Best Gatorade Flavors Reviewed For Thirsty Athletes

Gatorade is a sports drink that has been enhanced with minerals known as electrolytes. These beverages are great for people who exercise regularly but are also a good cure for people that have hangovers. Physicians have been known to recommend Gatorade as a product for those who are having tummy issues and need to rehydrate their system.


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Glacier Freezeimg
  • Glacier Freeze
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  • Supplement
  • Boost of electrolytes
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  • Orange
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Improves Stamina
  • Gentle Energy
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  • Tidal Punch
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Lactic Acid
  • Metabolism
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One of the biggest benefits that an enhanced sports drink can do is to keep the balance within your body. When you exercise, sweat removes a lot of needed nutrients from your body. Consuming these beverages will ensure that your mineral to water level is regulated and keeps you healthy.

Sports drinks are designed to help your performance improve. They do it by replenishing your nutrients fast enough so that you have the energy to keep performing at your peak. The give and take are that there is a lot of sugar contained in each serving. However, it was designed in this way because there is an expectation that you will burn it off as you continue your exercise.

Despite being a sports drink, it is a great go-to drink of choice for people who are in desperate need to rehydrate. Spending a night on the town and drinking a lot of alcohol will cause you to lose a lot of minerals in your body. Unfortunately, minerals take an extremely long time for your body to reproduce and you often need to find an external source of it. Drinking a bottle of Gatorade after a night out will reduce the hangover symptoms.



10 Best Gatorade Flavors



1. Glacier Freeze

Glacier Freeze is a favorite of many people and has a very sharp color. While the blue stands out, it may confuse people as to what it truly tastes like as it is not a real fruit color. It is best described as having a fresh and citrus-like flavor and aroma. The strawberry flavor mixed into the beverage neutralizes the amount of tartness you may taste, making it only slightly tangy.
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People who exercise will easily reach a plateau where they are no longer able to become more fit without the use of a supplement product. This happens because your body becomes used to the amount of training and exercise it is put through. Unless there are physically added weights or some way to change the training, the body will no longer improve. This beverage can give a dose of energy allowing you to elongate your training time.

Boost of electrolytes
Electrolytes are important minerals found within our body that is necessary for it to maintain functioning. For athletes during training or exercise, it is especially important to drink something that is high in electrolytes. This gives your body the opportunity to stay at its peak for a longer period of time, thus giving you an opportunity to build more muscle and become stronger.

Cost and Value
This is a great product to use during all phases of your exercise. It can quickly help quench your thirst between sets and improve the amount of focus time you have. If you are feeling sore or run down, drinking this beverage will give you an extra dose of vitamins and minerals that may help you on your road to feeling better.

Compelling color

Citrus notes

Delicious tasting

Extra dose of electrolytes

Boosts your workout


The blue color is a little too artificial

2. Orange

This Gatorade flavor has a home in almost every pantry in North America. It is a generic flavor that people enjoy and not many will shy away from. It happens to also be one of the most purchased flavors within the entire Gatorade empire. Their tangy taste is a great choice when you are purchasing them to share with people or distribute to your teammates. This is a reliable flavor that any one is sure to appreciate.
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Improves Stamina
One of the most important things to improve on when you exercise is your stamina. Having better stamina means you are able to take short breaks between your training and recover faster. It is also what allows to work out longer without feeling exhausted as quickly. This will lead to stronger muscles and overall less fat within your body.

Gentle Energy
There are many products on the market that can help you with your fitness goals. Some of them contain chemicals or additives that make it much harder to digest. This can lead to discomfort or a host of other problems. Gatorade, on the other hand, is a good source of clean and gentle energy. The electrolytes have already dissolved, thus making it easier for the digestive tract to break down. This will eliminate any potential discomfort and ensure you absorb the maximum nutrients possible.

Cost and Value
This is a product that is suitable for all athletes that partake in any type of sports. The beverage is enhanced with nutrients that can kick start your body to recover after training or replenish your lowering nutrient count during the actual exercise. These drinks do not contain alcohol or caffeine, allowing children to also partake in using them. Because they come in so many flavors, there is one that you are bound to enjoy!

Pack mule

Tangy and sour

Easy digestion

Increased energy

Better stamina


The orange taste is too fake

3. Tidal Punch

This is a fan favorite of many people as it has a very smooth finish. There are no weird aftertastes and simply have a light ending similar to water. Not many people have tried this flavor simply because it is hard to find. However, most people that have tried it love it and will not go back to the regular flavors.
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Lactic Acid
Many people feel stiff and sore after a particularly hard workout. This is because an acid known as lactic acid starts to build up in your muscles. These are really the empty shells of your used cells that bunch together and become toxic. This beverage contains minerals that can break down the lactic acid and encourage it to move along. The reduced amount of build up in your muscles means you won’t feel as sore afterward.

Your metabolism slows down after you sleep. In order to wake it up, you need to eat or drink something prior to your exercise. However, you cannot eat and exercise right away. Many people use this product to kick start their metabolism as it delivers essential nutrients to keep them energized and ready to work out. This beverage will activate your metabolism and get your fat burning while ensuring you have the energy needed to keep up with your routine.

Cost and Value
This product is to be consumed and enjoyed by people of all ages. They are a great drink to rehydrate after your training session or after soccer practice. A large number of flavors give people in the household options to find something they truly like. Along with the fact these drinks can replenish nutrients faster than your body can reproduce it, it’s a shocker that not all people enjoy it!

Light finish

Smooth and easy to drink

Removes lactic acid

Kick Starts metabolism

Helps weight loss


Hard to find in stores

4. Lemon Lime

4. Lemon Lime
The lemon-lime flavor is an absolute fan favorite. There are only a few selected people that do not enjoy this flavor. This particular product tastes like lightly sweetened lemon water. It is refreshing and absolutely delicious. It is especially popular among people who are not looking for a sugary drink and simply want an alternative to drinking plain water.
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Improves Blood flow
There are days where you feel sluggish and you just don’t want to go to the gym. This beverage contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your body. Once these nutrients are in your body, it can work to send more oxygen and energy to your brain thus waking your body up. This will encourage better blood flow and better circulation while you exercise.

Hangover Cure
People love spending the night enjoying themselves and being in great company. There are times where a little too much fun and alcohol have been had which causes a nasty hangover the next day. This particular product can work to restore a lot of your electrolyte levels and bring your overall nutrient level higher. This will help replenish your body and get you on the road to recovery.

Cost and Value
Most people can attest that hangovers feel awful so a product like this is worth its weight in gold. While many people choose Gatorade as a workout supplement, it can also alleviate your hangover symptoms by leaps and bounds. Just these two benefits alone cause this particular product to fly off the shelves.

Enhanced water

Hangover cure

Improves circulation

Most popular flavor

Cost efficient


Has a slightly salty aftertaste

5. Raspberry Lemonade

5. Raspberry Lemonade
This flavor is one of the newest flavors in Gatorade. Historically, these beverage recipes have always had its own blend of flavor. Raspberry lemonade is the first Gatorade product to have a flavor already popularized by many other beverages with the same taste. The drink starts off strong with a fruity flavor and has a slight tart finish.
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Low Sugar
Many people that exercise and keep fit are wary of what they put into their system. Often times people will calorie count when they are eating, but neglect to calculate the amount of sugar in their coffees and teas. This particular flavor was created with very low sugar content, this allows people on strict diets or have dietary restrictions to enjoy this drink as well.

Burns Fat
This product works together with your exercise to burn the fat from your body. Many products will help you excrete the water weight from your body without truly removing the fat. Drinking this beverage will allow you to work out for longer periods which allows your body to access the stored fats in your muscles. Once the stored fats are removed and burned off in your workout, it will automatically bring down your overall body mass index.

Cost and Value
This product can be used during all three stages of exercising: before, during, and after. Depending on when you consume it, there are different properties and benefits which all lead to improved and better health. It is a product of high value as it can replace many pre-workout and post-workout supplements, allowing you to save money.

Burns fat

Elongates training time

Low sugar

Electrolyte boost

Improves stamina


Too tart at the end

6. Glacier Cherry

6. Glacier Cherry
This is a great tasting Gatorade for people who like cherries. This beverage tastes incredibly similar to real cherry without the tart and acidic bite at the end. Sour cherries can come off a little strong, this drink removes the abrasiveness while keeping the flavor rich. The Gatorade company has done a fantastic job in preventing this flavor from reminding people of cherry flavored medicine.
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It is a natural reaction for your body to start sweating when you exercise. It is important to replenish the diminishing liquids within your body. While most people recommend water, you may find yourself extremely thirsty after an entire bottle of water. Gatorade has a perfect blend of enhanced nutrients within their beverages that can work to decrease the amount of thirst you feel while restoring your nutrient levels.

Mental Energy
Many people have the misconception of training being just about your body moving. In fact, exercising or training requires a lot of mental focus. Over time, your brain becomes tired and need the energy to sustain the high level of concentration. This beverage has minerals which can give your brain a boost to keep it energized and going.

Cost and Value
This is a great product for people that are training for an upcoming competition. When your body is put under intense training, it needs more nutrients to keep going. While protein supplements are a great way to keep energized, you are limited by how much you can consume. This beverage, on the other hand, has no limit and functions as an enhanced drink to keep you hydrated and ready to for the mental and physical challenge.

Real cherry taste

Light taste

No artificial coloring

Mental alertness



A little sugary

7. Strawberry Watermelon

7. Strawberry Watermelon
This particular flavor is a favorite of younger generations. It has a sweet flavor with a strong hint of berries. The watermelon finish neutralizes the sourness of the berries and prevents the beverage from being tart. Most people prefer to drink this flavor cold as the watermelon makes the beverage incredibly refreshing.
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People usually want what's best for their body, so they will try to fill it up with useful nutrients. Unfortunately, the amount you absorb is dictated by how well your digestive system functions. Less of the nutrient is absorbed if it is hard for your gut to break it down. The essential minerals you need come pre-dissolved in the Gatorade, making it significantly easier for your digestive tract to absorb.

Muscle Recovery
People enjoy working out because they feel great in doing it, however, most training sessions leave you feeling sore and in slight discomfort afterward. This is because your muscles have been doing a repeated motion for a long period of time. After your exercise, there needs to be an ample amount for your body to rest and recover. Consuming Gatorade after each exercise can reduce the amount of time needed before you can hit the gym again.

Cost and Value
This is a beverage that is enhanced with minerals to help reduce the time it takes for your muscles to fully recover. Sometimes your muscles do not have enough time to heal before your next tough training session. To prevent damage or hurting your muscles, Gatorade is a cost-efficient alternative to shorten your recovery time without breaking the bank with an expensive supplement.

Reduces recovery time

Repairs muscles

Easy to absorb

Tastes great cold

Delicious blend of flavors


Watermelon leaves weird aftertaste

8. Riptide Rush

8. Riptide Rush
One of the most frustrating things about this particular flavor is the name. Many people shy away from it because no one knows what riptides should taste like. While it has an unfortunate name, the people that were brave enough to try it absolutely love the flavor. The main flavor that appears on your pallet is grape, however, it is very light and not overpowering. Gatorade has successfully made a grape flavored drink that keeps its refreshing properties and is not overwhelmingly sweet.
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Improves Endurance
The amount of endurance you have is paramount to how long you can exercise as it is the energy you have to keep going. Many tough training sessions will push you past the point of exhaustion, this is to improve your endurance so you can keep going for longer periods of time. Consuming this beverage gives you extra burst vitamins and minerals that can generate energy so you feel less tired and exhausted while you exercise.

When the muscles in your body start to move and warm up, it causes them to become inflamed and swollen. This happens because your muscles are trying to grow by doing the same repetitive motion over and over again. This particular beverage can help to reduce the number of sore muscles you have. It delivers a dose of minerals that can penetrate deep into your muscles and cool them off, helping them relax.

Cost and Value
This drink is a wonderful product to have at home. It can be consumed anytime during the day and is an essential source of vitamins and minerals. While it is not recommended to be the only liquids you drink for the day, they work well to replenish any depleted nutrients when you exercise. Most of these drinks are sold in packs of six or twelve, which brings down the price and makes it easily affordable.

Lightly flavored


Reduces inflammation

Improves endurance

Drink for all ages


Flavor name is confusing

9. Blue Cherry

9. Blue Cherry
There is a general consensus that this is a delicious flavor that no one can describe. Unlike other products from Gatorade, this particular recipe is very bold and has a strong taste. However, there has been mixed answers for what it truly tastes like. The one thing for certain is that it tastes like a lot of berries mixed together.
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Vitamins and Minerals
The reason why people get incredibly hungry and thirst after a workout is not only because of the burned calories but because of the depleted nutrients. As you exercise, you use up a lot of vitamins and minerals that cannot be replaced or reproduced fast enough. It is a natural response in your body to try to restore your nutrient level by encouraging you to eat and drink everything in site. Gatorade can help deliver a fast dose of your much-needed nutrients, thus preventing you from overindulging in snacks.

Jitter Free
Many people do not enjoy using supplements when they work out because they contain a lot of stimulants. When the stimulants wear out, the user goes through an unsettling experience which is the crash that leaves you feeling worse than when you first started. While this beverage can supplement your workout, it contains no stimulants or caffeine. This will prevent you from the jittery or nauseous feeling afterward.

Cost and Value
An enhanced beverage like this one is a wonderful alternative to protein shakes and other thicker drinks that people find difficult to swallow. This has the consistency of water but has different flavors added into it so it does not taste as bland. They come in economical packs that the entire family can consume and enjoy. Along with the low price, no wonder these are a hit for the entire household!

No jitters

Caffeine and stimulant free

Replenishes lost nutrients

Mineral boost

Cost efficient


No exact answers to what the product is supposed to taste like

10. Fruit Punch

10. Fruit Punch
The fruit punch flavor is a hit and miss, either you love it or you hate it. This is because the flavor reacts very different on peoples pallet. Some love it as there strong notes of cranberry and strawberry while others likened it to cough syrup. Regardless, everyone has been able to come to a consensus that there is a strong cherry flavor in this product. This is a staple flavor in most homes as they are one of the most original flavors for the Gatorade company.
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Better Concentration
There are days where no matter what you do, your brain is distracted. A normal exercise routine that takes you an hour and a half may end up taking two. The distraction also causes you to not work your muscles as hard as you should and end up being ineffective. Having one of these drinks will give you a refreshing way to rehydrate and become more focused. The extra electrolytes will give you the energy to refocus your workout and have more concentration to hit those fitness goals.

Enhanced Recovery
During your workout, the muscle groups being targeted will become swollen and inflamed. It is normal to wear and tear to cause small tears within your muscle. Gatorade contains vitamins and minerals that will help repair the wear and tear so that it does not accidentally get aggravated. This will keep your muscle mass healthier and ready to exercise again.

Cost and Value
This drink is a great addition to water while you exercise. It gives you the flavor, which can add to creating a stimulation for your brain. Breaking up a monotonous work out can help you become more focused or concentrated for the entire workout. This product contains no caffeine or stimulants and will work as a great recovery drink for children and adults alike.

Original recipe

Helps your body recover

Better concentration


Repairs muscles


Tastes like cough syrup


Sports drinks are a great way to up your fitness game, however, they do not come with sacrifice. As mentioned, they are incredibly high in sugar and should not be consumed daily. These drinks should also not be consumed by people who do not exercise as the amount of sugar can lead to diabetes. It is also important to note that despite it being a beverage, it also contains carbohydrates. For people who are calorie counting or carb cutting, drinking Gatorade can affect your diet. Proper research must be done prior to making your decision whether to drink it when on dietary restrictions.



Criteria For Evaluating
The Best Gatorade Flavors


Each Gatorade flavor has a different makeup of sugar because every product has a unique recipe. It is important to take a look at the amount of sugar you are consuming and ensuring that it will not affect your diet. When reading the label, be really careful about what ingredients it contains as sugars will not simply be labeled as sugar. They may come in the form of other products such as molasses, nectar, cane syrup, and other names that may even be scientific.

Depending on the line of Gatorade products you are purchasing from, there is also a difference in sugar levels. The original Thirst Quencher line is the most popular but also contains the most sugar. Recently, Gatorade has tried to make their products appeal to people who are conscious about what they put in their body. There is a newer line known as the G2 line where most of the beverages contain half the sugar compared to the other products.

The most recent product Gatorade has created is the G0 line. As the name implies, there is zero sugar but maintains the electrolyte level of any other product. The G0 line does not contain sugar but contains aspartame which is a chemical that causes your sweet taste buds to react. While it is not real sugar, it is what people with diabetes or health reactions use to sweeten their drinks. While many people do not enjoy the taste of aspartame, there are many who prefer it over something bland.

The key is to do some research and understand what each line of Gatorade products can do for you. There are a total of six different lines, all craft unique recipes for their products. Depending on your needs and wants, you may find something that suits your fancy completely.


Another thing to consider when choosing a Gatorade product is what flavor you would want it. As mentioned previously, there are some interesting names to certain flavors that may leave you questioning what they truly taste like. Unfortunately, there is no list of what flavors each product is made of. The closest thing to helping you decide if the information you can find on the internet. The great thing about these beverages as they are not extremely expensive. You are able to purchase one to try without breaking the bank.

The six lines that Gatorade offer all have different flavors. Most products are made of different blends of fruits to create something enjoyable. Apart from the original flavors such as cherry, orange, and lemon-lime, there are also other flavors to consider. Some offer a strong start with a smooth finish while others may be bold and intense throughout the entire experience. For those who are not looking for anything strong and prefer things on the slightly muted side, there are also light but crisp flavors that keep you refreshed while you work out.

Mineral Level

Each product that Gatorade creates has a slightly different recipe. This will mean that the amount of minerals in each recipe differs as well. It is important to look at how much mineral is in each product as it can mean a whole world of a difference. While a flavor you love may not give you all the mineral you need, it may be necessary for you to settle on your second favorite flavor as it contains more electrolytes.

Electrolytes help maintain and regulate a lot of your body functions so it is important to always keep them as topped up in your body as you can. Exercise is also a crucial part of keeping your body healthy, unfortunately when you sweat the first to get excreted are your electrolytes. This is why it is incredibly important for you to find a way to replenish these depleted minerals. A lack of minerals in your system can cause symptoms such as fatigue and insatiable thirst. Some of the more serious ones include irregular heartbeats and misfiring neurons.

Some of your most important minerals are Calcium, Phosphate, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium. An extreme lack of these minerals can affect your motor and neuron functions. Your body does not need a lot of each mineral in order to function but because there is such a small cache in your body, you can easily throw your body off balance. When this happens, you will feel fatigued and sick until your mineral levels are restored.

The key is to do some prior research to calculate how much mineral intake you need to have based on your body structure and the amount of exercise you do. From there, you can choose all the Gatorade products that contain that amount of minerals and pick your favorite flavor.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase Gatorade?
A: They can be purchased at your local supermarkets or sports warehouses. If there are specific flavors you are looking for, it may be worth your while to purchase these products online. Unfortunately, physical stores do not have the shelf space to stock all flavors and will only choose a few generic or popular flavors. Online retailers will most likely have all the flavors, including the niche ones you are looking for.

Q: Are These Safe For My Kids To Drink?
A: Absolutely, however, it is important to remember not to let them drink it all the time. These products to contain more sugar and are meant to be a way to energize you for exercise or replenish your lowered nutrient levels.

Q: Why Does My Doctor Tell Me To Drink Gatorade When I’m Sick?
A: People that have caught a bug that causes vomiting and diarrhea often lose a lot of their electrolytes. As long as any sort of liquid is expelled from your body, you can be sure that electrolytes were part of that expulsion process. Gatorade is a great alternative source to replenishing minerals rather than needing to turn to medicine. On top of giving your body more liquids, it can also work to give your body that little bit of extra energy to heal and recover faster.


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