Best Pill Organizers for Supplements and Vitamins

For the serious athlete, nutrition is of the utmost importance. For most people, however, nutrition isn’t something that they pay much attention to. Though for many people nutrition falls onto the backburner, it is nevertheless a vital and important part of bodily health that has to be paid attention to. Poor nutrition can have all sorts of disastrous effects on the human body. These effects start at the merely cosmetic, from brittle hair and nails and faster aging, and range into much more serious territory in the area of organ health and the integrity of your brain and bodily systems. For athletes, the situation is even direr. If you don’t have proper nutrition, you are unable to properly recover from the training that you are subjecting your body to. This can lead to a breakdown in your muscles and joints, and prevent you from not only meeting your training goals but can lead to permanent bodily damage.

So, it’s been established that you need to up your nutrition game. Most people do that through changes to their diet. However, not everyone has the time to cook energy-intensive home-cooked meals that are rich in vegetables, fruits, protein, and whole grains. The quick and easy solution is to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals in the form of dietary supplements. These supplements come in capsules or tablets, and typically need to only be taken once or twice a day by mouth with water. The ten seconds it takes to ingest a tablet is much quicker than spending hours slaving over a stove. However, to ensure you’re getting all of your daily values of vitamins and minerals, sometimes you need to take multiple supplements. Keeping track of all those vitamins can be problematic.


Featured Recommendations 

Sagely Smartimg
  • Sagely Smart
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Push-Through Design
  • BPA Free
  • Price: See Here
Extra Large Organizers
  • Extra Large Organizers
  • 4.7 out of 5
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  • Travel Case
  • Time of Day Compartments
  • Price: See Here
  • Giner
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Highly Durable
  • BPA-Free
  • Price: See Here


Enter the pill organizer. These handy little plastic contraptions allow you to store and stow all of your supplements in one handy place. Usually, these products have compartments for every day of the week. Some have compartments for fourteen days; the most extensive have a compartment for every single day of the month. Simply insert your supplements at the start of the week or month and remove them daily for ingestion. Many of these products have time-of-day compartments within each day for vitamins or supplements that need to be taken at different times of the day. For the forgetful among us, these products truly are a lifesaver to ensure we’re getting adequate nutrition.



10 Best Pill Organizers



1. Sagely Smart

This product is brought to you by the company Sagely. Sagely was founded in 2013, once the founders noticed that there was a void in the marketplace for a supplement holder that was both easy to get supplements into, and out of, that was useful for people of all ages. With this void in their sights, they spent three years developing this product, which comes with technological assistance. This product is made from BPA free plastic. It also has a large size that can contain tablets or capsules of varying dimensions and can be used to measure out your supplements for seven or fourteen days.
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Push-through Design
One of the most frustrating parts about using weekly supplement containers is opening the tiny compartments, putting the capsules inside, and then closing the compartments back up again. It is tedious and made more tedious by the fact that those tiny doors can be very hard to get open. This product has a unique push-through design so that you don't have to fumble around with tiny plastic doors.

App Available
It can be hard to remember to take your supplements. Even the best of us suffer from memory lapses sometimes. However, when those memory lapses happen, the end result is usually that we forget to take our supplements. For the dedicated athlete who needs optimal nutrition every day, this is a problem. This product has an app that accompanies it to help you remember to take your capsules.

Cost and Value
This product is the second most expensive item when compared to the other items on our list. However, many other items get you a small product, and nothing else. For the price, not only do you get a 14-day capsule arranger (double what 7-day products provide), but you also get a helpful app to remind you to take your supplements. This product's unique design and push-through refill feature make it worth every cent.

Large size

7 or 14 days

Push-through design

BPA free

App available


Boxes not attached

2. Stuff Seniors Need

This product is brought to you by the company Stuff Seniors Need. Despite being marketed towards seniors, this company's products are versatile and can be used by anyone. They have a wide array of products that are designed to help people of all ages remember to take their medications and supplements, from 31-day-supplement-holders to tiny sets of plastic drawers for your medications. This product has many great features, such as seven separate columns for your capsules or lozenges, as well as time-of-day organizers within each day.
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Colorful Design
Sometimes the products we buy are monochrome and bland; such products tend to do not do much to improve our mood. At these times, having a little color in our life can do a lot to improve our mood. This product comes with a bright and vivid color array to brighten your day and put a little pep in your step.

Customer Care Promise
Sometimes when companies design and sell products, once the item arrives at your house, that's the end of it. This means that with those companies, should you ever experience a problem or defect with your product, you're stuck with it. Instead of leaving you high and dry, this company has a Customer Care Promise that ensures that they will be with you as long as their product is.

Cost and Value
This product is on the higher end of the price range when compared to the other products on our list. Despite being a bit pricier than other brands of products on our list, it has several features that other items don't. From its colorful design to its travel case, this product will be a boon to those with an active on-the-go lifestyle.

Travel case

Rainbow coloring

Bonus guide included

7-day organizer

Time of day compartments


Difficult to open

3. Giner

This product is designed and sold by a company named Giner. Giner is a company dedicated to helping people stay on top of their supplement and medication schedules. Their products are designed to help persons of all walks of life maintain their best health and vitality. This product is an excellent addition to their inventory, with many unique features. Among them are the fact that it is made from a durable and BPA-free plastic. The Giner also has an attendant satisfaction guarantee.
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Circular Design
Many designs of medication and supplement arranging devices are in one long, single row of containers. This isn't a problem if you're leaving your container at home, but it can start to take up a lot of space if you try carrying it in your backpack or pocket. This device has a circular, space-saving design that ensures you'll be able to take it with you easily.

Flexible TPU Material
This product is made of TPU, also known as thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is a kind of plastic that is flexible, clear, and resistant to abrasions. Additionally, it is non-porous, meaning that it will not absorb smells, oils, or grease, should your pill burst inside the container.

Cost and Value
This is by far the least expensive product on this list. Though it may have a rock-bottom price, it has a top-shelf value. It manages to meet all the benchmarks for a standard, good-quality medication arranger while also being extremely accessibly priced. That, combined with the unique circular design, make this product a sure winner.

Circular design

BPA free

Flexible TPU material

Durable plastic

Satisfaction guarantee


Not designed for large tablets


This product is designed and sold by XINHOME. XINHOME is a company that puts its effort into designing products that make your travel easier and more organized. Their line includes products to contain and arrange supplements and medications, cosmetics pouches and bags, and a collapsible straw. Their goal is to allow you to have everything you need on the go. This product allows you to do just that, being extremely compact as it is. Its other features include being made from BPA-free plastic, and each individual compartment having four sub-divisions to allow time of day segregation.
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Leather Case
Many products advertise that they are travel-friendly, but this product puts its money where its mouth is. Aside from its compact size making it easy to slip into any purse or backpack, it also comes with a durable leather case. You can be sure that this leather case will keep your supplements and medications safely contained and arranged.

Satisfaction Guarantee
With many products, once you buy it, you're stuck with it--whether you're satisfied or not. Even when things go wrong with the product or you find out it's simply not for you, you end up having spent money that you would rather not have. With this product, you won't have to worry about this ever happening to you. If you don't love it, there's a satisfaction guarantee that will get your money back in your pockets.

Cost and Value
This product has a low to mid-range cost when compared to the other items we've assembled on our list. The fact that it falls in the middle of the group doesn't mean it's only average, though. That leather case alone makes it uniquely capable of travel. The satisfaction guarantee means that if don't like it, then you will get your money back; it's a completely risk-free purchase, which is a huge value.

Travel size

Durable leather

Four compartments


Refund promise


Small size

5. Bug Hull

5. Bug Hull
This product is manufactured and sold by Bug Hull. Bug Hull is a company specializing in different kinds of plastic products. Their inventory ranges from containers to protective products, including but not limited to barbecue grill mats, windshield snow covers, and medication containers of different sizes and colors. This product is an excellent example of their product line, being made of 100% BPA-free plastic, and having a thirty-day love it or return it guarantee.
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Secure Lids
One of the biggest problems that you could face with a product like this is the doors not staying shut. When you're placing your medications or supplements in a container, one of the basic functions of the product is to keep them contained. Sadly, many doors are flimsy and simply won't stay shut. This product is specially designed to have its doors stay firmly shut.

Thick, Durable Plastic
This product is designed to take a punch. The plastic from which it is created, aside from being BPA-free, comes in at one millimeter thick. This may not seem like much, but it is fairly thick when compared to other similar products on the market. The extra thickness gives it a durability to make it long-lasting and to preserve structural integrity in the case of a drop.

Cost and Value
This is the second least expensive item when compared to the other products we've assembled on our list. Despite its low price, it has a lot of high-end features. The fact that its compartments are detachable means that you can take a single days' worth of supplements with you instead of hauling around the entire product. Additionally, it has a unique thickness and especially secure lids. It is a huge value for a small price.

Large size

Secure lids

BPA free

30-day guarantee

1mm thickness


May be difficult to shut

6. Fashion Smart

6. Fashion Smart
This product is sold and manufactured by a company named Fashion Smart. Fashion Smart is a company dedicated to smart and aesthetically pleasing products. They design pouches and carrying cases to hold various things people need on the go, such as makeup, medication containers, tablet sleeves, and other container products. This product is an excellent addition to their inventory, with seven different compartments for weekly organization of supplements as well as a zippered pocket for further storage.
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Durable Travel Case
When you're dragging your supplements with you on errands or around the world as you travel, you need to be sure that the container you're keeping them in can handle whatever you throw at it. Nothing's worse than opening up your backpack to discover a puddle of scattered lozenges. This product's vibrant exterior is also extremely durable and designed to take a beating.

Large Containers
A common problem that people have when purchasing containers for supplements is that supplement tablets are typically much larger than the small round pills used for medications. As a result, many containers are too small for many supplements. This product, though, is designed with extra-large compartments so you won't encounter this difficulty.

Cost and Value
This product has a mid-range price when compared to the other items included on our list. That mid-range price comes with a lot of attendant value, though. This product is one of the few on the list that includes a case and has one of the largest compartment sizes of any container. If you've got larger tablets in your supplement roster but also need a travel case, this product has a combo of features you can't possibly pass up.

Durable case

Vibrant design

Large containers

Seven-day organizer

Zippered pocket


Issues with zipper

7. Revolving Medicine Center

7. Revolving Medicine Center
This product is sold and manufactured by the company North American Health and Wellness. As the name suggests, they have a product line that is focused in on products that improve physical health. Their inventory has many great products, among them workout machines, serotonin supplements, and digital blood pressure monitors. This product is an excellent addition to their inventory. It has a thirty-one-day compartmentalization system, and within each of those thirty-one days are three separate compartments for supplements that need to be taken at various times of the day.
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Rotating Design
Most products on this list have a simple design: one simple, straight line of containers. That row usually has seven containers, allowing for weekly refills. This product, though, has thirty-one containers, so that you can fill up your whole month at once. It spins so that you can access each of those thirty-one compartments.

Medicine Bottle Holder
This is the only product on our list that has a built-in stand to hold your supplement and nutritional product bottles. This allows you to put your larger bottles and individual doses all in the same, convenient place. This not only makes refilling the product easier but also prevents bottles from cluttering up your bathroom shelves or kitchen counters.

Cost and Value
This product has a high cost when compared to the other items' we've included on our list. However, it is also unlike any other product on our list. It is the only item to feature a stand designed to hold your supplement bottles. It is also one of the only products that allow you to separate out an entire month's worth of dosages, instead of just a weekly number.

Rotating design

Medication bottle holder

Daily organizer

31 holders

Time of day organizer


May break

8. MedCenter

8. MedCenter
This product is brought to you by MedCenter. As the name suggests, this is a company that designs products for medical assistance. Their inventory has many great products, such as talking alarm clocks for the blind and traveling cases for medications. This product is a great addition to this product line, with many great features, among them the fact that the doors are easy-open to allow you quick access to your supplements with minimal fumbling.
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Monthly Organizer
Many products on this list are only designed to let you measure out dosages for a week; at most, they max out at fourteen days. This product, though, is designed to allow you to measure out a full month's worth of dosages all at once. This will save you time as you don't have to be refilling those tiny containers at the end of every week.

Red-Green Coding
Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of your supplements; oftentimes, we also can forget what the date is and need to consult the calendar. This product has a handy color-coding feature that shows you if you've taken the day's supplement or not. This allows you to keep track of the date and your dosages all with one handy color-coding trick.

Cost and Value
This product is the most expensive item that we've included on our list. It is one of the most advanced, however. It is one of the few with a full month's worth of compartments. Further, no other product on our list has a color-coding system to show you if you've taken the day's dosage or not. This product will not only help you keep track of your dosage, but a large number of containers means you only need to fill it once a month. These top of the line features will cost you extra, though.

31 boxes

Month organizer


Quick access

Color coded


Lids may break

9. HLL Mart

9. HLL Mart
This product is designed and sold by HLL Mart. HLL Mart makes a wide array of products for a wide variety of markets. They sell various kinds of rope, various kinds of locks, dermatological tools, eyebrow-trimming scissors, and latex gloves. Among this eclectic inventory of products sits the HLL Mart supplement container, which has easy-open lids to allow you quick and fumble-free access to your supplements. It is also compact and travel-friendly.
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Color Coded
This product has a color-coding system designed to give a contrast between the different compartments. No more getting mixed up between the days with this product's vibrant exterior. You'll be sure to take your supplements on time and not miss doses.

Time of Day Management
Speaking of remembering to take your doses on time, an important aspect of taking nutritional supplements and tablets is making sure that you're taking it during the right time of day. This product has three compartments for each day to allow you to segregate each dose separately.

Cost and Value
This product has a low cost when compared to the other products we've included on our list. Despite its low cost, it has all of the features that one would expect of a high-end product. It has a vibrant color contrast system as well as time of day management. The compact size allows it to travel and the lids are easy to open.

Easy open

Weekly organizer

Color coded

Time of day management



Case not real leather

10. Survive!

10. Survive!
This product is designed and marketed by Survive! Vitamins. Survive! Vitamins is a company that creates containers to allow people to contain and arrange their medications and vitamins in convenient and easy-to-access arrangements. They have many different colors, models, and sizes of these containers, of which this product is one. The large compartments are clearly labeled and it also has a system to separate out doses by the time of day at which they need to be taken.
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Push-Button Design
One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with this kind of product is fumbling around with a bunch of tiny plastic doors. At worst, you apply too much pressure and your vitamins go flying everywhere. This product has a simple push-button design to allow you to open the door without having to hurt your fingers in the process.

Easy Removal
This product also has a unique curved interior to each compartment. With products such as this, it is common for vitamins or capsules to get caught in the corners of the compartments, which means trouble for the finger trying to remove them. With the curved interior, the tablet simply slides up and out into your palm.

Cost and Value
This product has a mid-range cost when compared to the other items we've included on our list. Unlike other items, though, this is the only product that has a push-button design to get the doors open. Likewise, it is also the only product with a rounded, contoured inside to allow for easy removal. Overall, this product is possibly the best option for those who don't want to fumble around.

Large compartments

Clearly labelled

Push button design

Easy removal

Time of day coding


lids may not close


Getting yourself to optimal nutrition shouldn’t be a headache. Luckily there is a huge range of products out there to help you reach your goal. Taking supplements and vitamins is a common part of life for today’s athletes, but keeping track of all those vitamins sure can be a pain. These small and handy organizers allow you to pre-load your supplements to save yourself a headache.


Criteria for Evaluating the Best Pill Organizers


  • Single-row: Many products such as these come in a familiar shape, a single row of seven compartments, each with a small door through which you can access the contents. This is by far the most common shape of the product that you will come across, being that it is something of an industry standard. The single-row construction of seven doors allows you to store an entire week’s worth of supplements or vitamins.
  • Double-row: Some products come in a double-row. This is similar to the familiar single-row construction, but instead of only having seven compartments, products of this shape have fourteen. By having fourteen separate compartments, you are able to store two week’s worth of tablets or capsules for later ingestion. The more compartments, the less often you have to refill the product. However, having more compartments means that when you do have to sit down and refill it, it will take twice as long. For many people, though, only having to refill the product every two weeks is worth the longer refill time.
  • Circular: A less-common shape that you may see in these products is a circular design. The circular design can be executed in one of two ways. Firstly, there may be seven compartments arranged in a circle, each with a small door. This is a modification of the single-row design to allow you to have a week’s worth of supplements at your disposal but in a smaller space. Bending the row into a circle allows the product to occupy a smaller space. The second way a circular design may be executed is a rotating product with thirty-one separate compartments. This variety of product allows you to refill an entire month’s worth of vitamins into one simple space.



  • Material: The vast majority of products in this category are made of plastic. All of the products included on this list are made of plastic. However, the kind of plastic from which a product is constructed is variable. There are multiple varieties out there, but by far the most common is TPU. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, a kind of plastic that is both elastic and transparent. It is used widely in the home product and engineering industries. Another perk of TPU is that it is highly resistant to oils and grease, being that it is non-porous.
  • Doors: The way that the doors are constructed on these products is extremely variable. Some are simple and latch shut. However, with the simple-latch design, it is common to find that the doors will eventually break off as the hinges wear out. Another design of door has a push-button design. Products with the push-button are generally easier to open, as it can be difficult to try and unlatch a tiny door of the simple-latch design.
  • Attached vs. Detached: It can be difficult to differentiate simply from pictures online, but there are two kinds of products. The first is attached. What this means is that the compartments are all attached together at the base. This means that they cannot separate, and stay together as a single unit. There are a few benefits to this. One, you will never lose an individual compartment. Second, being that they all stay together, it has a structural integrity and strength. The downside is that if you only want to take a single day’s dose with you, you can’t. Detached products are exactly the opposite: each separate compartment is not attached to the other. Usually, they rest on a counter or surface and don’t travel as a unit. However, if you want to only take a single day’s dose with you, you simply grab a compartment and head out.



  • Solid color: Some products on the market come in one single, solid color. Products that come in a single color have a couple of benefits. First, because of the uniformity of the material they’re made from, they tend to be on the lower end of the price range. Secondly, the consistency of material usually means that they’re more likely to be free of manufacturer’s defects.
  • Rainbow: Products that come in a rainbow of colors usually do so for a few reasons. First and foremost is to help with easy visual recognition of the different days of the week or month. Being able to quickly differentiate the day helps with figuring out which door to open. Secondly, it provides a color pop that is simply fun to look at. Some people just don’t want a boring product and want to have a little color in their life.
  • Color coding: Some products use a color-coding system that is different from the simple rainbow array. These products can have a two-color system on the door of the compartment to alert you to the fact that you’ve already taken that day’s supplement. The two-color system allows you to keep track of if you’ve already taken your vitamins.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of material is this made of?
A: Far and away the most common materials that these products are made from is plastic. The specific variety of plastic is TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane. This is an incredibly durable form of plastic that is also see-through. A major perk of this kind of plastic is that it is non-porous, and won’t absorb oils or grease. So if your fish oil supplement bursts inside, it won’t soak into the plastic.

Q: Does this come with a travel case?
Some products do. The products that usually come with a travel case are a single-row, seven-day product with multiple time-of-day compartments. The kind of case will vary from product to product.

Q: Are the doors easy to open?
A: This will largely depend on the kind of product you purchase. If you’re worried about fumbling around with those tiny latches, then there are varieties of product that simply need to be opened with the push of a button. This way you can avoid any frustrated fumbling.

Q: What do I do if the door breaks off?
A: You should contact the seller immediately. If it happens within a few weeks or months of the purchase date, it may still be under warranty, and you may either be able to get a replacement or a refund. You will need to talk to the vendor to get precise details, though.

Q: My supplements are pretty big–will they fit?
A: Some products are specifically designed to hold medications, which tend to be on the smaller side. You’ll want to note the dimensions before you purchase. However, a large number of products in today’s marketplace are specifically designed to hold “horse pills,” as they are colloquially called.


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