Best Padded Shorts For Extra Cushioning Reviewed

When people talk about padded shorts, not much is known about them. This is simply because they are not very popular and they are rarely advertised on television or other forms of media. When the words padded shorts are mentioned, people often have trouble imagining what they would look like. Some people would think of thick leg protectors that people get playing hockey, or a pair of shorts that are slightly inflated. Padded shorts are actually cushioning that is placed in strategic places on the shorts. Depending on the need, there are different types available.


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Baleaf 3D
  • Baleaf 3D
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Wide Waistband
  • 3D Cushioning
  • Price: See Here
Ohuhu 3D
  • Ohuhu 3D
  • 4.8 out of 5
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  • Sweat Resistant
  • Gel Padding
  • Price: See Here
Santic 4D
  • Santic 4D
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reduces Sweat
  • Silicone Grippers
  • Price: See Here


The most common padded shorts are ones used for cycling. As many athletes that do cardio condition can attest to, biking for a long period of time can really hurt the groin area. Over a significant amount of time, the friction and hard surface of the bike seat starts to become incredibly uncomfortable. Before you know it, you’ll start squirming as you ride just to get a little bit of respite.

These pants have a pad or cushioning around the groin area, providing you with a more comfortable seat. They can be very useful to combat athletes especially if they spin or bike to improve their stamina. As they have become more known to the general public, people have started to find different ways to use these padded shorts. People who partake in snowboarding or skateboarding have started to wear these shorts as extra protection so when they fall, the damage is less significant.

Another way these products have been popularized is through combat fighting. The padded shorts are a great way to have some protection of your groin area when you are sparring. While there are groin protectors that can also do the trick, people prefer padded shorts as they offer more mobility. Wearing a pair of shorts that have a little more padding can work to give you that additional layer of protection while still giving you unrestricted movement. This can make you more comfortable and more focused on the sparring rather than the discomfort of your groin protector.



10 Best Padded Shorts



1. Baleaf 3D

The main point of purchasing padded shorts is to have something that will provide protection to areas where you need it. This particular company spent a lot of time researching and developing their product so that it not only offers insulation but actually prevents your area from direct impact. They come in a wide range of sizes, guaranteeing you will find something that fits you perfectly.
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Wide Waistband
One of the most important things for personal protection equipment is how comfortable it will be. In particular, a place of concern is the waistband. Having a band that is too tight can lead to great discomfort. It can be itchy and the skin will become irritated over time due to the constant friction. This product comes with an extra wide waistband so that the tightness is dispersed over a larger surface area.

3D Cushioning
It is of utmost importance that you are protected when you conduct your exercise. It is especially important for combat fighters as there is bodily contact. These pants provide what is known as 3D cushioning, where the padding is raised to prevent direct contact with your body. The 3D design gives the protected area all around protection so that it can be padded from attacks on all sides.

Cost and Value
These are a great pair of padded shorts as they are both reliable and have a good price tag. Unlike other shorts, these ones use a 3D design that raises the padded and insulation in a way where even an attack on the side will protect your sensitive areas. Coupled with the extra wide waistband that is designed to maximize your comfort, these are a pair of shorts that cannot be beaten!

Thick waistband

Extra support

3D protection

Multiple sizes

Very affordable


Meant to only be used as under shorts

2. Ohuhu 3D

This particular brand chose to go a completely different route and create a gel padding for their pants. Many people worry about using that material as it can be quite fragile when it is rubbed in specific directions. However, this particular product has a flexible plastic cowling that prevents the gel and silicone mixture from ripping.
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Sweat Resistant
Wearing extra protection equipment can generate more body heat which will, in turn, create more sweat. When the sweat has nowhere it go, it can cause skin irritation and your shorts to slide around. This particular product is made with a very fine mesh-like material which allows the sweat to exit and not stay against your body, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Gel Padding
It can be a never-ending quest for manufacturers to find a good insulating material to created padded shorts. Some insulation is too stiff and others may not do the job properly. This particular product is made with a gel silicone which makes it incredibly comfortable while being soft at the same time. The gel structure works like water and dissipates the energy from the hit rather than absorb it.

Cost and Value
This is a fantastic product that everyone should consider investing in. They are very affordable and work well to be a backup pair of padded shorts if your regular ones need replacing. That does not mean these cannot be your main pair, they are made with unique gel technology that will work to protect you well.

Cost efficient

Gel and silicone

Workhorse product

Sweat resistant

Durable materials


Runs small, order one size up

3. Santic 4D

These are a great looking pair of pants that have a design that makes people want to wear them. They are streamlined so they do not get in your way but have very subtle shades of different black. These are designed to be high waisted to provide you with complete protection and also to prevent them from sliding and moving around. They are a great product for any kind of sport whether it’s fighting or biking.
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Reduces Sweat
Most people who exercise can tell you that sweating is an uncontrollable fact of life, but it doesn’t mean it’s not annoying. Most products work to help remove the sweat after it develops but this product tries to prevent sweat from forming in the first place. This product uses a material that is similar to multiple layers of mesh. It allows for a large amount of heat transfer, thus reducing the opportunity for you to start sweating.

Silicone Grippers
It can be incredibly frustrating to find a great pair of protective pants only to have them move and slide around. This can cause injury if you are hit when the protection is not in the correct place. This particular product has tiny silicone grippers inside the pants so that they work as a slight suction against your legs. This will prevent your pants from slipping as you stretch and move about.

Cost and Value
These are a great pair of pants that can provide you with padding and comfort at the same time. They are created using a material that is stretchy and allows movement in all direction without worrying that they will swim around. The major benefit that convinces most people to purchase the product is that it can reduce and eliminate sweat even before it starts. This will allow you to work out without worrying about bacterial starting to form.

Sweat reducing

Grip and traction

Stays in place

High waisted

Flush against body


Padding is slightly uncomfortable

4. Sponeed

4. Sponeed
This company has created a top of the line product that is great for all athletes looking for some extra protection. It has a beautiful subtle pattern that is not too bright and will look great with any of your additional gear. The padding of the shorts if very flexible and also has ventilation properties that will help disperse the heat. Many people swear by this product for its protection and the fact that it’s comfortable.
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Smooth Comfort
A lot of padding and insulation can be unforgiving when it is sewn into the wrong place. Most pants are made with a foam padding which can become hard and uncomfortable over time. Rather than the conventional foam insulation, this product uses a gel silicone padding to keep you comfortable. It is significantly smoother and softer while still offering great protection. Since the gel is flexible and has a degree of movability, it will allow for complete coverage regardless of which way it moves.

No Slip Band
For many people who exercise often, they know that it can be quite a hassle when their protective gear move around. These pants were designed to move with you in all directions so that they can protect you the entire time. There is a thin silicone tape that is sewn into the bottom of each leg so that it works to grip your skin. This allows your pants to stay in the correct place without you needing to constantly adjust it.

Cost and Value
While these are slightly more n the expensive side, they are worth every penny you invest. The material they are made of is incredibly flexible and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is especially important as combat fighting can cause a lot of friction and the grappling can rip the pants. Coupled with the strong ventilation properties, this is a product you do not want to miss!

Flexible protection

Gel silicone mixture

Covers to mid thigh

High quality production

Subtle designs


Slightly more expensive

5. Santic

5. Santic
This is a pair of padded shorts that are unique and one of a kind. Unlike other products that are similar, they have completely overhauled their pants and created a comfortable and subtle item. The loose fit allows for people who don’t like the tight feeling that streamlined shorts have an alternative that is comfortable and protective. Because of the larger opening these shorts also allow for much more ventilation and air to circulate, keeping you cool and fry.
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Loose Fit

Most designs for padded shorts are very tight and flush against your skin. This is to minimize the disruption of air around your body, allowing you to move more quickly and smoothly. These pants, in particular, do not follow that design and are loose fitting so that it gives you unrestricted movement.

Multipurpose Design
It can be frustrating to constantly be purchasing gear for your sport, unfortunately, a lot of the products only have one use. For example, padded shorts are designed just to give you padding in certain areas. This particular product was designed to look like casual shorts, allowing you to wear them out of the gym without looking strange.

Cost and Value
One of the biggest advantages is that these shorts are both affordable and can be used for multiple purposes. Having a pair of shorts that are padded and can pass off as regular shorts will save you money from having to purchase an extra change of athletic gear when you are done your exercise. It will also save you time from having to go shopping, allowing you to focus on doing things that you really want.

Multiple uses

Loose fitting shorts

Accurately placed padding

Strong ventilation properties

Multiple colors


Makes a lot of noise when moving

6. Sportneer

6. Sportneer
This pants were designed for people that cycle and bike, however they work well as combat shorts. There is extra protection in the groin area so that it can become a base layer under your groin cup. The materials that make up these shorts are of high quality and made to be very durable. Coupled by it’s moisture wicking properties, this is a product you do not want to miss.
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Triple Layer
One of the biggest complaints people have when purchasing padded shorts is the insulation is not enough. Depending on the manufacturer, the amount of insolation varies greatly. This product uses three layers of Polyurethane foam to protect your important parts that need the extra cushioning. The foam layers are compressed to make it seem thinner so that it feels less bulky and more comfortable.

Grip and Traction
When you are using a pair of padded shorts, it is important that they have a way to stay on. If they start to slide or move around during your competition, it can pull your focus away from your opponent. Incorrectly fit pants can also set you up for an embarrassing scenario especially since you will be grappling at your opponent. There are little silicone feet inside the pants so that they are able to grip onto your thighs.

Cost and Value
This product is a wonderful item that is both costs affordable and does the trick. This is the right product for you if you are looking for something simple and a workhorse. The material is reliable so that it can last for a long time if when it is being stretched and pulled in different directions. They are a simple black color with no designs, allowing it to blend seamlessly in with all your other gear.

Good ventilation

Extra saddle support

Triple layered foam

Cost effective

Workhorse product


Plain and lacks design


These were designed by people for the people. They are comfortable and made of spandex, which increases the softness of the fabric. This will prevent any chafing when there is friction applied to certain areas of your body for a long period of time. They come in a wide range of sizes and designs, guaranteeing that you’ll find something you like. An added bonus is there are reflective designs added to the back of the shorts, allowing people to see you when you use them outside.
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Shock Dispersal
The main point of using padded shorts is to have something to provides you with extra protection in your sensitive areas. Most of the padding is designed to prevent discomfort from friction when you are moving around. This product is different in the sense that it is designed to prevent energy from being absorbed by your body when a hit is a delivery. The gel absorbs the energy and redirects it out the sides of the padding.

One of the most important things when choosing a pair of padded shorts is to find a pair that allows you to move freely. When you stretch or flex, the pants should stay in the same spot and merely stretch outwards. Otherwise, the fabric will scrunch up and need readjustment every few minutes. This particular pair of pants were made with synthetic fibers that can retain its shape even after being pulled for a long period of time.

Cost and Value
This product is absolutely worth its weight in gold as there is so much technology jam-packed into the shorts. Unlike competitors, this particular brand has used a mixture of foam and gel to create padding that will protect your sensitive areas. The padding has also been compressed so that it is subtle and not embarrassing to be worn in public. The spandex that is mixed into the fabric to make these shorts also allow your more stretch than any competitor out there.

Unrestricted mobility

Multiple design options

Shock dispersal

Multiple size options

Cost efficient


Uncomfortable stitching

8. Triple 8

8. Triple 8
This is a product that was originally designed for people who snowboard or skateboard, however it has been proven to be effective personal protection equipment for combat fighters. Unlike other products there are many more areas where the shorts are insulated, allowing for extra security. Coupled by the great properties it has to disperse heat, this is a product you do not want to miss!
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Heat Transfer
Padded shorts are important as they offer you extra security from injury, however, they generate a lot of heat. If the heat is retained within the shorts, it can cause a lot of sweating and skin irritation. This product uses a mesh-like cloth so that the hot air can exit the shorts. In turn, this allows cold air to come into the pants which can cool you down and also eliminate any unwanted odors.

EVA Foam
This product is made with EVA Foam which is an insulator that uses microscopic air bubbles to protect your body from harm. When a hit is dealt to the foam, the pockets of air collapse to break up the amount of direct energy going towards your body. The energy is used up by pushing all the air pockets flat and the strength dissipates from there. This allows your body to have to absorb less of the strength and power coming behind that punch or kick.

Cost and Value
This product comes with a heftier price tag but it is worth the investment. For combat fighters who frequently engage in sparring, this is the product you want to buy. There is padding all around the entire leg and hip area which minimizes the amount of actual damage dealt to your body. The foam is also strategically placed so there is extra protection for your spine and tailbone, reducing the chances of a severe injury.

Premium insulation

Breathable mesh

All around protection

Shock absorbent

Durable and strong



9. Soared 3D

9. Soared 3D
The manufacturer of this product had put a lot of thought into the design before releasing the shorts. There are many little added benefits that other competitors have not thought to incorporate. One of those things is an adjustable waistline. People are built in all shapes and sizes without a way to customize the waistline would be waste of purchased product. It also has strong moisture reduction properties that allow you to stay focused and comfortable during your entire training.
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Adjustable Waist
When it comes to equipment of this sort, it is incredibly important that it fits properly. If the item is loose on you the padded areas may not protect you properly, or you’ll spend your time holding the pants up. This product comes with wide elastic around the waist which will tighten to your hip size. There are also additional velcros along the waistline which you can use to adjust the tightness of your gear.

Moisture Reduction
It can get very uncomfortable when your sweat accumulates over a long period of exercise. To prevent the amount of moisture in your pants, this product is made with a material that has unique properties. The fabric will absorb the sweat and bring it out to the surface of your pants, allowing for it to evaporate naturally. This will help keep you dry and comfortable for longer periods of time.

Cost and Value
This is a product that comes with a reasonable price tag. There are strategically placed padding in your groin and buttock area, your back legs, and also hips. This ensures your entire lower body is protected, allowing you to spar with confidence. It will also help improve your focus knowing that your opponent's kicks and punches are dulled by the insulation you are wearing.

Customizable waist

Moisture reduction

Breathable material

Long life span

Workhorse product


Must be worn under pants

10. Shock Doctor

10. Shock Doctor
This company is known for manufacturing personal protective equipment. Their products are high quality and are considered the higher end of the spectrum. Most athletes swear by their products as they are durable and long lasting. Many people like this particular product because it gets the job done and does the job well.
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Flex Cup
The unique thing that makes this product stand out among its competitors is that there is a groin protector sewn into these padded shorts. This prevents sensitive areas from injury as these protectors are made with hard and durable plastic. Incorporating the cup into this product gives it an extra layer of security and also decreases the amount of gear you have to put on.

Moisture Wicking
This product can moisture wick like no other eliminate moisture as it builds up. When you start to sweat, the moisture goes through the mesh-like fabric and does not absorb it. This prevents the chance of odors and bacteria from growing. Once the moisture reaches the top, it creates tiny little beads that can be shaken off as you continue your movements. This action is known as moisture wicking and is what most products strive to do.

Cost and Value
This is a product that is on the more expensive side, however, you are paying for two items for the price of one. Purchasing this product eliminates your need to shop for a groin protector, allowing you to save both money and time by purchasing it as a combo. Since they are attached, it also guarantees that you won’t forget part of your gear when you are packing to go to practice.

Named brand

Popular among athletes

Comes with groin protector

Moisture wicking

Innovative technology




While padded shorts are a great way to protect yourself during exercise, they cannot be brought into competitions. It is also not recommended that you wear them during competitions even if they are allowed. During these large scale events, people have their adrenaline pumping and their competitive streak. This may result in harder hits or cheap shots which can do your body great harm. These padded shorts are meant for exercising and training purposes only or can be worn underneath your other protective equipment. It is recommended that you invest in strong and sturdy gear that is designed specifically for competitions.



Criteria For Evaluating
The Best Padded Shorts


One of the most important things regarding padded shorts is the material they are padded with. There are multiple different types of insulation that are used, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Two of the most popular types or Polyurethane Foam and Gel silicone.

Polyurethane foam has been around for decades. It is the first type of insulation to be used in all sorts of protective equipment. This type of foam was chosen because it was easy and inexpensive to manufacture. This particular foam was very durable and could withstand a lot of hits before it starts to broke down. To this day, Polyurethane foam can be found in kick shields, boxing gloves, and many other body protectors. The foam is able to absorb energy from a hit very well. When a hit is delivered, the foam absorbs the energy through air pockets where it breaks the energy apart. This prevents your body from needing to absorb a lot of the hit. The foam almost works like a soundproof wall where a lot of the power is dissipated before it reaches you. The downfall of this sort of insulation is that it is very thick. This will leave you with equipment that is chunky and heavier to handle. Having thick padding between your legs will make it very hard for you to move around.

The gel silicone type of padding has started to make noise in the industry. It is newer technology, therefore more expensive to make. Gel has very similar properties to water and works the same way. When a hit is dealt, it makes a ripple in the gel pads. Using these ripples, the energy will follow and travel out of the sides of the padding rather than have your body absorb it. When a hit is delivered the gel padding will tremble ever so slightly. This is the energy that came from the hit which was redirected. Using the tiny vibrations, the gel padding is dissipating the energy at the sides and ends of the pad. This can prevent a lot of more serious injuries from happening. The downfall to these sort of padding is that they are a more fragile as the gel is easy to break. To increase its durability, many manufacturers have mixed it with silicone which has very flexible properties.


Another thing to consider when investing in a pair of good padded shorts is the material they are made of. Because you are moving your body a lot, it cannot be made with a material that is not breathable. This will cause your legs to heat up and raise your overall body temperature, which can become dangerous. The most popular material that is used to make these padded shorts is Nylon. This is a lightweight material that was designed to be very flexible. This will prevent your shorts from ripping midway through a training session. Because of its four-way stretch properties, moving in any direction will not increase the chance of them tearing.

Nylon is also incredibly comfy to wear, which will help reduce the discomfort you feel if you are biking. The smoothness of the material also helps it sit flush against your skin, which will reduce any disruption to airflow and allow you to gain more speed. Nylon is also known for its breathable properties and ability to remove moisture from your skin. Other materials that are similar in nature are Lycra and Polyester. These are all soft and stretchy materials that will not restrict your movements and allow you to be comfortable when you exercise.


Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing a pair of padded shorts is the shape of padding. Depending on the brand you purchase, some companies will manufacture padding that sits just in the groin area while other companies may give you complete coverage across your buttocks. There are also some companies that choose to protect areas such as your spine and tailbone as well. Depending on how you are using your shorts, you can consider the amount of padding you will need. A general rule of thumb is that the padding needs to rest comfortably wherever you want it to cover. This is especially important for the ones that cover your groin area. If they are not a comfortable fit, the sides could rub against your inner thighs and create chafing. This will lead to ripped skin and being uncomfortable for a few days.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy a pair of padded shorts?
A: Most large sports markets carry a few brands. If you are looking for a specific brand or a more comprehensive list, it is recommended you go to an online retailer as they have more options and are not bound by the physical size of their store.

Q: How do I maintain a pair of padded shorts?
A: Most manufacturers do not recommend you to throw them in the wash as it can damage the integrity of the insulation. To keep them clean, it is recommended to use some warm soapy water and wash them by hand. Place them in a well ventilated and cool area to dry when finished.

Q: Can I purchase padded shorts for children?
A: Absolutely! There are many manufacturers that make small sizes for youths and children.


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