Best Kickboxing Gloves Reviewed and Rated

As you’re undoubtedly aware, we focused on boxing lately, but boxing isn’t the only fighting sport or martial art out there. Our goal is to serve as the hub where all contact sports meet (and spar, figuratively), but also to become the place where you can get the best advice on any gear you will need on your path to greatness. So, time-out for you, boxing – It’s time for kickboxing to enter the ring!

Without further ado, today we are bringing you an overview of the best kickboxing gloves for training out there. Before we begin, however, we need some warm-ups. Or, in textual terms, the basics.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • Sanabul
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • comfortable
  • Price: See Here
  • Everlast
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • superior wrist support
  • Price: See Here
Anthem Athletics
  • Anthem Athletics
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 100% full-grain cowhide leather
  • Price: See Here


Different Sports, Different Gloves

kickboxing gloves

To make things easier, and make more sense of the uses of different types of gloves, we first need to discuss the differences between the contact sports that use gloves. Gloves are used differently in each of the fighting disciplines mentioned above – a boxing glove has a purpose different from, say, a Muay Thai glove. This difference in use and purpose gets translated into the design of the glove itself. For example, a Muay Thai glove is similar to a boxing glove, which is similar to a kickboxing glove. But a kickboxing glove used for training is similar to an MMA glove, and so on. This has to do with the types of moves the contact sport allows, and the rules in place for it. So let’s take a closer look at kickboxing.

So What is Kickboxing Actually?

Kickboxing isn’t actually a single discipline as such, but a combination of techniques gathered from other contact sports or fighting disciplines. For that reason, you’ll frequently hear the word “hybrid” when kickboxing is being described – it is a selection of techniques in a sense.

Kickboxing Vs MMA

If the comparison to MMA (mixed martial arts) comes to mind, you’re not too mistaken, but you’re not right either. Unlike MMA, which casts a wide net and allows for practically all kinds of punches, moves or techniques to be freely and fully implemented, kickboxing takes the opposite direction. For example, grappling, throwing and clinches are not allowed in kickboxing, but are endorsed in MMA. Kickboxing chooses moves from dozens of martial arts, but incorporates only a few. If MMA is a Swiss Army knife, kickboxing is an assassin’s dagger. It’s less versatile, but more efficient.

Kickboxing Vs Boxing

kickboxing gloves

By far, the simplest, albeit not most precise explanation of kickboxing is “boxing with kicks.” What does this mean? It means that a lot more emphasis is put on leg movement and kicks with the legs, while the hands are less prioritized. This has led to kickboxing sometimes being performed with boxing gloves, or other times with lighter gloves, depending on the style or the rules of the match. Usually, the gloves are less padded at the front, where the punching takes place, but have more padding around the sides and the wrist, because the side of the arm is sometimes used to block high kicks to the head.

However, because kickboxing involves a much higher frequency of punches than boxing, prioritizing speed and point-taking over actual force and knockouts, kickboxing training has no need of heavier boxing gloves (unless you want to be punching the heavy bag). Kickboxing training is a combination of cardio exercise, shadow boxing, push-ups, pull-ups and rope jumping, so there is seldom the need for heavy bag exercise.

All this means is that lighter gloves are needed – gloves that you won’t have to take off and put on every 5-10 minutes moving from one exercise to another. This also means that you’ll need gloves that allow for easy grappling and manipulation of objects – therefore gloves with open fingers will be perfect. Incidentally or not, the perfect kickboxing gloves for training are almost identical to MMA gloves.

Factors to Consider

Obviously, the purpose of using these gloves is very different from boxing gloves, Muay Thai gloves, heavy bag gloves or sparring gloves. So we need a different set of parameters by which to assess each glove’s usefulness and quality.

Two important factors here: Durability and Comfort. Durability will tell you how long a product can last, and how much punishment it can sustain before it falls apart. In short, glove work. Comfort will tell you what the gloves feel like, what they’re good for (and what they suck at), as well as how flexible they are. In short, glove pleasure.

Finally, we’ve based our choices on reported customer experience. A product may look nice on paper, but only real-world use tests its mettle and gives you a clear, real picture of what a product is really about. That being said, let us start. In no particular order… Welcome to our top 5 Kickboxing gloves (and MMA) for training!

10 Best Best Kickboxing Gloves


1. Sanabul

1. Sanabul
Sanabul reached for the gold medal with these gloves, trying to combine the most durable design while providing as much comfort as they were comfortable (pun intended) to implement.
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The Sanabul Essential 7oz are great for mixed martial arts training when you want to seamlessly transition between grappling and striking without having to change gloves
Performance Engineered Leather construction
High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain
Durasoft Impact Protection Foam. Impact protection foam provides superb protection and softness to help prevent injury to your hands while training
Secure Velcro Closure System, ensures a secure fit for training while making the gloves easy to put on or take off
Can be used for training in boxing, cardio kickboxing, muay thai, or MMA


Sanabul offer a great value with these gloves – from the design, to the materials used, these gloves scream toughness. Wondering whether you’ll be able to spar with these? Oh yes you will. How about doing the heavy bag? Yes, Sir! And you can punch it hard! The performance engineered leather makes these gloves very enduring and immune to easy scratching, while the Durasoft protection foam will keep your knuckles safe and comfortable even under the most intense of punches.

Additionally, the secure Velcro closure system offers excellent wrist stability. What makes them unique however is that despite being this armored, these gloves offer excellent flexibility and breathability.


Wanna grab a water bottle after knocking out the heavy bag for the third time? With these gloves, you can! So gulp up. After you freshen up a bit, throw yourself down for some push-ups. Wondering if you can do that with other heavy bag training gloves? Well, with these gloves, you can. You get the point – these gloves by Sanabul offer excellent padding and protection, while hitting a sweet spot in the comfort and flexibility department. The only flaw we can find, if we can call it that, is perhaps the bit odd pinky finger loop. However, this is something easy to adjust to for most people. Still, don’t say we didn’t tell you.


Sanabul put it all in the name: essential plus hybrid plus sparring. These gloves try to bring the best of all worlds into one – and they largely succeed. One of the best pair of kickboxing gloves for training out there. Just make sure your pinky fits through that hole.
  • Excellent padding
  • Versatility
  • Great customer service by Sanabul
  • Finger spacing can feel a bit odd

2. Everlast

2. Everlast
As discussed when we looked at boxing gloves, durability can impact comfort, and vice-versa.
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  • Full wrist wrap strap provides superior wrist support and allows for a more customizable fit
  • New full mesh palm ensures breathability and comfort
  • New design with extended knuckle padding protects fingers while training, with synthetic leather construction for durability

  • Durability

    As discussed when we looked at boxing gloves, durability can impact comfort, and vice-versa. This, of course, all comes down to design and the use of materials. The result is a very good glove, but slanted more towards durability than comfort – the extended padding around the knuckles, while a feature, can easily bruise the knuckles of the novice kickboxer if they start punching too hard too soon. Or for that matter, the veteran’s hands if they go for the heavy bag (an opponent that these gloves do not welcome). But to conclude, the extra padding and synthetic leather make these gloves almost the most durable out there.


    Due to the extended padding squeezed into this glove, it can be uncomfortable to get used to at the beginning. Or, even bruise your knuckles or chafe your skin. However, this is easily mended if you break the gloves in for a bit before you start using them – this makes them soften up and make them much more comfortable to wear. Besides providing breathability and less sweaty palms, the full mesh padding on the side of the palm also allows for greater flexibility in a wide variety of exercises – you can easily shadow box, do push-ups and rope jumping without taking these gloves off.


    Everlast tried to do a one-in-all glove pair here, and we have to say they came pretty close to making it work. However, while they approach perfection they never reach it – while durable, Everlast’s MMA Kick Boxing gloves aren’t the most comfortable choice.
    • Durable and flexible
    • One size fits all
    • Stiff, but strong padding which can take some time to get used to
    • Rough fabric on the inside can bruise your knuckles. Not intended for use on the heavy bag

    3. Anthem Athletics

    3. Anthem Athletics
    Anthem Athletics made a really impressive set of gloves with the Predator.
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    Made from 100% full-grain cowhide leather - the highest standard in quality and performance
    Triple density, high-performance PU foam for maximum impact absorption
    Enhanced palm construction to limit glove from bowing out - minimizing cuts and injuries
    Can be used for Training, Kickboxing, Striking, Muay Thai, Grappling, UFC, Boxing, BJJ
    4 oz. gloves - designed for professional competition and training
    7 oz. gloves - designed with additional protection for amateur competition, training, bag and pad work


    They are very durable and made of real full-grain cowhide leather - when most other companies opt for the synthetic variants. Additionally, these gloves feature a foam layer padding of triple-density, ensuring maximum impact absorption and minimum stress for your hands, even with the hard punches. They can be used for cardio kickboxing or kickboxing training. Definitely built for heavier exercising and sparring.


    The Predator features strong padding at the front, around the knuckles and behind them, making for very cool, menacing look, but also clearly favoring some straightforward punching. This means that the inner side of the palm is completely open and exposed, and while this can be very positive with regards to sweating, it can also be a negative to some users who prefer a more sheltered feel. The thumb is completely exposed and unprotected as well, calling for some extra care when training.


    Excellent durability and a lot of comfort and versatility. However, the flexibility may be too much for those who prefer a more sheltered feel. Due to the exposed thumb, better suited for more experienced fighters.
    • Great padding and armoring
    • Light but sturdy
    • Very comfortable to wear
    • Cowhide leather
    • Completely open palm and exposed thumb, which is not to everyone’s liking

    4. Combat Sports Pro

    4. Combat Sports Pro
    Ringside’s pair of gloves is one of the best-sold ones. Why? Well, it’s a good pair of gloves that’s also affordable.
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    Full 3/4" padding that allows increased safety of the hands and opponent
    Open palm that allows full gripping capabilities
    5 oz.
    Synthetic leather construction for resiliency
    All size available: YM(5-8-year old), YL (9-12-year Old), Adult S or JR, M, L and XL


    Their popularity is also owed to the excellent build quality of the product itself – the full, 3/4” padding of the gloves offers excellent protection of your knuckles, while simultaneously making your opponent hurt less. Obviously, they’re made with kickboxing sparring and training in mind and work well during light training and kickboxing cardio. The synthetic leather and wrist wrap add additional protection as well.


    As is the case with most training gloves, these offer great mobility of the hand and fingers. You can easily do grips, and your open palm makes your training a breeze (literally). Your hands will feel cool and agile. However, the thumb is unprotected, which requires some special attention to be paid while exercising. Overall, very comfortable gloves.


    One of the most popular kickboxing gloves out there, and for a good reason. Great knuckle padding combined with extra mobility. Watch that thumb before it gets sore.
    • Great wrist support
    • Great knuckle padding
    • Synthetic leather construction makes for extra durability
    • Some reports that the stitching doesn’t hold up

    5. ILM Pro

    5. ILM Pro
    While the previous model (Everlast’s) was a bit too heavy on the durability side and in doing so sacrificed comfort, we can say that these gloves by ILM (or alternatively, Xinluying) attempt the opposite.
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    Grappling Gloves in Leather
    WTF approved hand protector for Taekwondo competition
    Featured design includes half finger, grip baton, palm ventilation, qualified EVA padding, sweat-wrapping thumb fabric etc
    Special sponge padding area for sweat absorption


    The padding is almost minimal, but firm enough to do some light sparring or exercise. Although, customers report practicing on the heavy bag with these without problems, while others say the gloves fell apart too soon.


    It is no surprise that these gloves aim for the maximum mobility, maximum flexibility, and maximum grip – all that at the highest level of comfort. This leaves them a bit vulnerable to prolonged amounts of punishment, so avoid heavy bag uses or boxing sparring. For light sparring however, these are perfect. On the thumb area you also have a towel-like padding, intended to wipe any sweat you might shed during those heartfelt, intense exercises. Very handy!


    Besides being one of the most comfortable training gloves out there right now, these gloves are also special for the sheer range of sizes they offer – from XS (extra small, 5cm/2”), all the way to XXL (extra-large, 11cm/5”). Everyone’s covered: kids, women, and men. Excellent beginner gloves, albeit not the most durable.
    • Very comfortable
    • Lots of sizes to choose from, ensuring a perfect fit
    • Humanized design
    • Not very durable, some customers report easy tearing

    6. Elite Sports

    6. Elite Sports
    Stay ahead of your game with the Elite Sports Standard Training Gloves! Better than most of the cheap gloves out there on the market, the Elite Sports Striking Gloves are build to perform.
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    From design to performance, Elite Sports is an all-around champion just like the fighters who wear them. It’s built to push the performance standards of elite athletes everywhere. The pre-curved anatomic design means you don’t have to worry about maintaining proper fist closure while training. This allows you to maintain focus and reach your optimal level.


    Made with PU leather
    Superior comfort and protection
    Pre-curved anatomic hand design
    Cooling mesh in palm section
    Triple-density gel impact protection foam
    Secure Velcro wrist closure system
    Ultra lightweight with superior comfort
    Stretchable leather wrist wrap
    Built-in antimicrobial and antifungal lining

    Very nice kickboxing gloves with a great build quality and highly durable – all the qualities you’d want in a standard boxing glove and more. Padding over the knuckles is great, and they look sharp and are spacious enough for hand wraps. So if you’re looking for a decent pair of kickboxing gloves without breaking your proverbial bank, this is your best bet.

    Pre-curved anatomic hand design means you won’t have to think about maintaining proper fist closure

    Triple-density gel and impact foam offer maximum protection to your hands

    Being ultra-lightweight the gloves are easy to clean and maintain
    A secure Velcro wrist closure with a stretchable leather wrist wrap makes it easy to put on and take off your gloves

    A 3D cooling mesh allows your hands to stay cool and dry

    A built-in antimicrobial & antifungal lining is highly effective against bacteria


    No cons

    7. RDX Ego

    7. RDX Ego
    Be the king of the ring with the RDX Ego Boxing Gloves! This versatile pair of boxing gloves is a testament to RDX’s superior craftsmanship and exquisite design.
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    Whether you're training Muay Thai kickboxing or punching a heavy bag, you will never go wrong about the RDX Ego Boxing Gloves. The reinforced coating and shock resistant padding make them the ideal sparring or kickboxing gloves. Durable Maya Hide leather coats the interior of these exquisitely handcrafted boxing training gloves that are engineered for the battle to provide the best fighting experience in the ring.


    Durable Maya Hide leather built to last and last
    Shell Shock gel Equilibrium Sheet triple padding for maximum shock resistance
    P.P Ventilation system for the ultimate hand breathability
    Quick-EZ Hook-and-loop for a snug fit and easy size adjustment
    Wrist support to enhance punching form

    If you’re new to kickboxing fitness, this will make a great first pair of gloves. They are super comfortable and the wrist support is very good. They feel great on hands, especially when hitting. The Velcro closure is also fantastic and pretty heavy duty, and the wrist wrap is very stiff and sturdy. Stitching is great, a lot better than anything you would see on cheaper pair of gloves. And at this price, this is definitely a superb investment worth making.

    Hand-stitched authentic Maya hide leather

    Shell-Shock gel infused Tetra-padding provides enhanced shock absorption 

    Strategically placed perforations evacuate moisture from building up

    CoolX palm mesh on the palm side and specially perforated inner thumb ensure ventilation and

    The wrap-around Quick-EZ Velcro strap closure provides added wrist stability


    Sizing is a bit off. Check before making the purchase.

    Not ideal for thinner hands.

    8. Vector Sports

    8. Vector Sports
    Harness the power in the Vector Sports Maya Hide Leather Training Gloves! Engineered to perfection, this versatile pair of gloves provide lightweight comfort, protection, and control for every fight.
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    Scientifically engineered design helps to protect small joints, bones, muscles and tendons in your hands from potential injuries caused by the impact of hard punches. They are made of performance-engineered, high-quality Maya hide leather which delivers greater durability and superior performance. By correctly aligning wrist with the fist for every punch, these powerful gloves will protect your hands from injury. They are suitable for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, heavy bag training, sparring, mitt work or fitness class and are ideal for beginners to advanced users.


    Made of high-quality Maya hide leather for durability
    Designed to conform to the natural shape of your fist
    Ventilated mesh design for ideal breathability
    Keep your hands dry and eliminate odor
    Rapid-EZ Velcro closure for secure fit and wrist support
    Scientifically engineered design for maximum protection
    Ergonomic arch design promotes proper punching technique and performance

    It is an ideal pair for both training and sparring. It is equipped with additional padding, providing better protection for your knuckles and limits soreness. The gloves do this without compromising quality. If you’re looking for a beginner pair of gloves without breaking the bank, the Vector Sports Training Gloves won’t disappoint you.

    Gel integrated padding by Vec-Tech design

    Made of high-quality Maya hide leather

    An ergonomic arch design conforms to the natural shape of your fist

    Ventilated mesh design

    Rapid-EZ Velcro closure provides secure fit and wrist support


    Not ideal for professional hands

    9. Fairtex

    9. Fairtex
    Fairtex is one of the leading brands known for their quality craftsmanship and unique design – The brand that has risen through the Thai world to become one of the foremost brands in the world.
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    All-purpose Fairtex Muay Thai gloves are handcrafted in Thailand from genuine leather and are insanely comfortable. These all-purpose training gloves are perfect for bag and pad work. Featuring full wrist wrap hook and loop closure and a tight wrist support, these gloves have been designed with the fighter in mind. They have a nice tight fit and are built to last.


    Genuine top grain leather
    Handmade in Thailand
    Fairtex signature three-layered foam system for excellent hand and knuckle protection
    Ergonomic design with a unique contoured and tight-fit
    Mesh for better circulation of air
    Feature full wrist wrap hook and loop closure and a tight wrist support
    Very solid wrist support and plenty of room for hand wraps

    These gloves are very well made but they are kind of small looking on the outside, though very comfortable on the hands. It protects the hand perfectly and the mesh material is good, if not the best for good circulation of air. The gloves dry quickly and won’t smell either. While they are great for general training purposes, they perform fairly well for sparring too. You cannot go wrong about these gloves because of the brand that is known for its superior craftsmanship.

    All Fairtex products are handmade in Thailand 

    Engineered with an oversized hand compartment and 3-layer foam core

    Wrap-around hook and loop closures comfort and stabilize the wrists

    The knuckle padding is quite thin and the gloves also have more padding on the back of the hand

    Feature special material on palm area and above grip


    Wrist support is not optimal

    The mesh is not durable enough

    10. PGC

    10. PGC
    Augment your fitness routine with the PGC Weighted Exercise Gloves, which weigh 1 pound each and made of a breathable neoprene fabric.
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    Well balanced construction cushions your hands during workouts and stay fastened without slipping while in use. These gloves are designed to add resistance to a variety of exercises in your workout regimen. Whether it's for cardio or an exercise regimen these gloves will work with you to improve hand speed, shoulder strength, endurance, coordination and muscle definition. These weighted gloves can be a great solution for those looking to take their training routine to the next level.


    Made of a breathable neoprene fabric for a comfortable feel
    Open palm design for hand accessibility
    Each glove weighs 1 pound
    Designed to add resistance to a variety of exercises
    Easy to take on and off
    Velcro closure for added security
    Great for kickboxing, cardio, boxing, walking, and other aerobic activities

    For those who want to exceed their limits, these are the gloves to wear while running, lifting weights, or boxing. These gloves are another excellent choice that combines the comfort in use with the functionality of weighted clothing that promotes better endurance. These high-quality gloves are made of breathable neoprene and boast an innovative design that ensures a firm grip and keeps them in place during your entire workout session.

    Made from a breathable Neoprene fabric

    These gloves are designed to add resistance to a variety of exercises

    They are easy to take on and off

    The gloves adjust to your hand size perfectly

    Tones and strengthens your arms and shoulders, while increasing endurance and hand to eye coordination

    Ideal for kickboxing, cardio, boxing


    Creates undue stress on shoulder joints

    Not ideal for sparring

    Evaluation Criteria

    Whether you’re training kickboxing or studying traditional Muay Thai, it’s important to consider your options and choose the right pair of gloves for your body and technique. Any experienced fighter knows that kickboxing gloves are the most basic and crucial accessory, designed to keep both parties safe.

    With dozens of brands and tons of different types of gloves to choose from, the key to finding the right pair of glove is to focus on gloves that best suits your needs. We have gone through a rigorous selection process and quality testing to bring you some of the best kickboxing gloves to help you reach your full potential. To better serve your interests we have thoroughly tested the gloves around the following evaluation criteria:

    Material Quality

    A right pair of glove makes all the difference to your performance. That’s why you should invest time in choosing the best gloves out there. Kickboxing gloves are undoubtedly among the most basic tools that kickboxers need. The main function of a glove is to protect the hands, fingers, knuckles and wrists of the fighter as well as reduce the impact of punches and strikes on the opponent. And all the performance factors depend on the quality of the materials used in the making of the gloves. The outer layer of a kickboxing glove can be made from leather or vinyl.

    kickboxing gloves material

    The material of the gloves can have a large impact on their longevity and durability. So we looked at the quality of the materials closely before making the final decision. We understand poorly made gloves can cause bruises and cuts on the hands and knuckles of the fighter. Picking the right pair of kickboxing gloves will be essential to improve your performance, speed, and power in the ring. So don’t go cheap when it comes to protecting your hands. Your hand is a delicate instrument that should be treated as such.

    Vinyl gloves tend to run cheaper in price but may not have the long-term durability of its leather counterpart. Leather is an expensive material and the cost of the leather is added to the glove. Leather is the most comfortable and durable of the materials that are used. Quality should be the sole criterion when picking a pair of gloves and we thoroughly tested the quality of the gloves to find just the best ones for you. A known brand can provide more satisfaction in comparison to cheaper/generic brands. An athlete is expected to exhibit performance, and generally good quality materials help this. Also look for nylon based thread to ensure padding stays where it is supposed to be.


    The biggest mistakes people usually make when buying kickboxing gloves are buying the ones that look cool or tend to prefer the cheap ones. This isn’t exactly shocking considering the low price, but definitely something to keep in mind. There are brands which specialize in a certain area, some offer more protection than others, while some brands are just plain awful. But you get what you pay for! When finding the right pair of boxing gloves you should pay attention to the material they’re made of, which in turns affect the durability of the gloves for a long haul. Most boxing gloves will be made from leather or vinyl. So the list is handpicked keeping the durability factor in mind.

    The main issue that customers usually have are with the material eventually tearing, so if you do lots of regular bag work, don’t expect a poorly build glove to hold up for a really long time. There are some brands which produce some of their pairs with excellent quality leather however they do not guarantee the same durability provided by other brands like Cleto Reyes or Winning. Well, durability doesn’t depend solely on glove’s quality. It also depends on you. It’s necessary to be careful about the conditioning of leather if you want your pairs to last more.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Since prevention is better than cure, you can take steps to prevent your gloves from getting bacteria and germs. Letting your gloves dry completely after every use is very important to keep them clean because germs need moisture to survive. Completely drying the gloves will keep germs from breeding. If you don’t dry your gloves after wearing them, they may become stinky. Proper caring and cleaning eventually increase the durability of the gloves. Lengthy sparring sessions can be tough on your hands, so boxers will often forget that their boxing gloves need to be regularly cleaned in between uses.

    Keep in mind that not all methods are safe for all gloves, so something that might work for leather gloves could potentially destroy a pair of vinyl gloves. So it’s advisable to always use common sense and avoid putting your gloves or yourself at risk. Another method to keep your gloves from getting bacteria is wiping them inside and out with a paper towel after use. Many individuals place the gloves in the bag immediately after using them. This is a very common place for bacteria to breed and grow. So try to avoid putting your gloves directly in the bag. If your gloves are already stinky, you can try an anti-bacterial spray to coat the inside and then leave it to completely air out and dry.

    how to clean kickboxing gloves

    One of the best surefire solutions for smelly gloves is to soak them in a saline solution overnight. This is a surefire way to kill bacteria and rid your gloves from stink. This solution will break down the bacteria and dissolve them in your glove. This method can be dangerous for the gloves made of the material that are not reactant to salt water. So, it is better to do a little research before using it.

    Hand Protection

    The protection of fighters – both pro and enthusiasts alike – have been taken into consideration. Since the sport involves greater use of hands, the protection of hands is a must when it comes to buying kickboxing gloves. Kickboxing uses blending strategies of two sports, one is simple boxing, other is martial arts. Though kickboxing is based on self-defense, this sport requires a lot of physical movements. During competition and training, utmost care should be taken to provide support and padding for the tiny metacarpal bones that make up the hand. Quality is one area where you actually do get what you pay for when it comes to kickboxing gloves.

    Hand wraps and gel glove wraps serve the basic function of protecting the individuals participating in combat sports. It reduces the chances of injuries to the bones of the hand. Traditional-style cotton hand wraps are wrapped around and in between each finger to provide padding against impacts. On the other hand, gel glove wraps provide a layer of padding that performs as a shock absorber to protect hands during impact. As far as protection goes, the gel hand wrap does not provide close to the level of support that a traditional-styled hand wrap does. But at the end of the day, individual preference should be the determining factor. You should never engage in an activity with gloves which you feel will not be able to protect your hands enough.


    How do I pick the right kickboxing gloves?

    The kickboxing gloves are among the basic tools that kickboxers will need. Remember that the purpose of boxing gloves and hand wraps ais to protect your hands and to protect your opponent. The first step in picking the right gloves is to ask your instructor. Do not go down to the sporting goods store right away and buy the gloves that look the nicest or are the cheapest. The best looking gloves are not always the best gloves for you and they will probably fall apart in a short period of time. You may have to invest a little more money at the beginning for a decent yet functional pair of gloves. Also, consider what type of activity you’ll be doing.

    How do I clean my gloves?

    It’s true your gloves encounter a lot of action during their lifetime, getting covered with blood and sweat. If you don’t keep your gloves clean, they’ll develop a strong unpleasant odor. Even worse, your gloves can house bacteria that can lead to infections endangering you and your opponents. Always wipe off your gloves after use. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s an easy practice or rigorous competition – as soon as your hands come out, a paper towel or similar cleaning product should go in. You can also use an anti-bacterial spray to disinfect your gloves. Also, store your gloves in the open, not in a gym bag. Nothing breeds bacteria like a moist, dark, warm environment such as your gym bag.

    What size gloves do I need?

    how to select a kickboxing glove size

    To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. The most common sizes for gloves run small, medium and large. The most common sizes available are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. There are no odd sizes (9 oz, 11 oz, 13 oz, and so on). It is also worth noting that glove size and glove weight are different. Sizing does correspond with the weight of the glove, but not all the time. This means buying gloves sized at 14 oz does not mean they weigh exactly 14 oz. When choosing glove size you want the gloves to have a snug fit. If there is too much room inside for your hand to move around, there is potential for injury.

    Leather vs. Vinyl – What’s the difference?

    When choosing a pair, one of the very first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to go with vinyl or leather gloves. You must have a clear understanding of the positives and negatives of the both before making the decision. Most vinyl gloves are used for cardio kickboxing and leather gloves are used for anything else. The benefits of vinyl gloves are that they are an entry level product, inexpensive and therefore easy to throw away. But the problem is they don’t get rid of moisture very easily, so your hands get heat up quickly making training uncomfortable, which in turn makes your gloves smell really bad.

    On the other hand, leather gloves are higher quality and are far more durable so your gloves will last much longer and not wear away quickly. Leather gloves will cost more but are worth the investment. The more durable the material of your gloves, the more resistant they will be to scuffing on rough floors from bodyweight exercises. Leather is more breathable, making your gloves far more comfortable for you to use and won’t smell as much.

    Are men’s gloves and women’s gloves the same?

    women kickboxing gloves

    Well, nowadays they are not. These days you can buy gloves that are specifically designed for women. Since women tend to have smaller hands women’s boxing gloves tend to have a smaller hand cage inside the gloves. Most women find that women’s gloves fit better than men’s and are more comfortable. It is hard to find women’s gloves in all weights and sizes. Most women need small or medium, while most men use large. But as boxing grows in popularity for women this will probably change.

    Does a glove color make any difference?

    If you will be using the gloves for training then you can use any color you like. It is common these days to see gloves in pink, white, black, red, yellow and other color patterns. In amateur boxing, glove color is important because red and blue are used to denote different corners. There are certain colors that are less visible to the human eye. This pays off during a fight, when you’re opponent is dazed and can’t see where your punches are coming from. In professional sports, the color of the gloves is usually chosen or approved by the promoter of the fight.

    What are wrist wraps and why are they important?

    Wraps are very long strips of cloth that you wrap around your wrists and knuckles to protect them from the impact of hitting. You’ll want to wrap your hands with these before trying on boxing gloves to ensure the proper fit. Wearing wraps, while technically optional, is highly recommended, especially for beginners. You wrap securely around the wrist, the palm, and the base of the thumb, to maintain the alignment of the joints and to lend strength to the soft tissues of the hand during the impact of a punch. Without proper protection, you are at risk for breaking the small bones in your hands. And if your bones don’t break, they will begin to ache over time because of the lack of protection.