Best Gear Bags for Kids Reviewed and Rated

A gear bag is one of those adornments where the markdown mark looks fine and dandy at first look. Individuals get them, utilize them a few circumstances, and wish they had spent a couple of more dollars for additional pockets, had contemplated a shoulder strap, discovered one with better quality development, and so forth. So, there are a lot of cheap sacks accessible that will fill the bill. It’s simply an issue of investing a little energy finding out about the majority of the choices.

Our Top 3 Picks

Adidas Diablo
  • Adidas Diablo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable
  • Price: See Here
Under Armour Storm
  • Under Armour Storm
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here
Adidas Defender II
  • Adidas Defender II
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Trendy
  • Price: See Here

Actually, a duffel bag is intended for utilize transporting necessities to and from a wellness focus, exercise room, pool, spa, yoga class, or anyplace else where individuals may need to change garments. Today, be that as it may, duffel bags are utilized for a great deal more. They can serve as a carrier portable suitcase, overnight pack, knapsack for school and climbing, or essentially anyplace else dynamic individuals run with things to convey.

Before making a buy, consider the greater part of the conceivable uses and recurrence of need. Choose whether the sack will have just a single particular capacity or will be utilized for a variety of circumstances. Decide how vital a planner mark might be, if shading matters, and the potential for extraordinary wear and tear.

Some of the top duffel bag makers are Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armor, and Puma.

Duffel bag Construction Materials

The decision of material for a duffel bag depends generally upon utilize. The materials most broadly utilized are cowhide, canvas, and nylon. The cost of the sack will be influenced extraordinarily by this component. Check the subtle elements altogether. Many sacks that are portrayed as calfskin may in truth be artificial cowhide or a man-made item that nearly looks like creature stow away. At times, these are really ideal from a strength angle.


For some administrators, both male and female, going from the workplace to the rec center or wellness focus, cowhide is a typical decision. It reflects achievement and status more than whatever other material. It is additionally more often than not the most costly choice. While cowhide might be okay to go to and from an exercise center locker and changing for a pickup b-ball game, it would appear to be a poor decision for a swimmer conveying wet attire forward and backward.

In any case, huge numbers of today’s calfskin packs are furnished with waterproof compartments that different wet bathing suits from everything else. Also, since really dynamic exercises tend to leave any garments things wet from sweating, segregating them from everything else is a smart thought from the viewpoints of both pack security and wiping out smells.

The scope of estimating is extraordinary, contingent on the nature of the cowhide, tanning, and assembling models. Cowhide is the most widely recognized calfskin utilized because of toughness. Search for calfskin that is scratch safe and repulses water. A few cowhides advance the way that their appearance enhances with use because of shading changes and gaining that matured, troubled look.


Many individuals incline toward canvas to cowhide as it is less costly and is by and large lighter in weight. Canvas is really cotton or cloth fiber, firmly woven for expanded toughness. The better quality canvas duffel bags will give numerous times of consistent utilize.

The makers of canvas sacks will frequently take note of the canvas weight with the quantity of ounces per square yard. Higher qualities will go up to 18 ounces. These will likewise be heavier to convey.

Canvas offers the additional advantage of promptly tolerating colors for serious shading choices. Higher quality sacks regularly offer calfskin improvements, for example, conveying straps and trim for the regions of heaviest wear and tear. Oilcloth is a canvas that has been treated with oil or some other substance to enhance water resistance.


Situated at the lower end of the value scale, nylon sacks still offer much in the method for esteem. They may not wear the length of canvas or calfskin, but rather numerous clients don’t require or even need them to. The preferred standpoint to nylon is that the packs are almost dependably in the know regarding configuration updates and trendy hues. They are extraordinary for children who will develop out of a specific plan inside a year or two.

Duffel bag Design

Today’s duffel bags have particular outlines for the movement of essential utilize. Now it is prudent to take a gander at all of the conceivable requirements for the pack. What amount does it have to hold? Does it need to have isolated compartments and do any of them should be waterproof? Would it be useful to have haggles pull handle?


For some individuals, duffel bags can extend in size from little handheld duffels to the greatest took into consideration aircraft lightweight packs. The individuals who simply backpedal and forward from a week by week class needn’t bother with the additional weight and cost of a vast sack. Then again, those utilizing a duffel bag a few times each week or day by day and who must transport heavier substance will lean toward a bigger pack.

A later development is the exercise center sack or sack pack. These are lightweight nylon sacks with shoulder strings that are just for the nuts and bolts. They are very compressible and can be effectively put into a bigger sack when advantageous. They are very valuable while transporting only a couple of exceptionally lightweight things.


The upside of haggles force handle is self-evident. Simply remember these components can include significant weight on occasion when lifting and conveying is required. For the individuals who travel a considerable measure, a sack with wheels can turn into the ideal answer for conveying different packs. A similar pack can fill in as an aircraft go ahead and a duffel bag.

Wheels can likewise prove to be useful when utilizing open transportation and in long parking garages. Elderly and individuals with physical incapacitates likewise advantage significantly.


For some, the run of the mill two handles at the highest point of the sack will work fine and dandy. Others may need a solitary longer strap to straddle one shoulder. Still, others incline toward a rucksack style with two shoulder straps, particularly while conveying numerous things. Remember that these straps can get to be distinctly irritating and have a tendency to get caught on all that they contact when they aren’t being used.


The scope of compartments and pockets on duffel bags is wide. There can be upwards of six or eight better places to store embellishments on any sack. Some are situated inside the external structure and might be cushioned for additional insurance. Some are waterproof for wet apparel and bathing suits. Others can be isolated for individual utilize.

It is best to list everything that will possibly go into the pack before buying. Foreordain what must be kept discrete and secured, for example, a tablet PC, tablet, or camera. Most packs will offer nitty gritty depictions for aggregate square inches and the measure of every compartment.

What types of gym bags are there?

Enter the modern day gym bag. The times of tossing your offbeat workout clothes into the trusty old duffel are dunzo. With a wide range of sacks for men hitting the market recently, from modern rucksacks to duffel packs, the variety of athletic choices accessible has never been more prominent. Furthermore, before running off to the nearby donning products store, you ought to acquaint yourself with the mainstream shape calculates out there.

Backpack: Easily convenient packs for hyper-practical sorts in a hurry, with sensible stockpiling for attire and gear.

Duffel: Designed particularly for rec center purposes with work air vents for dissemination, different pockets, and two thick straps for commonsense versatility.

Holdall: The most urbane of the cluster, they’re also called weekenders and perfect for getaways or putting away your finest strings when making moves.

Rucksack: A shoulder strap with energetic components produced using solid, waterproof material and generally mainstream among open air conformists.

Sackpack: Drawstring packs that are super-lightweight and hold an assortment of things in an extensive single pocket.

Tote: More of the secretive style of sack produced using distinctive materials that offer a lot of inward and external pockets with two diverse methods for conveying it.

10 Best Gear Bags for Kids

1. Adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag

This is a durable bag, with a 600-denier polyester material made for standing up for a heavy usage, and top filling, featuring a sporty two-tone design, with contrast piping, and a classy Adidas logo on the front side.
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The zippers are mainly compartment and are providing easy access to your items placed in the bag. It has a large main storage, dual carry handles, with an adjustable shoulder strap and padded grips. This bag has a U-shaped top loading, offering to place clothing and shoes, and has enough space to pack some personal items or a small toiletry kit.

Adidas Diablo Small Duffle bag is 18.5" x 11" x 10" in size, it’s a simple bag and it is perfect for going to the gym, carrying a pair of shoes and some clothes with you. They are just the right size to be qualified as a carry on item, sparing time as well as the money on checking bags. They are also good for camping and road trips, these bags are versatile, durable and stylish.
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Great quality
  • Great price value
  • The pictures on Amazon may not reflect their true colors

2. Under Armour Storm Undeniable II SM Duffle

This is the small duffle bag and it’s like the little brother of the same model large duffle bag. It’s basically the exact same bag just on a smaller scale.
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If you are looking for a nice lightweight carry-on bag for your youngster to carry his training gear in, this is a perfect choice.

Everything is the same as it is on the big one except for the shoulder carrying handle. On this version it is stitched to the bag, it doesn’t come off like it does on the large version. The smaller carry handles can be joined together on a top with a Velcro handle which is pretty standard for the bags these days.

On the side of the bag, you can see one zippered pocket that has a mesh compartment inside and it’s a quite thin pocket and on the other side you will find a pocket with a bit different lining. This one is made for dirty, wet, or muddy stuff, to keep it separate from your clean stuff. This pocket also has a vent system so it will prevent the smell build-up.

On the front you have one large zippered pocket for gloves, socks, etc. the main compartment is one big open cavity that can fit anything your kid might need and it has a small zippered pocket on the side.

The bottom of the bag is, of course, waterproof.
  • Waterproof
  • Great price value
  • Great quality overall
  • No detachable shoulder straps

3. Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

Styles and mold must come together. In the event that you require the trendy and cool duffel pack for any reason, keep in mind to take a gander at the Adidas mark.
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This top Adidas safeguard duffel sack has just 10% polyester part, which offers the considerable sturdy quality. It is a sort of logoed duffel sack with double top handles and separable and customizable shoulder strap.

There are 3 pockets altogether in which every one of them is large enough to store the basic stuff for game and rec center. It comprises of 1 inside zip and 2 outside zip. You know what they say? The safeguard II duffel medium is multi-reason and has heaps of significant worth.

The bag comes with a lifetime warranty which tells you how confident the company is about the quality. The removable padded shoulder strap is quite comfortable to carry.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Qualitative materials
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn't come with a shoulder strap

4. iEquip 12” 14” 18” 21” Duffle Bag, Gym, Travel Bag Two Tone

A combination of economy and toughness in view of multi-reason employments. Selections of packs are little, medium and substantial long, ideal for plane rides, travel, baggage, games and rec center utilize.
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This flexible sack has it all and accompanies 2 diverse two-tone hues. It is long and short and is has very nearly a cubic foot of space inside for medium/expansive ones. It has a side pocket for simple get to and removable flexible shoulder strap.

The zippers might need a bit more space to open and close, but this is not too much of an issue. The colors are as bright as you can see them on the pictures.

Overall, the bag offers an excellent value for the price and I would recommend this bag to anyone who needs a proper gear bag for the kids and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on it.
  • Great price value
  • Sturdy
  • Good quality
  • Great color
  •  Zippers might need a bit more space to open and close

5. Adidas Team Issue Duffel Bag

This duffel bag gives you through and through usefulness in an extreme, travel-prepared outline. With a ventilated compartment on the end to stow shoes, the pack highlights a water-repellent tough ripstop development that helps your preparation adapt remain dry.
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For an exercise or an away amusement, there is no better pack with a Lifetime Warranty out there. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to keep your apparatus composed and isolated, there are 4 zippered pockets and an enormous principle compartment for the huge stuff.

The distinct advantage is the HYDROSHIELD base - it will have the capacity to get destroyed and hold up to the components.

The padded shoulder strap is very comfortable which is very convenient for long hauls. The nice little addition is the ventilated side pocket in which you can keep your wet and dirty shoes and stuff.
  • A lot of pockets 
  • Sturdy 
  • Good price value
  • Too small

6. Coreal Duffle Bag Sports Gym Travel Luggage Including Shoes Compartment – Women & Men

Coreal is a brand of bags and garments. This 32L expansive limit duffle pack made of wear-safe nylon, super lightweight and waterproof.
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Movable removable shoulder strap with hostile to slip bear pad, durable handles address the issue of compact or clined bear on the arm. There are many pockets in this bag, you can put your stuffs in various pocket and keep sorted out and simple to discover them. A packable inward shoes copartment is advantageous and practical. You can roll the pocket in the principle sacks when the pocket not being used which never possess much room. It will be an incredible need for not make any difference outside games or exercise center game.

The main pocket is large enough for anything your kid might need. The bag also features one zippered security pocket for valuable items, two zippered front pockets for accessories and electronics, two side pockets for umbrella or water bottle, and, of course, the shoe compartment.
  • A lot of pockets
  • Spacious
  • Good quality
  • Stylish
  • Overall quality is not that great

7. Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks Overnighter Duffel Bag

The craziest, cutest, car influx ever. A top of the line outline by Olive Kids, the Trains, Planes, and Trucks design makes innovative utilization of intense essential hues.
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The design is mixed gathering of vehicles emerging delightfully from the cool blue foundation.

Great for school, sports practice, sleepovers, and then some. The strong outside makes these sacks flexible, while the ample inside makes getting pressed and unloaded a secure. Highlight’s a convenient, separable shoulder strap.

One-year producer's guarantee against imperfections - ordinary wear-and-tear, and abuse barred. Thoroughly tried to guarantee that all parts are sans lead, without bpa, sans phthalate, and fit in with all standards and controls put forward by the Consumer Products Safety Information Act.
  • Attractive design
  • Great for school and sport activities
  • Good price
  • Small size

8. Wildkin Big Dots Aqua Overnighter Duffel Bag

The bag includes a dampness safe inside nylon lining, separable cushioned shoulder strap, roomy inside, outside zippered compartment, and so on. Incredible for sleepovers, camp, sports practice, and travel.
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The item is weaving well disposed. It's recommendable for ages 3 and older. Design Description: Part of our famous Big Dot arrangement, this Big Dots Aqua design highlights beautifully symmetrical, jolting water dabs on a foundation of rich purple. The Big Dots arrangement likewise incorporates Pink Dots, Green Dots, and Magenta Dots.

Awesome for school, sports practice, sleepovers, and that's just the beginning. The solid outside makes these sacks adaptable, while the spacious inside makes getting stuffed and unloaded a secure. Features a convenient, separable shoulder strap.

The bag comes with a one-year warranty and all of the parts are rigorously tested to make sure they don’t contain lead and other toxic materials.
  • Separate shoulder pat
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Good quality overall
  • Quite small

9. KidKraft Sports Duffle Bag

Pack every one of their bats, balls, rackets, pullovers and have space to save in the KidKraft Sports Duffle Bag. This super-cool duffle is worked for the greater part of their after-school exercises, sleepovers, and different enterprises.
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It's produced using water-safe polyester with a couple of agreeable, cushioned shoulder straps that conform as your kid develops. Its various outside and inside pockets give an assortment of approaches to stow the majority of your kiddo's rigging and basics from chomp measured snacks to bigger things like a tablet.

Recommended for ages 3 and up, the KidKraft Duffle Bag is the ideal extra for your in a hurry youngster. Measurements: 11.42W x 5.51D x 14.96H in.

The bag features a strong polyester construction. It’s dark with games ball pattern and dark accents. It has an expansive main compartment with tablet sleeve and inside pockets, front zipper pocket, and 2 side work pockets. Flexible cushioned shoulder straps.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Cushioned shoulder strap
  • Great price value
  • None


Getting yourself or your kid a duffel bag is in no way, shape or form a simple errand. There are such a large number of choices available and it can be greatly hard to just pick one of the numerous alternatives that are accessible. Ideally, in the wake of perusing this article, it has opened your eyes a bit to the things that you need fused into your duffel bag the extent that elements are concerned. We additionally trust that our rundown of the best men’s duffel bag’s opened your eyes a bit as far as the alternatives you have and also what you can expect regarding value ranges and elements. Good luck in your look for the best duffel bag, good fortunes with your wellness preparing!