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The Balazs Lazer speed bag is one of the very best options in today's market. You will be able to easily see this as soon as you take it out of its package. The stitching is better than most. This means you will not need to worry about it bursting at the seams. Many speed bags leak air where the needle is inserted. That will not be the case with this item. It truly is better quality than most speed bags out there. As well it should be, as it comes with a fairly high price tag. This bag will last you for years to come. It has a bladder that will never pop. You may need to add air to it on occasion but it will never need to be replaced. This is not commonly seen and this is an aspect, customers can truly appreciate.

The shape of this bag is another thing that fighters truly like. It is consistent and maintains its shape even after constant abuse. When you are training in boxing, Karate, Judo, or other mixed martial arts a high-quality speed bag is imperative in your training. It will help to improve a variety of areas within your training. The smooth leather construction will allow you to lose the gloves and hand wraps if you so choose. With many size options available you will be able to find the perfect speed to help you improve your performance inside the ring or the cage.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Perfect Shape
  • Looks Great
  • Many Sizes Available
  • Can Use Bare Handed
  • Excellent Balance
  • Comes With Extra Bladder
  • Thick Reinforced Loop
  • Quite Expensive
  • Needs Air Roughly 1x/Week


Just over twenty years ago the Balazs brand came to be. Creating a bag stand that was stable and ready to handle everything from fitness boxing to heavyweight hits, everyone started asking for it. This lead to a partnership that now provides boxers, fitness enthusiasts, active people, and mixed martial artists with top-quality gear and equipment. The attention to detail that this brand puts in every one of their items is amazing. Whether you are looking for bag mounts, gloves, heavy bags, speed bags, or pull up bars they have a great option for you. The prices of their items do tend to be a bit higher, however, they are worth it. This is because of the truly high-quality materials they use. This brand is growing a true following. They truly stand behind their products. If you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase, you can reach out to customer service and they will do everything in their power to correct the problem. Putting your trust in this brand and their products won't leave you disappointed.


The materials used for this item are similar but slightly different than other top-quality speed bags out there. The outer shell is made of a full grain genuine leather that is exceptionally smooth. This bag avoided the welted seams which is why you will be able to lose the gloves and wraps when you train with it. The top loop is made from Kevlar. It has two layers and it is triple stitched to ensure excellent balance and durability. This product does not have any laces. You will find this to be an advantage in the balance, movement, and rebound of this item. The reason it doesn't have laces is that there is not a standard bladder in it. In fact, you will never need to replace the interior of this item. There is a fill valve that is easy to get to. In addition, it is strategically placed so that it will not throw the balance of your bag off. Balance is very important in a speed bag and this one is produced perfectly and very well-balanced.


Finding a brand that offers a good variety of speed bag sizes can be a huge challenge. Most only offer one or two sizes. That is not the case if you go with this option by Balazs. Whether you are just starting out and you are looking for a larger speed bag that is a bit slower or if you are an advanced fighter looking for a fast moving challenge. The smallest and fastest version is referred to as the peanut. It is extra small and only eight inches long and five inches wide. The sonic or small sized option is nine inches long and six inches wide. Both of these options will move quickly and provide a true challenge to the person using them. The next option is called the jet. It is ten inches long and about seven inches wide. It still offers great balance, bounce, and rebound, it's just not quite as fast. The largest option and the one best for beginners are called the rocket and it is considered to be a size large. it is eleven inches long and eight inches wide. It provides plenty of striking surfaces and can really help improve your hands in the beginning.

Hanging Style

This bag uses a traditional hanging style but they do it better than most others. The top loop is riveted and sewn to the top of the bag for great durability. The loop, as noted, is made from a double layer of Kevlar. Obviously, Kevlar is known for being exceptionally strong. You won't need to worry about your loop breaking over the course of time. In addition, it is triple stitched which also improves durability. The loop is centered to ensure it doesn't throw off the balance. You will be able to use it with a standard swivel and speed bag platform. If you don't already have these things you can find them, built to perfection, from Balazs. There are other hanging options for speed bags but for the best use a swivel and platform is the way to go. Overall, customers are very happy with the hanging style and feel that they have done an amazing job in constructing the loop of this product.


Using a speed bag will help you train in a variety of different areas. Not only will you be able to improve your accuracy you will also be improving your speed. The smaller and faster the bag the quicker your strikes will become. In addition, it can help you improve the way your body moves. As your head moves to avoid the swinging bag, your body will move with it. The improved head movement also leads to improved body movements. This can help you avoid devastating blows from your opponent during competition. Your reflexes will also be positively impacted when you train with a speed bag on a frequent basis. Some people are surprised to find their footwork also improves with consistent training. This is because you will be able to work all the way around the bag. This is a good look at the training improvements you will get when you pair this piece of equipment with a focused training routine and a healthy diet.


The interior of this option is definitely different than other options out there. Typically, we undo laces to find a rubber or a latex bladder. This bladder eventually starts to leak air terribly and even further down the road will pop and need replacing. you will never have to worry about replacing another bladder when you make the investment into this item. Instead of a bladder it simply has an air chamber. It does leak a bit of air but it typically only needs to be refilled about once a week. This, of course, will depend on where your bag is hanging. If there is a lot of temperature fluctuation you may find it leaking more and requiring more refills. Overall, this isn't too bad when compared with others in the same class. Many bags will require more air on a daily basis which can be quite frustrating. This is also difficult due to the fact that the valve to fill other bags can be hard to get to. The one on this bag is easy to locate and adding air is no biggie at all.


Even though this product is made from genuine leather, taking care of it is barely an inconvenience. Unlike synthetic leather or vinyl options, you won't be able to use standard deodorizers or spray disinfectants. If you do, be aware, you will likely do damage to the leather. You will need to pick up some leather cleaner and conditioner. It is specialized to ensure your leather goods continue to look and feel great. it will keep it hydrated which will, in turn, give you the best longevity of use that this product can offer. The reason so many avoid genuine leather products is they think it is going to take hours to clean and maintain their items. This simply isn't true. You will only be spending fifteen or twenty minutes every three or four months maintaining this product. It is important to note that if you don't wear gloves you may need to clean it a bit more frequently. This is due to the fact that your hands will have more dirt and oil on them than your gloves or hand wraps will.


We would have to say the biggest advantage in choosing this bag is the fact that it does not contain a bladder. Replacing a bladder can be very frustrating and the lacing systems, oftentimes, throw the bag off balance. On top of the fact, the laces could cut up your hands. The fact that you don't have to ever worry about replacing a bladder with this bag is an awesome aspect. The advantages of training with a speed bag are easy to see. Obviously, it is going to help you become faster and more accurate while inside of the ring or inside of the cage. This option is also better than constructed than most. You won't have the welted seams that tear up your gloves, hands, or wraps depending on how you choose to train. The materials used are all of the utmost quality and they will last you an exceptional amount of time. When you are investing into fight gear you need to know that it can handle constant abuse, items from this brand can do absolutely that.


There really are no major disadvantages to this product. The only thing we found that some people are not happy with is the fact that they have to put air into it roughly once a week. We do not feel as if this is a disadvantage and that is because compared to others in the same category, it doesn't need to be filled up very often. Some bags will require daily air refills so, as you can see, once a week doesn't seem like that big of a deal. We can't say that every bag they make is perfect but their stellar customer service guarantees that if you are unhappy with your purchase, they will fix it. It is important to note that it is not uncommon for a bag to leak some air. The fact that you won't have to worry about filling it up all the time is really more of an advantage than a disadvantage. Overall, we are very impressed with this bag and all the reviews surrounding it.


This speed bag is a fantastic value. Now, that does not mean that it is cheap. In fact, quite the opposite. This is one of the more expensive bags available today. This is because of the fantastic materials that it is made of and the details that are put into it. Your bank account will be taking a bit of a hit and some budgets may need a bit of time to save up before they can call this item their own. At the end of the day, this bag is worth the investment. When you look through the variety of aspects that we have laid out it makes it easy to see why so many people love this bag. You will be able to use this bag for years to come. Overall, fighters, fitness enthusiasts, and active people all love the products being offered by this brand, including this one. It is a solid addition to any home gym and it can offer a great level of challenge regardless of your skills.

Bottom Line

When you like to invest in the best of the best, you can't go wrong with this speed bag. It is structured and designed better than most. You will get better durability and use out of this bag. It is rather pricey but in the end, it is absolutely worth it. No matter what your skill level is you will be able to find the perfect challenge. This is because they offer such a nice variety of sizes. Not worrying about the bladder popping or constantly leaking is also one of the reasons that people truly love this bag. Yes, you will need to put some air in it on occasion but it is not a constant thing. Customers love that they can choose to use this bag with or without gloves or wraps. If bare knuckle is your thing, you won't have to worry about it tearing up your skin. This is a solid choice from a solid brand and we are sure you will be happy with your purchase if you give it a try.