Best B.O.B. Body Opponent Bags Reviewed

Body Opponent Bag aka BOB is a versatile piece of gear no martial arts enthusiast will ever miss out on and it’s imperative to a striker’s regular training regime. It’s a great way to test your combat skills such as pad work, sparring, punches, kicks, body shots, and more. Training with a worthy opponent becomes imperative when it comes to extreme sports such as boxing or Muay Thai and that’s where punching dummies or body opponent bags come to the picture. They are not your regular punching bags. When hitting punching bags, you work to build your boxing skills and practice your punches but with body opponent bags, your whole body moves along with the dummy that mimics the feel of training with a real opponent. Not only they work great for your self-defense skills but also get along well with your cardio workout routine.

Our Top 3 Picks

Century BOB
  • Century BOB
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Plastisol body
  • Price: See Here
Century Fitness “B.O.B.”
  • Century Fitness “B.O.B.”
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Urethane foam
  • Price: See Here
Century Bobby Bully
  • Century Bobby Bully
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Child-size
  • Price: See Here


Heavy bags have been used in martial arts and other combat sports for the entire history of martial arts training. This heavy fighting gear has been adapted by the fighters and martial arts enthusiasts around the world for developing punching techniques and practicing combative maneuvers in addition to target training. It gives the fighter an edge over his training program by developing combat and self-defense skills along the process.  They are specifically designed to withstand repeated physical abuse without breaking plus effectively absorbs all the hard blows without compromising your performance. Over the years, different types of punching bags have taken over the fighting scene and then comes body opponent bags which took the conventional fighting practice to a whole new level.

Why Do You Need Punching Dummies?

Both heavy bags and punching dummies are a great training apparatus in mixed martial arts and other combat sports and make your regular training sessions a breeze. They make a solid yet worthy training partner when a live opponent is not available but mimics the feel of training with a real opponent. Though they both serve the same basic purpose of honing your combat skills, they have their fair share of differences. A heavy bag is effective against punches while a body opponent bag allows you to master your combat skills and defensive techniques. A heavy bag utilizes resistance while throwing punches, however, a solid BOB adds value to your martial arts game by utilizing the dummy.

It’s not just limited to body kicks or punches but has its psychological aspects too. With a life-size dummy, you train your mind along with your body. They are an unconventional approach to modern-day training methods plus they are fun to train with a wide range of target levels. Knowing that can actually throw some mean punches give you a sense of mental alertness and self-determination. And with a regular punching bag, you don’t have anything like an actual target to hit, but the more human like features of a punching dummy allows you to work on the major muscle groups of the body without overdoing it. Plus it assists you to target specific areas of the body thereby improving your combat skills for real-life scenarios.

When training with a life-sized dummy, it gives you a wide striking surface so that you can practice your combat moves and techniques much efficiently than when done with a heavy punching bag. The more realistic features allow you to train more efficiently and effectively just like you’d do with a real opponent. It also helps you to work on your accuracy and readiness, plus it’s a great cardiovascular workout which is a bonus if you’re into mixed martial arts or other combat related sports. In addition, it easily utilizes the hands, legs, and arms of the dummy so that you can practice your combat skills and defensive moves much efficiently. A punching dummy is as close as you can get to train with a real opponent.

How to Make the Selection?

Choosing the right punching dummy will depend on a number of factors, specifically what area of your striking you are looking to improve. Each type of punching dummy is designed to help you improve specific areas of your striking. Some punch bags are designed for speed and timing, while others are designed to help you build your power.

The Filling – Sand vs. Water

One important thing you need to pay attention to is the filling of the training bag. Although they both are a great choice of material for filling the dummy, however, they have their fair share of pros and cons. While water is always an easy alternative when it comes to filling, it’s also more vulnerable to leaks and even a slight imperfection as small as a pinhole could ruin your bag for good thereby ruining your training session. Sand is an efficient alternative which gives you more stability on the long haul and the base stays firm with no leaks. However, it takes more effort to move a sand bag than it is to move a bag filled with water, especially when they get wet.

Materials Used

Use of materials highly impacts a bag’s credibility and ability to perform under extreme conditions. That being said, leather, canvas, or plastisol are some good choice of materials that complete the outer shell of a punching dummy. While leather is a more pricey alternative than vinyl and canvas, it’s the most premium of all and durable enough to last a lifetime of physical abuse. Vinyl bags are less expensive but lack the durability factor on the long-term, however, it gets the job done quite well. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and what style suits you best as per your requirements.

Height and Weight

Height is a deciding factor when selecting the right punching dummy for your combat training. Not all individuals are of same height and shape, so if you’re looking to practice your combat moves, chances are you’ll want a dummy with differential height settings so that you can adjust it to your desired height. The height of the dummy should be adjusted to the height of the opponent you’ll be tackling. Additionally, the weight can be a deciding factor when selecting a punching dummy because it allows you to custom tailor your moves and techniques.


The extra length of a body opponent bag allows you to practice low leg kicks and high head kicks. A heavy bag, however, only provides a target that focuses more exclusively on the center mass of the body for punching and striking. Elbow strikes and back fists can be practiced on a heavy bag in addition to punches, but a body opponent training bag better accommodates leg kicks and knee strikes in addition to punches and elbows. Plus they are your best sparring partners you could get.

4 Best Body Opponent Training Bags 


1. Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

1. Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag
Train with a more worthy opponent and stay ahead of your martial arts game, thanks to the heavy-duty body opponent bag from the house of Century. Now unleash your true potential by inflicting solid power-pack blows and kicks against your most worthy training partner - the Century BOB. It's built to perform and boasts a longer torso than the original BOB to create ample surface area to practice combat skills such as body shots, kicks, and punches. You can fill the rounded base with sand or water to ensure stability for longer training sessions, plus it allows for easy relocation or storage after use making it ideal for in-house training or home gym.
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  • Free-standing body opponent bag with a lonegr torso
  • Low-profile rounded base allows for free movement
  • Foam packed plastisol skin
  • Polyethylene base fills with sand or water for stability
  • Differential height adjustments
  • Rolls easily for relocation or storage after use
  • Pros
    • Life-size body opponent bag featuring a longer torso for more striking area
    • Durable plastisol skin for a lasting use and urethane foam absorbs hits
    • Worthy body opponent bag with human like features
    • Train with a worthy opponent for target practice and combat skills
    • Rounded base allows for free movement and it fills with water or sand for easy relocation and storage
    • Ideal for in-house training or gym use
    • You cannot work the rear body but can work the rear of the head for chokes and strikes
    • Bob and his base are loud if you don't put him on some type of pad or carpet
    • It’s extremely heavy to move around

    2. Century Fitness

    2. Century Fitness
    For a company that's known for its idealistic values and performance-driven products, you cannot go wrong about this life-size training dummy that is as good as a realistic training partner. The Century Fitness BOB is a high-quality human-like mannequin that makes a great partner for practicing self-defense and combat skills. It allows you to practice in real life scenarios and make your in-house training a breeze. It helps you polish your sparring techniques and other combat moves such as punches, kicks, body shots, takedowns, and more. Plus it features seven differential height settings so that you can practice as per your convenience and desired height to make the most out of your target training.
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  • Full-size body opponent bag features a life-like mannequin
  • Great for simulating real-life encounters
  • Base fills with sand or water for easy relocation
  • Differential height adjustments for target training
  • Stable base allows for flexible training
  • Ideal for in-house training or gym use
  • Pros
    • Heavy-duty body opponent bag featuring a life-size mannequin for target training
    • Account for long training sessions including combat skills and target practice
    • Round base fills with water or sand for flexible movement and easy relocation 
    • High-density urethane foam absorbs your hits
    • Multiple height settings for easy setup
    • Ideal for in-house combat training or gym use
    • It’s quite heavy which makes it difficult to move around
    • Not sturdy enough to last a lifetime

    3. Century Bobby Bully

    3. Century Bobby Bully
    Encourage your young champs to amp up their martial arts game with this life-like kid-sized training dummy which is a good as a real partner in training. Urge your young martial art champs to master their techniques and polish their form with the Century Bobby Bully - a free-standing heavy-duty body opponent bag featuring a child-like mannequin. It's an ideal training partner for your young martial artists looking to take their training game to the next level and to practice sparring moves and techniques or target training. The differential height adjustments make your kids' in-house training a breeze.
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  • Kid-size training dummy for young martial artists
  • Differential height settings for effective training sessions
  • Great for young martial artists
  • Perfect for polishing sparring moves and target practice
  • Easy and quick placement with soft roll balls
  • Pros
    • Ideal kid-size training dummy for young martial artists
    • Great for practicing sparring techniques and target training
    • Free-standing high-quality body opponent bag features a kid-size mannequin
    • Easy setup with differential height settings and soft rolling base
    • Not like your regular punching bag
    • Adjustable to desired height for increased accuracy
    • Rubber allows for years of lasting use with maximum durability
    • The Bobby Bully lacks arms and legs
    • Looks like a weird looking kid

    4. Hawk Combatives Training Partner

    4. Hawk Combatives Training Partner
    A perfect partner in training, the Hawk is the most realistic combat partner you could wish for, a life-sized training dummy that seems more humane. Now train vigorously and efficiently with a more fiercest partner with the Hawk Combatives and enhance your sparring skills and techniques. Focus and regular practice are a must if you wish to excel in your self-defense and combat skills and this performance-driven dummy helps you do just that without overdoing it. With more human like features and attention to details, the Hawk makes for an ultimate training companion without an actual human partner. Go head-on with the Hawk and you'll be surprised by its intricate human effects and impeccable role-play. It can also hold weapons so that you can train more efficiently exactly as in real-life scenarios.
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  • Human like features with impaccable detailing
  • Able to hold weapons
  • Most realistic sparring partner
  • Foam filled polyurethane skin
  • Skeletal frame upper body and legs
  • Spring recoil action for efficient training
  • Fully positionable joints for difference stances
  • Pros
    • Human like training dummy for real life scenarios 
    • Articulated joints allows for all forms of angular movement with ease
    • Skeletal frame upper body and legs allow for flexibility
    • Easy positioning limbs for effective training sessions
    • Spring-recoil action in hip and knee joints allows for increased resistance
    • Fully positionable joints effortlessly take on a wide variety of stances
    • Foam packed legs and upper body with polyurethane skin for humane touch
    • Not able to stand on its own so you have to make an additional purchase for that feature
    • Lack the lower body part which need to be purchased separately