Best Kickboxing Uniforms Reviewed In Detail

Kickboxing uniforms are combat shorts, thighs, and trousers that are worn by practitioners of this art. It’s not unusual that fighters from different sport types wear these, and vice versa. For instance, most MMA fighters often use kickboxing uniforms during their training, even in their fights!

It’s fairly easy to make a distinction between a regular pair of shorts and a kickboxing uniform – the obvious difference in material, construction, and design is apparent at first sight. Once you’ve worn them you’ll see what I am talking about.

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Wesing Uniform
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  • Anthem INFINITY
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MMA Fight Uniform
  • MMA Fight Uniform
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Anyhow, the market is large, so it’s not easy to find a pair of high-quality kickboxing shorts. If you’re interested in kickboxing uniforms, I’d be glad to show you the ropes.

Why should you consider owning a kickboxing uniform?

There’s a manifold of reasons why your regular trousers simply won’t work if you’re into kickboxing. If you’ve been training for a month or so, this may not be so obvious for you, so let me break it down:

Kickboxing shorts are more flexible when compared to regular ones

As I’ve already mentioned, most people can’t train in regular shorts. The main reason why this is nearly impossible is because the seams of regular pants aren’t durable and flexible enough to survive your high kick, for example.

Kickboxing uniforms are extremely flexible, and they’re designed to withstand even the most rigorous training regimes. Consider this before going to a kickboxing gym.

These uniforms are extremely comfortable

No language is capable of describing the feel of getting into your kickboxing/MMA uniform, so let me try – “It’s as if you’re dressing for a fight and knowing that you will win”. The comfortable feel you’ll get when you wear your kickboxing uniform will be mixed with various positive vibes and feelings which will end up in a tasty cocktail of joy.

They can be worn as regular clothing

Some people aren’t aware of the fact that most kickboxing shorts are actually beautiful and attractive. Most of the time, the only difference between two fighters in a ring is in the shorts they’re wearing. Now, imagine the pressure on the manufacturers – they know that they have to go an extra mile and design the most beautiful pair of pants if the fighter is to buy them.

Kickboxing uniforms aren’t expensive

Usually, you could find a pair of kickboxing trousers for $20 – $30. This is not expensive at all, and if we compare it to any regular shorts, they’re even cheap.

Picking a combat uniform is a personal and unique experience

Kickboxers are superstitious people – you want to get your feng shui to shoot positive vibes before your fight. I remember the day when I got my first “Tapout” shirt like it was yesterday. The feeling can be compared to a first kiss. The same goes for combat shorts and trousers.

Perks of Kickboxing Uniforms

Now that we’re clear on “why” you should consider purchasing your own kickboxing uniform, let’s discuss “how” you will benefit from it. There are a lot of advantages that a pair of Muay Thai pants can offer you:

  • They’re extremely durable and flexible

Most people own several pairs of kickboxing shorts, but that decision was not influenced by the ruination of their previous pair – Muay Thai uniforms are extremely durable, and people like having several pairs because they are awesome, plainly speaking.

  • You can use them for MMA/BJJ sparring or practice

Kickboxing uniforms are very practical. They’re not reserved for kickboxers alone, so you can consider owning a pair even if you’re an MMA fighter or BJJ practitioner. Of course, BJJ artists often use kimonos (GI uniforms), MMA fighters tend to prefer sturdier combat sports, but that’s not the reason enough to expel kickboxing uniforms from their wardrobe.

  • They’re perfect for sparring and training sessions

Don’t think you’ll ruin your kickboxing uniform if you wear it during a training session. As I’ve mentioned earlier, these shorts are very durable, so you really don’t have to worry about anything. Wear them during sparring and feel like a pro!

Types of kickboxing uniforms

The categorization of regular clothing ranges from “summer shorts” to “winter jackets”, so it’s quite obvious that a certain systematization took place in kickboxing gear. The types of kickboxing uniforms are as following:

  • Traditional Kickboxing Shorts

Often referred to as “Muay Thai” shorts. This type of clothing is often decorated with dragons, tribals, or other vivid motives. Short, flexible, and comfortable.

  • Kickboxing Short Trousers – they’re very similar to “Traditional Kickboxing Shorts”. The only real difference is in patterns and design.
  • Kickboxing Thighs – very long, tight, and efficient. These thighs are less comfortable, but they absorb sweat more efficiently.
  • One-Piece kickboxing uniform – comprised of Shorts and Sleeveless shirts usually.
  • Long kickboxing trousers – longer than shorts, shorter than jeans.

10 Best Kickboxing Uniforms 


1. Kung Fu Boxing Martial Arts MMA Vest Shorts by Wesing

When it comes to kickboxing uniforms, this Muay Thai/MMA vest is absolutely the best. It features a classic traditional design, and it’s made of natural dacron. As for the sizes, it comes from XX-Small to 4XL.

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The waistband is superiorly elastic which allows you to execute high kicks with great ease. This kickboxing uniform comes in three color variations – Black, Blue, and red. The soft material is, perhaps, one of the main reasons why you will feel extremely comfortable in this uniform.

This Muay Thai garment is ideal for traditional practitioners of this fine art, and it’s safe to say that you will have a hard time finding a better kickboxing vest & shorts in the price range. In fact, that’s nearly impossible because Wesing’s Muay Thai/MMA sport clothes belong to the affordable price point category.
  • Premium quality materials – Wesing’s Muay Thai/MMA sport clothes are made of natural dacron;
  • Shrunk-resistant – the cleaning process of this kickboxing uniform incredibly easy, as all you need to do is to put it in a washing machine. It’s shrunk resistant, so it will remain intact;
  • Elastic and comfortable – the waist was specifically made to be superiorly elastic, and the whole uniform is very comfortable to wear;
  • An affordable price – this kickboxing uniform belongs to the affordable price point category;
  • Way too traditional – only diehard kickbox fans know the true value of this design;

2. Anthem Athletics INFINITY Muay Thai Shorts

Anthem Athletics is one of the best brands when it comes to close contact sport equipment and gear. Their catalog is vast and versatile, and you’ll notice further in this review that I’ve picked several of their products for this review.

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Infinity Muay Thai combat shorts is definitely one of my personal favorites, as it comes in 14 vivid color variations (Army & black, Black, white and black, blue and black, red and black, and so on). Kickboxing is a flashy discipline with kicks and jabs storming the ring, so you might want to equip yourself with colorful short pants.

Anthem Athletics Infinity is made from premium-quality, lightweight, and tear-resistant micro fiber material that’s machine washable – some shorts are supplied with a Velcro buckle or belt, so they’re not easy to wash. That’s not the case here.

These short pants stretch with ease, which is extremely important, especially if you’re focused on your leg work while you’re training. This kickboxing pair of pants is quite affordable and very valuable for the cash.
  • Superior durability – Anthem Athletics Infinity is made of premium-quality, lightweight, and tear-resistant micro-fiber material;
  • Available in 14 different colors – Black & army, red & black, orange & black, white & black, and more;
  • Decently affordable – these kickboxing pants are quite cheap;
  • Even though the colors are vivid, the overall design is quite plain;

3. MMA Fight Kick Boxing Shorts Muay Thai Kick Boxing Clothing Uniform

Remember what I said about Velcro buckles? ISH Sports MMA Kickboxing martial arts training uniform is supplied with one. These shorts are different when compared with the last two products, mainly in terms of material and performance – they’re sturdier, but they’re still flexible enough so that you can maintain your balance.

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What’s important is that ISH Sports MMA training uniform is incredibly durable, and it comes at a bargain price. Personally, I’ve owned several shorts, and I can compare this model with Venum Cobra MMA pants.

There’s a single flaw in the design of these MMA shorts – they’re not exactly easy to wash. This is not a deal-breaker, though – most MMA and kickboxing trainees wash their uniforms by hand. ISH Sports Kickboxing uniform boasts a considerable value for the cash.

It’s made from high-quality polyester stretchable fabric, it includes various flex panels that provide additional mobility. Furthermore, they have a split seam design for maximum flexibility. Definitely one of the best kickboxing shorts on the market.
  • Incredibly cheap – this kickboxing pair of shorts belongs to the bargain price point category;
  • Superior mobility – ISH sports kickboxing shorts feature various flex panels for superior mobility;
  • Split seam design – the split seam design adds flexibility along with the improved Velcro system of closure;
  • T3 seams – the T3 stitches are able to take a lot of punishment;
  • Internal pocket – this is a feature that most combat shorts don’t have. Very handy for your gum shield;
  • Quite rigid when compared to most kickboxing shorts models;

4. Anthem Athletics Reckoner Retro Style Muay Thai / Kickboxing Shorts

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Anthem Athletics is one of the prominent leaders in the combat sports clothing industry. We’ve already seen what their Infinity can do, and now it’s time for Reckoner. You can get the picture by simply looking at the name – the Anthem Athletics Reckoner is one of those combat shorts that will sweat and bleed with you.

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These kickboxing pants come in three color variations (which is not much when compared to Infinity’s 14) – Black, Camo Black, and Black Hex. These shorts are made from extremely durable and tear-resistant micro-fiber (notice that this material is the same as with Infinity), they’re elastic, and they feature Aggressive splits with leg openings for superior motion range.

If you’re a fighter who demands mobility and flexibility, the Reckoner might be your best bet. This kickboxing uniform is decently affordable, and it’s more than valuable for the price.
  • Available in three different colors – Anthem Athletics Reckoner comes in Black, Black Camo, and Black Hex;
  • A bargain – this kickboxing uniform is very affordable;
  • Superior flexibility – Aggressive splits with leg openings, an elastic waistband, and performance micro-fiber material are responsible for superior mobility and flexibility;
  • A plain design – sometimes it’s pretty hard to make a distinction between different models because they’re designed in a very plain way;

5. Farabi Kickboxing Trousers Pants Mix Martial Arts Uniform

Farabi’s Kickboxing Trouser pants for MMA and Muay Thai are long combat sports. They’re very attractive, and you can rest assured that you will be seen and recognized if you wear them in a ring.

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These combat trousers come in three different color variations – red, black, and blue. They’re made of premium-quality lightweight silk and satin materials, and they’re very comfortable to wear.

What’s important to note is that this manufacturer offers these kickboxing uniform models in all shapes and sizes – both for kids and adults. The only downfall is that they’re quite expensive, even for long combat trousers. Anyhow, don’t let that dissuade you – they’re incredibly comfortable and they boast a great value for the cash.

  • Comes in three vivid color variations – You can get Farabi’s Kickboxing and MMA combat trousers in red, black, and blue;
  • Comfortable and durable – these combat shorts are made of premium-quality lightweight silk and satin materials;
  • A unique design – you would have a really hard time finding a pair of combat shorts that’s as attractive as Farabi’s combat shorts;
  • Available in all shapes and sizes – kids and adults;
  • This kickboxing uniform is really expensive;

6. TurnerMAX Kick Boxing Trousers Black Martial Arts Pants

Another pair of long kickboxing trousers, the TurnerMax Kickbox Combat Shorts are exceptional. Now, you would rarely see an MMA fighter sporting long trousers, but most people would make an exception when TurnerMAX combat sports are in question.

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This kickboxing uniform was made of mixed Poly materials which makes them very versatile, but they don’t excel in any field of performance because of that. They’re very comfortable to wear, they’re lightweight, and they are quite durable.

TurnerMAX combat shorts are equipped with two front pockets which you can use to store your gum shield or bandagers, they come in three color variations (Classic Red, Black, and Blue), and they belong to the budget price point category.
  • Very affordable – TurnerMAX combat sport uniform belongs to the budget price point category;
  • Available in three colors – you can get this kickboxing uniform in black, red, and blue color;
  • Equipped with two front pockets – you can use these pockets to store your bandagers or gum shield;
  • Very versatile – TurnerMAX kickboxing and MMA trousers are made of mixed Poly materials. They’re very durable and comfortable to wear;
  • Extremely elastic – these kickboxing shorts are elastic and they will grant you maximum mobility;
  • TurnerMAX combat sport trousers are very long, and they’re more suitable for matches than for training;

7. Anthem Athletics Defiance Kickboxing Shorts – Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ

This is the last Anthem Athletics product in this review, as I believe I’ve made my point – every clothing product from this brand tells a story of its own, and they simply need to be heard. Now, we’ve seen Infinity and Reckoner, but Defiance is completely different.

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This kickboxing uniform is available in three color variants – Black Hex with Blue, Black Hex with Gray, and Black Hex with Red. These combat trousers are made of tear-resistant fabrics, and they’re equipped with two-fold Velcro bands with drawstring. This means that they’re very easy to get on, but they’re quite difficult to wash, though.

These combat shorts are optimized for various combat sports, including BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, MMA, Pankration wrestling, and such. They come in different sizes, ranging from the smallest (30 inches), Medium (32 inches), Large (34 inches), X-Large (36 inches), XX-Large (38 inches), and XXX-Large (40 inches).
  • Anthem Athletics Defiance comes in three color variants – Black Hex with Blue, Black Hex with Gray, and Black Hex with Red;
  • Superior durability – these combat shorts are made of tear-resistant fabrics;
  • Ideal for various combat sports – Defiance is ideal for BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, MMA, Kickboxing, and Pankration wrestling;
  • You can order this kickboxing uniform in different sizes – the sizes range from the Smallest (30 inches), Medium (32 inches), Large (34 inches), X-Large (36 inches), XX-Large (38 inches) and XXX-Large (40 inches);
  • Very difficult to wash due to Velcro buckle;

8. Elite Sports Black Jack Series Fight Shorts

Black Jack combat shorts are, essentially, MMA fighting trousers that can be used for kickboxing training and sparring sessions. They’re quite “short”, but they’re extremely versatile and durable – Krav Maga, Muay Thai, BJJ, and MMA fighters like Elite Sports Black Jack fighting shorts because of this.

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These combat trousers are made of lightweight material that is very healthy for your skin – Black Jack combat shorts are able to disperse sweat at a faster rate which stops the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Black Jack shorts are supplied with a Velcro closure band that’s paired with a drawstring that provide the wearer with a complete range of motion and unobstructed movement. It’s safe to say that these combat shorts are one of the best when it comes to flexibility.
  • Superior versatility – Black Jack combat trousers can be worn by BJJ, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and MMA fighters;
  • Good for your health – these combat shorts are made of lightweight material that is able to disperse sweat at an incredibly fast pace which stops the buildup of harmful bacteria;
  • Comfortable and flexible – Black Jack shorts are supplied with Velcro bracer with a drawstring closure;
  • Great price – these shorts belong to the bargain price point category;
  • Even though they’re versatile, these shorts are primarily used by MMA fighters. Wrestlers and Boxers don’t like this model;

9. Fochu Men’s Muay Thai Kick Boxing Uniform Chinese style Sanda Combat Shorts Suit

Fochu’s Muay Thai kickboxing uniform is beautiful, durable, and traditional. If you’ve watched Muay Thai fights, you may have seen fighters that wore this exact model. Fochu’s Men’s kickboxing uniform is available in three standard colors – Black, Red, and Blue, and it’s made of premium-quality nylon polyester material.

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These combat shorts are unisex – they can be worn by male or female Muay Thai fighters, even though males tend to favor them. These shorts are very valuable for the cash, and they’re quite cheap.

  • Gender neutral – Fochu’s combat shorts can be worn by male and female kickboxers;
  • Durable – these combat trousers are made of premium-quality nylon polyester materials;
  • Available in different colors and sizes – you can get your own pair of Fochu’s combat shorts in Black, Red, or Blue, and in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, or XXX-Large;
  • Very affordable – Fochu’s kickboxing uniform belongs to the bargain price point category;
  • Mainly used by Muay Thai fighters. Even though most kickboxing trousers can be used by MMA or No-GI BJJ fighters, Fochu’s kickboxing trousers are mainly intended for kickboxers;

10. Farabi Pro Boxing Shorts

Farabi’s box and kickbox shorts are professional combat trousers that are made of lightweight Satin materials. They’re very comfortable and they feel natural. Everything about these combat shorts is plain and simple – the design is straightforward, the Velcro-type closure is simple, and they’re available in three standardized colors (Black, red, and blue).

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They’re decently affordable, but they’re not exactly versatile – MMA fighters don’t like them, BJJ artists too, so they’re favored by boxers and kickboxers for the most part. Anyhow, these combat shorts are very valuable for the cash.

  • You can get them in three different colors – Black, red, and blue;
  • Professional boxing and kickboxing trousers – these shorts are ideal for semi-professionals and professionals;
  • High-quality materials – Farabi’s kickboxing uniform is made of premium-quality Satin materials;
  • A great price – these combat shorts are a bargain, literally;
  • Reserved for Kickboxers and boxers. You could wear them if you’re an MMA or BJJ fighter, but you could do better for the cash;