Best Karate Gloves Reviewed by Our Team

Ah, karate fighter, we meet again! Hope you’re in shape, because we have another lesson for today. As a part of the broader subject of protecting your superior body, but also making you an even better fighter, today we will be covering a topic that covers both defense and offense – in one. That is, gloves, or more precisely, because this lesson is for karate kids, karate gloves.

First, we will do a brief introduction that should clear any confusion you might have, and answer some questions. That is the informative section. The second section of today’s lesson will be more practical and in review form, so that you can familiarize yourself with a lot of the different models of karate gloves available on the market today. Without further ado, meet karate gloves, and discover why karate gloves… are karate gloves!

Our Top 3 Picks

SUTEN Gloves
  • SUTEN Gloves
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Price: See Here
Everlast Gloves
  • Everlast Gloves
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extra Padding
  • Price: See Here
ProForce Gloves
  • ProForce Gloves
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sci-Fi Design
  • Price: See Here

Karate Gloves VS Boxing Gloves

First, however, a brief introduction for our beginners. One might wonder, why use karate gloves, and not say, those famous, bulbous boxing gloves? Well, it’s all in the functionality, you see.

In boxing, the defensive moves are comprised of pulling your hands close to your mouth or body, thereby turning your gloves in a barrier between the opponent’s punches and yourself. The offensive moves, however, consist almost solely of punching, or should I say, variety of punches. For this purpose, boxing gloves are usually thicker, sturdier, and have a reinforced wrist area for blocking more powerful punches by the enemy boxer.

In karate however, punching is merely one of the possible offensive moves you could perform. You can kick, or knee your opponent, then you can also punch him (or her). But punches in karate are not the mail course, so to speak – they’re more like auxiliary moves that help you harass the opponent, and gradually move them into a spot where you can quickly land several kicks in a succession. Occasionally, you will need to be able to actually grab your opponent. Let me repeat it again: grab your opponent. Then get a good grip of him, position yourself accordingly, and flip him over, slamming him to the ground! Exciting, yes? We’ve all seen Karate Kid and know how cool karate is.

But basically, the differences in fighting styles determine the different shapes of boxing gloves and karate gloves. You don’t need to grab people when boxing, or flip them over yourself, so you don’t need flexible gloves where you can use your fingers. Not so for karate. You have to be able to pull out those ninja moves, so for this purpose, karate gloves often feature an open palm area for your fingers, and padding on the back side of your hand and some around your wrists for quick defense.

Before we wrap it up, a few more words to avoid confusion: karate gloves can also be used for MMA, since both sports are functionally similar. Both involve the use of both hands and legs, punches, kicks, grabs, flips, and so on, so it follows that the same gear, or very similar gear, can be used. This is not the case with boxing, for the obvious reasons.

Well, that wraps it up. Keep reading and enjoy our reviews of the best karate gloves you can buy today!

10 Best Karate Gloves


1. SUTEN MMA Boxing Gym Gloves

Simple and effective gloves by SUTEN. The no-nonsense design philosophy lends itself well for most tasks during training and sparring. But that is not all – these gloves feature anatomical thumb padding that keeps your thumb tucked in and well protected, without constraining your movements. The materials are durable, and the padding follows an anatomical curve that keeps your fist in a comfortable, natural position. So far so good, right? Well guess what, these gloves are also dirt cheap! Good job, SUTEN!

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Ergonomic Design

These gloves feature anatomically curved design that follows the shape of your thumb and the natural position of the hand. This makes them more pleasant to use. And punch with.

One Size

As the description says, these gloves don’t come in a variety of sizes. Instead, the size is one for everyone, with the tri-sect closure around the wrist to ensure everyone’s hand fits.


  • Wrist strap w/ tri-sect closure for extra support & protection during training
  • Anatomical thumb padding to provide increased protection without decreasing mobility
  • Contoured fit puts the hand into a natural fist position maximizing your punching techniques
  • Closed cell Durafoam curved padding.
  • One size fits most, Adjustable

  • Price/Value

    While not the most durable and well-built karate glove out there, this item is well made, and comes at a very affordable price.
    • Very affordable
    • Ergonomic design
    • Nice build quality
    • One size fits all
    • Due to the one size policy, some may find these gloves too large or too tiny

    2. Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Grappling Gloves

    Good, and it has to be said, stylishly designed gloves by Everlast. The ominous, glossy black gives off an air of seriousness, determination and professionalism, while the padding makes them almost look like claws. Speaking of padding, this is what these gloves are known for – Everlast made sure to implement extra padding around your knuckles, so your punches will feel safer, and stronger, than ever before. The gloves come at several sizes: S, M, X and XL. Additionally, the overall build quality is notable as well. The materials used feel sturdy, from the finger slots all the way to the stitching, and the wrist strap. Quality gloves.

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    Extra Padding

    Leave it to Everlast to take care of your body. These gloves offer generous padding around the areas that are punished most, so this is definitely a good design choice. You’ll feel safer, and your hands will thank you.

    Durable Materials

    With extra padding, comes extra responsibility to keep it tightly in place. These gloves are well-made, and the materials used will take a beating for a long time to come.


  • More than 3/4″ of padding over the knuckles for increased hand and fist protection
  • Reinforced seams and finger slots
  • Durable hook & loop wrist strap
  • Elastic cuff for professional form fit

  • Price/Value

    Top quality, but at a good price as well. Not the most affordable pair of gloves out there, but what you pay is what you get. If you want quality stuff, check out these.
    • Extra padding
    • Durable materials
    • Cool, stylish design
    • You get a carrying bag
    • The durable materials can prove too rough or chafing to some

    3. ProForce Lightning Punches Karate Sparring Gloves

    Wow, the design of these gloves packs a punch! ProForce had a mission to combine top quality with cool design, and they pulled it off. These gloves look like something from an alien spaceship; it goes without saying, they will turn some eyes. Regarding the construction quality, again, ProForce deserve points here. The gloves are well padded, with double padding at the knuckles for that extra protection. What’s special about the design is that the padding follows a uniform shape, and it goes all the way down the forearm to increase defensive capabilities. It’s all fastened with a vinyl strap, and fastened with a hook and loop closure. Beautiful gloves!

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    Sci-Fi Design

    One could rightfully say that for these gloves. Coming in a variety of colors, and a variety of sizes, these gloves will fit almost anyone and turn everyone’s head. Prepare for a lot of compliments on how cool your gloves are.

    Extra Protection

    The curved design, combined with the extra padding makes sure that the rate of injury will be in reverse proportion to the rate of compliments you get!


  • 1/2" thick vinyl covered foam offers protection for sparring over entire fist and wrist.
  • Double layered padding at knuckles for increased protection
  • Protection extends to cover part of forearm as well
  • Palm has reinforced vinyl strap to keep gloves secure
  • Fastens with elastic strap that secures with hook and loop closure

  • Price/Value

    Very good quality and an innovative design for a pretty acceptable price. Hmmm. Of course it’s great value!
    • Great design
    • Extra padding and protection
    • Quality materials used
    • The holes for the fingers may feel flimsy for some

    4. SKL Half Finger Boxing Gloves Sanda Fighting Sandbag Gloves

    A pretty standard, run of the mill glove. Intended for MMA, karate, and general gym work. As it is apparent, these gloves don’t offer any special features or even extra padding. However, there’s a secret to them: they’re dirt cheap. That, of course, means there are corners cut when it comes to the build quality, and the durability of the gloves themselves. Additionally, these gloves don’t offer a lot of wrist protection – the wrist strap is thin and not exceptional. The design isn’t that bad however. You can choose between two artworks: having tiger claws, or skeleton fingers. Definitely a nice touch. All in all, these gloves get points because of their affordability. If you need a very basic glove just for the kicks, you’re welcome to give this a spin and save some money. You’ve been warned though!

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    Well, not exactly an item feature… or is it? Whichever it is, this is definitely a bonus.


  • Made of PU leather
  • Durable for long-term use
  • Size: Total length around 8.2", suitable for palm width from 3.35" to 3.94"
  • Cool design with skull fingers or tiger claws
  • Comfortable to wear during trainings

  • Pros
    • Very affordable
    • Cool design
    • Not very durable
    • Offers little protection

    5. Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

    Everlast strike again, and make no less striking impression this time. Meet their innovative solution, the neoprene gloves! As the name might tell you, these gloves are made of neoprene, which you have probably encountered before in your life. It’s a foamy, spongey, rubbery substance that does surprisingly well when used for punching stuff without hurting yourself. The material is durable, but it comes with extra perks to itself: these gloves can be easily washed in the machine, they feature an anti-moisture technology, and can be easily maintained. To conclude, they also offer good protection. Nice product by Everlast, it has to be said.

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    Neoprene Tech

    Well, someone should have thought of this sooner I guess. The material can be sculpted, saves a lot of stitching, makes the glove breathable, and can be washed and dried. Top points, no?

    Moisture-Repellent Tech

    These gloves won’t smell or collect mold, and with the mold, all kinds of weird bugs going inside for a picnic. No Sir. Everlast took care of this, and lined them with moisture-repellent material on the inside. It keeps your hands comfortable, and fends off any moisture. A two-in-one deal.


  • Made of comfortable and tough neoprene material
  • Allows both speed and power when working out
  • Manufactured in United States
  • Neoprene heavy bag gloves from leading boxing gear producer Everlast
  • Flexible and remarkably durable
  • Pre-curved foam and a padded palm grip offer excellent hand protection
  • Elastic wrist wrap ensures a custom fit, every training session
  • Moisture-repellent inside liner keeps your hands comfortable

  • Price/Value

    Very good value for the money. Average price, but durable, washable, anti-moisture and easy to put on and take off. Lightweight. I’d say the benefits outweigh the doubts.
    • Neoprene design is effective
    • Moisture-repellent inner lining
    • Ergonomically curved
    • Comfortable to use and wear
    • Machine washable
    • Some can find these gloves too small or soft

    6. ZOOBOO Half-finger Boxing Gloves with Velcro Wrist Band

    Your run of the mill, basic karate/MMA glove design, but this time, upgraded and reinforced. And I have to admit – really not that bad. Actually good. Why, you might ask? Well, these gloves are well padded, especially on the exterior side of the glove and around the knuckles, so rest assured that punching will feel safe and strong. Next, the stitching is good, so this glove will last for a while longer, while the material features increased hand breathability. It is perforated at places, which makes air flow in and out easily, cooling your hand. The only area where these gloves are lacking is, I could say, in the wrist. The wrist strap is okay, but the support is not well padded, and sort of smaller than other competitors. All in all, this is a very decent, well-made glove, at a medium price.

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    Durable and Padded

    The materials are good and they make these gloves strong. Additionally, your knuckles will be extra padded, and punching will feel safer than before.

    Perforated Design for Breathability

    The material features little holes which enable increased breathability for your hands. Thanks to this, using these gloves will be more comfortable and less sweaty. Good design choice.


  • Good for Intense training: Designed for intense boxing training
  • Durability and strength: Premium synthetic leather and superior glove construction for lasting durability and strength, makes the gloves great for frequent training
  • Wrist support: The foam strap provides extra wrist support and protects your fist during intense training
  • Breathable: Perforations on the palms for increased breathability to keep you cool, to keep the sweat away and help you stay cool during the training process
  • Sizes: For Adults, one size fits most. Adjustable with velcro wrist band, 7.87" * 4.72" (L x W)

  • Price/Value

    Generally speaking, a good value for the money. Your knuckles will be protected, the gloves will last a long time, and depending on personal strength, you may find the wrist support either sufficient, or not. Choose what’s best for you!
    • Durable design
    • Lend a sense of strength
    • Breathable due to the perforated design
    • Wrist support may be lacking

    7. Whistlekick Pair Martial Arts Gloves

    Well, if ProForce had the best science-fiction design, then Whistlekick are close second. The desing is a bit simpler, but offers nice and useful additions. For example, these gloves feature openings on the back side of the glove for easy breathability. Needless to say, this is something you will appreciate a lot during sparring or training. When it comes to sparring, these gloves are meant for exactly that. They’re padded just enough for that level of intensity, but of you go punching heavy bags, take care not to hurt your hands. Additionally, the gloves offer good wrist protection, and come with a free carrying bag. Nice? Yeah. Especially when they come in a range of shiny colors!

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    Ventilated Design

    Whistlekick thought about stuff. Especially, about finding clever ways of keeping your hands dry and comfortable during sparring… well, they come up with a solution. Cut some holes on the back! Simple, but effective.

    Free Backpack

    Well, this sort of addition is a rarity nowadays. Get these gloves and get a free carrying bag for easy transportation!


  • #1 SPARRING GEAR BRAND - Simply the best martial arts sparring gear! The best choice for men, women & children needing karate, taekwondo or martial art gloves. (As well as for other martial arts!)
  • EXTRA DURABLE – Our Karate sparring gear features a double-reinforced palm strap making it far less likely to tear, extending the life of the karate gloves. No other brand does this!
  • RIP RESISTANT - Extra-reinforcement at common tear points makes these taekwondo gloves the smartest choice for your taekwondo sparring gear set (or any other art!)
  • LESS SWEAT - MORE COMFORT - Better airflow makes our martial arts gloves more comfortable and less sweaty than our competition’s karate sparring gloves. Let the heat out and stay focused on what you're doing.
  • SHIPPED IN A FREE BACKPACK – Dynamic, reusable, drawstring backpack is great for storing your gear and keeping it looking new. This great pack is both protective and breathable. A great value, free with every piece of martial arts equipment set / sparring gear you buy from us on Amazon. Design, bag & color may vary a little.

  • Price/Value

    Pricier than most, but you get a free carrying bag, and a generally good, durable pair of gloves. So, value definitely isn’t bad here.
    • Ventilated design
    • Breathable
    • Carrying bag included
    • Durable
    • The finger grips could be better

    8. Century Student Sparring Gloves

    Another similar design from Century. Perhaps the most elegant of the bunch… As expected, these gloves are made of dipped foam, that provides the padding and the body of the gloves. The padding is soft enough to be comfortable, and stiff enough to protect from heavier hits. Plus, the design follows an ergonomic shape adjusted to the human hand, which is really comfortable. The wrist support and protection is also good, and the strap is elastic, using Velcro for fastening.

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    Ergonomic Design

    These gloves are one of the most comfortable for the wearer. The shape follows the natural shape of the human hand, and the materials are easy on the skin.


  • Made with dipped foam
  • Contoured design with full-finger coverage
  • Elastic straps with Velcro closure
  • 90-day limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Choice of available size

  • Price/Value

    Moderate price, good glove. Recommended.
    • Ergonomic design
    • Dipped foam offers protection
    • Durable
    • As with similar models, the weak spot is the finger sections

    9. Wonzone Half Finger Taekwondo Training Boxing Gloves

    Although originally intended for Taekwondo, make no mistake, these gloves are excellent for karate sparring and exercises as well. The design and combination of materials is unique: you have polyurethane, Lycra, and a sponge compartment on the thumb which you can use to wipe your sweat off. The padding is not too thick, but it is strategically placed – your knuckles and palm are well covered. The gloves also feature a central bar, embedded within the glove and just under the knuckles, for easy gripping. It can feel uncomfortable if you’re punching a heavier thing (a bag or a… man), so take care and use them mostly for sparring. The stitching is good, and although the wrist support can be better, these gloves are lightweight by design. Their main feature is the open fingers design, which enables you to move your fingers freely. All in all, this is a good pair of gloves.

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    Open Fingers Design

    See all those gloves above? Well, with those, you can’t move your fingers freely, and you have to keep them stuck in a loop. With these gloves though? It’s freedom, baby! So, all freedom lovers, pay attention to these gloves. They may be ideal for you.

    Thumb Sponge

    Whenever you feel an annoying drop of sweat forming on your forehead… Take a break, go to your towel, wipe your face. Well, not with these gloves! With these gloves, if you feel that annoying drop messing with your concentration, which can potentially cost you a kick to the face, just lift your hand and wipe that drop away. Simple. Sometimes a lifesaver.


  • PU + Elastic Cloth + EVA Sponge
  • Wonzone Half finger sparring gloves are made of premium synthetic PU leather and Lycra fabric.
  • Best Design with Excellent Glove Construction make it most durable and long lasting
  • Improved Comfort and Flexibility with Refined Glove Padding
  • Size (the vertical length of gloves): XS (6.3inch), S (6.7inch), M (7.1inch), L (7.5inch), XL (7.9inch), XXL (8.3inch)
  • Moisture Absorbing Lining keeps your hands dry and extend the life of your equipment

  • Price/Value

    Good price, good gloves. Excellent value.
    • Open fingers design
    • Thumb sponge
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Not suitable for punching heavy stuff


    Well, we come to the end of our journey, Karate Kid. I hope this guide was useful, and the reviews will grant you the much needed wisdom required to acquire the best karate glove! It will be your loyal companion on your path to greatness.