Best Belly Pads Reviewed in Detail

Boxing has become a popular sport for many. It’s not surprising because it not only provides the best workout but also challenges many of our abilities and senses. Boxing has the potential to change lives around by teaching focus. Probably the greatest advantage of boxing lies in the training and commitment to reach a certain level. However, before engaging in any form of boxing activity, it’s necessary to have the right equipment in hand for both performance and safety reasons. One such essential piece of equipment is the body protector or the belly pad.

Our Top 3 Picks

Contender Belly Pad
  • Contender Belly Pad
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Absorbing
  • Price: See Here
Combat Sports Pad
  • Combat Sports Pad
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Synthetic
  • Price: See Here
RDX Belly Pad
  • RDX Belly Pad
  • 4.2 out of 5
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  • Unique design
  • Price: See Here

Belly pad is a vital piece of equipment for boxer training. In boxing, a boxer is allowed to strike two main areas, and that is the head and the body. Good body training is vital to becoming a well-rounded fighter. Belly pads can be used while engaging in sparring matches with your adversaries. They are also frequently used with trainers when the coach is calling out techniques. They always feel a bit cumbersome than wearing nothing at all, they provide you with the best protection that allows you to train longer and harder than when you go without.

Should You Need Belly Pads?

The belly protector has been a staple of Thai fighters and trainers for decades.  Since the Thai pad is among the most popular training gear when it comes to pad holders, the pad is something that should be almost always used. Without the adequate protection, you are bound to feel the effect of punches thrown your way. Pads are a fundamental piece of hardware for thoselooking to call the shots on various combinations involving knees.

Belly pads are a defensive training gear used by the trainer while sparring with an opponent, allowing them to take a shot at the opponent’s body with straight out kicks to the body, without worrying about getting injured. The two main types to consider are the vest protector and the belly pad.

Vest Protector vs. Belly Pad

Belly pads are your stomach insurance used essentially as a potential target for kicks and strikes. They are normally used in conjunction with Thai pads. It protects the main regions that boxers mostly target: the gut, sides and the lower ribs. The streamlined design of the belly pad also gives the trainer the freedom of movement as they play around. It also helps to protect fellow partners when a student or trainee misses a kicking paddle and accidentally hits the training partner instead.

Vest protectors, one the other hand, provide a greater level of protection compared to belly pads. A vest protector features a wrap-around design with a sole purpose to guard the lower body while padding all the way up to the collar line. The vest protectors are perfect for live sparrings as you never know exactly when and where punches are going to land. They are also preferred by kickboxers, MMA practitioners, and traditional martial artists as there are more legal targets in those activities.

That being said, if you’re looking to purchase a new set of Muay Thai belly pads for your training, look at our top picks of top rated belly pads on the market. In terms of design, they are very similar and are made with the same materials. But, It really comes down to personal preference and what kind of pad that you like the best.

10 Best Belly Pads


1. Contender Fight Sports Heavy Hitter Body Protector

Designed with the enthusiastic trainers in mind, this heavy-duty, rock solid body protector effortlessly infuses realistic body punches into regular mitt routines for an effective training session. Now stay ahead of your game with the Heavy Hitter that easily takes on heavy punches while tackling your opponents thanks to the 5-inch solid foam padding around the midriff. The quick-release buckles make removing a breeze in the instance of a heavy blow while the heavy-duty nylon construction keeps your body protected at all times while keeping it together in place so that you could easily incorporate body punches into your regular mitt routine.
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  • Effective shock absorption foam padding
  • Heavy-duty nylon construction for durability
  • Quick release buckles for easy removing
  • Great for working body combination with kicks
  • Efficient one size fits all design
  • Effective against heavy blows

  • Pros
    • Effortlessly fits in body punches into regular mitt routine
    • Quick release buckles make it easy to remove
    • Effectively takes on heavy impacts without compromising performance
    • Heavy-duty nylon construction for maximum durability
    • Great for punching practice and mitt routines
    • Foam padding around the midriff for shock absorption
    • You can still feel the recoil when you take the punch just a tiny bit
    • Its bulk and limited side protection make it potentially dangerous for full power sparring

    2. Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad

    For a brand that's recognized as one of the most prominent names in MMA gear industry, you cannot go wrong about the Combat Sports Dome Air Tech Belly Pad that's specially designed keeping the ever-changing demands of the serious MMA fighters in mind and is built to perfection. It delivers unparalleled protection so that you could easily take some heavy blows when tackling your opponent. The right gear makes all the difference, whether you're in the sport to get in your best shape or a beginner looking to hone his fighting skills or a professional MMA fighter. And the very reliable Dome Air Tech Belly Pad delivers unrivaled body protection for the best fighting experience.
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  • Advanced DAT technology
  • Easy strap buckles for easy removing
  • Heavy-duty leather construction
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Well made and durable
  • Excellent for boxing practice
  • Pros
    • Versatile fighting gear for unmatched body protection
    • Heavy duty leather construction for maximum durability
    • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy put on and off
    • Thick waist strap to lock it securely
    • Advanced DAT technology for impact resistance
    • Disperses impact and provides superior all-around protection
    • The left and the right side logo are not clear and sharp like the front
    • The pad is poorly constructed

    3. RDX Advance Belly Pad

    Not just your regular body protector, the very versatile RDX Advance is one of the most advanced and reliable body protectors ever designed. The RDX Advance Belly Pad is insanely lightweight yet durable enough to last a lifetime of abuse and completed with a state-of-the-art strap system for a superior hold and ultimate comfort. It allows for a relaxed and comfortable fit thanks to the high-quality Gel padding that ensures superior protection. It also has top-notch moisture wicking technology and more advanced Velcro straps for quick and easy adjustability, plus the heavily padded contour completed with a thick Velcro waistband works like a wonder.
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  • Sleek and lightweight design for freedom of movement
  • Top-notch Gel integrated padding for extra protection
  • Efficient shock absorption
  • Easy adjustable Velcro straps
  • One snap attachment for quick on and off
  • Ideal for use in combination with punch mitts
  • One Size Fits All
  • Pros
    • Lightweight and sturdy design for superior performance 
    • Anatomical design is fit for training
    • High-density multi-layered Shell-Shock Gel integrated padding 
    • Heavily padded and a thick Velcro waistband for a great fit
    • Effortlessly wicks away moisture
    • Advanced dual HV-Strap System with Quick-Ez Velcro for improved adjustability
    • CoolX mesh technology for optimal ventilation
    • Superior all-around protection
    • Not ideal for strong punches
    • Weak compared to top MMA or boxing products
    • It is also very tight fit

    4. TITLE Classic Body Protector

    The brilliant anatomical design of the TITLE Classic Body Protector is pre-curved to form-fit almost all users regardless of the age and size and is insanely lightweight and durable to deliver unmatched protection at a pocket-friendly price that won't ruin your budget. The efficient multi-layered cushioned padding helps you tackle your fiercest opponent against heavy punches, strikes, and kicks. The durable synthetic leather construction provides all-around protection so that you could go face-to-face with your opponent without worrying about blows and punches.
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  • Heavy-duty synthetic leather for maximum durability
  • One size fits all design
  • Pre-curved anatomical design
  • Multi-layered foam padding
  • Durable construction for heavy beatings
  • Water repellent cover
  • Adjustable seatbelt nylon straps
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner

  • Pros
    • Lightweight yet heavy-duty body protector on a budget friendly price
    • Pre-curved anatomical design is form fitted for all shapes and sizes
    • Multi-layered foam padding for superior all-around protection
    • Durable synthetic leather is designed to withstand heavy punishment
    • Fully adjustable straps for easy put on and take off and a comfortable fit
    • Able to withstand heavy blows with little or no sign of deterioration
    • Ideal for incorporating body shots into regular mitt routine
    • High-quality materials provide best all-around protection
    • Contoured inside liner wraps the body for a comfortable fit
    • Straps are not as sturdy as you would expect
    • There is a slight loss of range of motion

    5. Fairtex Leather Belly Pad

    High-quality materials completed with a heavy-duty leather construction, the Fairtex Belly Pad is an ideal training gear for those who are serious about their training and the focused trainers who like to infuse realistic body shots into their regular mitt routine. The efficient foam padding is great for anyone outside of professional boxing regime allowing them to train harder and longer. The feature-rich Velcro straps keep it in place and are fully adjustable for a more comfortable fit, plus it effortlessly absorbs most of the impact so that you get the best protection while learning the portfolio of kicks.
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  • Impact resistant foam padding
  • Hook & Loop closure
  • Durable leather construction
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Fully adjustable Velcro straps

  • Pros
    • Provides unrivaled protection against the heaviest of blows and punches
    • Efficient shock absorption ability for intense training sessions
    • Effortlessly absorbs most of the impact to infuse realistic body punches into mitt routine
    • Easy adjustable Velcro straps for an optimal fit and superior comfort
    • Reinforced stitching is thick and robust for added protection
    • Hook-and-loop attachment keeps it in place for longer training sessions
    • Best all-around protection at a pocket-friendly price tag
    • Durable enough to last a lifetime of abuse without compromising performance
    • Ideal for fighters and trainers alike
    • The pad is not sturdy enough
    • Cannot withstand heavy punches

    6. Revgear Body Belly Pad

    Revgear has been a foremost name in Mixed Martial Arts innovation and is recognized as a prominent go-to brand for professional trainers, coaches, and athletes from around the world. Since 1996, Revgear has been committed to power-driven performance and quality empowerment and continues to do wonders with its high-quality MMA gear and equipment and martial arts supplies. All the products of Revgear are precisely crafted and quality tested to meet the ever-changing demands of the most challenging fighters and trainers of modern day. So if you’re looking for a superior all-around performance at a budget-friendly price, the durable Revgear Body Belly Pad won’t disappoint.
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  • Durable leather construction for lasting performance
  • Allows for full range of upper and lower body motion
  • Additional padding at sides for extra protection
  • Fully adjustable hook-and-loop closure strap system
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Thick layer over the stomach for your safety
  • Pros
    • Superb quality RAM-Force padding with an extra protective layer over the stomach ensures unrivaled body protection
    • Extra padding on the sides for utmost protection and comfortable fit
    • The efficient form-fit design allows for full range of upper and lower body motion for freedom of movement
    • Effective against kicks and punches for counter attack
    • Fully adjustable hook-and-loop closure strap system for a comfortable fit
    • Fits all shape and size effortlessly with no sign of skin deterioration
    • The inner lining is canvas which protects against heavy blows and conforms to your body
    • It doesn’t seem rock solid to take heavy blows
    • Not great for fighters who rely on powerful kicks
    • It doesn’t provide enough resistance

    7. Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad

    The Fairtex BPV3 Belly Pad is precision engineered to provide best all-around protection so that you get the most out of your training sessions. It safeguards your abdominal area against the fiercest knee strikes and kicks, and easily withstand years of harsh punishment without compromising on performance and quality. The front padding ensures you're well protected from the hard impacts while tackling your opponent. The impact dispersal is an added bonus which keeps your components from jostling around while keeping it in place for a longer training period.
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  • Durable and odorless material
  • Reinforced padding on the front
  • Protects abdominal area
  • Best all-around protection
  • Pros
    • The “Micro Fiber” material is just as durable as leather and lightweight
    • Safeguard abdominal area for longer training sessions
    • Ideal for professional fighters and trainees alike
    • Able to withstand years of abuse
    • Reinforced padding on the front effortlessly absorbs most of the impact
    • Impact dispersal ability keeps the internal components from jostling around too badly
    • Velcro strap on the rear provides a snug and secure fit
    • It doesn’t provide full protection against heavy blows

    8. Hayabusa Pro Training Elevate Belly Pad

    Reach your full potential and stay ahead of your game with the very reliable Hayabusa Pro Training Belly Pad that is specially designed with the professional trainers in mind. Precisely crafted for the toughest of training sessions, the Pro Training brilliantly safeguards your kidneys and lower abs from getting damaged, all while keeping it together for longer and harder training sessions. It provides the best protection against tougher impacts such as body punches, knee strikes, and front kicks. Featuring a pre-molded impact-resistant padding, it delivers superior all-around protection leveraging the most advanced pad technology.
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  • Best all-around protection from heaviest blows
  • Pre-molded padding for zero movement and ulimate comfort
  • Premium impact-resistant materials for maximum durability
  • Tactically placed inner padding
  • Impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship
  • Pros
    • Heavy-duty fighting gear for high-intensity training
    • Provides superior all-around protection from harsh impacts
    • Safeguard kidneys and lower abs from kicks and body punches
    • Pre-molded padding ensures a superior hold and greater comfort
    • Hayabusa's exclusive impact-resistant materials for maximum energy absorption
    • Most advanced pad technology for higher efficiency
    • Ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort
    • Hook and loop closure strap is fit for all shapes and sizes
    • Unsurpassed feel for both striker and trainer
    • Inner foam core utilizes all levels of striking performance
    • Boasts effortless control with unparalleled responsiveness
    • None

    9. Fairtex BPV1 Pro Leather Belly Pad

    Made of heavy-duty intensity-driven cowhide leather, the Fairtex BPV1 Pro Leather Belly Pad is more than your average belly pad; it delivers unrivaled protection that is second to none. It's a perfect combination of lightweight design and superior performance that allows for greater freedom of movement while keeping it together for longer training sessions. Designed to withstand heavy abuse, it effortlessly absorbs most of the impact so that you could easily incorporate realistic body punches into your regular mitt routine.
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  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Made out of 100% Leather
  • Dual Layers of High Impact Foam Core
  • Contoured design for a comfortable fit
  • Perfect for front kicks and body punches
  • One size fits most
  • Pros
    • Safeguard your abdominal area while allowing for greater freedom of movement
    • Extra wide belt for comfort fit
    • Lightweight contoured design allows ease of movement during intense training sessions
    • Able to absorb most of the heavy impacts
    • Reinforced stitching is thick and robust
    • Better protection against body punches and front kicks
    • Ideal fighting gear for professional fighters and instructors alike
    • Not ideal for extreme training
    • The pad is poorly constructed
    • Not durable enough

    10. ProForce Thunder Deluxe Belly Protector Pad

    The heavy-duty wrap-around design provides unparalleled protection while allowing for freedom of movement making you train longer and harder than when you go without it. It provides more room to move around while the inside liner keeps you cool and comfortable during the toughest of training sessions. It's not just limited to the chest; the front and sides are well protected and cleverly padded for extra protection. It provides superior all-around protection from those high impact body punches, knee strikes, and front kicks. The hook and loop strap allows for a snugly and comfortable fit.
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  • Front and sides are fully padded
  • Inside liner keeps it cool and comfy
  • Fully adjustable hook and loop strap
  • D-ring buckle for comfort fit
  • Durable synthetic fabric
  • One size fits all design
  • Pros
    • Efficient padding on the front and sides for ultimate protection
    • Adjustable hook and loop strap for superior comfort
    • D-Ring buckle allows for a snug fit
    • Durable synthetic leather allows for lifetime of abuse
    • Effective inside liner keeps you cool and comfy at all times
    • Allows for better freedom of movement
    • Efficient impact dispersal without skin irritation
    • Keeps your internal components from jostling around too badly
    • The padding is not sufficient
    • Lacks Velcro straps for comfort fit