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The ASICS Matflex 5 wrestling shoe is a versatile option that you will be able to wear for a variety of activities. While they will perform very well for wrestlers, they are also a good fit for those of you that are into weightlifting, working punching bags, and more. Wrestling shoes are known for their narrow fit, this one, if ordered a size or so up will accommodate a variety of foot widths nicely. Long training sessions in the gym can lead to a very sweaty and uncomfortable environment for your feet. This option will help keep you cooler and more comfortable than many others you may have worn in the past. Once customers have the sizing of this option figured out they are truly happy with the fit and feel. You won't have to worry about them coming undone during a pivotal moment during your match. They offer a pocket that you can tuck your laces into to ensure they stay secure. When you want to keep your footwear light and comfortable this option from ASICS is a good choice. Finding a truly stellar pair of wrestling shoes that are affordable and can transition between a variety activities is difficult. It is nice to know there are some options out there, like this one, that still offers these types of aspects.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Great For Many Activities
  • Affordable
  • Barefoot Feel
  • Excellent For Groundwork
  • Super Breathable
  • Good Durability
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Slick On Wet Surfaces
  • Limited Color Options


ASICS is a brand that originated in Japan. They have been in business for roughly seventy years. In that time, they have developed a wide variety of products to give active people what they need to succeed. This brand is committed to research. They even have a special area of operation focused on expanding their products to encompass the most cutting edge technology around. When you are into combat sports, working out, or staying active you will need a variety of gear to keep you performing your best. Whether you need clothing, shoes, equipment, or other gear ASICS will have a great option for you. Globally this brand is trusted for providing products at all different price points with a variety of features to suit your every need. Overall, consumers trust this brand because they receive high-quality products they can rely on.


There is no actual insole with this pair of wrestling shoes. This is not uncommon, as most wrestling shoes do not have any sort of insole. The reason for this is that the less material between the mat and your feet the better your maneuvering will be. Your toes will be able to naturally splay and grip which improves your reaction. Many options available to you to build up the midsole to provide some arch support. That is not the case here. One of the reasons these shoes transition so well into weightlifting is there flat structure and lack of in Seoul. If you find that you do need some extra support or you want to improve the level of comfort you can slide in a gel or EVA foam insole. If you don’t want something so bulky you can simply add in a set of arch supports.


The outsole of this product is made from rubber. This is a typical material for the outsole of a wrestling shoe because it provides excellent grip. The pattern of the outsole also plays a major role and giving you the traction you need to move in any direction you are trying to go in with ease. Consumers are more than happy with the pattern on the outs all of this option. You'll be able to plant your feet and not worry about them slipping out from underneath you. This can help you achieve the wind more easily. The enhanced grep will also allow you to move quickly when you need to. This can make maneuvers like reversals more effective. Customers are very happy with the structure and design of the outsole used in this item.


This pair of wrestling shoes ways in it just over one pound. As you can see, this is extremely lightweight. It is important to wrestlers that they wear shoes that are as light as possible. It improves flexibility and movement for your feet. In addition, when your shoes are light you will experience less fatigue and reduced recovery times. Consumers are ecstatic over the fact that these shoes are so light. There are other options available that are equally is light but it is rare to find one with weight this insignificant. Another great thing about keeping your shoe light is the fact that it will improve how cool and comfortable you feel even while training for long hours. Overall, you can't complain about the lightweight nature of this product.


The materials used throughout this option are awesome. They promote the features that you need to succeed while working on your wrestling techniques. As mentioned above, the outsole is made of gum rubber. This type of outer offers better grip and traction than others. It is also very durable and can stand up to serious use. The upper is made of a couple of different materials. There are sections that are made of synthetic suede leather. These offer durability in the areas that you need it most. The main portion of the upper is constructed of mesh paneling. It is also very durable, flexible, comfortable, and breathable. There are some overlays on the sides that add structure and support to this option. You will find padding in the collar and tongue. Lastly, you will also have a standard set of shoelaces that come with them.


Consumers are actually very happy with the fit of this product. Most wrestling shoes run exceptionally narrow in this can make them very uncomfortable for those of you that have wide feet. The sizing of this product does run small and that needs to be taken into consideration when ordering them as it will greatly affect the fit. If you have exceptionally wide feet you may want to order a size and a half up to ensure that the width is appropriate for you it has been noted many times that you will need to order these a size up in general, to get the best fit possible. The break-in time for these wrestling shoes is minimal and they will conform to your feet quite nicely. Once they are broken in you will have a great fitting pair of wrestling shoes that you'll be able to use time and again.


Durability can be a major issue in wrestling shoes, boxing shoes, and weightlifting shoes. This is because all of these activities require movement that can detriment the way the soul is attached to the upper. With this option the soul is sewn on and this majorly improves the level of durability that you get with them. The materials used throughout this product are built to last. While we were surprised to see that there is not double stitching to ensure that the seams don't burst at high impact areas there have been no complaints of this being a problem. It is important to know you will want to only wear these shoes inside the gym as the Thin rubber outsole is not built to be used outdoors. Overall, you'll be getting a good level of durability and use when you decide to invest in these shoes.


From a brand like this when we expect products that are great quality. Upon your first use of these shoes, you will be able to easily see that they are exceptionally good quality. The materials used throughout are at the top of their class and will give you long lasting use with limited deterioration. The outsole is also built to last and you can easily see the quality in the design. ASICS pays attention to the small details and that is easily seen throughout the structure and design of these wrestling shoes. When you are participating in a high-impact activity ensuring that you get high-quality goods is important to your success. You certainly don't want to have to worry about your shoes falling apart at a critical moment of competition. This option is very good quality and we feel you'll be happy with the level of performance that it provides.


In the beginning, you may not find these to be the most comfortable pair of shoes you have ever worn. However, the break-in time is insignificant and afterward, we believe you will be very happy with the level of comfort that you get. The fit is a bit snug and narrow, especially upon your first few uses of them. As they conform to your feet they will become more and more comfortable. They are exceptionally lightweight and flexible which promotes the overall fit and feel that you experience while wearing them. Customers are very happy with the long-term comfortable wear that they get with this item. Overall, once given a bit of time you will be left with a comfortable option that fits and feels great.


These shoes are made to breathe. There are limited synthetic suede leather areas which help to keep the shoe breathable as the majority of it is made up of a single piece of mesh paneling. Even the overlays to help the structure of this shoe are limited. The large section of mesh material promotes excellent air flow. This airflow will help keep the environment your feet are in cooler and drier than ever before. When your feet are hot and sweaty from working out hard it can lead to a variety of painful foot related issues. This includes things like blisters and raw areas left from rubbing. obviously, consumers want to avoid this. Investing in this option will help to keep the airflow moving which in turn will help keep your feet dry even through the longest most grueling training sessions.


There are several areas to look at in your wrestling shoe when you need to talk about support. Typically, the starts off with discussing ankle support. All of the reviews are consistent in saying that this option does provide a good level of ankle support. Padding in the collar and the way the overlays are structured will help to provide you with the support your ankles need to feel great. another area that support is typically talked about is in the arches of your shoes. Wrestling shoes are not known for having excellent arch support. This one does not have any at all. What this means is that if you have high arches you may need to invest in a pair of inserts to ensure your feet are supported in a way that will keep them feeling great.


These wrestling shoes are an exceptional value. Many options that are currently available to you will take a huge chunk out of your budget. That is simply not the case here. As a matter of fact, these are one of the most affordable pairs of high-quality wrestling shoes that you can buy. They offer excellent durability and comfort. You'll be able to wear them frequently without worry of them falling apart. When you need a great pair of wrestling shoes that are flexible and dependable all well not breaking the bank this is a solid option. With versatile use in activities like weightlifting and grappling practice, you will be able to transition them easily. Consumers are impressed with the overall design and materials used. When you take all of these aspects and the price into consideration it is easy to see why so many feel that it is an exceptional value. Once you have given them a try we believe that you will agree.

Bottom Line

This brand is known for providing excellent options for a variety of sport-related needs. These wrestling shoes are another one to add to their book of quality items. If you are on a budget they will fit in easily which is quite a relief when you are looking for Footwear that will help improve your overall performance. They give you long lasting comfortable where and won't fall apart easily. Consumers have trusted their needs to ASICS for generations and this product is a prime example of why. You may need to invest in some decent insoles or arch supports but that is acceptable since they are indeed so affordable. Overall, this is a killer option that we are sure you will be impressed with once you wear them only a few times.