Boxing Workouts: These Exercises Will Change Your Game

boxing workouts Boxing Workouts: These Exercises Will Change Your Game

Just about everyone can benefit by incorporating these powerful boxing workouts to enhance their abilities. The focus on endurance, strength, speed, agility and precision in boxing help every athlete condition their body to overcome any obstacle.

Popular culture is full of boxing legends and their tales. Muhammad Ali made actual history while films like Rocky gave the general population a reason to care about boxing. But you don’t have to be named Rocky, win the olympics, or train in a meat locker for powerful boxing workouts to enhance your abilities.

In fact, there are training techniques fighters around the world use to maximise the power in their punches. Even small fighters can learn how to punch like a freight train if they practice properly. It all comes down to having enough stamina to consistently deliver the basics precisely.

Core Boxing Workoutsboxing workouts

Most boxers push their bodies to the limit training so that they can hit faster and harder for longer than their opponents. But their form and ability to react is just as important as delivering a single devastating blow. But some training techniques are simply more effective than others.

Boxing is one of the most popular combat sports today so it is heavily researched. There is so much data on what makes a good fighter that it becomes a challenge to analyse and apply it all. But data shows that the techniques below provide tried and true ways you can use powerful boxing workouts to enhance your abilities.

We put together a list of the most effective methods for anyone to up their game. Serious competitors often incorporate all of these techniques and more into their regular routine. Each exercise is designed to enhance effectiveness in the ring or on the streets from multiple angles. So here are 4 powerful boxing workouts to enhance your abilities.

Jump Rope

This simple technique is a great way to increase overall speed, dexterity and endurance. Although easy to get the hang of, there is a lot of room for adjustment. Jumping rope using different speeds, methods and rhythms also builds extra shoulder strength and stamina. You can spice things up by bouncing lightly on the balls of the feet or changing the angles and spacing of the feet.

Jumping rope is a core component of boxing because it targets muscle groups mandatory for delivering powerful blows. The legs and hips develop power and speed from jumping that is quickly transferred to the fist. At the same time, the arms are in a constant state of dynamic tension from the swinging rope.

Changing up the swinging pattern (crossing arms each jump or double jumping) are easy ways to mix things up a little. But there are a ton of ways to change things up to work certain muscle groups more than normal. The key is to ensure a centered and balanced stance and symmetry at all times. To improve footwork you can try skipping, jumping faster or try moving backwards, forwards, left and right.

Speed Bag10_Best_SB_9EZ

Precision and rhythm are two key parts of boxing workouts. Working the overhead speed bags targets rhythm and hand-eye coordination. The shoulders get worked hard in this one and it quickly becomes an endurance test to keep your form correct.

Begin by squaring up to the speed bag and keeping your elbows up. Focus should be on accurate strikes over time and speed should remain as consistent as possible. The longer you can deliver an accurate flurry of blows, the more this exercise helps.

This exercise helps deliver blocking punches or blows that push an opponent’s attack to the side. Use this powerful boxing workouts to enhance your abilities to defend while striking. Just don’t forget to strike forward with the side of the hand instead of down.

double ended striking bag10_Best_SB_8RDX

This exercise targets coordination and balance with an emphasis on timing combinations. This inflated ball secured between two ropes provides a moving target that is harder to hit than it seems. Landing a series of blows at just the right moment and with an even level of power takes practice.

Working the double ended striking bag is a forms a core element of boxing workouts. Drills help train accuracy and form. In order to get a good combination going, you have to have your targeting and timing dialed in. The rope gives the ball a surprising amount of spring which can send it instantly flying in wide arcs.

A springy bag can be a great way to work on dodging while delivering powerful blows. More stable double ended striking bags don’t swing as far and are better for practicing combination blows than dodging. Striking the rope provides feedback similar to working the body while the bag itself is like a head. Circling the bag while delivering your combos is another way to crank up the difficulty.


Nothing can prepare you for a fight like sparring. The heavy bags and ropes don’t move the way a human does or punch back. A bag is never going to dodge or otherwise try to avoid your blows and so can’t provide the same kind of training as actually getting in the ring.

Sparring puts all the other training techniques together in a dynamic environment. Winning requires good footwork, proper rhythm and timing along with accurate delivery of combinations and blocks.There is no better way to prepare for a fight than getting to practice with someone else.

But even the best sparring isn’t like a real fight. Sparring should hone your skills, showing you what works and what doesn’t. Good sparring has a focus on maintaining form and stops before anyone gets hurt. Still, it’s one of the most powerful boxing workouts to enhance your abilities.


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