Best Medicine Balls Reviewed and Rated in 2017

If you happen to be out of shape, or have, god forbid, suffered a sports injury you must attend to, chances are – you need to start exercising in order to get yourself back into the game. Of course, you don’t want to push yourself too hard if an injury is the cause of this new fitness initiative of yours.

All things considered, it’s fair to acknowledge that taking up a new exercise routine is often a tough decision which, if you play your cards right, develops into a rather lengthy and arduous process. As ominous as this sounds, however, exercising and pursuing a healthy lifestyle of constant physical activity is a decisively positive thing, generally speaking.


Our Top 3 Picks

Valeo – Medicine Ball
  • Valeo – Medicine Ball
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Textured finish
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j/fit – Medicine Ball
  • j/fit – Medicine Ball
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Absorbs impact
  • Price: See Here
AmazonBasics – Medicine Ball
  • AmazonBasics – Medicine Ball
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sturdy rubber construction
  • Price: See Here

You’ll be stronger, better looking, and perhaps most importantly – more healthy. And even smarter maybe. All of these glorious advantages to not being a couch potato will make the often boring and difficult procedures worth your while, especially in the long run.

If you’re new to the world of workouts, heavy-duty strongman equipment and the wide palette of various soreness-oriented inconveniences, the best way to initially make some headway is to start small and equip yourself with some rookie-friendly props you can also use later on down the road, like fitness gloves, medicine balls, punch shields, resistance bands and kettlebells.

In that respect, a weighty and enlarged basketball-looking sphere that we call the medicine ball can be an excellent solution for making your first baby steps in your exercise routine of choice. If you’re a casual or even an experienced gym rat, you can use it to work on a variety of muscle groups you wish to improve!

Since these versatile exercise balls tend to be designed rather differently depending on the manufacturer or their exercising purpose, we’ve decided to help you pick the perfect one for your needs by assembling a detailed top 10 list. It’s one hot brand after another really!


Before that, though, let’s take a look at some exercise ball trivia and useful tips about how you can use them in the actual fitness procedures. (We’ve done our research, came up with loads of interesting pieces of information and would feel positively sad if we were to not to share it with you!)

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls: Quirks ‘n’ Types

Featuring a simple enough design, the medicine ball is one of the most widely-spread exercising utensils out there, and as the workout world progressed and expanded, new interesting models started slowly emerging, allowing for more elaborate and difficult exercising positions and movements. Long story short, here are some of the most important exercise ball designs that various developers came up with over the years:

The ancient strongman heritage: Enter the leather ball of excellence!

If you’ve ever seen a traditional weight-lifting motivational poster, you might have as well noticed a bulky and possibly heavily-moustached giant of a man sporting a receding hairline or even no hair at all! Now, more often than not, beside the main physically-fit figure to look up to, there beside lies a culprit to his well-defined physique – and it’s usually a bulky, basketball-shaped medicine ball of sheer aesthetic appeal!

That being said, the leather medicine ball that we all know and love today is one of the earliest forms of the exercise ball. Awkwardly round and sporting a number of lovable imperfections, the first models were produced way back in the ancient times when some Greek philosophers recognized the numerous benefits of playing around with a heavy and manageable object such as a sphere. The rest is workout history!

Improved control! Medicine Balls with Grip

For those moments when you need a bit of extra control to execute your demanding strength exercises, a solid pair of grips can really be a lifesaver. Even though your first thought when it comes to medicine balls probably doesn’t revolve around anything other than a perfectly-shaped ball, there are a number of models of these exercising utensils that come equipped with a pair of convenient grips, so that you can improve your gym performance. Or hurl them at your enemies! The opportunities abound. Also, medicine balls with grips are also made so that they can float, which practically makes them sea-worthy!

(DON’T BE) Swingin’ and hurlin’ an exercise object: The medicine ball… with a rope!

A small, specialized part of the medicine ball family is predominantly swinging-oriented, enabling the person wielding this medieval weapon, here, exercise utensil, to perform a variety of rotational exercises and flying ball-attacks!

Exercise balls with handles: Produce a manly wood-chopping motion and much more!

Whether it is the one or two-sided model, an exercise ball can actually sport handles! This supporting feature enables the sweaty and panting exercising subject to try their luck in of the demanding wood-chop exercises, which are brilliant for improving your explosive power and swinging motion.

Also, you can perform a number of other throwing-related exercises such as various golf-swings. Generally, they are much safer to hurl around that the dumbbell and they are often used as its replacement for that reason.

Shape-shifting air-filled medicine balls which do not bounce OR float

Medicine BallsPerfect for avid travelers and unwilling, bemused commuters, inflatable medicine balls feature a simple enough design based on the commonly-found sports balls. They can be inflated and deflated when needed and offer a convenient characteristic or two for various situations.

For example, they will float in water, enabling you to ‘dive’ straight into some of the fun, water-bound exercises and movements to increase your stamina, or reactivate your rusty limbs. (when used therapeutically). Also, thanks to their air-filled insides, they are also quite good at bouncing about! This exciting feature can be further regulated by the amount of air you induce into it: the more you inflate it, the more it will bounce.

10 Best Medicine Balls


1. Valeo – Medicine Ball

Made out of hard rubber perfect for bouncing about, this Valeo medicine ball is perhaps one of the best medicine balls models out there on the market nowadays. The good thing about it is that it is tough enough to retain its shape through your exercise session and also flexible enough to bounce around, opening up an entirely new set of exercises and movements.
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It comes in five different sizes (meaning – weights), each of them being represented by a color and the digit corresponding to the ball’s weight.

For improved grip, the finishing coating has been made to be richly textured, enabling a solid and secure hold throughout the workout session.

A tough and sturdy kind of rubber

Textured finish

Comes in five different weights

Exercise wall chart


The smell can be a bit off-putting at first (it has a strong rubbery smell)

2. j/fit – Medicine Ball

Featuring a pretty heavy-duty appearance of a true rugged strongman’s workout utensil, this medicine ball is a simple yet effective means to achieving the healthy and well-defined body you’ve been dreaming about.
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The outer layer is made of a soft material and it’s triple stitched to make it extra durable, and puncture/rip resistant. Also, stitchings aside, the material itself has been made to absorb impact as much as possible, which means that it will last you a long time.

The manufacturer produces these balls in nine different weights and the color finish for each of those is black and red. (with the weight of each ball represented in white letters on each ball separately)

Triple stitched soft shell covering

Absorbs impact

The special design enables the ball to retain its shape and balance


Not really good for bouncing

3. AmazonBasics – Medicine Ball

This medicine ball from AmazonBasics is a great example of how an exercise ball should be. It’s sturdy and tough on the outside, and provides a secure hold and a tight grip, while still retaining the important bouncing features that are often crucial when performing the medicine ball-related exercises.
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The manufacturers have also provided this ball in many different sizes for you to choose from, depending on your expertise level, that is, how advanced you are in your workout process. Also, for better orientation, an exercise wall chart is included in this offer so that you can consult it every time you feel like.


Sturdy rubber construction

Bounces pretty well despite the tough outer layer

Comes in five different weights (and colors)

An exercise chart included


it smells like a car tire

4. Cap Barbell – Medicine Ball

If you like tennis, chances are, you’re going to love this ball, because it looks exactly like a tennis ball, just considerably heavier. Further on, much like a tennis ball, this medicine ball bounces about pretty well, and you can use it to perform elaborate exercises including the ball and the wall as the bouncing surface.

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For better grip, the surface has been made to feel tacky and rugged under the fingers. This is also reflected in the outside appearance, which looks tough and gritty. Optimally, you should use this ball to develop your strength and coordination, but you can also use it for cardio exercises as well as some other of your choice.

Additionally, this model comes in six different colors, each of them representing their respective weights.


A tennis ball-like appearance

Comes in six sizes (six colors to mark them)

Tacky feeling under the fingers for better grip


It can be a bit oily when you first open the package (nothing too scary, just wipe it off)

5. Champion – Sports Leather Medicine Ball

As far as the ‘blast from the past’ design goes, this Champion medicine ball model is a proper treat, as it comes in an old-fashioned leather finish and a basketball-like outer layer design!
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The construction is rather sturdy and durable thanks to the specialized tough leather, which will last you a long time even after a prolonged abuse and mistreatment.

The range of various exercises you can perform with this ball is really wide, and those include the typical strength training, intense cardio sessions, as well as the elaborate flexibility and dynamic muscle training.

Also, this particular model from the Champion Sports company comes in five sizes, so you can pick the right one for your weight and workout intensity. A great item on our best medicine balls list!

A newly designed leather outer layer

Offers a good grip and overall control

Great for a variety of exercises


After a while, a slight flat spot can develop (not a big deal, though, it still can be usable)

6. ZoN – Soft Medicine Ball

Sporting a rather sci-fi-looking finish, this soft medicine ball is perfect for a space-geek who happens to like working out as well! The fine vinyl finish of this ball means that you’ll be able to grip it well without worrying about it getting all slippery and useless.

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More importantly, mishandling an object as heavy and as mobile and bouncy as a medicine ball can be really dangerous, so a bit of extra grip will make the whole workout routine much safer, besides considerably improving the handling.

When it comes to the types of exercises you can do using this ball, the possibilities are really endless. Resistance training, flexibility training, plyometrics, you name it!


Soft vinyl covering

A durable construction

Excellent for a variety of exercises


The sand inside it tends to shift a little bit

7. Empower – Fingertip Grip Medicine Ball with DVD

Featuring an interestingly designed coating with numerous dents for improved grip, this medicine ball from Empower makes for a great tossing and swinging companion, as its curious shape of the outside layer means a considerably better handling as compared to some regular models.

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The filling material for this one is refined sand, and truth to be told, it creates a well-balanced sphere with a nicely evened out weight distribution.

This model is available in three different sizes: the 6lbs, 8lbs, and the 10lbs versions. You should probably consult your trainer when it comes to deciding yourself for some model or the other before you actually buy it.

Made from soft yet durable plastic

Comes in three different sizes

Includes the power abs DVD


It can get rather sticky if not taken care of properly

8. Wacces – Medicine Ball

Another great bouncer on this list comes in the shape of this Wacces medicine ball, boasting a tough ‘n’ rugged rubber construction as well as a special textured finish for a better grip.

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This model comes in a number of different colors and numbers, where each color has a corresponding weight ranging from 2 lbs up to 25 lbs for the more experienced users.

Features such as the convenient grip and the bouncy rubber construction make this ball a perfect workout utensil for a wide range of exercises, including crunches, leg raises, rotational twists and much more. Also, aside from the typical strength training routines, you can perform stretching exercises and even yoga.

Although predominantly meant for in-hand exercises, you can also use it for throwing and bouncing-based workout sessions, although the experience may vary from size to size.

Built from durable rubber

Available in different colors

Good grip


The surface can appear to be too tough at times

9. SPRI – Xerball Medicine Ball

If bouncing is predominantly what you’re looking for into a ball, then this model from SPRI is going to be a great addition to your exercise routine. The excellent bouncing properties of this ball are all thanks to the dense rubber build, and the finely structured texture on top of it is another fine addition you will love.

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If you feel like changing the size of the ball or altering the degree and intensity of the bouncing, you can add or remove air from the ball, creating a new set of properties to work with.

To ensure the longevity and the ‘well-being’ of their product, the SPRI folks have produced an additionally thick surface wall, practically meaning that it’s indestructible in most cases. (It would take you one hell of an effort to actually do some damage to it)

Thick, durable rubber

Inflating/deflating changes the bouncing properties

A comfortable grip thanks to the fine texture


The latex can be a bit smelly fresh out of the package box (nothing too horrible though)

10. Yes4All – Soft Weighted Medicine Toning Ball

This durable PVC medicine ball from Yes4All offers a solid support for a wide variety of exercises, from stretching all the way to those with more of a strength-oriented nature.

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The ball is fairly sturdy thanks to the high-profile PVC material well-known for its supreme durability. Also, it isn’t too rough to the touch, and it provides a good and comfortable grip in that respect. The inside of the ball is filled with fine natural sand, meaning that you’ll have no problems with it even if it spills. Which it won’t, because it’s practically burst resistant.

This particular model is available in 4 different weights. (and corresponding colors) Namely: a 2lbs blue ball, 4lbs green ball, 6lbs red ball, and 8lbs purple ball. All of those are sold separately but feature the same essential characteristics since they come from the same manufacturer.

Durable PVC material

Easy to grip

Available in 4 weights


Not good for throwing against a wall



1) To what degree should I inflate my ball, so that it works just fine for my exercise routine?

First off, to make sure that the level of inflation is in accordance with the size of your ball, consult the package in which it was shipped. (it’s usually written clearly on it, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find the exact digit)

After you’ve seen into that, the easiest way to orient yourself when actually inflating it is to draw a mark of the exact diameter on the wall, from the bottom up. In that way, you can see when the ball is optimally inflated as it reaches the mark. (the diameter and the ball’s height are exactly the same value, of course)

Typically, the balls come in three sizes, namely: small – 22 inches, medium – 26 inches, and big – 30 inches.

Also, make sure not to go over the prescribed limit, because the excessive pressure may overload the ball, and even make it burst at one point!

2) What happens if I, despite the tough ‘n’ sturdy build of the ball, in my infinite wisdom, manage to break it?

Considering the fact that medicine balls are so tough, that it would take a Übermensch effort to actually damage them, the occurrence of you breaking it haphazardly is not particularly likely. However, if despite all odds, (and possibly with a little bit of help from your pet) you do manage to damage it, the sad news is, it will be literally beyond repair.

This, of course, does not mean you shouldn’t use it if it was merely scratched or moderately chewed-on, but if you plan to fix it, there are really no means to do that. At least, the manufacturers aren’t really keen on repairing these as the process may prove more expensive than simply getting a new one.

What’s more, there’s a good chance you’ll make it worse than it already was if you try to mend it using your own home tools. So, the word of advice is: don’t bother. Just get a new one if the current one malfunctions.

       3) Is the medicine ball the same as the Swiss ball?

Yes, they’re different names for the same ball. Also, a medicine ball is sometimes called: a fitness ball, a med ball, or simply an exercise ball.

Decision Time

All in all, if you plan on getting on with a brand new workout routine, or simply wish to expand your horizons with an exciting exercising utensil, getting yourself a medicine ball is always a good idea. Hopefully, our best medicine balls list will help you orient yourself among the many different brands and models of these convenient workout props, and ultimately, choose the right one for yourself!