Best Dairy Free Recipe Books for Healthy Eating Reviewed

If you’re a fighter or an athlete, you’re aware of the fact that physical training is only half of the equation for getting your body into peak performance. The other half of the equation is diet and ensuring that you’re getting optimal nutrition. For this reason, many fighters not only modify their training sessions but also modify what they take into their bodies. A common culprit that many people, not just athletes, are cutting out nowadays is dairy. As a side note, cutting out milk and milk products differs from veganism. With veganism, you are required to cut out all animal products, not just milk and its derivatives. This includes eggs, animal fats, and even honey. There are many reasons to cut milk and milk products out of your diet, several of which will be outlined below.

First of all, about seventy-five percent of the world’s population is simply unable to process lactose. It gives them digestive distress and can cause problems with their intestinal tract. In fact, only a minority of the world’s populations evolved to be able to digest lactose, and even among those populations with lactose tolerance, there are still those with sensitivities to milk and milk products. Secondly, the amounts of milk recommended for our daily values by the Food Pyramid are bunk. It is widely accepted as fact that the only reason that such high amounts of milk and milk products are recommended in the Food Pyramid was due to lobbyists from the milk industry influencing the government commision that produced the pyramid in the 1980s and 90s.



Featured Recommendations

Minimalist Bakerimg
  • Minimalist Baker
  • 4.9 out of 5
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  • All recipes <10 ingredients
  • Gorgeous Photography
  • Price: See Here
Go Diary Free
  • Go Diary Free
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Detailed Calcium Chapter
  • 250 Recipes
  • Price: See Here
Practically Rawimg
  • Practically Raw
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Flexible options
  • Raw diet compliant
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Another factor that has led many people to give up milk and milk products is the simple fact that these foods are both high on calories and low on nutrition. Though many a health teacher and mother has harped on the fact that you need to drink three glasses of milk a day to grow strong bones, that fact just isn’t true. In fact, there are many other sources of calcium available from non-milk sources, such as vegetables, that are oftentimes easier for your body to digest. There’s a huge range of foods out there that can help us get our calcium requirements, and that means that we can safely dump milk products altogether. It’s no wonder that people are starting to jump on the lactose-free train.

For the athlete or fighter who wants to get top of the line nutrition without crowding up their diets with junk calories, it may be time to dump milk and milk products. But where does one begin? Lactose-bearing components are in just about everything we eat. It can seem hugely intimidating to begin a new dietary journey when it seems that you’ll have to give up all of the foods we love. However, it doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it seems. There are many products out there on the market to help you make the transition. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there; after all, we live in the information age. There is a treasure trove of books that are designed to help you start this journey, and we’ve listed the best of them below.



10 Best Dairy-Free Recipe Books



1. Minimalist Baker

This work is written by Dana Shultz. Dana began her career as an internet blogger in 2010. Since then, her career has launched into many niches and markets. Aside from her written works, she has also co-created several online educational programs, such as the Food Photography School, Food Video School, and the Essentials of Building a Great Food Blog Course. In addition to all of these accolades, she not only wrote this work, but also invented all of the dishes through trial and error experimentation, and photographed the entirety of the contents herself.
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Gorgeous Photography
Strong visuals are incredibly important in a written work such as this. A reader is much less likely to try a formula if they're unable to visualize the end result. The stunning pictures included within this volume allow you to fully imagine the end result. The pictures are of the highest quality, as one would expect from someone who taught a food photography course.

All Recipes Have Less Than 10 Ingredients
When you're cooking to avoid certain allergens or milk products, sometimes the ingredients lists can get insanely long. One look at a miles-long ingredients list can automatically turn someone off to the prospect of attempting a new dish. However, you won't run into that problem with this volume. All of the formulas in this work are less than ten ingredients, saving you both headaches and time.

Cost and Value
This product falls onto the low end of the price range when compared to other items we've included on this list. Despite its low price, it has an exceedingly high value. From the simple ingredients lists to the fabulous photos, this work has a lot going for. Also notable is the fact that everything is 100% plant-based, and that most of the recipes are also gluten-free.

100% plant-based

All recipes <10 ingredients Mostly gluten free Gorgeous photography Entrees, side dishes, deserts


No meat dishes

2. Go Dairy Free

This volume is brought to you by Alisa Fleming. Alisa Fleming is the author of this tome, and she is also the founder of one of the leading online magazines and websites for sans milk and milk-product living. Her written work, listed here, is also a testament to her knowledge and writing prowess, as it occupies a space on the best-seller list. Fleming is also the Food Editor for Allergic Living magazine and is a specialist in other specialized dietary needs, such as those of soy, gluten, and nut dietary restrictions.
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250 Recipes
When you're purchasing a product, sometimes quantity isn't quite as important. However, with this kind of product, you want not only high-quality formulas, but you want a lot of them. This product fits the bill on both ends and gives you not only a huge number of formulas but ones that are high quality as well. You have literally hundreds to pick from.

Detailed Calcium Chapter
When you cut out milk and milk products, one of the biggest things that people fall deficient in is calcium. It is a common concern, and people can be at a loss to figure out how to get enough of this important mineral. This volume contains an entire chapter dedicated to this topic, giving you all the facts you need to get your daily calcium requirements without milk and milk products.

Cost and Value
This product is extremely affordable, and among others, ties for the position of the second least expensive item when compared to other items on this list. It contains not only a huge amount of cooking formulas but gives you the science behind them. Finally, it contains a whole chapter dedicated to giving you the information you need to ensure you're getting adequate calcium.

250 recipes

Comprehensive dairy substitutes

In-depth health section

Detailed calcium chapter

Shopping guide


No pictures

3. Practically Raw

This book is written by Amber Shea Crawley. Crawley has a huge range of experience and has served in many positions over her years. Most notably she is a classically trained chef, though she has also been a linguist and a writer. Her specialties are in foods that promote both wellness and positive states of mind. She has written other books, including a raw dessert book, and an eBook called "The Real Food Cleanse." She is also a noted blogger and internet personality.
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Substitutions Offered
One of the most difficult parts of cooking is realizing that you don't have an ingredient on hand, or the ability to get access to a specific ingredient. If you live in a small town without a health food store, you may not be able to get fair trade quinoa. However, this book offers substitutions so that you can keep the formulas flexible and get back to cooking.

Raw Compliant
For those who are on the raw diet, it can be difficult to find foods that they can consume. Thus, they end up doing a lot of cooking at home. However, cooking times can be difficult to come across that cater to this particular diet. This regimen is not only sans milk and milk product but also helps you cut out a lot of other unhealthy foods, which can help you optimize your health.

Cost and Value
This book is the least expensive item when you compare it to the other products that we've included in our list. It has a huge value that cannot be overstated, especially for people who are looking for a more intense health regimen. This book doesn't just show you how to cut out dairy, but also how to cut out many other unhealthy and addictive foods that can slow you down and keep you out of top form.

Raw diet-compliant

Flexible options


Ingredient substitutions offered




4. Food Allergy Mama

4. Food Allergy Mama
This work is written by Kelly Rudnicki. Rudnicki's journey began when she realized that her children had severe food allergies. This began her quest to bring awareness of food allergens to schools and led her to write several books, including this one and The Food Allergy Mama's Easy, Fast Family Meals; and Vegan Baking Classics. Rudnicki created and maintains an award-winning blog called Food Allergy Mama, which was two times named Babble's Top Food Blog and ranked #6 in Healthiest Eating. She has made numerous television appearances, including The Martha Stewart Show, WGN News, and ABC News. She has also appeared in numerous well-known print publications.
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Traditional Favorites
There are many things that we have to give up for our health, to improve our performance, and to be able to perform at optimal levels. But our favorite baked goods shouldn't have to be one of them. Just because you're looking to cut out milk and milk products doesn't mean that you should have to give up on the wonderful world of baking, breads, muffins, tarts, and other delicious treats typically put out of reach of those who are cutting out milk.

The core of the Food Allergy Mama's writing is, as the name suggests, a focus on food allergies. This means that she has a variety of recipes available, not only ones that avoid milk and milk products. For those who have food allergies in addition to looking to cut out lactose, this is an invaluable tool. You can get all of the cooking formulas you could possibly need in one convenient place.

Cost and Value
This product falls onto the low end of the price range when it is compared to the other products we've included on our list. It is one of the least expensive items listed here and has a lot of value packed into its affordable cost. If you're looking for a way to cut out milk and milk products without having to give up muffins and other baked goods, this product is perfect for you. Many people going milk-less think that they now are doomed to a life without tarts; but that doesn't have to be true.


Dairy,egg, nut-free

Sweet treats

Quick recipes

Traditional favorites


High calorie

5. Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

5. Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook
This work is written by Alissa Segersten. Segersten has her Science in Nutrition Bachelors from Bastyr University in 2003. She also owned and operated a successful personal chef business in Seattle Washington, helping many families improve their health and lifestyles with nutritious meals. She founded Whole Life Nutrition in 2004, a wellness and lifestyle company that offers online programs, medicine coaching, and health education. She has hundreds of cooking formulas in her repertoire including those that are gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and elimination diet compliant.
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Food Sensitivities Section
Many people have foods that simply don't agree with them. However, most people simply float through life without knowing what those foods are, or why they affect them in such a way. However, if you're someone who wants to learn more about feed sensitivities, this product contains an extensive section to help you learn more about your digestion and your health.

28-Day Elimination Diet
It's not only milk and milk products that can cloud your cognition, slow your digestion, and make your digestion more sluggish. There are many things in your diet that could be adversely affecting you, but you may have no means to discover them. Well, now you do. This product offers you a path to help you discover your digestive irritants so that you can eat cleaner and fight better.

Cost and Value
This product is the second most expensive item when compared to the other products we've assembled on our list. That high price packs quite the high value. Many of the products on this list contain cooking formulas, and that's it. This volume, however, contains many great features. It shows you the science behind food sensitivities, and then lays out a plan to help you discover your own--something no other product on this list can offer.

Evidence-based science

Food sensitivities section

Gluten, dairy, egg, soy-free

Fish, poultry, meat recipes

28-day elimination diet


High cost

6. 30-Minute Vegan

6. 30-Minute Vegan
This work is written and compiled by Mark Renfield. Renfield both founded and acted as the chef at the Blooming Lotus Restaurant, a hot spot for vegan cuisine. Originally it was located in Hawaii and then transplanted to Oregon. The second author, Jennifer Murray, is the resident expert in both raw and vegan cuisines. Not only are this work's contents completely avoidant of every possible permutation of dairy and dairy products, but it is also compliant with the vegan diet.
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Quick Cooking
When you're looking to change your diet and to substitute ingredients to avoid milk and milk products, it can get difficult in terms of the sheer amount of time it takes. Changing formulas can be a time-consuming headache. With this product, though, you can be sure that you'll be able to make completely milk and milk-product avoidant meals in thirty minutes or less.

Smoothie Section
If you're avoiding milk and milk products to improve your vitality and ability to be a better athlete, the odds are that you're also looking to boost your nutrition so that you can be at the top of your game. A great way to do that is to drink nutrition-packed smoothies. This product contains an entire section devoted to smoothies so that you can get your daily values in one nutritious glass. And all of the smoothie recipes are--of course--completely free of milk and milk products.

Cost and Value
This product falls on the low end of the price range when compared to the other products we've included in our list. It is among the most affordable items we've listed. If you're crunched for time and lead a hectic life, there is no item on this list that is better suited to your needs. Changing your diet can be hard, and if you don't have a lot of time, it's even harder. This product's low price is well worth it if you fall into this category.


Quick, easy recipes

Kid's favorites

Smoothie section

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Formulas are spice-heavy

7. Eat Dairy Free

7. Eat Dairy Free
This is another work that is brought to you by Alisa Fleming. This noted author brings a second volume to our list to show you how to do away with milk and milk products in your diet. A bonafide expert on food allergies and allergen-free cooking and living, she has written many works on the topic. Her expertise ranges not just for milk and milk-product avoidant cooking, but into other diets as well. She has works that cover the details of how to cook and eat without using eggs, sugar, and gluten, among other things.
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Casein and Whey-avoidant
Though some things may be labeled "milk-free," they may still contain milk proteins or milk derivatives. The food industry is sneaky, and even though you're trying to avoid it, it may still turn up in your food product or in your formula. This can be a frustrating experience but never fear. This work has taken this into account and shows you how to eat and cook while avoiding both casein and whey.

Gluten and Egg-avoidant Options
Oftentimes if you're cutting out milk and milk products, you may also be cutting out other damaging foods as well. Many people looking to avoid milk and milk products also end up cutting gluten and eggs for similar reasons. This product has a section that shows you how to accomplish this in a streamlined and easy manner.

Cost and Value
This product is on the low end of the price range when it is compared to the other items we've assembled on our list. With several other items, it ties for the place of second least expensive. It has many sections that provide detailed and helpful information and is written by an experienced, accomplished, and prolific author.

All-day meals

Desserts included

Casein and whey-free

Gluten and egg-free options

Nut-free options


Simplistic formulas

8. Dairy-Free Cookbook

8. Dairy-Free Cookbook
This work is brought to you by Pamela Ellgen. Ellgen is a prominent food writer, is a private chef, and has authored more than a dozen cookbooks, including those among them that are on the best-seller list. Some of her other works include the 5-Ingredient College Cookbook, The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Families, and The Big Dairy Free Cookbook. She has been featured in many magazines and news outlets, such as Magazine, TODAY food, Healthline, Huffington Post, and The Portland Tribune.
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Accessible Guidance
Sometimes products in this vein are written with advice and guidance that can be dense and hard to understand, or that just isn't practical to apply to your everyday life. Why pay for a product if it contains advice that you simply can't use? This product gives guidance that you can easily understand and directly apply to your life.

Innovative Tips
Many works in this category simply pour themselves into the mold, and you end up with a cookie-cutter product that is just like every other volume on the market. This item doesn't fit into the mold--it breaks the mold. It provides you with innovative tips and tricks to help you not only succeed with your formulas, but with your diet as a whole.

Cost and Value
This product falls onto the extremely low end of the price range when compared to the other items on our list. It is tied with several others for the place of second-least expensive. It is accessible to read, understand, and apply to your life. Despite being beginner-friendly, it provides thought-provoking and innovative tips you won't find elsewhere. Overall, that low price packs in a lot of value.

Accessible guidance

Innovative tips

150+ recipes

Easy recipes

Your favorite dishes


Overly simplistic

9. Cooking Allergy-Free

9. Cooking Allergy-Free
This work is written by Jenna Short. Short is a health enthusiast who starts every morning off with a cup of green tea. She has turned her personal quest for wellness into a way of life showing others how to do the same. Her love of well-seasoned foods translates through in her writing. As someone who experiences anaphylactic shock upon consuming any milk or milk products, she knew that she had to watch her diet and her cooking not only for her wellness but also so that she could simply live safely.
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Baking and Breads
Baking without using milk or milk derivatives may seem impossible. When something calls for a cup of heavy whipping cream or a stick of butter, it may seem impossible to find adequate substitutions. Now you can take the guesswork out of it and can get back to eating your favorite baked goods and breads, sans milk and milk derivatives.

Soups and Salads
Another strong addition to any healthy diet is a diverse spread of salads and soups. Many volumes in this genre ignore this category of work. However, you can be sure to find a diverse array of recipes for both salads and soups that you can enjoy. A diverse plethora is offered, allowing you to get a wide range of flavors.

Cost and Value
This product has a high-end price when compared to other items we've included on our list. Though the price may seem high, what you need to understand is that there is a lot packed into that price. Not only are you getting a compendium that will help you avoid milk and milk products, but you will learn how to avoid a diverse array of allergens. You'll learn to how to create soups, salads, as well as bread and other baked goods you may have thought you had to give up on--but never fear, for this work is here to help.

Completely allergen-free

All courses

Soups and salads

Baking and breads

Stress-free cooking


Non-expert author

10. Vegan Soul

10. Vegan Soul
This work is written by Byrant Terry. Terry is, among other things, a chef, educator, author, and activist. His goal is not just to make delicious meals, but to make a vibrant, just, and sustainable food system. He is the host of a multi-episode web series called Urban Organic, and co-host of a public television series called The Endless Feast. He has written several compendiums, among them this critically-acclaimed work, which was named one of the best vegetarian/vegan cookbooks of the last 25 years by Cooking Light Magazine.
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African-Diaspora Cooking
Oftentimes the formulas that you'll see listed in compendiums such as these are repeats of every other volume in the genre. You see the same formulas over and over again, without any diversity or ability to try new dishes. This work gives you a taste for African diaspora cooking, allowing you to try new and exciting recipes you may not have otherwise encountered.

Light on Bad Fats
Almost everyone in modern society has learned that some fats are good for you, and some are bad. Those bad fats end up clogging your arteries and causing heart disease and predisposing you to heart attacks. All of the formulas contained in this work are light on bad fats, allowing you to try delicious and exciting new meals without the risk of bad fats.

Cost and Value
This product falls onto the low end of the price range when compared to the other items that we've included on our list. That low cost, though, isn't the only remarkable thing about this work. It offers you the ability to try a type of cooking you may have never before experienced. This alone makes it more than worth its low, low price.

Soul food

Fully vegan

Light on salt

Light on bad fats

African-Diaspora cooking


Some obscure ingredients


There are many reasons that you might decide to cut milk and milk products out of your diet. Maybe you’ve realized that you have a food sensitivity, and are looking to get rid of it so that your body can perform at even higher levels. Or maybe you’ve simply realized that lactose-containing products are simply an unhealthy source of junk calories that you’ve decided to dump. Whatever your rationale, beginning your dairy-free journey can be highly intimidating and may leave you wondering what, if anything, you can eat now. Well, from what you’ve read here, there’s no need to fear. Many people have walked this journey before you, and have documented their efforts. There are a huge depth and breadth of cooking formulas out there to help you on your way. We’ve assembled the best information out there into one easy list, and now you should be more than ready to go out and purchase the product that’s right for you.

Criteria for Evaluating Dairy-Free Recipe Books


Number: When you’re purchasing a product such as this, it’s a guarantee that you’ll want to get the biggest bang for your buck possible. So it would make sense that you would want to find a tome that has the highest number of cooking formulas possible. Most volumes tend to have at least seventy-five types included, though the highest amount included in a volume on this list is two hundred and fifty. Keep in mind, though, that the higher the number of recipes, the higher price tag is going to end up being.

Time requirements: Most everyone in this day and age has a busy schedule. Some people have more time than others; it’s just a simple truth. Because of this, you’ll want to take a look at a few of the recipes before you purchase the product. If you’re someone who has a jam-packed schedule without long periods of free time, you’ll want to choose a written work that advertises itself as having many fast and easy meals. However, if you’re someone who is a bit of a foodie and has the time for more detailed and involved recipes, you can purchase a volume that advertises itself as being exotic or gourmet. And if you’re somewhere in between or have a variable schedule, an average tome should contain formulas with varying levels of time requirements.

Ingredients: When you are cooking, you are putting ingredients together in some fashion to make a meal. Thus, ingredients are the foundation of any foods you wish to create. To be able to use those ingredients though, you need to be able to find them. And some cooking volumes call for ingredients that can be obscure or hard to find, or might only be available in big cities. If you’re living in a more out of the way place or a rural area, you may not have access to a Whole Foods or an ethnic store. Because of this, you’ll want to keep in mind the kind of area where you live before you go buying one of these products. You want to be sure that you know you’ll have access to the ingredients called for/


Biography: There are seven billion people on this planet, and any one of them could write a book about something. The trick, then, is to figure out who is qualified to talk about what. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a completely useless product written by someone who doesn’t have a clue about what they’re talking about. There are many ways to verify an author’s credentials. A first step is to take a look at their biography on the back of the volume or inside the dust jacket. Normally people who write works such as these tend to have some kind of culinary experience. Some are self-made stars on Youtube, and the size of their following can also be seen s repudiation of their skills.

Other Books Published: Another way to ensure that the work you’re considering for purchase is written by a reputable source is to look at their publication history. Oftentimes, people who write works like these have other volumes that have been previously published. Checking the status of these other volumes is a good way to check on the ability level of the author. If their other work has appeared on the New York Times Bestseller’s List, odds are that they’re doing something right. If they are a prolific writer, then odds are that they have a lot of experience in the field and know what they are talking about. On the flip side, if they only have one book that has been published (that is, the one you’re looking at) and have no other works out, it may be a red flag.


Print: Some people prefer the feeling of a physical book in their hands. Ever since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press in 1440, people have been reading physical format volumes. There is something of a legacy behind the five-hundred-year-old tradition of reading printed works.  There are two main formats of print works. First of all, there is paperback. Paperbacks are the more affordable of the two varieties of print volume. They are called paperbacks due to the nature of the cover: the cover itself is made of only a slightly thicker variety of paper than the pages themselves. Though they are less sturdy than their hardback counterparts, they are also more affordable. Secondly, the other format available is hardback. Hardbacks have thick boards that serve as the front and back covers. They are more durable, but also more expensive.

eBook: Digital volumes are works that are available for download either onto an eReader or to any other electronic device. The plus side is that you can take them anywhere. The downside is that oftentimes pictures do not translate well to this format.

Audiobook: Sometimes these works are available in audiobook format. However, this is perhaps the least desirable format for this specific genre. This is because it can be difficult to get the ingredients lists and other information you need while cooking; you will not have a visual reference point. Finally, this version won’t have pictures for you to compare the final product to.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I have issues downloading my eBook?
First, try turning your device off and turning it back on again. It may have been a simple connectivity issue that prevented you from accessing your product. If the problem persists, contact the seller immediately. There may have been a server error or some other issue on their end of the delivery. They will troubleshoot with you to ensure you receive your product.

Q: What should I do if my product arrives damaged?
Get in contact with the seller. You’ll want to document the condition that the product arrived in; taking pictures is always a safe bet in order to have physical evidence of the situation. Once you’ve alerted the seller, they will work with you to ensure you receive an undamaged product. This may mean arranging for the return of the damaged product in exchange for a new one.

Q: Which option should I buy if I don’t have a lot of time to cook?
There are many products that advertise that they contain formulas that don’t require a lot of time. Keep a lookout for keywords like “quick and easy” or “no muss, no fuss.” You should be able to find a product that contains cooking formulas for those of us who are crunched for time.

Q: How do I know if the author is reputable?
There are a few ways to ensure that an author is knowledgeable and a trustworthy source. First, check the biographical blub included with the book. This will contain information about the author’s life, such as where they went to culinary school, restaurants they may have opened, or other culinary works they may have published. If this isn’t available, doing a quick internet search should turn up the information you’re looking for.



  1. Dr. Hyman, Dairy: 6 Reasons You Should Avoid It at all Costs, Medical
  2. Kris Gunnars, Is Dairy Bad for You?, Medical
  3. Virginia Sole-Smith, Is Dairy Bad for You? Separating Myth From Fact, Informational
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