Best Judo Shoes Reviewed and Compared

What is a Judo Shoe?

Truly, the first judo fighters fought barefooted. As the game was created by different societies, shoes were presented amid matches. The principal shoes were uncommonly cushioned shoes as worn by old judo fighters. Today, the game of judo has refined the fundamental judo shoes into something lightweight, strong, and ergonomic. Judo shoes are deliberately built to give solidness and support in key regions of the foot while permitting most extreme hold on the tangle to improve a judo fighter’s capacity to apply his body weight, all of a sudden and powerfully or in more unobtrusive movements.

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Tiger Claw Feiyue
  • Tiger Claw Feiyue
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  • Appropriate
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PUMA Redon
  • PUMA Redon
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • OrhtoLite insole
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UNOW Cloth Shoes
  • UNOW Cloth Shoes
  • 4.2 out of 5
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  • Flexible
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Judo shoes are shoes, yes, however, they are more than just shoes. They are a mind boggling some portion of the game of judo and are, by configuration, empower you to amplify your speed, range, and movement.

Why Wear a Judo Shoe?

For judo fighters, the correct combine of judo shoes can give you an upper hand and convey your amusement to another level. Judo shoes are designed to permit most extreme execution for all judo developments, for example, holds, pinks, take-downs while enhancing both foot footing, adaptability and adjust at the same time giving lower leg bolster. In layman’s terms, a judo shoe empowers you to be a superior judo fighter.

Nonetheless, there’s a ton of assortment with regards to judo shoes. Simply, there’s an extraordinary arrangement to browse and each judo shoe model is custom-made to a particular sort of judo fighter. Why wearing any judo shoes will see a change in your adjust, footing, and lower leg bolster over say running shoes, you need to pick the best judo shoe for you to amplify your execution.

Judo shoes more often than not have a somewhat hoisted curve contrasted with other footwear. By calculating the foot forward somewhat, the shoes give judo fighters a superior capacity to create dangerous speed from a stationary position toward the begin of a match (or from a beginning position on the ground).

Types of Judo Shoes

There’s a great deal of assortment between judo shoe models — both between contending organizations and even between models in a similar organization. Each shoe show has inconspicuous varieties that oblige a specific client.

The objective of all judo shoes is to help a judo fighter streamline their weight dispersion at a split segment. This implies the shoe should have the capacity to sufficiently offer support to shield the lower leg from coming in undesirable headings when capable compel is connected (the judo fighter and the restricting judo fighter) while likewise boosting the soundness and adjust as the foot moves.

Notwithstanding the methodologies use by each organization to outline the ideal judo shoe, there are about two noteworthy classes we can isolate judo shoes into in view of the shoe sole plan.

  • Unisole Shoes
  • Part Sole

There are obviously different elements that separate, for example, footing designs, shoe tallness, shoe weight et cetera, however, the greatest distinction in real execution come down to the shoe sole sort.

Spit-sole shoe is considerably more adaptable shoes while unisoles, with the full-length sole, give more prominent footing on the judo mat. Both plans have professionals cons, and you’ll discover judo fighters who swear by each sort. Be that as it may, picking which is best for you relies on upon your particular individual judo needs.

Would You be able to Wear Boxing Shoes As Judo Shoes

No. You can, in any case, wear judo shoe as boxing shoes for easygoing boxing, pad work, or notwithstanding competing. Be that as it may, it doesn’t work a different way.

Numerous boxers do wear judo shoes amid preparing (particularly easygoing preparing), however for genuine bouts or genuine fighting sessions, they strap on boxing shoes/boots, not judo footwear.

The real distinction is in the sole sort and the curve stature. What’s more, the boot stature (boxing shoes can be mid top or high top while judo shoes are the low top).

Judo Shoes versus Boxing Shoes

Judo shoes have a hosted curve (intended to permit you to fall off the ground with most extreme speed) and the shoe soles are intended for footing on the tangle while boxing shoes are intended for footing and hold on a ring — not a similar surface. There’s additionally the distinction in footing designs under the shoe sole; judo either has around examples (to take into consideration footing at various foot edges) or forward V formed examples (footing straight forward). This is to supplement the foot development and weight circulation of a judo fighter amid judo developments. Boxing shoe footing (and general lower leg support) are custom fitted for the developments and position of boxing.

So despite the fact that the development, shape and general style of shoe is comparable, boxing shoes and judo shoes are in no way, shape or form a similar kind of shoe.

To what extent Will Judo Shoes Last

Judo shoes will normally give one, possibly two years of good use before they begin to go into disrepair. More costly models don’t generally last longer than the less expensive, passage level models; you’ll locate the top end judo shoes similarly as helpless to wear and tear as the least expensive. How much (and how hard) you prepare will influence the life expectancy of your shoes. In the event that you simply utilize your judo shoes for easygoing wresting, intermittent rec center work, you may get years out of your shoes. On the off chance that you are a focused judo fighter working out of a solitary combine of shoes, you may just get one season (or less) out of your shoes!

Most first class judo fighters have a few sets of their most loved shoes they turn used in. For tenderfoot judo fighters, you might need to put resources into a spending section level combine, however, as you progress in aptitude and experience, you might need to purchase a moment match of shoes to utilize.

Finding the Correct Wresting Shoe Fit

Shoe sizes shift contingent upon the brand and even change between the models inside a brand. Experienced judo fighters more often than not need a more tightly fit for more foot control while learner judo fighters may favor a marginally looser fit. New judo shoes will extend over fourteen days — so even a shoe that is somewhat of a tight fit will grow a bit in the event that you soften it up.

ASICS judo shoes are regularly a more tightly fit. By and large, you will need to pick one size bigger than your normal shoe measuring.

Adidas are for the most part on the tight side and you’ll need to select a shoe one size bigger than your typical size, for the greater part of their models.

Nike judo shoes are somewhat more genuine to estimate, however you may, in any case, need to purchase a shoe a large portion of a size to one size bigger.

Best Judo Shoe Features to Look For

While there’s a decent arrangement of decision between judo shoe models, there are a couple champion components I would consider as a portion of the best shoe highlights you ought to search for.

Engineered material: lighter shoes pass on a speed advantage and the lightest shoes are produced using manufactured material. While calfskin is commonly more solid, there are a few preferences to manufactured ins that it might offer better quality to withstand distinctive directional strengths. A portion of the more costly shoes can be produced using sued, which do pass on a few favorable circumstances in solace and solidness. Nonetheless, engineered materials more often than not give the lightest shoe weights.

Work vents: you’ll need a shoe with work netting on the sides. This keeps your feet cool and permits dampness to dissipate, which keeps pointless water weight from working up in your shoes. Wet shoes and feet are a weakness in judo and venting materials relieve this.

Elastic soles: elastic commonly demonstrates the best grasp on the tangle. There are evaluations of elastic, so you need a shoe with quality, tough elastic.

Stamp free shoe soles: given that you’ll be rubbing your shoes against either a tangle or hard surface, you need shoes that don’t leave a trail of elastic checking. A few models have this element.

Shoe Weight: normally, lighter shoes are better for speed and versatility based judo fighters (i.e. the individuals who are light weight) while heavier shoes may offer soundness points of interest for the more quality based judo fighters (regularly the heavyweights).

Shoe Grip: Good judo shoes must offer a decent hold, notwithstanding. As the tangle gets to be distinctly dangerous with sweat, your shoes will at present need to hold the floor. Elastic is commonly the best grasping shoe sole material.

Sewing Strength: Strong sewing implies your shoe will last more. It’s normal for judo shoes to go into disrepair after maybe a couple seasons. The feeble point is for the most part in the sewing ranges or where the elastic soles are paste to the shoe. A portion of the models that are more tough for the most part has solid sewing, guaranteeing you get the greatest length of utilization out of the shoe.

Uneven lace: these are the inclination of the judo fighter and basically offer a trim closures that are not adjusted equitably. This can make the trim ties more agreeable for a few judo fighters.

Coordinated trim carport: a component that you do need in a decent judo shoe. These essentially conceal the finishes of your trim attach to counteract scratching or cutting your rival. It additionally keeps your shoes tied up — that last thing you need are your bands coming fixed and getting under your shoe sole amid a match!

Additional Tie Strap: a few shoes give an additional strap close to the highest point of the shoe when you can fix. This gives additional support to the lower leg.


This is most likely the slightest critical element, yet influences somebody purchasing decision. As a rule, judo shoes have a one of a kind outline that separates them from other footwear. Added to this the way that judo shoes are agreeable and give a level of toe-to-ground material criticism that all other footwear needs, settle on judo shoes a mainstream decision for circumstances outside judo, for example, weight lifting, quality and molding, MMA, and boxing.

You can discover an assortment of hues, styles, and looks amongst models and brands, with a couple models that are especially emerge outwardly.

10 Best Judo Shoes


1. Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – White/Black

These shoes are canvas with a painted logo. For those expecting a Nike-style favor plastic logo, you may undoubtedly be disillusioned. However, canvas and paint look truly cool, particularly as these are useful shoes and not grown-up toys.
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Within is canvas, clean, with no insoles of the kind that tears out after constrained utilize.

The soles are solid and very much stuck. As promoted, they can be worn inside or outside, yet are most likely most appropriate for a rec center or a studio.

The soles of these shoes are intended for footing. From midfoot to heel, the sole is ribbed for footing; from midfoot to toe, the ribs point in reverse so that the wearer can slide forward, however, can't be pushed back. On the off chance that you are not searching for shoes with footing, or if your martial art requires a shoe that slides, then this won't be the shoe for you.
  • Solid construction
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great price value
  • Opening at the ankle might too large for some

2. PUMA Men’s Redon Move Fashion Sneaker

Above all else, ALL Pumas are narrow - there is no real way to get around it. In the event that you have wide feet, your feet will feel crushed for the initial 2 days as you adjust to any Pumas.
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Regardless of whether you're preparing for a three-round slug-fest or a five-round continuance test, prepare for all parts of Judo with the assistance of the Redon Move shoes from PUMA!They are made with manufactured calfskin uppers with a slight sheen for a cleaned look.

They include a delicately cushioned neckline and tongue and material fixing with an eco-OrhtoLite insole for solace, antimicrobial security and dampness wicking properties.Furthermore, there is a Stopper Hook snare and-circle conclusion framework for extraordinary fit and feel.
Punctured average side offers additional comfort.
There is also a rubber outsole with forefoot and heel rotate focuses for hold and brilliant sidelong developments.
  • Cushioned neckline and tongue
  • Eco-OrhtoLite insole for solace
  • Antimicrobial security and dampness
  • Comfortable
  • Somewhat expensive

3. UNOW Chinese Traditional Cloth Kung Fu Shoes, Black

This sort of material shoes have a rich history and culture, is a regular illustrative of Chinese culture.
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3,000 years of history demonstrated that these sorts of shoes are the best footwear for the human body.Presently, the shoes are made by customary specialty consolidated with current assembling strategies. They are comfortable, simplistic, durable, and flexible.They are the best decision for combative technique, judo, kung fu, Tai chi, hip-bounce, parkour, shake, wushu and other individuals.

They can likewise be a couple of easygoing shoes, appropriate for indoor/open-air utilize.These are probably the most comfortable shoes you will ever try on.

  • Comfortable
  • Simplistic design
  • Durable
  • Flexible materials
  • Sizes are smaller

4. Feiyue High Top Shoes

A High top rendition of the great black Chinese wushu shoe supported by martial artists worldwide and have been received by numerous parkour traceurs.
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Do they look extraordinary as well as the hello beat boot style gives included lower leg bolster when preparing and are prescribed by numerous as the best "unshod" shoe around.

Feiyues are surely far not the same as the normal running shoe. Because of the absence of padding your feet might be sore from wearing them basically on the grounds that they aren't sufficiently solid. In the event that you aren't utilized to moderate shoes, give it some time for your feet to get more grounded and adjust. Else, I observe them to be very agreeable thus do generally others. They do have to some degree more extensive fit. In the event that you find that they aren't exactly sufficiently cozy a trap is to trim them up with the "over and under" technique as opposed to the common befuddle style. The canvas upper gives satisfactory breathability. The bands end additionally down on the foot than most different shoes, around the highest point of the curve of your foot. This isn't awkward; however, it gives them an alternative vibe.
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Good price value
  • No padding

5. Tiger Claw Martial Art Shoes

These are the professional martial art shoes made by Tiger Claw. They are made of high-quality soft leather and they look quite good.
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These shoes will improve your movement and you will become more flexible while remaining comfortable during your training.They come in two colors you can choose from: black and white and the bag for carrying them is included in the package.

The design is pretty minimalistic, but it looks elegant and stylish, so if the elegance is something you are looking for, these are an excellent choice for you.They are very light and comfortable, but they do run a bit narrow, so if you have wide feet, you might want to order one size larger pair.
  • Two color options
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow toe box

6. Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Shoe

This fresh out of the box new fighting foot rigging is made for indoor fighting use just and endorsed for rivalry by NASKA, IKF, ISKA and more than 60 other authorizing bodies. The first and final PATENTED hand to hand fighting shoes outlined only to spar.
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Tested to scatter and retain impact superior to other foot covers. Full athletic shoe configuration guarantees a tight fit by walking which kills contorting when kicking with footpads. The unrivaled insurance gave by thick, thick and layered Ringstar R3 Closed-Cell froth all through shoes.

One of a kind Flex Grooves and Pivot Point give unrivaled adaptability and traction. Ultra-delicate sole structure for a hold that is ultra lightweight and adaptable Advantage Ankle Protector offers extra inward lower leg assurance.

The shoes feature additional cushioning in the toe box, fold, and tongue, and also the snare and circle secure conclusion framework.

White soles are there to protect mats - THEY WILL NOT LEAVE MARKS.
  • Great fit
  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Good price
  • May have a clunky feel

7. Mooto Wings Korea TaeKwonDo Shoes TKD Competition Twotone & Black 4 ½ to 14

On the off chance that you are searching for a simple to wear shoes for your TaeKwonDo rehearse, here is the Mooto Wings that is prepared to serve what you require.
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Making from engineered cowhide, the shoes will have the capacity to uncovered the hardest practice you take and definitely work solidly. The comfortable component and the best-fabricated body, this Mooto has gotten numerous five-star appraised from its clients. Click gave connect roared now and be the person who appreciates this agreeable Taekwondo shoes of Mooto.

  • Light
  • Flexible
  • Very comfortable
  • Sizes are not standard, be careful when choosing your size


Is it accurate to say that you are searching for branded shoes that will make you look popular easily? Here is Adidas SM II hand to hand fighting shoes that is the best shoe that you are searching for.
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While Adidas is an exceptionally understood brand of the globe, having Adidas on will make you look awesome. In the meantime you will appreciate the greatest accommodation for Taekwondo hone with the calfskin manufactured upper and EVA padded sole elastic outsole. Adidas SM II certification to make you feel it is all you requirement for your practice.
  • Elastic sole
  • Very comfortable
  • Quite flexible
  • Good price
  • Sizes are not standard

9. Century Lightfoot Martial Art Shoes

Uncommonly intended to help footwork amid combative technique hone, Century Lightfoot Shoes keep your feet cool and OK with their lightweight and malleable development.
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Highlighting floor-grasping elastic soles with rotate focuses, these shoes are made with astounding engineered cowhide for toughness.

The Century Lightfoot Martial Art Shoes were uncommonly intended for the combative technique, highlighting extraordinary rotate focuses that help you move and turn on a dime.

These lightweight shoes feature elastic soles for superb footing, and the flexible material adjusts to your foot while permitting you to move around as you need. The engineered calfskin material is accessible in your favored shading for a dependable combine of hand to hand fighting shoes that will help you enhance your system.
  • Promotes easy movement
  • Elastic soles
  • Flexible materials
  • Narrow build

10. Adidas Men’s Martial Arts Shoe, Black w/ Red Stripes

These shoes are very lightweight yet very durable which makes them ideal for heavy workout sessions. They are constructed of nice and soft leather.
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The top features a single lace design with pivot sole that increases your mobility. The shoes feature improved heel design that gives you an extra comfort. They are built low to the ground.

These shoes come in two available colors you can choose from. They come in black with red ribbons and white with black ribbons. Overall, it’s a great shoe for a karate or judo practicing.
  • Durable
  • Great for heavy workout sessions
  • Great price value
  • The glue might not stick too well


Judo is an extraordinary game, and the nature of the judo fighter is regularly influenced by the nature of his or her provisions. Putting resources into judo shoes can pay off as far as accomplishment, as well as help secure the body and ensure it flourishes. Judo fighters who find the correct shoes can utilize their feet to help them adjust, get a footing, and win matches.