Best Fencing Shoes Reviewed and Compared

The right gear makes all the difference to your performance regardless of the sport you’re involved in and the footwear you choose for a particular sport is no exception. You are special, so are your feet. So you need the best for your happy feet to perform at your best, especially when it comes to fencing. The right footwear is imperative for the sport and it completes the outfit while preserving the anatomy of your foot. So it makes all the more important to choose the right pair that will not only help you stay ahead of your game but also aids in promoting responsiveness when tackling an opponent.

Our Top 3 Picks

Onitsuka Mexico 66
  • Onitsuka Mexico 66
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here
Asics GEL-Rocket 7
  • Asics GEL-Rocket 7
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Flexible
  • Price: See Here
Onitsuka Ultimate 81
  • Onitsuka Ultimate 81
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Retro
  • Price: See Here


How to Choose the Best Fencing Shoes?

There is no simple answer to this question as no two person are same when it comes to style and preference. There are a plethora of different options to choose from but for something that highly impacts your performance, you need to do a thorough research and assessment before taking any decision.

Type – Fencing is quite an intimidating sport that involves constant physical movements which eventually requires a strong mental alertness. Constant hitting and quick moves require control over your posture which like every other athletic sports calls for the right pair of shoes. The right pair not only aids in your fencing moves but also works on your posture.

Fit – Fencing involves more offensive moves and targets the whole body. It calls for some crazy foot movements and utmost precision to gain an advantage over your opponent. The modern competitive fencing is very different from what experienced in the good old days of swordsmanship. The right pair of shoes is imperative to your performance and the right fit helps you move effortlessly without losing breathability. The right pair fits in snugly to provide a secure while keeping it comfortable.

Heel Cushioning – Fencers also demand lateral stability in their shoes to accommodate the changes of direction. The front heel takes most of the hard beating. So a good pair of shoes needs to have a decent heel cushioning for enhanced traction and superior performance.  Less expensive shoes often lack sufficient cushioning to prevent bone bruises on the heel.

Weight – Fencing is all about precision and footwork so a loose fit and a clumsy pair of shoes simply won’t cut it. The sport demands fierce and offensive moves which in turns calls for utmost footwork precision. A nice, sturdy pair of fencing shoes makes all the difference to your performance. The trailing foot takes all the hard abuse so just any pair of shoes won’t do it.

Age and BudgetAge is a deciding factor in shoe selection, especially when it comes to fencing shoes because you don’t want to spend a hefty sum on something that won’t last for long. Let’s face it; kids are not as responsible as adults so you’re less likely to get a lifetime of use out of a pair. Kids are usually hard on their shoes so you’ll want to consider something that offers the best value for your every penny spent. The more intense the training, the more sturdy pair you’ll need to stay ahead of the game. Well, something that best for you isn’t necessarily the best match for someone else because preferences differ from individual to individual.

The best thing is to try on the shoes, or order a couple of pair in different sizes and then replace the ones that don’t fit.

Here’s the rundown on some of the best models of fencing shoes on the market:

10 Best Fencing Shoes


1. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Fashion Sneaker

1. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Fashion Sneaker
The 1966-born iconic sport sneaker resurfaces with a more refined design and more robust features to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern-day athletes who crave for the outdoor lifestyle. The Mexico 66 by Onitsuka Tiger is still the most favored addition to its fitness-focused line. The conventional white leather is replaced by the more efficient full-grain leather and the signature Tiger stripes are more detailed and refined now. The revolutionary design is what sets the sneaker a class apart from its potential contenders.
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  • Full-grain high-quality leather
  • Features a unique laceless design
  • Soft rubber outsole for superior traction
  • Signature branding with textile lining
  • Cushioned footbed for all-day comfort
  • Pros
    • Durable construction and impeccable attention to detail
    • Highest-quality leather on the side panels
    • Low-cut design for all-day comfort
    • Features a cool laceless design with soft rubber outsole
    • Fits in snugly and supports posture quite well
    • Provides  personality and sense of durability 
    • The "weave" texture is awesome and colors match perfectly
    • Signature branding for a classic appeal
    • The insole is non-removable.
    • The insole is not properly glued to the inside
    • A little too large

    2. Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

    2. Asics Men's GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe
    The ASICS Men's GEL-Rocket 7 is specially designed for the recreational court sport players who like to stay ahead of the game. This cool court shoe delivers unmatched performance for a great in-court experience without losing breathability. Refined design with urban approach makes this classic sneaker a must-have for every recreational athlete who values performance above all else. The lightweight design completed with a soft rubber outsole allows for superior traction on the court while providing a low to the ground fit for ultimate comfort. It also promotes stability and flexibility for all-day comfort.
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  • Rubber outsole for enhanced traction
  • Durable mesh upper with cushioned footbed
  • Molded-EVA midsole for comfort fit
  • GEL cushioning system for forefoot comfort
  • li>Designed for recreational court sport players
    • Refined design with durable mesh upper for superior traction on the court
    • Low to the ground feel for stability and balance
    • Soft rubber outsole allows for ultimate all-day comfort
    • Trusstic System keeps the sole optimal for everyday wear
    • Keeps the structural integrity of the shoe intact
    • Designed for recreational volleyball players
    • Super comfortable and great performance
    • Enhances traction on the court
    • The upper fabric is also quite soft and comfortable
    • Durable yet stylish for years of use
    • Colors look tacky
    • Not so comfortable in the front
    • A little pricey
    • Not so durable

    3. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Athletic Shoe

    3. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Athletic Shoe
    A premier running shoes from the 80s, the Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS Ultimate 81 is a revolutionary athletic shoe that's designed to please young and old athletes alike with its old-school appeal and quality craftsmanship. Featuring a mesh upper with a dual-tone EVA midsole, the Ultimate 81 is built to perfection and designed to make a statement. It creates a perfect balance between lightweight design and superior performance without compromising breathability. It's a great investment worth every penny.
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  • Streamlined design for classic appeal
  • Soft suede and mesh uppers
  • Brillaintly padded collar and tongue
  • Superior performance and enhanced traction
  • Textile lining with cushioned footbed
  • Lace-up closure for secure fit
  • Cushioned EVA midsole for super comfort
  • Pros
    • Dual-tone cushioned EVA midsole for ultimate comfort
    • Revolutionary outsole to enhance stability of the shoe
    • Improves breathability and keep the silhouette lightweight
    • Good tactile sensitivity
    • Lightweight and durable design for lasting use
    • Great shoe but not an accurate depiction
    • Some people complained about the toe started peeling within a week
    • The grip dies very quickly

    4. Onitsuka Tiger Serrano Fashion Sneaker

    4. Onitsuka Tiger Serrano Fashion Sneaker
    Stay ahead of your game with this performance-driven sports sneaker from the house of Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS. Following on the footsteps of the superior track spikes of the 70's, the Serrano marked the beginning of the classic sports sneaker which drives both traditional detail and classic styling. The classic Serrano is your perfect throwback sports sneaker featuring soft suede paneling over a streamlined silhouette and completed by a padded collar and tongue for all-day comfort. The durable nylon with cushioned footbed provides superior comfort all day long without losing breathability and flexibility. The Serrano rocks with its impeccable attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.
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  • Lightweight nylon upper with cushioned footbed
  • Lace-up closure for optimal fit
  • Padded tongue and collar for maximum comfort
  • Streamlined silhoutte
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Two-tone EVA midsole
  • Pros
    • Lightweight yet durable nylon upper with a cushioned footbed
    • Enhanced traction and superior comfort
    • Rubber sole with a finely stippled texture 
    • Padded tongue and collar provide maximum comfort
    • Traditional lace-up closure for retro appeal
    • Exquisite workmanship and top-notch features
    • Soft suede paneling over nylon body for a classic look
    • Do not breathe particularly well
    • Upper parts of these shoes are made of soft, thin fabric
    • The soles are also thin
    • Quite expensive considering the features

    5. ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

    5. ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe
    This full-length multi-court shoe is specially designed for the fitness-focused women athletes who crave for a healthy outdoor lifestyle. Crafted with the modern-day athletes in mind, the ASICS Women's Upcourt Shoe creates a striking balance between incredible traction and superior comfort without compromising breathability and flexibility. The durable rubber outsole and advanced cushioning provide all-day comfort while the efficient mesh underlays allow for great forefoot comfort. ASICS is committed to providing the best go-to gear for the performance-driven athletes to promote a healthy outdoor lifestyle to meet the ever-changing demands of the present day athletes.
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  • Designed to perform
  • Durable rubber Outsole for better traction
  • Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System reduces shock
  • Ideal for novice athletes
  • Sturdy synthetic leather construction

  • Built for outdoor lifestyle
  • Pros
    • Excellent traction on the court
    • Mesh underlays make for great forefoot comfort
    • Enhanced cushioning for all-day comfort
    • Superior comfort at a decent price
    • Ideal for novice and professional athletes alike
    • Designed for the outdoor lifestyle
    • Provides decent arch support for daily wear and tear
    • Great shock absorption properties for comfort fit
    • Special type of rubber doesn’t leave marks 
    • The shoestrings are too short
    • The fit is not ideal
    • Great practice shoes but not for playing hard

    6. Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 Sneaker

    6. Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 Sneaker
    Inspired by the infamous trail-running shoes of the mid-80s, the ASICS Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 is a versatile sport sneaker designed to take on the unbeaten path. Even after so many years, it's still one of the most sought-after additions to its fitness oriented line of sneakers. This refined iteration retains that retro look with a subtle touch of sophistication so you can walk the streets in style. The bold upper is brilliantly rip-stop meshed for a classic appeal while the suede fabric adds to its beauty. The strategically molded rubber outsole is so designed to provide superior grip while the signature tiger stripes bring back the classic appeal.
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  • Lightweight yet fexible
  • Flex canal midsole
  • Suede with nylon upper
  • Dual-tone lace design
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue for super comfort
  • Classic Tiger stripes
  • Sturdy rubber heel strip
  • Great traction
  • Pros
    • Retains the retro look with a touch of sophistication
    • Durable construction for lasting use
    • Extremely comfortable and very stylish
    • Dual-tone lace design for outdoor lifestyle
    • Cushioned tongue and collar for ultimate comfort
    • Durable rubber outsole provides superior grip
    • Brings back the classic appeal with the signature Tiger stripes
    • Good arch support and all-day comfort
    • Seems to be cheaply made
    • Gets dirty easily
    • Sole begins to unglue

    7. Adidas Men's Court Stabil 12 Volleyball Shoe

    7. Adidas Men's Court Stabil 12 Volleyball Shoe
    If top-notch performance is what you desire from your fencing shoes, the Adidas Stabil Indoor Court Shoe won't disaapoint. Impeccable attention to detail, low-profile design, lightweight construction, and superior performance are just a few attributes of this low-cut Adidas court shoe. The most notable features is the heavy-duty top layer (SPRINTWEB) which is also breathable to allow for a superior fit. It provides the best all-around protection to take even the most potential opponent to the wall. It secures the foot quite well while providing flexibility and stability without putting any stress of the foot.
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  • SPRINTWEB top layer for extra protection
  • Impact resistance ADIPRENE heels
  • Best all-around protection for foot
  • TORSION SYSTEM allows for mid-foot stability
  • Excellent grip on all indoor surfaces

  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Pros
    • Lightweight and flexible for comfort fit 
    • Breathable SPRINTWEB top layer for added protection 
    • Impact resistance ADIPRENE heels safeguard ankle and knee
    • TORSION SYSTEM enhances mid-foot hold for great performance 
    • Provides better grip on all indoor surfaces
    • Superior foot protection at a good price
    • Delivers shock absorbing properties
    • It feels a bit narrow
    • It suffocates feet after repeated use
    • A Little bit pricey

    8. Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66 Sneaker

    8. Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66 Sneaker
    The iconic Mexico 66 is a revolutionary design that first appeared in the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968 and has been the most desired addition in the Onitsuka Tiger line since then. The revolutionary sport sneaker makes a grand comeback with a refurbished and sophisticated design completed with the highest-quality leather treatment and polished tiger stripes adorned by a remarkable heel and toe cap. Quality craftsmanship and state-of-the-art features make this unique racer an iconic one that truly justifies the "Made of Japan" notion. If you're looking for a more sophisticated urban racer at a budget-friendly price, the Mexico 66 won't disappoint.
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  • Highest quality leather treatment
  • Lace-less design with metallic eyelets
  • Cushioned footbed for superior comfort
  • Rubber toe bumper for extra protection
  • Remarkable heel and toe cap
  • Dual tone EVA midsole for perfect cushioning
  • Pros
    • Highest-quality leather treatment on the side panels
    • Signature tiger stripes for a classic appeal
    • Dual tone EVA midsole provides ideal cushioning
    • Low-to-the-ground fit and feel for great comfort
    • Insanely comfortable and low-tread
    • Perforated foot-bed is padded for extra comfort 
    • Great for walking around the city
    • Quality craftsmanship with state-of-the-art features
    • These are extremely large
    • Sizing is a bit off

    9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Fence-Ing Boy’s Sport Sneaker

    9. Kenneth Cole Reaction Fence-Ing Boy’s Sport Sneaker
    For a name that's renowned for its sophisticated approach and urban aesthetic, this fancy boy's sport sneaker from the house of Kenneth Cole Reaction surely won't disappoint. A well-knit boy's sneaker designed to make a statement, this uber cool fencing pair of shoes is specifically targeted for those who like to be on the edge of trending fashion and who enjoy an urban lifestyle. Kenneth Cole kids' line is specially designed with the modern-day urban kids in mind who like to go with the trend. And the Fence-ing Sport Sneaker is no exception. Walk the streets in style in your Kenneth Cole Reaction sneaker!
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  • Designed for fashion forward kids
  • Uber cool boy's sport sneaker
  • Efficient lace-up construction
  • Pierced suede design throughout
  • Rounded toe for snug fit
  • Textile insole and lining
  • Pros
    • Durable handmade  upper construction for a classic appeal
    • Lace-up closure provides a snug fit
    • Flexible leather upper with perforated detail at sides
    • Collar is padded for superior comfort
    • Insole and lining is man-made for sophisticated touch
    • Perfect all-day comfort for urban kids
    • Fits snugly and is very comfortable
    • Great bargain for a fashion sneaker
    • These are pretty stiff
    • Sizing is not accurate
    • It feels a little narrow

    10. Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS Gel Lyte III Lc Sneaker

    10. Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS Gel Lyte III Lc Sneaker
    Enhance your fighting experience with the Onitsuka Tiger's most sought-after Gel Lyte III sneaker that's designed to perform. This ultra-light sneaker is known for its innovative design and classic styling, with "split tongue" being the most noticeable feature that catches the attention. The uppers are refurbished completed with all-suede overlays and underlays with each beautifully etched with innovative laser-treated patterns for extra styling. Its signature tiger stripes add to its aesthetic and the white midsole is a subtle touch that only adds to its beauty.
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  • Padded tongue for extra comfort and support
  • Split Tongue feature
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • Cushioned footbed is removable
  • Refirbished upper construction
  • Laser-cut etching and pattern on side pannels
  • EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Rubber outsole with flex grooves for extra comfort
  • Pros
    • Refinished upper construction for extra styling
    • Premium aesthetic with signature tiger stripes 
    • ASICS GEL-Cushioning system for ultimate shock absorption
    • Lightweight and breathable fabric
    • Remarkable heel collar padding and comfort
    • Ensures a consistent and luxury fit
    • Laser-cut etchings on the side panels
    • The stitching is not up to the mark
    • The sizing is not accurate
    • Poor functionality
    • Not quite flexible