Best Jumping Ropes Reviewed and Rated

In one of our articles, we discussed the many benefits of rope jumping. We don’t need to tell you, but jumping rope is one of the better exercises out there. It is almost infinitely versatile and portable, because you can jump rope almost everywhere, and it’s very small and light to carry around. The health benefits of the exercise are impressive as well – from increasing bone density, to high-speed calories burning, all the way to improving your immune system – jumping rope does it all.

Our Top 3 Picks

Survival and Cross Jump Rope
  • Survival and Cross Jump Rope
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Bare bones
  • Price: See Here
WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
  • WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Built for speed
  • Price: See Here
King Athletic Jump Rope Item
  • King Athletic Jump Rope Item
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

If you’re a boxer, kickboxer, Muay Thai king, MMA fighter, or even a swimmer, soccer player, basketball player, skier even… jumping rope is an exercise that will benefit you immensely. We should also add that it’s lots of fun as well – there are a myriad of rope jumping exercises that you can find online, and each and every one presents a unique, fun challenge.

And finally, rope jumping is also good for your mental agility. Scientists have demonstrated that any exercise that involves rhythm, movement and strategy works like heavy-weight exercises for the brain. Once you introduce rope jumping as a part of your routine, you’ll quickly find it even more satisfying if you add some variety of the movements. This, besides being hella fun (I can attest!), is also one of the most efficient, fastest ways to drop some weight by burning calories. Don’t believe me? Believe science then: 30 minutes of rope jumping can burn almost 500 calories! That’s around ¼ of the usual daily calorie intake, and is much more efficient than a slew of other exercises. To further illustrate the point – 30 minutes of rope jumping burns as much calories as running for a mile. Which one is easier, huh?

That being said, today we’re going to work our brains and burn our calories in a different way. Lest we forget to mention: jumping ropes are also one of the most affordable exercise items in existence. Regardless if you can use them in your home gym, or take them places with you, they’re super easy to carry around and dirt cheap to get. Recently, jumping ropes also come with additional bells and whistles though, like jump counters, digital displays, color, length and elasticity changing features, so there is a rich choice out there. So our task for today, dear rope jumper, is to present you with the best jumping ropes currently available on the market! We’ll burn some calories doing some research and reviewing some items for you (the best jumping ropes available on the market today!), and you’ll be burning some calories reading and thinking through our article… and hopefully, with some rope jumping soon after!

Factors to consider

Of course, this should be a pretty silly topic when it comes to jumping ropes, right? Well… wrong. Nowadays, jumping ropes have a lot of new and special features. Their length can be increased or shortened, their handles can be changed at will, and some even come with digital additions to track your progress on hand, or in connected apps. That being said, we will highlight all the special features for you, as well as the price to value ratio, all with the goal of helping you make the best choice for you!

Okay… 3… 2… 1… Jump!

10 Best Jumping Ropes


1. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

A pretty basic, low-key rope. No-nonsense design, which, can be both pro and a con. Survival and Cross are going for that image and feeling though, as their name and logo will tell you. This is a bare-bones jumping rope! Affordable, plastic handles, and steel cable. Nothing more, nothing less.

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No-Nonsense Design

Plastic handles will push you further and give you that gym feel. The skull and bones will also make you rethink some of your life choices. Need motivation? This rope’s got it!

Down to Earth Approach

Survival and Cross are going for a “give it to the people” approach, which is plenty apparent in their features. Wanna hear real people give real feedback? This is how it goes.


  • Great rope for CROSSFIT, BOXING MMA, OR WRESTLING. Easy to rip DOUBLE UNDERS or for long cardio sessions. Nice weight to the rope with solid handle and bearings. – Christ D.
  • This is THE jump rope to buy if you’re looking for a jump rope that doesn’t get tangled, is easy to adjust the length for different users, and is super lightweight. Very happy with my purchase. – Mattie
  • GREAT EXPERIENCE, and a GREAT PRODUCT. Loving this jump rope as a pre-MMA warm-up, and as part of a conditioning workout. Overall, 5/5 on all fronts. -Jonah P.
  • It’s long enough for me, that I’m 6ft and 5 inch tall. I use it several times in my boxing training 4 to 5 days a week and still like new. I recommend this product. – Raul S.
  • Great LIGHTWEIGHT FAST JUMP ROPE for folks serious about cardio training. Easy to store and adjustable it is good for boxing, MMA or just those interested in being fit. -Wes

  • Price/Value

    Very good deal here. Sure, you may get the bare minimum, but hey – it’s at the minimal price. The best budget option on our best jumping rope list.
    • Affordable
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • Length can be adjusted easily
    • Bare bones
    • Some users report low build quality

    2. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

    WOD Nation are serious when it comes to your WOD quota. You do it or you fail! Who knew that a jumping rope could look serious, but this is definitely the case here. No foam covering on the handles – just good old sturdy gym plastic. A great feeling, that one. Almost a challenge that makes you exercise harder. But the main point here is speed – this rope is design to make you go ballistic with your jump rope RPM! The handles and the rope are connected to a single bearing, connected to the rope. This makes it go full 360 with no hindrances at all… Take care not to slap yourself while at it.

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    Built for Speed

    The ball-bearing design of the handle is a beauty to behold. It’s made out of one bearing, through which the rope actually goes. This makes the rope move very fast, unhindered, in all directions. You’ll break the sound barrier with this rope!

    Focus on Professional Workouts

    The design of the rope makes it plenty clear that this is one no-nonsense jump rope. WOD Nation are committed to not just being professionals, but letting professionals feel like professionals. No coddling, and only for serious athletes.


  • CUT SECONDS OR EVEN MINUTES OFF YOUR WOD TIMES – This jump rope is not only fast but also creates a very stable rope swing so you can easily recover from inaccurate swings
  • STOP DOING SINGLES WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING DOUBLES – After customizing this speed jumpe rope with a quick snip of a wire cutter you will be on your way to stringing together multiple double unders
  • GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE – We designed this speed rope to not only spin fast but last a long time.
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – we pride ourselves on customer support. If you have any problems, we’re here to help.
  • BEST VALUE (2-IN-1 PLUS FREE GIFT) FOR YOUR MONEY – Find comparable jump rope, plus extra cable, and add them together
  • FREE carrying bag on EVERY order!

  • Price/Value

    Very good. The only downside we can think of is the lack of foam covering on the handles, but aside from that, this is one high quality, blazing fast rope! Go pro or go home!
    • High quality design
    • Will last a long time
    • Built for speed
    • Cutting-edge design
    • Affordable
    • Handles are not foam covered

    3. King Athletic Jump Rope

    Well, as the name of the makers might tell you – we’re dealing with royalty here. And make no mistake, this rope is surely of top quality, fit for a king! Besides featuring durable, sturdily made handles that are generously covered with high-quality foam, King Athletic’s jump rope also features a cord made of genuine leather. Excellent quality, no doubts about that here.

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    Made From 100% Genuine Leather

    This is the first thing that you’ll notice about this rope – it is made from genuine leather, unlike the majority if skipping ropes today. If you’re a vegan though, this is not a plus, but this product is of excellent quality and will last you a lifetime!

    Excellent Handles

    This jump rope has some of the best handles on the jumping rope market right now. Extra foam cover, sturdily built handles, with a robust length adjustment mechanism. Excellent job, King Athletic!


  • FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE – Enjoy our complimentary eBook which outlines a ton of great techniques for taking your workout to the next level!
  • EXCEEEDS EXPECTATIONS – This jump rope will help you build endurance, stamina and speed while improving your muscles tone throughout your entire body!
  • It is a classic favorite amongst Boxing, MMA, CrossFit and Cross Training enthusiasts.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – Enjoy the option to adjust the rope easily to your desired length. It takes less than 5 minutes!
  • The standard rope is 9’4″ in length and designed for individuals as tall as 6’10”.
  • BUILT TO LAST – Custom molded foam grips come with super-speed ball bearings that ensures smooth, effortless and even rotation.
  • Made from 100% GENUINE LEATHER, this skip rope is built to withstand HEAVY-DUTY use.
  • HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE: Buy 2 King Athletic Jump Ropes, Save 5%!

  • Price/Value

    Excellent. Want to be treated like a king? You won’t find a better deal, you king of jumping rope!
    • 100% Genuine Leather
    • Will last you a long time
    • Great handle design and foam cover
    • Easily adjustable length
    • Affordable
    • Some users have trouble unscrewing the handle caps

    4. PowerSkip Jump Rope

    Epitomie Fitness have made a solid jumping rope, and it comes in three colors – red, green and blue! Very cool design, and the handles are also covered in soft foam that feels very comfortable to touch and takes care of any surplus sweat. Additionally, the handles feature a very easy, on-the-fly rope adjustment system, which lets you make the rope shorter or longer. The PVC cover on the rope also makes it tangle-free. Overall, a good jumping rope.

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    Fully Adjustable

    And easy, too! The handles have a screwing cap that you can remove to reveal the internal simple mechanism for rope length adjustment. You can even go without cutting the rope. Very handy.

    Nice Foam Covered Handles

    Honestly, these both look and feel very good – your hands will not get tired even after prolonged rope jumping, and the rope won’t slip from your hands. Nice!


  • SMOOTH & FAST – The ball bearing system in the handles and the polymer coated speed cable ensures you get the smoothest and fastest rotations.
  • The jump rope cable is also 100% tangle free so you no longer have to untangle the rope ever!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – The quick cable length adjuster inside each foam handle means that the jump rope can be used by the entire family and training partners alike.
  • The weighted cable supplied will suit heights between 5’0″ to 6’8″ for men, women and children.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT – The handles are light weight and coated with custom memory foam grips for extra comfort.
  • The handles are also ergonomically shaped for long rope jumping sessions so you can get the most out of your workouts.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – In the off chance that you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it for a FULL REFUND!
  • Pros
    • Light and easy to use
    • Foam covered handles
    • Ergonomic handle design
    • Tangle free
    • Simple length adjustment mechanism
    • Some users find the rope to be too short

    5. 321 Strong Aluminum Fitness Jumprope

    321 Strong are aiming for the stars with this rope, and they kinda hit all the marks. (Or, they at least land on the Moon, which is great!) Lots of cool features with this jumping rope. Although it may seem rather ordinary at first glance, that’s not the case. It is one of the longest jumping ropes on the market (11 inches) which makes it suitable to everyone, even to extra tall people-giants! The length can also be easily adjusted, but if you’re looking for speed here – you got it. The ball-bearing mechanism of the handles features an off-center hole for the rope, which increases the rope’s momentum. Additionally, the hole is wide enough so you can change ropes, or cables, if you feel so in the future. No sweat. And not just figuratively – the handles feature sweat-whisking foam covering. Plus, it comes with extras such as a carrying bag and more. This rope is great!

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    Longest Rope

    Sitting at full 11 inches, this is one of the longest ropes on the market. Really tall people will love this rope!

    Off-Center Rope Hole for Added Momentum

    Pretty self-explanatory, but let us repeat that this rope will move faster than other ropes, even if you apply the same movements. Great for achievers!


  • Generous handle length measures 6 inches long, with comfortable foam grips for a secure hold, and easy to adjust oversized thumb screws
  • Longest cable available, 11 feet, perfect for men and women of any height, even up to 7 feet tall with vinyl end caps to eliminate scratches is made of braided steel wire, coated in PVC for a durable and smooth
  • Included nylon carrying bag for easy storage, compact size makes it very portable
    90 degree ball bearing aluminum handles provide for high RPMs with tangle free operation, perfect for double unders
  • Includes replacement cable, includes spare thumb screws and vinyl caps, so you are never without a working jump rope


    Very good price to value ratio. This is a great jumping rope coming with a lot of smart features, and easy to use. All that genius for a medium price. Sold!
  • Pros
    • Lengthier than other ropes
    • Off-center hole for greater speeds
    • Foam covered handles
    • Ball-bearing mechanism
    • Comes with a carrying bag
    • The screws need occasional tightening

    6. Limm Jump Rope

    Solid, if very simple design. Limm seem to have taken the old adage to heart – “simplicity is key.” Even Albert Einstein praised the merits of simplicity, and we bet he jumped rope at least once in his life! Limm’s jumping rope is adjustable, lightweight and comfortable to use. The handles are coated with comfortable foam that will never make your hands slippery with sweat and never tire your wrists. Overall, a very good jumping rope, at a very affordable price.

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    Fully Adjustable and Hard to Tangle

    The handles feature a very easy way to adjust the length of the rope. You can either shorten it or lengthen it in seconds! Additionally, the ball-bearing feature makes sure that the rope doesn’t get stuck or tangled while you’re doing all those fast spins.

    Ergonomically Designed Foam Handles

    The handles of this jumping rope by Limm are one of the best we’ve seen. Lightweight, ergonomically sculpted and featuring a ball-bearing mechanism and a rope extender, this is a very good design.


  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Quickly and easily adjustable from 9.8ft down to your desired length within minutes! Appropriate for all ages (Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls) and all experience levels.
  • NO MORE TANGLING! – Featuring a high quality premium ball bearing, it ensures a smooth and effortless spin making it the perfect addition to any calorie burning workout program.
  • ENJOY TOTAL COMFORT – Unique ergonomically designed handles offer extra comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing firm grip
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Being feather-light makes it easily and conveniently portable so that you can achieve maximum fat burn, tone your muscles and reach peak fitness anywhere.
  • INCLUDED are also easy to follow sizing instructions and tips on how to get the most out of your rope.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO RISK INVOLVED – At Limm, we fully stand behind our product and offer you a no-questions-asked, 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

  • Price/Value

    Very good price to value ratio. A basic rope, with the added benefits of a very simple length adjusting system, exceptionally lightweight, and on top of that very easy to use. We recommend.
    • Light and easy to use
    • Ergonomic foam covered handles
    • Ball-bearing feature ensures smooth functioning
    • Affordable
    • Some users find this rope too light

    7. Fitness Master Jump Rope

    Fitness Master are giving us a very basic, but sufficient product here. This jumping rope is as ordinary as they come – it does feature adjustable length however, and you get a carrying bag with it. The handles are not too mobile as well, their angle of movement is only 90 degrees, which can be good for most uses. The light weight makes it a very good rope for pushing your speed though!

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    Adjustable Length

    You can easily adjust the length of the rope by using the stainless steel screws that regulate the length.

    Very Light

    In all fairness, this can be a pro and a con – it depends on your personal preferences! If you’re tired of heavy steel ropes, give this one a try.


  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE – Cable that quickly adjusts to your desired length. Appropriate for all ages and for any calorie burning workout program.
  • 90 DEGREE SMOOTH HANDLE TURNING – Ensures fast spinning – No friction – No tangling like the typical long ropes
  • MADE FOR SPEED – This isn’t your ordinary jump rope!
  • 5 Years Warranty – If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund AND send you a NEW replacement. You don’t have to return the product!

  • Price/Value

    Excellent price for value – this jump rope is one of the most affordable items on the market. If you need just a basic jump rope without any extras, you won’t find a lot of more affordable variants than this.
    • Very light
    • Super affordable
    • Decent build quality
    • Made for speed
    • Carrying case included
    • Some people find it too lightweight

    8. Jump Rope Set by Nona Active

    Nona Active have created the perfect jumping rope for kids. But hey, adults can peruse it too! Frankly, it’s a wonderful exercise item that you won’t regret using. The rope is lightweight and durable, and can be shortened easily, with no cutting required. Just open the end of the handle and adjust the length – easy peasy. Additionally, this set comes with a free foldable Frisbee included, as well as a set of songs for some extra rope jumping fun. Who wouldn’t want that?

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    Foam Coated Handles

    The handles are one of the main highlights of this rope – soft, thick and comfortable to use. You’ll have no problem with sweaty palms or your rope slipping off your hands.

    Lots of Extras

    A songbook, a foldable Frisbee for those breaks between rope jumping… Plus, the rope is easily adjustable. No complaints here. We’re happy!


  • Tangle free
  • Affordable
  • Foam coated handles
  • Adjustable length
  • Foldable Frisbee included
  • Carrying Bag included
  • Rope Jumping songs included

  • Price/Value

    Affordable rope that will get the job done. If you’re getting this for your kids, it’s the perfect jumping rope! If you’re getting it for yourself, you’ll still end up with a good quality jump rope! Thumbs up!
    • Affordable rope
    • Quality materials
    • Lightweight and easily adjustable
    • Has a bonus Frisbee
    • Carrying bag
    • It’s fun!
    • Mainly a kid’s product, but gets the job done

    9. Premium Jump Rope

    A seemingly unintrusive company, have really done a great job with this item. The Premium Jump Rope is a jumping rope that justifies the moniker of premium. It is made out of steel cable, coated with a PVC sleeve making it pleasant to hold and handle. Additionally, it is less thick than other steel ropes, making it the ideal weight for jumping. Finally, the highlight here are the rope handles – they’re made of aluminum handles, and coated with a foamy material that makes your exercise very pleasant and easy on the wrists. Ball-bearing addition also ensures smooth rope rotation and a seamless, fast exercise.

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    Fully Adjustable Length

    The 10 foot long cable can be fully adjusted to suit your needs. It comes with a set of screws that help you do this. Excellent feature.

    Light and Durable

    Thinner than most steel ropes, plus aluminum handles coated in foam, plus ball-bearing mechanism… You’ll spin this rope in the air fast and easy!


  • CROSS TRAINING – The Fitskuad Jump Rope is perfect for anyone from Professional Boxers to Cross Trainers to Beginners who want to get in shape
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – Our jump rope comes with a fully adjustable 10 foot long cable
    Fitted with extra-large screws it’s very easy to adjust, making it suitable for both ADULTS and KIDS.
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE – This highest quality jump rope comes with light and very durable aluminum handles and a foam grip for better feel in the hand
  • EXTREMELY FAST – Thanks to ball-beating mechanism, reach extreme speeds up to 320 jumps per minute
  • The cable is very thin and travels very fast through the air!
  • REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE – This jump rope comes with a full 1 Year Limited Warranty and a 120-day replacement guarantee
  • When you order now you will also receive an EXTRA Jump Rope Speed CABLE, Free Ebook, “THE SECRET TO MASTERING DOUBLE UNDERS” and the CARRYING BAG!

  • Price/Value

    A bit pricier than our previous contender, but we feel confident that the overall improved design justifies the price. Aluminum is quality stuff, and the comfort this rope gets you is totally worth it.
    • Fully adjustable
    • Ball-Bearing mechanism allows for greater speed
    • Lightweight but strong
    • Aluminum handles coated with foam
    • Comes with a carrying bag
    • You’ll need to be careful with the length-adjusting screws, as they can fall off

    10. Spartan Fit Speed Jumping Rope

    Excellent, if a little basic jumping rope. But if their name is anything to go by, Spartan are absolutely focused on turning people into Spartans, by making them exercise with their Spartan ropes! Literally. This rope is made of military grade intertwined steel cables, and as you can assume, it is very durable and a bit weighty. This is not your usual jumping rope that you can carry around in your pocket. It can be shortened, which will require some steel-cutting tools. But besides that inconvenience, the handles are fully rotatable, and using this rope will put a little extra effort on your hands and shoulders as well. Definitely a good rope for a full-body exercise.

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    Adjustable Rope Length

    Spartan think of your comfort and customizability, first and foremost. The opportunity to be able to adjust the length of the rope means that this rope will be a good fit for everyone. Short or tall, long legged or short legged, you’ll have no problems with this rope.

    360 Degrees Handle Rotation

    The feature is pretty self-explanatory – the rotation of the handles is complete. No dead angles. Your hands will thank you.


  • Burn up to 600 calories an hour jumping rope
  • Best for MMA, Crossfit, Boxing, Training, and Fitness Workouts!
  • Safe and efficient training
  • Completely adjustable rope length, 10 Ft. in total
  • 360 degree stainless steel handle rotation
  • Ultra durable military grade steel cable jump rope
  • Limited Time Offer: When you purchase a Spartan Fit Jump Rope, you will receive a FREE
  • Spartan Fit Jump Rope Carrying Case!

  • Price/Value

    Excellent price considering what you’re getting – a jumping rope that will likely outlast you!
    • Great military grade materials
    • Stainless steel handles
    • Adjustable length
    • Handles allow for 360 degrees rotation
    • Comes with a carrying case if you catch the time offer
    • Can feel too rigid for some
    • Can appear noisy


    Well… those were some long opinions on jumping ropes! But, hopefully this will help you choose better. So which one it’s gonna be? Whichever, just make sure you grab one and start jumping!