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Badger Cayenne & Ginger muscle rub is a better smelling option than many others. It is lightly scented and it dissipates quickly. Obviously, this is great news for those of you that can't stand the smell of rubs like Bengay or Icy Hot. Sore muscles and joints are a common occurrence for active people. Whether you are into going for long runs, participating in combat sports, or you are simply trying to stay active, using a muscle rub can help ease your minor aches and pains. This one is a decent option that works well for many people. It is important to note that it does not appear to be as effective as other options in its class.

The ingredients used in this rub are all-natural. You won't have to worry about harmful chemicals or other unwanted and unneeded ingredients. The combination of ingredients will give you the soothing warmth your aching muscles need. Many options in this area become overly hot and can be impossible to use on a frequent basis. This item gradually warms up and does not become overly hot. Pretty much everyone will be able to use it comfortably. So, when you are feeling less than your best from a hard day working out at home or in the gym, this muscle rub can give you the relief you have been looking for at a price that aims to please.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • Helps Condition Skin
  • Scent Disappates Quickly
  • Mild Warming Sensation
  • Good For Daily Use
  • Convenient To Transport
  • Longer Kick-In Time
  • No Returns Allowed
  • Oily
  • Not As Strong As Others


Badger is a family-owned brand that has been around for more than twenty years. They strive to give consumers healthy options that are all-natural. In addition, they use ingredients that are not only proven to be effective but are also the best in their perspective classes. There are a variety of products that will fit into your daily routine very easily. When you are searching for muscle or joint rubs, lip balm, bug repellant, or other natural options for your everyday life, this brand has one for you. We were surprised to find how many different things they offer and even more so that each one is natural. Consumers are more than happy with most of the options that this brand has to offer. That is due to the fact that they pay attention to quality. In fact, they hold it in the highest regard. Overall, there are some really cool options that will help improve your life. We encourage you to check them out and start giving their products a try.


Badger balm is only going to be put on in one specific way. All of their options in this category are the same, a simple muscle rub. It is a bit greasy but a little bit will go a long way. All you will need to do is rub this ohm into the affected area. It will take a bit of work to get it to fully absorb, however, it will eventually get there. It is going to help improve the quality of your skin and most people don't find it to be overly greasy once it is fully absorbed. You'll be able to use this product just about anywhere. Obviously, you're going to a want to avoid putting it in places like your eyes, mouth, or other mucous membranes. This is due to the fact that it does heat up and could leave you extremely uncomfortable or even cause damage to you. People are happy with how easy it is to apply this item, however, some do wish that it was available in other styles.


You will not be facing the overpowering scent that we associate with common muscle rubs. Those products use ingredients like menthol and the smell is very much like that of a cough drop. Obviously, most people do not want to walk around smelling like that. The ingredients used in this product are going to give you a completely different scent. Most people find that it smells very much like ginger. On top of that, they have stated that the smell dissipates quickly. Most people are happy with a scent and don't mind when others are around and they are using it. However, the fact that it does go away quickly is an advantage if you're not exactly keen on how it smells. This product should not overpower those of you that have very sensitive sniffers. This is, again, an advantage when compared to other options that are in the same category.


There is actually some debate over the effectiveness of this product. Many people find that using it gives them exactly the outcome they are looking for, however, some people do not experience any relief at all. What we have noticed is that those that are trying to loosen up sore muscles from long days working out at home or in the gym are getting quite a bit of success while using it. Those of you that suffer from more chronic conditions that are extremely painful like arthritis or plantar fasciitis are not going to find the level of relief that they are looking for. This is a good option for minor aches and pains, not major ones. So, if you're dealing with simple things like sore muscles or joints this product is going to suit you quite well. It is important to note that they do offer an option in joint rubs that are formulated slightly differently than this and will be more effective for actual joint pain.


You are not going to get a ton of size variety when you decide to go with this option. However, there are two different size options which are more than some of the other brands offer. If you were just trying this out for the first time you can get a container that is less than an ounce. It is extremely affordable and makes it easy to sample without breaking the bank. They also offer a 2 -ounce container. While 2 ounces is not very much consumers have noted that it will last you quite some time. Obviously, if you're using it multiple times a day it is not going to last as long if you're only using it a couple of times a week. The reason people are getting such longevity of use out of such a small container is that a little bit of this product goes a long way. It is quite oily but this means that it's going to spread nicely and last you longer. Overall, people are happy with the size options that are currently available.

Active Ingredients

The main ingredients of this product are listed right on the tin. This brand truly does Believe In keeping things as transparent as possible. Rather than using Menthol and camphor this product uses Ginger and cayenne. Both of these items are going to help soothe aching muscles and joints. While you will get a decent heating sensation this product does not become overly hot. This is nice, especially, when you start comparing it to other options that use pepper extract. The ingredients used in this, as noted, are all natural. They don't mess around with parabens or harmful chemicals like some other brands do. It's nice to know that we can rely on some products to be natural every time we go with their brand. Overall, the ingredients used in this are fairly effective and not going to cause the same types of detriment that other brands ingredients can.


You won't be facing quite as many precautions with this item that is due to the fact that it is made with all-natural ingredients. In addition, it does not heat up as much as others so that awful burning sensation won't happen when using it. You will still not want to use this item while using a heating pad. This should be avoided as it could lead to skin damage. Obviously, heating this warning is important. In addition, most manufacturers suggest that you do not wear tight-fitting clothing over the affected area when their product is in use. That is a safe rule of thumb because it does heat up. Adding a tight layer over top of it can make it heat up even more and cause discomfort. It is always important to look over the entire ingredients list to ensure that you won't have an allergic reaction. There are essential oils as well as ingredients like coconut oil or olive oil in the products this brand offers. Some people may have a problem with that and so looking over the ingredients list is always advantageous.


There are a couple of advantages associated with this product that is different than with others. First, and one of the minor advantages is that the scent of this product is very different than others you have come in contact with. This can be a major bonus for many users, especially, if you can't stand the smell of typical muscle rubs. Another advantage of this item that is similar to many others is the fact that a tiny bit goes a long way. Due to the fact that it is made up of several different essential oils, it's going to spread easily. It does, however, rubbing a bit easier than many others. It feels greasy in the beginning, however, once fully absorbed it's going to leave your skin feeling soft. In fact, many consumers have mentioned the fact that their skin is in better condition after using this product. This brand is very transparent, you will easily be able to see all of the ingredients in their products. On top of that, they only use natural substances which is a pretty big bonus in many people's lives.


Basically, every item we purchased nowadays is going to come with a set of disadvantages as compared with other muscle rubs this one does have a few that may end up being deal-breakers. One of them or minor disadvantages is that consumers have noted this product is quite oily. If you do not like the feel of that on your hands then it could be a problem when using this product. Another disadvantage that is associated with that is that the time it takes to fully kick in is a bit longer. Some people find that it takes upwards of twenty minutes before they start to feel some relief. In addition to this, some consumers do not find it to be effective at all. It should work well for minor aches and pains but if you're dealing with a have your level of pain it may not work well for you. You may need to look towards something a bit stronger.


In terms of affordability, this product is a fantastic value. It is important to note that depending on where you purchase it you may find the varying cost. However, regardless of where you buy, it is very affordable. Working it into your budget will be barely an inconvenience even if your budget is very tight. As for the value of this product in your daily life, that really depends on the level of pain you are experiencing. Overworking your muscles leads to soreness that can absolutely be handled by this product. For many people, it is going to be an excellent value and work quite well. As noted, those of you that are suffering from higher levels of pain may not find the release that you're looking for in which case the value is decreased dramatically. Overall, it is really worth giving this product to try and because it is affordable and available in a very small container that is easy to do.

Bottom Line

The review surrounding this product are mostly positive. The results that consumers are getting from this product are pretty good. It definitely has its place in the world of muscle rubs. For those of you that have sore muscles throughout your body due to staying active and healthy can find a great use for this item. A little bit goes a long way so, even if you order the smaller size to Simply give it a try you're going to be getting a good bang for your buck. There are few people that do not find this product to be effective, however, there are definitely fewer reports of that than those that find it to be quite effective. The fact that it's going to fit into your budget easily is an advantage that makes most people feel like this item is worthy of giving a try. We agree. Overall, this is a decent option in muscle rubs that will provide some heating relief to a ton of different areas of your body.