in this item.


You'll be getting a slightly narrow fit when you decide to purchase this option. This is especially seen in the toe box. For those of you that have wide feet, you may want to look for a different option. Normal to narrow feet will love the fit of these from the word go. The inside sleeve hugs your feet nicely and helps keep moisture away. the outsole is two separate pieces which improves the overall fit and feel that you have while wearing these shoes. The upper material is also made to give you great flexibility and a stellar fit. You won't have to worry about a long break in time. After a few where's, you will love the feeling and the fit that this option from ASICS gives you. It is important to note that you will have a bit of a just ability because of the closure style seen on this product.


These shoes are decent in terms of durability. Many of the aspects and them off our great durability but there are a couple that is lacking in this feature. It has been noted from consumers multiple times they have had issues with the durability of the seams at the toe. Many brands that make wrestling or boxing shoes will use a double stitch seams in high-pressure areas. This ensures that you won't have to worry about a seam busting in the middle of a training session ordering a competition. Due to the fact that these are not double-stitched at the seams you may find that the stitching lets loose near the toes. Obviously, this is a problem and something we expect this brand will rectify. The rest of the shoe is exceptionally durable and customers are not complaining about the longevity of use that they are getting with each pair.


This brand is known for offering high-quality options. Consumers feel as if the quality of this product is outstanding. While there are a few that have problems with the durability in the soul overall you get great longevity of use and we'll have a product you can rely on to keep your feet feeling great even while working long hours at the gym. The materials used throughout this product are excellent quality. We do feel as if they could improve the overall quality and durability of this option by reinforcing the seams around the toes. Overall, they do an excellent job with the quality of this option and it can be seen in the fit, style, and level of comfort that you get while using them week in and week out.


Depending on the structure and shape of your feet will tell the comfort level that you will get from the shoes. They do have a slightly narrow fit which means if you have wide feet you may not find them very comfortable at all. For those of you with feet that are more narrow, you will likely love the comfort level that you get from the very start of wearing these. There is excellent flexibility which plays a vital role in keeping your feet comfortable. They are just slightly built up which will be great for the comfort level of those of you that have high arches. It is important to note, however, if you have flat feet you may not find them to be very comfortable at all. Keeping your feet comfortable during your training sessions is important to your overall results and finding a truly great fitting pair of wrestling shoes can make all the difference.


In terms of breathability, this option is not the very best. Many wrestling and boxing shoes are lacking in this area and unfortunately, that is also the case here. The upper material is solid and does not feature any mesh panels. This greatly reduces the breathability of this shoe. You will find a sock liner on the inside that helps to Wick moisture away from your feet. This will help improve the overall level of dryness but does not help with the way that these shoes breathe. What this means is you may end up with a hot and sweaty environment that leads to a variety of foot related problems. Some examples would be athlete's foot and blisters which are common issues four people wearing wrestling shoes.


The support that your wrestling shoes offer you can make the difference between your feet and ankles feeling great at the end of a long training session or feeling miserable. This option provides you with excellent support in all of the areas that you need it most. One of the most important areas for support is in the ankle. If you have ever sustained an ankle injury we're certain you can understand why this feature is so important when your ankles are weak it can lead to a lot of time spent outside of training and competitions while you heal. This wrestling she will give you excellent support through the ankle. Another area where support is important is in the arch. The slightly built up arch in this shoe will support high arches nicely but may be uncomfortable for those of you that have flat feet.


Overall, consumers feel as if this product is a great value. That does not mean that it carries a small price tag but that you really will be getting a lot of bang for your buck. In fact, these shoes are quite expensive. Depending on what size and color you order the price can vary drastically. Many budgets will have to take some time before being able to work this option in. So while price does absolutely play a role in the overall value it is not the only thing to take into consideration. The supportive design an excellent structure of these wrestling shoes play a great role in their value. You will not have to worry about leg fatigue nor will you have to replace them after only a short amount of use. Once you give them a try we feel you will also be impressed with the value that these offer to your training and competition goals.

Bottom Line

This trustworthy brand continues to provide products that perform above expectation. There are a few areas that could be improved upon, however, this is a truly solid option in wrestling shoes. They offer excellent flexibility and a comfortable fit that will last you a good amount of time. You won't have to worry about restricted movement. The grip that you need to be able to move easily while standing or while down on the mat can be found with this choice. ASICS has done a great job at attending to the needs of serious wrestlers. Overall, they may be a bit of an investment but they will be well worth it once you decide to give them a try.