The 10 Amazing Benefits of Rope Jumping

The 10 Amazing Benefits of Rope Jumping The 10 Amazing Benefits of Rope Jumping

If you’ve been coming here often, you would have realized by now that we pay a special attention to exercises. And, unsurprisingly, one specific exercise always makes the rounds – rope jumping! In the case of jumping the rope, the old adage of “simplicity is key” rings true. It is as simple as it gets, and yet it is one of the most effective exercises. Additionally, rope jumping is also beneficial in a variety of ways, and besides that, it is one of the most versatile training tools. You can implement rope jumping in a wealth of sports, like boxing, soccer, basketball, bodybuilding, swimming and so on. So, why is rope jumping so cool? We know! And we’re about to tell you – here are the 10 amazing benefits of rope jumping! Starting with…



Do I really need to tell you more? Be aware though – If you have some pets around the house, like cats or dogs, the amount of fun can be usually doubled! And can lead to situations that escalate quickly. Fun!


Well, duh. Besides usually being one of the lightest gym items that can be carried around everywhere, jumping ropes are also super simple to use. You can jump rope literally everywhere – at home, out in the garden, in the local park, on the sidewalk, at the local court, the gym, on the top of mountains, on beaches, in the toilet… Okay, maybe not that one. But still! You get the point.



There’s a vast amount of moves, and things, that you can do with a jumping rope. The internet today is filled with hundreds of tips and rope jumping techniques – most of which are safe, but also lots of fun to use. Consider doing some Chinese wheel jumping for example. Or the Double Dutch. Or jumping rope and juggling a ball? Or speed jumping, or freestyle jumping… The possibilities are endless! Just google “rope jumping exercise” and you’ll see.


Well, you know how in science fiction movies and cartoons, there are cool gadgets that vastly improve exercise and track of your activities? That’s becoming a reality – modern fitness ropes can sometimes look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Some of these can count your jumps, change color, adjust elasticity, adjust length, and some even feature ball-bearing handles and so on… It’s a world full of wonders I tell ya! Wonders that look like ordinary ropes!



While math riddles are good for the brain, and push-ups are good for the body, there are exercises that actually benefit both the body and the mind – because they utilize both. Rope jumping hits all the marks for an exercise to also be helping your brain – it involves coordination and rhythm. But by adding some strategy as well, the brain gets a lot better workout! So what does this mean? It means that by adding variation in your rope jumping routine can significantly boost the mental benefits of the exercise! Learn some rope tricks, or cool jumping patterns. It’s a lot more fun too.


The impact that the body receives during rope jumping is classified (by science, no less) as one of medium intensity. We could even say this is the optimal impact, because it isn’t so hard on your joints as other activities (like running) because both of your legs absorb the force. According to some scientists, like Dr. D. W. Barry, this intensity and rhythm of impact, provided by rope jumping, is actually increasing bone density. Who wouldn’t want stronger bones, right? Be aware, however, that this is a gradual process, which manifests itself only after some time. So, better start jumping rope today!



You’ve heard about muscle memory, right? No? Well, it’s the thing that’s responsible for learning all habits, skills, and movements. The human body is a wonderful thing, and it turns activities into habits (which we better keep positive!). That being said, by jumping rope regularly, your body will develop greater coordination between its parts and make you feel lighter on your feet and react faster. Who wouldn’t want that?


Kinda obvious and in this day and age, important. Still at number three though because health is imperative. But then again, compared to other training gear and equipment, the jumping rope is by far one of the most affordable exercise item. Going for, sometimes, as low as a couple of bucks, jumping ropes are a ubiquitous item which can be only matched by its usefulness. And guess what? You can even make one from items you have lying around at home!



Without a good immune system, let’s just put it mildly – you’d be in trouble. It has been known that the motion of jumping is one of the best ways to get your lymph system moving, which is like the sewage and sanitation system of your body. It lacks a pump though, so unlike your blood, you need to move around to get our internal cleaners going! Rope jumping does the trick beautifully. Thank you, ropes!


Simple, yet so effective. Did you know that rope jumping is one of the very few exercises that burn the most calories? Scientists say that even a pretty moderate rope jumping session can burn around 10 to 16 calories per minute. But, before you get ahead of yourself and start jumping like crazy – be warned! It is also very tiring! Because of that, you should temper your rope jumping sessions and do exercises no longer than a dozen minutes at a time. For example, if you split your rope jumping into two or three rounds of 10 minutes each, you’re looking at having spent anywhere between 320 and 480 calories in half an hour!


According to other science publications, a daily dose of 10-minute rope jumping is comparable to running a mile in 8 minutes. Even official health organizations have promoted rope jumping through marketing campaigns, because it lowers the risk of heart failure!

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