ASUNA Cardio Trainer Review

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The ASUNA Cardio Trainer is not your average treadmill. You won't have any buttons to press to get this product going as it runs off of your work. This self-propelled treadmill offers a great challenge to walkers and runners of all levels. It is made of truly durable materials and will stand up to any and all of your workout routines. This product does offer a good range of incline, however, you will have to adjust it manually. You may find that this proves to be difficult in the middle of your routine. It does have a nice media holder that is large enough to suit your tablet nicely. Having the ability to focus on music, tv, or your favorite podcast while you workout can help the miles fly by. You won't have to put much effort into maintenance as this product doesn't require much other than some lubrication on occasion. If you are looking for a simple treadmill that will provide a challenge to all fitness levels this is a solid option. Just because it is exceptionally basic does not mean that it won't provide a stellar workout. Whether you are into boxing, yoga, combat sports, or fitness this no electricity required option can help you meet your fitness and health-related goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Solid Construction
  • Great Customer Service
  • Helps Build True Strength
  • Good Incline Options
  • Better Than Average Price
  • Simple Assembly
  • Accommodates¬†Up to 440lbs
  • Need To Incline To Walk
  • Belt Issues


ASUNA is brought to us by Sunny Health & Wellness. They have been providing excellent options for fitness equipment for more than fifteen years. This fast-growing company offers customer service that is better than many by leaps and bounds. They want to ensure that you can lead the healthiest possible life and therefore they tried to provide fitness equipment options that are not only affordable and durable but also excellent in quality and performance. Consumers across the globe have trusted this brand to provide them with elliptical machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, and other fitness equipment for quite some time. The results they are getting our amazing when they pair this company's items with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. If you are looking for basic to advanced fitness equipment checking out with this company has to offer is advantageous.

Basic Features

This product is quite a bit different from the motorized treadmills that you're used to looking at. What this means is that the basic features that it offers are also different. You won't be looking at cup holders and one button speed and incline adjustments when you go with this model. Due to the fact that this product is self-propelled, it doesn't have any sort of console or water bottle holder. What it does offer is the ability to be folded for storage. It is quite a bit smaller than average treadmills and the easy to fold design makes it simple to clear up room in your home gym for other activities. It is also on wheels to make moving it a cinch. There are several different grips that you can use while running to keep yourself in a comfortable position. They are coded to provide comfort and grip while you run. It also offers variable resistance that you will have to change manually.

Advanced Features

As far as advanced features go, this product really doesn't have much to speak of. What it does consider as an advanced feature is really simplistic when being compared to other treadmills that are currently available to you. It does offer a tablet holder which you can set a variety of different media devices on for convenient use. It also has a lever that you can use to adjust the incline during your workout. you will simply shift it up or down to choose your required incline. This will make your work out as hard or as easy as you would prefer it. The only other feature that we could consider an advanced aspect has to do with the flywheel. It uses a dual flywheel which will give you good response while you are walking or running.


Everything about this treadmill will have you working hard. Whereas most treadmills that offer incline do it with the press of a button this one is going to require a bit more manpower. It does have a manual lever that will allow you to adjust the incline. Consumers have found that this is a bit difficult while you are mid-run but it is an absolutely feasible thing to do. You'll be able to adjust the incline up to 10 degrees. There are 8 different settings . some of the top rated treadmills with incline up to 15 degrees so, this one will be able to provide a very good challenge to basically everyone. It is important to note that consumers have mentioned that if you want to walk on this treadmill you will want to add a bit of incline or else the belt is exceptionally difficult to move. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can reach your goals more quickly when you add the intensity of an incline to your fitness routine.


The level of comfort you're going to experience with this product while using it is debatable. It does offer you a wide variety of exercise options which includes not only running but things like backward jogging and side squats. What this means is that the deck is very durable but it is also very hard. This could make the impact that your muscles and Joints take a little bit higher than with other treadmills. In turn, this could leave you feeling worse after a long run. One thing that this product does have going for it is the different positions you can put your body in while running due to the shape and size of the handlebars. You will be able to easily lean forward during those major uphill climbs to ensure that you feel stable and comfortable while working out. Overall, there are not any customer reviews complaining about the Comfort level that is experienced with this item.


The speed of this treadmill is another thing that is all up to you. With no bells and whistles and no electronics you really will be doing all of the work. Typically, a treadmill belt is run by a motor. This item is self-propelled and does not have any type of motor. What this means for you and your workout is a very realistic experience. Consumers have noted that getting the belt going can be a bit difficult and a little bit of extra lubricant may make increasing your speeds easier. As you walk and run on the Belt it will loosen up a tiny bit. This will make increasing your speeds easier than ever. When you need to slow down you will simply slow down and the belt will respond with you. You will get the level of challenge that you expect as you continuously push yourself harder to increase the rate at which your running.


As far as treadmills go, this one is quite a bit smaller than others you may have used in the past. The length is where we notice the biggest difference. This machine is only 55 inches long. Those of you that have small home gyms or cramped fitness areas will find that this item fits more easily than many others. The width of it comes in at 30 inches. This is not significantly more narrow than others but it is a bit smaller than many. When using this product you won't have to worry about your size impacting the durability of it. It can handle up to 440 lbs. This is significantly more than most treadmills are able to hold. Overall, consumers are happy with the smaller design seen here.


Due to the simplistic nature of this piece of fitness equipment oh, there is very little assembly required. Some customers have made mentioned a feeling as if they made a huge mistake by paying for assembly. It is exceptionally easy to get this treadmill put together correctly. A huge piece of this is because of the fact that there are no bells and whistles. This product is not as heavy as many other treadmills which will make handling it alone much easier. Regardless of if you are excellent at putting things together or the polar opposite of that you should be able to handle this process with ease. It's nice to know that you can get a stellar workout without having to spend hours trying to get it together. You won't have to worry about the frustration you usually associate with this sort of thing.


You'll be getting a variety of advantages when you choose this particular model of treadmill. You won't have to worry so much about the room it's going to take up as it is quite a bit smaller than others in its class. This product is also exceptionally well built and durable. It can handle much more weight than others. what this means is that those of you that have a long way towards your goal weight will be able to use this without worry of causing any damage to it. Another Advantage is the fact that the setup process is so easy. You don't have to worry about confusing wires or a bunch of pieces that just don't seem to fit together. Once you have this item, basically, you will be able to use it right away. It offers a variety of incline levels to help provide a significant challenge to even the most physically fit people. Training with this machine will save you some money and easily show you Improvement in your endurance levels, strength, and a reduction in fat. Overall, the people using this item are pleased with the enhanced performance they are seeing in every activity after consistently using it.


While there really isn't a lot that can go wrong with this item due to its simple nature, there are a couple of things that people are not overly thrilled about. There have been several comments from consumers about the belt. Some are saying that the belt is exceptionally tight and this makes it hard to move. In fact, it has been said that you need to have it at some sort of incline if you plan on simply walking. This can lead to a bigger challenge than you may be ready to handle. On the other side of this, there have also been a few reports of the belt slipping. This is extra movement while you are using it that can lead to an unsteady gait and possible slips are falls. It is important to note that consumers have also said that the customer service department has done an excellent job in helping them figure out these issues with their machines.


This treadmill is of good value. Consumers feel as if it is a bit better than average. While it does not offer any sort of bells and whistles it does offer you versatility in your routine. You can use this product for much more than just walking or running. The price tag that it Bears is more affordable than many other treadmill options. However, considering how basic it is you may feel that it is a bit pricey. Looking at the advantages that this product gives you such as the ability to truly challenge and yourself with a decent incline and no help from a motor and it's easy to see why people feel it is a good value. The value of this product increases exponentially if you are working with exceptionally limited space. Due to the fact that you can use this for so many different types of training, you won't need to have as much equipment in your small gym or limited space.

Bottom Line

Investing in a treadmill can be a lot of hassle. Not only trying to figure out all of the features but also when putting it together, can lead to a lot of frustration. That is simply not what we see here. This treadmill comes basically put together and only has a couple of pieces of information to learn before you start using it. With a simple lever to adjust the incline, you'll be able to find the perfect level of challenge to help you exceed your performance goals. As mentioned before, you can perform a variety of different exercises including things like squats while using this treadmill. That is not something that we often see with items in this category. It provides long-lasting use due to the fact that it is made of exceptionally durable materials. Overall, it is a good option to provide you with years of use and help you towards maintaining proper fitness.