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Atlas Bars are guilt-free snacking options that will help improve your nutrition. These Bars help you with improving your protein, fiber, and overall nutrition levels. The ingredients used in this product are exceptionally high-quality and proven effective. Whether you are working hard at home, in the gym, or out on the road this product will help improve your energy. This clean protein bar has been trusted buy a ton of people for quite some time. They have found that when you pair it with a great diet and fitness routine it can help you in a variety of ways. Losing weight is easier when you have a healthy sweet treat that will help you avoid unhealthy options. while they do not offer as many flavor varieties as others, the ones that are available, are very well-liked. Your body will use the protein to help improve your recovery times. This protein will also be used in helping you build new lean muscle and better maintain all of your muscles. You will find your overall performance, in any activity, is better when using this bar on a consistent basis. Choosing Atlas bars is to choose effective protein-boosting supplements that will make reaching your fitness goals simpler than ever before.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Low Sugar Content
  • Healthy Snack Option
  • Crushes Sweet Cravings
  • Improves Energy
  • Enhances Muscle Growth
  • Larger Size
  • Limited Flavor Variety


Atlas brand strives to provide you with a protein bar that doesn't have all of the common flaws we are used to seeing. They avoid all things artificial and provide you with the nutrients your body needs to accomplish even the most far-off goals. Whether you are looking to become stronger, more energized, or thinner their products can help you reach your goals. By helping you to improve your overall nutrition you will find the fuel you need to succeed regardless of the activity you are participating in. Athletes, mixed martial artists, and everyday people alike have been using these bars to fill in the gaps in their nutrition as well as help them perform better. This brand is very trusted among its users and if you decide to give their products a try you will see quite easily why this is so.


Most people feel that the taste of this product is superior to others they have tried in the past. Unlike protein bars that are full of artificial ingredients These bars do not taste like chemicals nor do they leave the horrible aftertaste in our mouths that we commonly associate with this type of product. The flavors are well balanced and each option actually tastes as you would expect it to. This is, in part, due to the relatively simple ingredient lists that this brand uses. Consumers are commonly commenting that this product does not taste like protein powder. This is a wonderful aspect as so many protein-boosting bars simply taste like the protein they contain. Being satisfied with the taste of your protein bar will help keep you on track and consuming it on a daily basis.


Having an array of flavors to choose from is an important aspect in sticking to any sort of flavored supplement. When you get bored with your routine it is much easier to Veer towards other unhealthy options. Unfortunately, this brand does not offer a plethora of flavor options to choose from. They offer three different kinds which will allow you to change it up a bit. You can choose from vanilla almond, peanut butter chip, and chocolate cacao. The vanilla almond appears to be the most well-liked flavor of the three. However, they are all held in fairly high regard in terms of taste.


The consistency of your protein bar plays a large part in whether you will actually enjoy eating it or not. Many of them come with a terrible mouthfeel which can make them impossible to choke down. This is often times because of the amount of protein powder being used. It can make a supplement like this one exceptionally gritty. These bars are quite thick and there are no reports of them having the gritty feeling we are used to. They are smooth and chewy. People are very pleased with the texture of this product. It has been noted commonly that this bar offers a better texture than most others that are currently available. Obviously, not needing to worry about the consistency of your protein bar is an aspect that is appreciated about this one in particular.


This product contains top-quality ingredients that have been proven to be effective in a variety of ways. This healthy snack supplement will ensure you avoid extra grazing throughout your day. It will help keep your appetite at Bay. In addition, the superior proteins being used will support your muscles and quite a variety of ways. You will feel exponentially less sore because of the advanced recovery time you will experience. This well, obviously, allows you to work out more frequently and more effectively than before. Your muscles will also be better maintained. What this means is that you will experience decreased deterioration when you are consistently overworking your muscles. Lastly, this product when paired with a good diet and exercise routine will also improve your muscle growth.


The ingredients list for these bars is pretty excellent as it does not contain any of the artificial ingredients we expect to see when using this type of nutritional supplement. Naturally, depending on Flavor variety, the ingredients list will vary. It is important to note that regardless of flavor the basic pieces of this product are the same. You will be consuming almond butter, tapioca fiber, whey protein, water, vegetable glycerin, sunflower lecithin, pumpkin seeds, natural flavoring, Stevia, and Himalayan pink salt. As previously mentioned these ingredients have all been proven to be quite effective and will help you maintain a healthy diet.


Each flavor yields a slightly different caloric value. The vanilla almond has two hundred and ten calories per serving. Peanut butter chip has two hundred and twenty calories per serving and Chocolate Cacao has two hundred and thirty calories per serving. While this variation is minimal it can play an important role in ensuring that you stay within your daily caloric limits. The calories consumed here will help fuel your day and work out so that you feel great and maintain fullness throughout your day. When you ensure your body is full throughout your day you will find yourself snacking less. This, obviously, makes it easier to stay within your calorie needs and will promote a healthy weight.


When you decide to go with this bar you won't have to worry too much about the sugar content. The most you will be consuming per serving is 3 grams. This is exceptionally low and manageable regardless of your daily sugar intake goals. It is important to note that this product does contain natural sugar alcohols. This does not add actual value to the sugar content of the product. Keeping your sugar levels in check is an important aspect to your overall health. In addition, exceptionally sugary products can lead you to a sugar crash. This will leave you feeling left with no energy. Obviously, this negative impact can ruin an entire day if you decide to consume a product with very high sugar levels at the beginning of your day. Overall, customers are pleased with the fact that they don't need to worry about a dramatic sugar intake while using this product.


Atlas bars will help your energy levels in a couple of different ways. Naturally, when we consume calories our bodies use them to provide us with energy to be used throughout our daily activities. This product does not contain any stimulant ingredients like pre-workouts and caffeine pills do. What this means for you is not only will the low sugar help you avoid a crash but there is zero chance that you'll experience one at all. This aspect makes using this product at any point throughout your day completely acceptable. Your body will also use the protein from this product to help give energy to your muscles. You will notice this effect through less fatigued muscles as you work through your gym session.


These bars are a bit larger than your average snack-sized protein supplement. One serving is equal to 57 G or one bar. Most protein bars that are to be used as snacks yield 50g per serving. As you can imagine, the slightly bigger option is going to help fill you up better. In addition, it will keep you feeling full for longer and in turn help you stay away from extra snacking throughout the day. There is no Variety in servings per container when you decide to purchase this product. Each box holds 12 bars or 12 servings. It is important to note that if you don't want 12 of the exact same bar you can order this product in a variety pack which will help keep your routine interesting.

Side Effects

There were no major side effects reported in terms of using this product. That does not mean that it absolutely will not affect you in a negative way. While protein bars are some of the safest supplements available in today's market there is still a chance that you may experience some adverse effects. For instance, this product contains sugar alcohols which are commonly associated with digestive issues. This could lead you to feel nauseous or spending your day with an upset stomach. In addition, protein bars are also known for causing people to experience bloat, gas, diarrhea, headaches, and muscle fatigue. Again it is important to understand the side effects are exceptionally uncommon and you will more than likely not experience any while using it.


Some of the advantages associated with this product are not always found with others in this category. They are slightly larger which means they're going to fill you up better and sustain you for longer periods of time. This is obviously very advantageous when trying to stick to a diet. As previously mentioned the protein that this product contains also does a lot in terms of your muscles. You will not feel nearly as sore when you consistently use this product as it enhances as your recovery times. Your muscles will be better maintained which will allow you to keep more of the new lean muscle growth that it also helps you achieve. When your trying to lose weight this product is an excellent snack option that will keep you on track not only in the way of caloric value but also and overall nutrition.


While there are a couple of aspects of this product that could be seen as disadvantages we feel that they are quite minor. It does not come in a huge variety of flavors which is a bit of a letdown for some people. There is also the fact that you can't stock up and get a discount when you decide to go with Atlas bars. We feel as if these two things are really not disadvantages but simple minor inconveniences. Some would argue that the side effects associated with this product or a disadvantage we, however, disagree because there are basically no supplements available that don't come with some sort of side effects list. Overall the disadvantages with this product or minimal and significantly fewer than many other available protein bars.


Consumers feel as if this product is a good value. While it is nutritionally sound and avoids a lot of the Unwanted ingredients that we see in other protein-boosting bars it is quite expensive. When you compare it to others in its class and think about the fact that you'll need to order multiple boxes for daily use it becomes even more expensive. While the price can be a tough pill to swallow it only slightly decreases the value of this product. Value is based on more than just price. When you take into consideration all of the advantages that it gives you and the lack of disadvantages it is simple to see why so many feel as if it is a good value. When you decide to give this bar try we do not feel you'll be disappointed and you will be satisfied with the overall value that you received.

Bottom Line

There are absolutely cheaper options available that also provide you with a good nutritional content. These bars are trusted among their users and many feel that the taste and positive aspects make it well worth the money. It will help you achieve your Fitness and weight-loss goals more easily when you pair it with a strict diet and exercise regimen. Your muscles will thank you as they will feel better and be able to grow more easily than before. You will notice real changes in your physique and that is something people eating this type of product are typically striving for. This trusted brand fills their products with outstanding ingredients and produce an overall outstanding product.