Best Ketosis Strips for Level Testing Reviewed & Rated

Ketosis is a metabolic state that affects the way the body gets its energy. In this state, the body uses ketones converted from fats, instead of glucose as its main supply of energy. The body will naturally use carbohydrates to obtain glucose, first and foremost, as it is the easiest fuel source for the body to break down. Since glucose is what gives the body the energy required to do literally everything from thinking to mountain climbing, depriving the body of carbohydrates will cause it to use another source to get energy from. To find out if you have entered the state of burning fat only, you will need ketosis strips.

The body will naturally turn over to fat as its primary fuel source when there is an insufficient amount of glucose. Due to this natural occurrence, you are going to want to change the number of your behaviors in order to keep your body in a prolonged state of ketosis.

Keeping your body in a state of ketosis is going to require a great number of overall lifestyle changes. First, foremost and most obviously, you are going to have to change your diet to achieve this state. You will have to not only restrict your carbohydrate intake to the point of complete alienation, but you will also have to choose certain foods with several characteristics, the most notable being foods that are high in fat. Additionally, not entirely depending on your motivations for choosing the lifestyle, you are going to need to exercise regularly to burn the fat you build up. Failing to so will be extremely counterproductive, resulting in accelerated weight gain. Regardless of what you’re going into this lifestyle for, monitoring your ketone levels is one of the more important aspects of the diet; one that can not be ignored.

Featured Ketosis Test Strips

Smackfat Test Stripsimg
  • Smackfat Test Strips
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Price: See Here
Keto Mojo Blood Test
  • Keto Mojo Blood Test
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Accurate
  • Spare Strips
  • Price: See Here
Top Notch Nutrition Stripsimg
  • Top Notch Nutrition Strips
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Price: See Here

There are a number of ways and reasons to detect your bodies ketone levels. Ketones can be detected in your breath, urine, and blood. Additionally, you can make an educated guess about the state of ketosis by taking note of your physical state. The physical symptoms can include unpleasant breath, as well as an increase in thirst. However, these symptoms do not provide the accurate results an actual strip test can provide. The strip tests, regardless of the medium used, will inform you not only if you are in a state of ketosis, but will also inform you of the number of ketones in your system. Each testing kit comes with a chart, outlining the spectrum they use, indicated by numbers assigned to a color spectrum. These results will let you know if you need to adjust your diet or lifestyle. Should you have the knowledge necessary to the lifestyle, these numbers will give you an idea of just what needs to be changed in order to get your test results consistently in the middle of the strips spectrum. It can be a lot to take in at first.

With a lifestyle that requires monitoring that is this in-depth, many who are just starting out can become easily overwhelmed by all of the facets. For this very reason, we have made this buyer’s guide. We have taken the opportunity to review and rate what we believe to be the best ketone level testing strips on the world wide web. We also share the criteria that we used to evaluate these choices in hopes of giving you a more in-depth look into the topic. Time is as precious of a commodity as your dollar, and we aim to save you both of those by way of this guide.  So whether you’re new and do not know where to start, or if you’re just looking for an additional opinion, you might find this guide to have what you’re looking for.


10 Best Ketosis Strips


1. Smackfat Test Strips

Smackfat was recently founded by a single person in 2017. Hassane Kaba started his online store called Smackfat by employing the use of a website generator of sorts. In his website, he shares many things involving the world of Keto. He gets most of his sharing out through youtube videos he has linked directly to his page as well as writing various blogs. He shares meal plans, recipes for the diet part of the lifestyle, and even sells various things for exercise purposes, like jump ropes. He also sells urine testing strips for monitoring your ketone levels.
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Accurate Results
These testing strips use urine as its medium for detecting your ketone levels. They come in a bottle in a bundle of 100 total strips. The different levels are indicated by specific colors. The higher your ketone levels, the deeper the shade of purple will be, and the chart necessary for reading is printed on the bottle. The results are not only quickly given once dipped in urine, but they are also given accurately.

Chart on Bottle
The bottle that holds the strips has multiple uses. First and foremost, the bottle primarily houses the strips as well as the directions. Additionally, the label on the bottle is where you can find the color chart that details what levels belong to what color. This is a convenient package deal, with the smallest package being the more efficient thanks to a little ingenuity.

Cost and Value
The Smackfat Strips are on the lower end of the buyer's guide pricing scale. This means it is among the more affordable options than on this list. This makes it a great choice for the beginner to the keto lifestyle, as well as anyone with a tight budget. Getting a count of 100 strips increases the value when put up against the cost, overall making this an offer you might not want to pass up.
  • Easy to Read
  • Efficiently Packaged
  • Motivational Videos Included
  • Universally Color Coded
  • Cons
  • False Postives Possible
  • 2. Keto Mojo Blood Test

    Keto Mojo was founded by married keto enthusiasts Dorian and Gemma. The ketogenic lifestyle transformed not only their physical form but also transformed the entirety of their lives. They lost a ton of weight together and improved their overall happiness with the diet. Afterward, they then went on to share the wealth with the rest of the world. Through their company and website, they spread the word of the lifestyle as well as market certain products that the average practitioner of the lifestyle would find to most beneficial.
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    A Starter Kit
    The Keto Mojo Blood Test comes together in a whole package deal. This package includes the device that will analyze your blood samples, the strips you will need to put your blood onto, the device to prick your finger with as well as a case to carry everything in. Everything is bundled up nicely and efficiently here and is organized to limit mess. This makes for a great deal for a beginner.

    Easy to Use
    The process of detecting ketone levels is pretty straightforward. Prick your finger, apply blood to testing strip, insert the strip into the device. If you have not already inserted the strip into the device, do so now, and voila! You will have accurate and convenient results in seconds. However, if you find you are lost within this process, the package includes instructions to reach a youtube video that shows you in depth all of the features of this item.

    Cost and Value
    This blood test is one the higher end of the buyer's guide pricing scale. It is a more expensive item on our list, but this has a number of positive benefits when you begin to weigh the items actual value. Blood tests are more accurate than other methods, but for one large payment, you have an accurate testing device, only having to replace the strips every so often when you run out. By spending more, you end up saving more in the long run.
  • Starter Kit
  • Easy To Use
  • Great for Beginners
  • Links To Online Community
  • Cons
  • More Costly Option
  • 3. Top Notch Nutrition Strips

    Top Notch Nutrition is a business that does a whole lot more than just sell a product or two. The business is heavily geared towards helping others reach their full potential. They offer various coaching toward a healthy lifestyle. In addition to offering coaching, they present challenges to anyone interested. These challenges will also help one reach goals in matters of fitness. In addition to the various programs and coaching, they offer several products geared toward maintaining the keto life.
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    Medical Grade Strips
    These particular testing strips guarantee accuracy. The paper is imported, non toxic, and cyanide free, which is typically the case with most paper. Additionally, the paper and chemicals that react to the acetoacetate are medical grade and are basically the same one's doctors and nurses would use in a hospital. This means you get the same quality care at home that you would get at a hospital.

    Productive Results
    These urine strips will provide accurate results thanks to the medical grade paper. Getting accurate results means you will get better yields from the diet. You will not burn the weight off if you are not in the proper state of ketosis, therefore, it is essential to monitor your progress for anyone trying to get in shape through the keto diet. Some strips fail at accuracy, whereas these strips do not.

    Cost and Value
    These particular testing strips are the best value on our buyer's guide. This specifically means that this item is the most affordable on the list. Those on the tightest of budgets, as well as anyone needing some replacement strips, will benefit greatly here. Being the best value on our list is always a great choice for an unsure beginner to start off with. It is always recommended that a beginner start with the urine strips cause they are a great way for a beginner to effectively monitor the early and pivotal stages of the lifestyle.
  • Best Value
  • Medical Grade
  • Easy Use
  • Productive Results
  • Cons
  • Outside Variables Inconsistent
  • 4. Perfect Keto Urinalysis Test

    4. Perfect Keto Urinalysis Test
    Dr. Anthony Gustin is the co-founder of Perfect Keto. Perfect Keto, guided by the vision of the Doctor, is an online community where those who have the passion for the keto way can connect. The community works together, sharing stories and recipes and other relevant stories. Ultimately, through this shared passion made possible by Perfect Keto, Gustin wishes to share the benefits of the lifestyle to the world. He also has an Instagram account. Additionally, Perfect Keto has several products that are beneficial to anybody living the keto way.
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    Lab Grade
    The urine strips are official items used in a laboratory. These lab grade papers are of high quality, meeting the strictest of scientific standards. Being of a high quality gives better accuracy in matters of results. In order to lose weight through a ketogenic diet, you must be in the right spot on the ketone spectrum and there is no true way to know what your levels are without the use of tests.

    Multi Use
    These strips are not only useful for sticking to a ketogenic routine. Those on the Atkins Diet or another low carb diet can also benefit from these strips. In order for the body to use energy from fats, you need to restrict carb intake. When successful, the body will convert fat into ketones, and use the ketones for energy. So, in truth, any diets that restrict carbs as a means to make the body rely on an alternative energy source can use these strips to monitor their bodies.

    Cost and Value
    The Perfect Keto test strips are affordable, sitting in the low-mid range of the pricing scale. Urine strips are always extremely cheaper than any other method of analysis, however, these particular strips are a more costly than other urinalysis strips. So if you have the extra money to drop on high quality, or are a beginner who is very serious about changing their lifestyles, this could be the test for you.
  • Lab Grade
  • Accurate
  • Great For Beginners
  • Tests Multiple Diets
  • Cons
  • More Costly
  • 5. Precision Xtra Blood Test

    5. Precision Xtra Blood Test
    Precision Xtra is a line of diabetes and ketone analysis devices. They are owned and sold by, another healthy focused online community. The community promotes all manners of living a full and healthy life, from recipe sharing all the way to connecting with others and making a place for yourself within the community. As previously mentioned, the blood method testers they have for sale are an offer you might not want to overlook.
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    Complete Kit
    Anyone who uses their own blood as a medium for analysis must understand some basics about blood testing. The process involves many pieces such as the monitoring device, strips, lancets, and alcohol wipes. If any of these items are not present, you will be unable to test safely and accurately. In truth, missing any of these items will result in not being able to test at all. This offer includes all of these things and even an I Love Keto sticker. Express yo ketogenic self.

    Glucose Tester
    Although the glucose strips are not included with this deal, the device can also test your glucose levels. You will have to buy them separately if you wish or need to monitor your sugar levels as well. Having the capability to monitor other nutrient levels improves the value of the deal to be certain. Having multiple uses will always be a strong point of any consumable product.

    Cost and Value
    The Precision Xtra Blood Tester sits on the highest spot on our pricing scale. This particular item is recommended for people who are either diabetic or are very serious about Ketogenic Diet. Its price tag is a heavy investment, and the blood testing strips are not exactly cheap, but there are some really good benefits to this item. It is an extremely accurate method of testing ketone levels, as blood tests are always superior in matters of accuracy. Furthermore, this device is the cream of the crop, being a high-quality tester. In the end, having the extra money to just drop like that, will end up saving you in the long run.
  • High Quality
  • Multi-Use
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Sanitary
  • Cons
  • Strips Potentially Defective
  • 6. Just Fitter Strips

    6. Just Fitter Strips
    Just Fitter was founded in 2014 by Michelle Myers. Michelle is a very passionate advocate for health and wellness. One day, she found herself frustrated by being unable to find health products that satisfied her needs. In response to her frustration, she went on to make her own and now has a successful wellness company. Thier inventory has a focus on said health and wellness and ranges from running belts and waist trimmers.
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    Keeping Track
    With these urine test strips, you can keep a close eye on the progress of your diet. Ketones are the result of effectively entering a state of ketosis. However, there are many levels of this state and being able to see exactly where you're at will prevent you from working too hard at the wrong time and eventually ending up without any gains. These strips will prevent you from wasting your time in those instances, ultimately resulting in better gains.

    200% Money Back Guarantee
    Just Fitter promises some pretty big deal things. They claim that if you do not get accurate results in 15 seconds or less over the course of 60 to 90 days, then they will give you a full refund! Not only do you get just a full refund, but they will also ship you a second bottle, free of charge. The confidence they have over their products shows in guarantees like this. It can even speak well for the item itself.

    Cost and Value
    These strips fall on the low end of the buyer's guide pricing scale. The item comes in different sizes and contains more strips, which of course makes the price go up. Even the biggest package is an affordable option for just about anybody, which means the standard size is extremely affordable. We always recommend that beginners start slow, making cheaper purchases if uncertainty is ever a present factor in your shopping.
  • Affordable
  • Accurate
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Great For Beginners
  • Cons
  • Occasionally Defective Strips
  • 7. One Earth Ketone Strips

    7. One Earth Ketone Strips
    One Earth is a wellness company that is as dedicated to health and wellness as the next wellness company. Through the internet, the website works to obtain and share top notch wellness products with the world. The products vary but all are geared toward wellness They also are a community where people interested in a healthy lifestyle and the keto way can share with one another keto recipes and other keto related things.
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    100 Count
    The One Earth Test strips come in a pack of 100. This is quite a bit of testing strips and will last you for a while. This, of course, depends on how often you test your ketone levels. The quality of the strips are normal, neither being lab or medical grade but sufficient enough to get the results you are looking for. After the first 100 are gone, you'll know where to get 100 more.

    Customer Support
    Buying these strips nets you a place within the One Earth community. The strips themselves are backed by a lifetime guarantee, but purchasing+ them includes access to a community that is passionate about keto and will be willing to help you with the more confusing parts. Also included with the purchase is a free book that would normally cost you about 5 bucks. So that is a pretty good set up.

    Cost and Value
    These One Earth testing strips fall onto the low end of our buyer's guides pricing scale. This means they are very affordable; the most affordable of the other categories of pricing. Not just a good choice for a beginner, but also for anyone with a tight budget and can not spend very much, but still needing the test strips. The item comes in different strip counts, and the price adjusts accordingly, so if you need more than 100, there ya go. However, paper test t=strips expire after so many months so be sure you are going to go through the amount you get before you buy them.
  • Varied Amounts
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Use
  • Access To Community
  • Cons
  • Not The Most Accurate
  • 8. Keto Care Blood Meter

    8. Keto Care Blood Meter
    Keto Care was founded by Carrie Loughran. She is another who is passionate for health and wellness. She has dedicated her life to promoting these things in others and having great success in doing so. She is available to take anyone on as a client, for a fee, of course. Her website, under the same name, has a lot of information on the keto lifestyle and even offers various products to help anyone trying the lifestyle.
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    Used In Hosptials
    The Keto Care Blood Meter is a high-grade piece of technology. It is so efficient that it is even used by doctors in hospitals. The testing strips are lab sealed and guaranteed to work every time. The results you get for analyzing ketone levels are extremely accurate and they arrive quickly. It is no wonder that Keto Care is a trusted brand with all of the effective items they have for purchase.

    Complete Set
    This package deal comes with everything you will need for blood testing. It comes with lancets, alcohol swabs, testing strips as well as the device that gives you the readings. These things are the essential things anyone will need and without them, you can not effectively test. They even include a carrying case, as well as easy to follow instructions for proper usage.

    Cost and Value
    The blood meter by Keto Care is on the high end of the pricing scale. For a blood meter, an already expensive item, this particular one is lower in price. This is compared to other blood meters, of course, as some can get really expensive. This isn't the best choice for a beginner or anyone on a tight budget. However, if you have the extra money to dole out, then this is potentially the perfect option for you.
  • Complete Set
  • Hospital Grade
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Accurate
  • Cons
  • Costly
  • 9. So Nourished Strips

    9. So Nourished Strips
    So Nourished is a low carb diet website. It is own by three people who have lived the lifestyle for over 4 years now. The founders are Rami Abramov, Vicky Ushakova, and Yuriy Petriv. Rami and Vicky are known for appearances on other healthy living websites. Together, the three work to promote the lifestyle and even offer various products that may be useful to the keto community.
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    Urine Strips
    These testing strips rely on a medium of urine to collect data. Urinalysis is a decently accurate and inexpensive approach to checking your ketone levels. There are 100 strips of testing paper in each bottle. These should last you a while, depending on how often you test. This is not the most accurate method of testing, but its low cost and ease of use make it worth the consideration.

    Money Back Guarantee
    So Nourished backs their products effectiveness by including a warranty. If you find the testing strips are not to your liking, you can inform the company, and you will be reimbursed for your money. These kinds of guarantees not only speak of the company and its good nature, but it also speaks of the confidence they have in their product. In the end, this product is safe to assume is accurate and of quality.

    Cost and Value
    The So Nourished Testing Strips are tied with our best-valued item. This means it is tied with the most affordable item on the list in matters of cost. It sits on the low end of the buyers guide pricing scale. Beginners and people with incredibly tight budgets need not look any further than this particular option. These strips do not sacrifice quality for cost.
  • Affordable
  • Simple To Use
  • 100 Strips
  • Warranty
  • Cons
  • Not Always Accurate
  • 10. Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips

    10. Nurse Hatty Ketone Strips
    Nurse Hatty is the founder of the company under the same name. Her real name is Hatty Kunch and she is a registered nurse. She started with only a facebook page to reach out to her customer base. However, when she realized her customer base does not have facebook, she started to branch out to Youtube to keep in touch. Her website is used to promote her ideas of wellness as she has a background in nutrition. She also has a line of products with a focus on keto dietary things.
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    Improved Product
    Nurse Hatty advertises these strips has been improved upon from the last strips. They now last in matters of accuracy for up to 90 days. 90 days is a standard for most strips and Hatty finally made the choice to keep up. She also moved her manufacturer's location to include a count of 150 strips, in the event you want a larger count.

    Easy To Use
    These strips are like others in that they are easy to use. The package includes the container that holds the strips, and it also includes, of course, the strips. These things, as well as your own urine, is all that is needed to get proper testing results. Just touch the strip to your urine stream, or fill a container with your urine and dip it in. In seconds you will have your results, it's that simple.

    Cost and Value
    Nurse Hattys Test Strips are on the low end of the pricing spectrum. They are affordable for even the tightest of budgets and are a great choice for the beginner to the keto lifestyle. There is also an option for a different count of strips, as well as an adjustment in price. The bigger selection is still affordable for the tight budget, but be sure you will be able to use all of the strips in 90 days, otherwise, they will expire and become unreliable.
  • Count Option
  • Affordable
  • Beginner Preferred
  • Quick Results
  • Cons
  • 90 Day Expiration

    As you have seen, there are several important things to take note of this specific topic. These 10 selections are but a fraction of all of the options available to you in the market, making this a potentially overwhelming adventure. However, we have certain guidelines and standards that help us in determining what we have selected as the ten best options on the internet. In this next topic, we share the criteria we used in evaluating our selections with an aim to further your knowledge on the topic of ketosis testing strips. Knowing these in-depth things can certainly provide you with a sturdier foundation of understanding. This can ultimately result in enabling you to make a more sound and effective choice in your next online purchase. So if it is more of a fundamental explanation you’re looking for, our criteria section has you covered.

    Criteria for Evaluating the Best Ketosis Strips

    Testing Methods

    There are a number of ways to detect the levels of ketones in your body. These most common ways are through the blood, your breath, and your urine. Each type of testing methods has their own ways of collecting the medium necessary for ketone detection. Additionally, these methods can supply you with different levels of information that can prove necessary for meeting your specific goals. These various methods not only differ in the way they obtain and give information, but they also differ in pricing and also just how effective you find each one to be. Our buyer’s guide has a heavier focus on the urine testers, but knowing more about the other methods can only further your understanding of the overall topic at hand.

    • Blood-
      Blood testing uses blood, of course, to test ketone levels. Blood tests are considered to be the most accurate way to test for these levels. However, ketone strips are the more costly option, as they not only are expensive, but most manufacturers ensure that their device is to function only with a specific strip and are not universal. The device itself is a costly option, but after the large payment, you have the device for as long as it will last you. Those with diabetes typically make use of blood testing, but they are checking their glucose levels, not their ketones. In order to test for ketones, you need to make sure the strips you are purchasing make it clear they are designed for that purpose, as glucose strips do not test for them. There are a few slight drawbacks to blood testing, such as failed readings and very rare false readings. Additionally, to obtain the necessary blood sample you must prick your finger. This alone can immediately turn some away from this method. However, those who have stayed in the keto lifestyle for a prolonged amount of time most prefer this method.


    • Urine-
      Urine Test is the more popular and preferred way for beginners to test for the necessary levels. The test strips are inexpensive and are easy to use. They typically come in a bundle, packaged in a bottle that is labeled with the appropriate reading necessary to read your ketone levels. This makes testing with this method extremely convenient. Many use them by touching them to a stream of urine, but others prefer dipping the strip into a container of urine. This makes for less of a mess than interrupting a flowing stream of urine, which may produce unforeseen and unwanted results. They have a chemical on them that reacts to the acetoacetate (leftover and unused ketones) which makes it change color, thus giving you the level results. The strips come typically beige and will change to varying shades of pink and purple. The deeper the shade of purple usually indicates a higher ketone level.  A drawback to this method is the inaccuracy they tend to be known for. Varying levels of hydration can give a false reading cause of dilution. Additionally, those just undertaking the diet will notice immediately higher levels of ketones but these readings may not give an accurate explanation of where they are at. To further the example, those who are veterans of the lifestyle will often get false negatives since the body has adjusted to efficiently burning its ketone levels.


    • Breath-
      Testing the levels using your breath as the medium makes for an interesting method for a number of reasons. Its popularity is growing alongside the popularity of the keto diet itself. Studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between the acetoacetate in your breath and the varying levels of ketones in your body. As a result, breath testing can be accurate and simple but only in the early stages. In later stages, you will want something more accurate like a blood test. Breath tests are the most expensive of the bunch, however, you only make one solid payment for a device that doesn’t require any consumable parts. You plug it into a computer via a USB port, and after downloading its software, you simply blow into it and the computer does the analyzing. This provides you with some in-depth information and is completely reusable, but when put up against blood tests, it falls short of accuracy. Its economic convenience is what makes this method outshine the others as you are not required to buy replacement strips. This is a great choice for the martial artist with the extra money to spend, but those planning on sticking around the diet for a while will want to move on.


    • Physical Symptoms-
      There are a number of symptoms your body will likely exhibit when you have entered into a state of ketosis. The symptoms more often than not include foul breath or keto breath, increased thirst and dehydration, irritability, headaches, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and weakness. The symptoms occur when you are just starting off the diet and can indicate that you’re ready for actual testing. These symptoms do not require a test that can be purchased, as you, yourself, and your analytical skills are the tests, for lack of better phrasing. As a result, these symptoms should not be used as an accurate means of ketone level determination. This is where the various actual testing comes into play. However, understanding your body and how it behaves and reacts under certain conditions can never be a bad thing. These symptoms can give you a decent idea of what is going on as well as potentially telling you what things you need to work on.


    These are but a fraction of the number of other criteria that go into this topic. Although there is a lot more information that goes into the keto lifestyle, the information shared here is some of the more important features to consider. Being in the know when it comes to not only the fundamentals of a given topic but the options made available to you can give you a head start on making informed choices. Furthermore, no matter if its Muay Thai, working out, learning guitar or even driving a car, there is no better teacher when it comes to learning anything than having hands-on experience. You can arm yourself ahead of time with knowledge collected from others, but none of it will stick as well unless you have hands-on experience.  After going over these basic things, as well as having a good idea of what your options are, you will be better equipped to make a decent enough decision on your own.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Do all testing strips follow the same grading spectrum?

    A: No. Although they all follow a basic spectrum, the numbers assigned to the colors of the spectrum can vary. Also, since there are different testing methods that rely on different mediums to detect ketone levels, there will be a difference in the data given naturally.

    Q: Are there different methods for ketone level testing?

    A: Yes. There are several different methods of testing. There are breath, blood and urine tests available for purchase. All of these options use different mediums to obtain the data and as a result, each method shares varying levels of data.

    Q: Are there any testing options for someone on a tight budget?

    A: Yes. Our buyer’s guide features several urine testing options and a few of these were selected just for the person attempting to stay fit on a tight budget. Some of the more costly options can even be considered affordable by even a person who has the tightest of budgets.

    Q: Since there are different testing methods, do they all give the same results?

    A: No. Yes, there are different methods of testing. However,  the type and amount of data they give you will vary. For instance, diabetics are already familiar with blood testing. These tests will not only tell you your ketone levels but will also share blood sugar information as well.

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