MMA Kids Gloves Reviewed and Rated

Mixed Martial Arts (often called simply MMA) is a brutal sport that removes the limits of many contact sports. You can’t throw kicks in boxing, you shouldn’t grapple in kickbox, and you should definitely avoid some of these things in BJJ, lest you get choked in submission.

Now, MMA removes those limits, and that’s why it is one of the most brutal sports since the dawn of time. This is exactly the reason why people are so scared when their kids say that they want to train MMA.

Our Top 3 Picks

Ringside MMA Gloves
  • Ringside MMA Gloves
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Thick
  • Price: See Here
RDX Maya Hide
  • RDX Maya Hide
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Resilient
  • Price: See Here
Cheerwing Gloves
  • Cheerwing Gloves
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Lightweight
  • Price: See Here


What’s the difference between regular boxing gloves and MMA gloves?

Regular boxing gloves are often quite heavy. They are comprised of various foam paddings and stitches, and they’re quite bulkier. It’s only common that MMA practitioners and fighters use standard boxing gloves during their striking training, but it’s hard to imagine the picture of a boxer with a set of MMA gloves.

In order to better grasp the nature of these differences, we should compare the standard boxing gloves and MMA gloves on the field of performance:

Standard Boxing Gloves pros:

  • Increased hitting surface

The standard boxing gloves are quite big, and you can actually choose which part of the hitting surface will land home. Now, why is this so important? It’s harder to miss with a large hitting surface. Accuracy is definitely important, but you don’t need surgical precision for a proper punch.

  • Accumulate more power for punches

Since boxing gloves are heavy, their weight contributes to the strength of your punches. Mass times acceleration equals a K.O.

  • Superior defense

Again, the bulkiness of standard boxing gloves puts them in a favorable position when compared to MMA gloves. Most people will agree that it’s definitely easier to defend yourself with these gloves than with MMA gloves (but it’s also a matter of luck and skill).

  • Ideal for cross hits and uppercuts (when compared to MMA gloves)

Jabs are created in boxing and for boxing, but MMA gloves tend to do a better job in this field. Cross hits and uppercuts are ideal because of the strength accumulation in each punch.

Standard Boxing Gloves contras:

  • Quite bulky and heavy

Boxing gloves tend to feel quite awkward in the beginning. In fact, some people can’t get accustomed to them after long periods of time. Their bulkiness is good for defense, but it might leave some blind spots which you can’t defend.

  • Require a lot of skill in order to be used properly

You just can’t use boxing gloves in the way they’re intended to be used if you don’t have any skills. Most people think that all you need to do is simply put them on and make some havoc, but it’s not that easy.

  • Standard boxing gloves drain a lot of stamina

The weight of standard boxing gloves puts a lot of strain on our muscles while we train in them, and they tend to fatigue the wearer a great deal more when compared to MMA gloves.

MMA gloves pros:

  • Ideal for controlling the situation

MMA gloves are literally worn to prevent you from damaging your knuckles (and your opponent, of course). They can be observed as the extension of your arms, and you can control the situation as you see please, as long as you’re not facing an overly aggressive opponent.

  • Lightweight and comfortable

These gloves are very light, and they’re incredibly comfortable. When compared to standard boxing gloves, MMA gloves definitely win this one.

MMA gloves contras:

  • Inferior defense

Smaller gloves mean that you’ll have your skills alone to defend yourself, where with the standard boxing gloves you would have a large shield.

  • Lack the strength of standard boxing gloves

Surely enough, you can pack quite a punch in MMA gloves too, but that can’t compare with the destructive force of the boxing gloves. This one goes to the boxing gloves.

10 Best MMA Kids Gloves 


1. Ringside Combat Sports Youth Pro MMA Muay Thai Kids Half-Mitts Gloves

1. Ringside Combat Sports Youth Pro MMA Muay Thai Kids Half-Mitts Gloves
Ringside’s combat sports mitts are pretty much a synonym for MMA gloves. We’re looking at a pair of fingerless synthetic leather MMA mitts with the open palm design for superior grappling capabilities.
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They weight 5 ounces, and the padding measures 3/4 inches. These gloves come in black, blue, electric blue, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, red, and pink colors. They’re pretty affordable and highly valuable for the price.
  • Thick and durable – these MMA gloves are made of synthetic leather and they feature a 3/4-inch padding
  • Quite affordable – Ringside’s MMA mitts are some of the best MMA kids gloves in the price range
  • Available in different colors – you can get these MMA gloves in eight different colors
  • Quite tight – there are MMA gloves that are way more comfortable to wear

2. RDX Maya Hide Leather 4-6 pounces Kids Boxing Gloves

2. RDX Maya Hide Leather 4-6 pounces Kids Boxing Gloves
These are some of the best kid MMA gloves, mainly because they’re quite affordable and extremely comfortable to wear.
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RDX’s Maya Hide gloves are actually boxing gloves that are designed in such a way that they can pass for a pair of MMA gloves (you can’t use these in the ring, though). The durable latex padding compliments the shock-absorbent foam layer throughout the knuckle area, and the Maya Leather construction gives the optimal level of durability.
  • Secure fit design – the Slipastic Velcro wrists allow for a perfect fit
  • Resilient Maya leather – these MMA gloves are very, very durable. Made to last
  • EVA-LUTION foam pads – premium quality foam filling material
  • These mitts are primarily for boxing – grappling and submissions aren’t as easy with these gloves

3. Cheerwing Half Finger Boxing MMA Glove Mitts

3. Cheerwing Half Finger Boxing MMA Glove Mitts
Cheerwing’s MMA gloves are the best kids MMA gloves in the budget category. When these gloves are in question, what you see is what you get – they’re not superb or outstanding, but they’re able to give your child the means to train MMA properly.
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They’re made of PU leather with sponge filling in the knuckle area, and they weigh approximately 10 ounces. Not the best of the best, but they’re definitely valuable for the cash.

  • A great price – one of the best kids MMA gloves in the budget category
  • A durable material – PU leather construction with sponge filling
  • Lightweight – these MMA gloves weigh 10 ounces
  • Budget MMA gloves – they’re good for starting out, mostly

4. Granvela ZOOBOO Half-finger MMA Boxing gloves with Velcro wrist straps

4. Granvela ZOOBOO Half-finger MMA Boxing gloves with Velcro wrist straps
Granvela’s kid MMA gloves come in a manifold of color variants – the black, yellow, red, blue, white, G white, and black & white. These gloves are extremely beautiful, and very easy to get on and off.
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The things you might like about these gloves are the breathability and durability – they’re made of premium-quality synthetic leather, and they include perforations in the palm section for optimal breathability.
  • Available in different colors – you can get Granvela’s MMA gloves in 8 different colors
  • Very durable – they’re made of premium-quality synthetic leather materials
  • Superior breathability and comfort – perforations in the palm section allow for superior breathability and comfort
  • An affordable price – these kid MMA gloves belong to the budget price point category
  • Quite thin - It’s quite difficult to defend in these gloves

5. Revgear Youth Boxing Glove

5. Revgear Youth Boxing Glove
Revgear’s MMA gloves are best gloves for boxing – they will give you the upper edge in the pound for pound striking, but they might prove difficult to use during BJJ training, submissions, and takedowns.
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They’re actually lighter when compared to most MMA gloves – they weigh only 6 ounces. Not only that, but they’re also very attractive and highly durable – they’re made of synthetic leather, and you can get your “kid version” that weighs 8 ounces.
  • Available in Youth and Adult versions – you can get this MMA gloves in Youth or Adult versions (different in weight)
  • Light as a feather – Revgear’s MMA gloves are lighter than most MMA gloves
  • A beautiful design – these boxing mitts are beautiful
  • Available at a high price – these gloves cost nearly twice as much when compared to standard MMA gloves

6. Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Glove

6. Hayabusa Ikusa Hybrid Glove
Hayabusa’s Ikusa Hybrid MMA gloves are definitely one of the best kid MMA gloves on the market, hands down.
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They’re made of premium-quality engineered leather with the state-of-the-art inner lining. Needless to say, they provide maximum comfort and a perfect fit.These gloves boast superior versatility – they can be used for Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, and even BJJ and grapple. They feature an open palm section, they’re fingerless, and they have a boxing knuckle area. The only downfall is that they’re quite expensive.
  • Dual-X wrist support – this technology makes sure that these gloves stay in place once you’ve put them
  • Premium-quality materials – Hayabusa’s MMA gloves are made of engineered leather with superior inner lining
  • Very versatile – you can use these gloves for Karate, MMA, Muay Thai, and other contact sports
  • Very expensive – Hayabusa’s MMA gloves belong to the “expensive” price point category. They’re awesome, but they cost quite a lot

7. Kids Boxing Gloves, junior mitts, junior MMA boxing gloves 4 ounces

7. Kids Boxing Gloves, junior mitts, junior MMA boxing gloves 4 ounces
They’re perfect for kids that are 4-7 years old, and they’re very durable (manufactured of synthetic leather).
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Farabi is here to remind us that girls can box too! Farabi’s Kids boxing junior mitts feature a cute pink design, they’re practically weightless, and they feature a super-long wrist strap with Velcro closure.
  • Available at an affordable price – Farabi’s kid's boxing junior mitts belong to the affordable price point category
  • Optimum performance – these MMA gloves excel in the boxing field of performance
  • Lightweight – Farabi’s kids boxing junior mitts weigh only 4 ounces
  • This model is reserved for girls

8. RDX Kids 6oz Maya Hide leather MMA Training mitts

8. RDX Kids 6oz Maya Hide leather MMA Training mitts
These beautiful MMA gloves for kids were designed by RDX – one of the prominent leaders in the contact sports gear industry. You can get these gloves in 4 color variants, black & red, black & blue, black & yellow, and white & red.
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They are coated with special gel infused padding around the knuckle area which allows superior shock absorption. The Quick Velcro closure system with a long strap makes sure that your wrists are protected at all times, and the X-nylon palm-mesh technology keeps moisture away. These mma gloves are well-balanced, versatile, but they’re not exactly cheap.
  • Superior shock absorption – RDX advance tech MMA gloves are coated with special gel infused padding for superior shock absorption
  • Durable materials – these gloves are made of ultra-durable Maya Hide leather
  • Breathable, anti-moisture properties – the X-nylon palm-mesh technology keeps moisture away at all times
  • One of the more expensive pairs of MMA gloves

9. Cheerwing 6oz PU Kids Boxing gloves MMA mitts

9. Cheerwing 6oz PU Kids Boxing gloves MMA mitts
Now, these gloves may look like toys to you, but they’re definitely capable of packing a punch. These girls MMA gloves are designed by Cheerwing, and they’re made of state-of-the-art technology and materials (PU leather and EVA, to be precise).
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The elastic wrist strap makes sure that you have a customizable fit while your wrist gets all the support it needs. The specific dimensions of these kids MMA gloves are 9.25” by 5.82”. They’re not heavy at all – in fact, they’re pretty lightweight, weighing only 6 pounds.
  • Made of durable materials – this pair of MMA gloves is made of premium quality PU leather and EVA materials
  • Comfortable and customizable fit – these MMA gloves feature an elastic wrist strap gives you a customizable and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight – Cheerwing’s MMA gloves weigh only 6 pounds and they’re 9.25” large and 5.82” wide
  • The design is too childish, even for kids

10. Prime Kids Boxing Gloves Mitts MMA Sparring gloves

10. Prime Kids Boxing Gloves Mitts MMA Sparring gloves
The last pair of MMA gloves in our review are boxing gloves by Prime Leather.
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These are pink girls boxing gloves with the tiny black star pattern design. They’re made of premium-quality leather, they are ideal for boxing, and they feature shock absorption.People (and kids) who like their things as plain and straightforward as possible would love this MMA gloves. They’re rather affordable and are quite valuable overall. Actually, there aren’t any downfalls except for the price.
  • High-quality – these MMA gloves are made of premium-quality leather and foam materials
  • An attractive design – this model is very plain, but still extremely appealing and attractive
  • Superior shock absorption – Prime Leather’s MMA gloves come with machine injected mold that provides superior shock absorption
  • Great for box – improving your boxing game will be easy with these gloves. Jap, the bunch, cross and uppercut your way to victory
  • Girl variant – most boys would refrain from wearing a pair of ping MMA gloves

A short discourse – MMA kids

This sport is only brutal when it’s done by professionals in the place designated for the fight (read – “cage”). People often watch it on their TVs and they make the assumption that everything about this sport is bloody and gory. This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

A trainee of Mixed Martial Arts can have 10 or 100 years – nobody ever set the restrictions for that matter. Now, there are various possible reasons why a kid would want to train MMA, so let’s name a couple of them:

  • They’ve seen it on TV or heart of it from their peers

This is, perhaps, one of the main reasons how kids even get acquainted with this discipline. The rule “the more you know” doesn’t apply correctly here, mainly because these kids often try to recreate what they’ve seen or heard. Whenever you hear that “a kid got injured in school”, there are chances that this was the reason.

  • Some kids are natural talents

Talented children often show inclination towards certain objects or themes at a very young age. It’s actually quite cute when you see a 5-year old kid sporting a pair of gloves that are bigger than his head, hitting a punching bag or a tree.

These kids don’t need introduction to MMA – they know what they need to do, they know what they like, and you should be supportive whenever you see a young daredevil chasing his (or her) dream.

  • Parents who are into/like this sport often guide their children into MMA

MMA fighters often have children that aspire to be just like them. The story is pretty similar when it comes to those parents that simply like MMA too much. In fact, whenever a parent likes a sport, they instinctively try to push their children into the same basket.

Why should you consider buying a pair of kids MMA gloves?

Well, first of all, you should consider buying a pair of kids MMA gloves if you’re a child yourself, or if you’re a parent who has a kid who wishes to train Mixed Martial Arts. Let’s assume that you’re one of the two, and speak about the benefits you can take advantage of:

  • MMA gloves are incredibly comfortable

Fingerless MMA gloves are incredibly light, and they’re usually stuffed with special foam that serves to protect you from incoming hits. This foam is also the reason why these gloves are so comfortable. If you own a pair of MMA boxing gloves, they resemble standard boxing gloves, but they’re lighter and easier to use (boxing gloves wear you out pretty quick).

  • They’re a MUST for MMA practice

Of course, some trainers often insist on training sessions that include regular boxing gloves, but that’s a part of the training when you need to overcome your disadvantage and come on top of the situation.

MMA gloves are the only gloves that are actually good for standard MMA practice, sparring, and fights. They’re lightweight and sleeveless so you can enjoy optimal mobility, execute takedowns and submissions, all the while using your hands to punch, jab, and throw overhands.

  • Your kid will have better odds at grasping the concept of MMA with these gloves

MMA includes boxing, kickboxing, grappling, BJJ, and various other contact sports. Simply thinking about training all of these separately in their original forms is surreal (e.g. boxing with boxing gloves, kickboxing in Thai uniforms, taekwondo kicks in a kimono, etc.).

Outfitting your kid with MMA gear from the beginning will make sure that the gloves and leg shields become the extension of his (or her) arms and legs.

The Perks of kids MMA gloves

Ok, so we just went through the reasons why you should but these gloves, and now it’s time to speak about the perks that come with this gear. We should be clear on this – training without MMA gear is not impossible. It’s just harder. It’s as if you were trying to swim with your clothes on. Some of the perks that kids MMA gloves can offer you are:

  • Become one with your gear at young age for optimal results

Think of it this way – running with heavy shoes may exert your muscles, and it may get them stronger, but that’s not a real situation. Fighting an opponent in MMA sparing is done with MMA gloves. Cutting a wood is done with an axe. There’s literally “everything for everything”.

Getting accustomed to your gear at a young age is an ideal way of getting to know how it functions, acquiring the feeling of defending against blows and delivering the hits, feeling the pressure of weight, and so on. If you want to get optimal results, this is your best bet.

  • MMA gloves will make sure that your kid can train in the most natural way possible

Some people say that training with weights on your arms and legs will make you faster and stronger when you take them off during a sparring/fight. This is one of the most common mistakes that an MMA fighter can make.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you need to be real and prepare for realistic situations. Pressure is one of the key points in MMA, and how your kid handles it will determine the results of its training. If it’s well equipped, it can train in the most natural way possible, and you’ll see the results soon enough.