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The ASICS Split Second 9 wrestling shoe offers better versatility than many other options available to you. The structure and design make them transition nicely from the mat to the ring or even to your next weight lifting session. They feature a split outsole which helps to enhance the responsiveness of your footwear. These shoes will truly move with you regardless of the maneuver you are attempting. Getting the proper sizing for this option can be a bit difficult as they do run about a full size smaller than you would expect. So, be careful when ordering but know that when you get the correct size you will have a reliable pair of wrestling shoes that can help improve your performance. When it comes to gear for sports like wrestling, boxing, kung fu, and a variety of other mixed martial arts disciplines the investment can be astronomical. Your bank account won't take a major hit when you decide to go with this option by ASICS. Getting great equipment doesn't have to be a burden, it just takes a bit of research. These wrestling shoes won't take long to feel great on your feet and will easily last you more than a season. Overall, consumers are very happy with the results they have gotten after purchasing these shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Good Ankle Support
  • Easy To Manuvere In
  • Excellent Traction
  • Fast Break-In Time
  • More Durable Than Most
  • Stylish Design
  • Solid Construction
  • Affordable
  • Sizing Runs Small
  • Narrow Fit


With true dedication to research and a constant striving to better their products, ASICS, has become known throughout homes globally. They make products that are a step above the rest. With more than seventy years in the world of sports, they have certainly learned a thing or two. This brand can meet your needs whether you are looking for footwear, clothing, protective gear, or a variety of other accessories. You will have a great variety of options in terms of features and in prices. People have relied on the durable options offered by this brand for a long time and appreciate that they take all budgets into consideration. When you are looking for gear to help you along your fitness and sports endeavors, placing your trust in ASICS is a safe bet.


Many wrestling shoes do not have any sort of insole with them. This product offers a very thin insole that is, honestly, almost nonexistent. Keeping the material between your feet and the mat as thin as possible gives you a better feel and more accurate footwork. This is due to the improved flexibility of its insole. The way the shoe is structured it is slightly built up in the midsole which provides at least some level of arch support. It has been noted from customers that the small amount of insole that is inside of the shoe does wear down rather quickly due to the nature of this sport. While the fit of these is quite narrow if you find that you do need more padding in the bottom you could choose up thin gel insole to put inside of them.


Consumers are exceptionally pleased with the outsole of this item. It offers versatile use. This means those of you that want to transition this shoe to weight lifting, boxing, or a mixed martial arts discipline will be able to do it with ease. They use a split outsole which provides better flexibility and movement. This out soul will move with your feet regardless of if you are standing or grappling on the mat. They are quite flat which is why they work so well for weight lifting. The outsole is made of a high-quality rubber that will provide you with the traction that you need to perform even the most advanced maneuvers. The grip pattern on the outside wall won't let you down. Overall, this is an excellent outsole that is sure to exceed your expectations.


The pair seen here only weighs about one pound. While there are options available out there that are lighter than these, this still is not a significant amount of weight. Wearing heavy shoes during your training or competition can lead to added fatigue and a decrease in your speed. These are two of the reasons that keeping your wrestling footwear light is imperative. So, finding an option as light as this one can keep you moving quickly and help you achieve the win. Consumers are pleased with the total weight of this option. Made from materials that are all durable and still very lightweight you know that these shoes are going to move with you and not drag you down. Overall, the weight of this item is nothing to be concerned about as it is quite insignificant.


ASICS brand knows that the material used in a product can make or break it. This option is made of materials that are all high-quality and in the top of their class. As mentioned above, the outsole is made of durable rubber which will offer you excellent grip and long-lasting use. It is important to note these are made to be used inside the gym and mostly on mats. This will give you the longest lasting use of this product. The upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh panels. The combination of these two materials offer great flexibility, breathability, and comfort. There is a thin foam insole included inside of this option. Overall, customers are pleased with the materials chosen to construct this wrestling shoe.


As with most wrestling and best boxing shoes, the fit of these is quite narrow. The sizing, as previously mentioned, runs about an entire size small. If you have wide feet you may find that you even need to order them a size and a half up to accommodate your feet. When you first wear these shoes is when the fit is going to be at its worst. Many customers have noted that they are exceptionally tight, especially across the toes. They do, however, break in very quickly. Most people are saying that after only a few uses the fit improves dramatically. Due to the flexible nature of these shoes, it makes sense that they would form to your feet with limited use. Once you have them broken in, you will be left with a very good fitting pair of wrestling shoes. Don't count them out just because they are exceptionally snug in the beginning.


You'll be getting better than average durability when you invest in these shoes. Consumers are mentioning that they are getting more than a single season out of a pear which is better than what you can expect from most others in this category. The rubber sole is stitched on which improves the durability of this shoe. The way the structure and design also ensure that you will get long-lasting use. It is important to note that there is no double stitching seen in this option which may lead you to do some durability issues on high impact areas. There has been mention from consumers of the seams ripping near the toes, however, this does not seem to be a common issue and customers appreciate the fact that they will get more than a single seasons worth of use out of these shoes as that is uncommon among wrestling shoes.


When a brand has been in business for as long as this one, naturally, it has something to do with the quality of their goods. The materials and construction of this product easily show that it is of great quality. Quality can also be seen in the length of use that you will get once you start wearing these shoes. Many options break down so quickly you're replacing them before your season is even over. That won't be the case here. ASICS understands that when you are putting your all into your training sessions you need equipment that is going to stand strong with you. You'll be able to rely on these wrestling shoes because they are well researched and developed. We are certain you will be impressed with the overall quality up them.


When you very first start wearing these shoes you may not find them to be comfortable at all. In fact, many customers say they are so snug that it can lead to numbness in your toes. Given only a small amount of time, the fit will improve dramatically as well the comfort level. These shoes are extremely lightweight and flexible. This comes from the materials used in them and the use of a split outsole. When you combine these factors what you are left with is a shoe that will contour to your foot easily and provide you with an excellent level of comfort. Many people say that once they are broken in it feels as if you're not wearing any shoes at all and what could be more comfortable than that. People with narrow or average with feet will find them more comfortable more quickly than those of you with wide feet.


The breathability level of this option is a bit better than most. While many options use synthetic leather paired with mesh paneling in the upper the design of this one is superior. The mesh panels are smaller but seen throughout the entire upper which improves the air flow all around. When airflow is improved all the way around your foot you're guaranteed to have a cooler and drier environment for your feet. Keeping your feet dry is important to overall foot Health. It helps you to avoid common ailments such as athlete's foot and blisters. The synthetic leather usage is also seen throughout but again what the number of mesh panels that are used you won't have to worry about it causing excessive heat.


All wrestling shoes offer different levels of support in different areas of the shoe. This one does an excellent job at Cupping and supporting your heel which can improve your footwork on and off the mat. It has been noted by customers that it comes up high enough on the ankle that you will get a decent level of ankle support while wearing these. If you are susceptible to ankle injuries you may still want to consider wearing a support under your shoe, however, the narrow fit may make this difficult. In terms of arch support, you are not going to get very much. Some customers, that have exceptionally high arches, have found the adding arch supports it is advantageous to the overall level of comfort the experience while wearing the shoes. Overall, they are pretty supportive when compared with others.


The ASICS Split Second 9 wrestling shoes are an extremely good value. The price that they carry is more affordable than most other options of this quality. Most budgets will be able to absorb it more easily than similar designs. Obviously, this is a major advantage to those of you that can't take a huge chunk out of your bank account to buy wrestling shoes. Add to the fact that these shoes are exceptionally durable and it makes the price even more reasonable. When you are searching for the true value of a product you need to take a variety of aspects into consideration. Looking over all of the features and this footwear option and it is easy to see why basically everyone feels they are such a good value. Investing in this shoe will not be a disappointment.

Bottom Line

This brand offers some excellent wrestling Footwear options. We are impressed with this one as well. You can use it for more than just time spent practicing on the mat. When you can use your shoes for a variety of activities it helps improve the value and keep your gear budget in check. You will have excellent grip and traction while you are performing simple or Advanced Techniques. From shooting to grappling these shoes will stay with you. Consumers are very pleased with their purchase of this option and feel that in the future they will stick with them. Overall, when you need an exceptional pair of wrestling shoes that are going to fit great and last a long time this is a solid choice.