Assault Fitness AirRunner Review

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Running on the Assult Fitness Air Runner will be a treadmill experience like you have never had before. This item doesn't have a motor. You will be doing the work to move the belt which leads to a work out that is at the level of challenge you choose.  Unlike many other self-propelled treadmills, this one offers a decent sized screen that will allow you to keep track of your workouts. In fact, there are several aspects that you get with this item that we don't see in this type of treadmill. No matter what type of training you are trying to accomplish, this item can help you along the way. It is fantastic for interval training, fat burning, and strength enhancing routines. This item is built to last. Not only is the frame exceptionally durable but so is the tread. You are sure to get thousands of miles worth of use out of it, which is great because it is an exceptionally large investment. When you want an indoor running routine that makes you feel like you are running outside, this piece of equipment will oblige. It offers great rebound which will keep you feeling better even after arduous routines. Overall, customers are surprised and impressed with this item. It can make a true difference in your overall health and wellness.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Outstanding Durability
  • Almost No Maintenance
  • Easy To Relocate
  • Space Saving
  • Truly Variable Speed
  • Self-Propelled
  • Nice Rebound
  • Simple Assembly
  • Natural Feel
  • Huge Investment
  • Difficult To Stop


Assault Fitness is part of LifeCORE Fitness. Over the last twenty years, they have been providing the world with a few truly great pieces of fitness equipment. Specializing in bikes and running devices, this brand has truly excelled. They don’t offer a huge variety of fitness equipment, however, what they do offer is better quality than most other options available on the market. Advanced athletes that are into boxing, running, high-impact sports, or simply staying as busy as possible will be able to find a true challenge with their unique items. In addition, if you are just starting on your venture towards better fitness, their products will make the journey much easier. The type of durability these items offer is unparalleled. No matter what your fitness or health goals are you will be able to pair this equipment with your healthy routine to achieve amazing results.

Basic Features

Due to the non-traditional nature of this treadmill, the basic features are not quite the same as what we would commonly see. This is not necessarily a disadvantage it's just that you'll be looking at different aspects. It does offer multiple grip position so that you can hang on comfortably as you work through your routine. This item also features a handlebar located underneath the back of the machine and wheels at the front of it. You can use this handlebar to pick up the back end and move it to wherever you would like. This makes for convenient storage and easy relocation. it has been noted by customers that it is a bit of a letdown that this product does not offer any sort of water bottle holder, considering the fact, that you will be able to achieve exceptionally sweaty workouts. This is something that can be addressed. For a small amount of money, you can buy a clip on water bottle holder to fix this inconvenience.

Advanced Features

You will not be getting a lot of bells and whistles when you decide to purchase this piece of fitness equipment. Unlike most other self-propelled treadmills it does have a couple. It Sports a display that will allow you to keep track of a variety of information. You will have statistics on how long you have been running, the distance you have traveled, the speed at which you are going, and how many calories you have burned in the process. It does have a couple of programs built into it which will help keep your routine diverse. The console does have the ability to connect to a heart rate monitor via Bluetooth. The chest strap does not come with it, however, you can purchase it separately to help you target your preferred zone. This is about as far as it goes for advanced features. Consumers are quite happy that they can see a good variety of their statistics to maintain the drive necessary to achieve their goals.


You will not be able to adjust the incline of this product at all. There is a tiny bit of inclined towards the front of the machine but this is so that the belt will be able to propel easily as you walk or run. This does impact the level of challenge in the experience that you have while using this item. For those of you that are extremely physically fit and like to work through runs that involve hills, this aspect may be disappointing. Adding an incline to your routine can seriously help you achieve your weight-loss, strength enhancing, and stamina building goals. The fact that this product will not allow you to add any sort of incline is not the most positive aspect about it. It will give you a great workout but if this is a feature that is important to you, you are certainly going to want to look other places.


This product offers a good level of comfort during use. The belt offers a nice rebound and is exceptionally durable. This means that your body will take less impact even during grueling routines. When your body absorbs less shock it will feel better the following day. You are sure to quickly notice the difference in how your joints and muscles feel. The fact that it offers multiple hand positions is also an advantage in terms of comfort. As you are walking or running through your teen you'll be able to find the stability that you're looking for. One aspect of this product that makes people feel a little uneasy is the fact that stopping the belt can be difficult. You'll need to shorten and slow your pace but naturally, the belt wants to keep moving. This can lead to unwanted slips, falls, and possible injuries.


When you are looking for a treadmill that offers truly variable speeds, this is the perfect choice for you. Even the highest-end treadmills, typically, only offer speeds up to 12 miles per hour. While this is a pretty good range of speed it's nice to know that there are options out there where the speed is truly up to you. Whether you want to go for a slow stroll just to gain some extra steps or you want to push yourself to the max and sprint the entire time this treadmill will be able to keep up. Using a self-propelled treadmill means that you literally get to choose your rate of speed at any given moment. It will take a bit of time to adjust to how it feels to slow this item down but with practice and patience you'll get it down fairly easily. Overall, customers are in love with the fact that this product does not have a noisy motor and it will travel with them as quickly or as slowly as they choose.


This item is not quite as large as other treadmills you may be looking into. This is great news for those of you that are working with close quarters or small home gyms. The length of this item is just under 70 inches long which is a good 10 inch shorter than a gym style treadmill. The width of it is just under 33 inches long. This is fairly typical of treadmills. You will have ample running space that will accommodate a huge variety of stride length. If you are exceptionally tall this is also great news for you. The product itself weighs about 280 lb, however, with wheels located at the front relocating it is not very difficult. This machine can handle up to 350 pounds of user weight. Those of you that are just starting out on a journey towards a healthy weight will be able to easily use this item without worrying about causing it any damage whether you are walking or running on it.


Getting this product to put together correctly is a breeze. Consumers have mentioned that they were easily able to complete assembly in under an hour. Whether you are excellent at building things or if you struggle majorly, getting this item put together should not be that difficult. There are not a lot of pieces to worry about and due to the fact that it is quite simple, you won't have a mess of chords to try and figure out where they hook up two. It is actually been mentioned from consumers that it is likely you won't even need an extra set of hands. With that being said, this product is very heavy. Until it is set up relocating it can be a bit difficult and some extra help may be advantageous. We were pretty impressed with how quickly people were able to set this product up as often times it can take several hours. It is exceptionally unlikely that you will need to pay for an expert assembly.


When you decide to add this product to your home gym you will get a variety of different advantages from using it. It offers extremely good durability which means you will have a reliable piece of fitness equipment to train on for years to come. This can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall level of physical fitness. Due to the fact that this product is self-propelled, it will be able to keep up with any speed you can put to it. Whether you want to go for a walk, a jog, or a run you can do that with this item. You can do a variety of different interval training sessions and easily target different heart rate zones while using this product. This can lead to better results for your goals of weight loss, endurance building, or strength Improvement. These are only a few of the great advantages of using a self-propelled treadmill. Once you give it a try we are certain that you'll be able to come up with hundreds of others.


There are a couple of things that should be noted about this product that consumers could look at as a disadvantage. It is quite heavy before it set up and may require a second set of hands which could be difficult for some people. One of the biggest complaints about this item is the fact that it is difficult to slow down and stop the speed. Unlike motorized treadmill was there is no emergency stop key. If you need to end your routine in a hurry it can be difficult to do. Due to the fact that the belt is self-propelled and wants to continue to move. This could lead you to injury if you can't get it to stop quick enough and your feet go out from underneath you. It has been mentioned from customers that stopping the belt becomes easier with some practice. You need to seriously shorten your stride length to do it quickly. Overall, these are the biggest complaints we see with this item and it's rather impressive considering how many negatives we usually find.


You need to be prepared to make a huge investment if you want to call this piece of equipment your own. For many budgets, it will be completely out of reach even if you decide to try to save money for years. It does offer better durability and longevity of use than most other treadmills due to its structure and design. From the frame to the Treads this fitness equipment is built to last. Consumers feel as if it is playing a major role in helping them improve their physical fitness and overall well-being. When you look at all of the different aspects in the very few negatives that come along with this item it is easy to see that even though the price is high customers feel as if it is an excellent value. When you see true change and how you feel and how you look can you really put a value on it?

Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting out in trying to attain better health and fitness levels or if you are already exceptionally active and are just trying to find a way to move your routine indoors this product can help you. It is outrageously expensive but it will give you a plethora in years worth of youths. Dealing with the customer service department is simple and convenient which is an aspect that people truly appreciate if they run into any trouble with their items. This brand has spent a lot of time developing the few products that they make and it goes to show with this self-propelled option. You will have access to a few more features when using this one then you would with other options in the same class. Overall, if you can make the investment into this item you will likely be pleased with the results that help you attain.