Best Resistance Bands Reviewed

Fighting doesn’t only come down to punching, you know. You can be the quickest puncher in the world, with the best technique, but if you fail to pack some punch in your punches (pun intended) – make no mistake, even a weaker fighter will bring you down with a well-placed strike. Regardless if you’re into boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA, the power behind your punch and kicks always matters.

And punching power is an extension of your physical strength. Or, more precisely, the stability of your body, which requires body mass, multiplied with the muscle strength of your arms (or legs, if you’re into kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA). Of course, you’ll still need those lighting fast reflexes and sniper-like precision, but that’s a topic for another day.

Our Top 3 Picks

Black Mountain Set
  • Black Mountain Set
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Five Bands Set
  • Price: See Here
Fit Simplify Bands
  • Fit Simplify Bands
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Intuitive Design
  • Price: See Here
WODFitters Bands
  • WODFitters Bands
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Extremely Durable
  • Price: See Here

Today’s topic though, has to do exactly with developing the ability to inflict pain on your opponents. But not by practicing punching, or reviewing an assortment of punching bags, but by recommending something different. And what might that be? Well, as the title might tell you: Resistance Bands.

What is a Resistant Band?

It’s pretty easy actually, and the name kinda gives it away. But let’s try explaining in some more detail. Commonly referred to as exercise bands or resistance cords, resistance bands are an effective tool in many strength training routines. Resistance bands offer a great alternative to lifting free weights or using traditional workout machines, and make an excellent addition to your home gym. But not just your home gym, or any gym; much like jumping ropes, resistance bands are fairly lightweight and compact, so you can take them anywhere (if you’re traveling). Basically, a resistance band is a jump rope that you can stretch in order to exercise (instead of jumping).

Why Do You Need a Resistance Band?

That being said, the seeming banality of stretching can be deceiving. Much like the case with jumping, most people forego these very basic, but very effective physical activities, just because they deem them commonplace, silly or useless. On the contrary, the truth is very different.

For example, resistance bands give you the opportunity to implement any number of training exercises in your daily routine. This is done by simply changing your body position, which in turn changes the tension put on your muscles. This makes resistance bands ideal for any type of strength training routines, regardless if it’s a home exercise program or a workout routine in the local gym. Plus, as we already mentioned above, resistance bands take up little very space, are easy to transport, and require no preparation or previous experience. They can be used by anyone – from beginners to fitness experts.

But the perks don’t stop there – resistance bands are generally very affordable, and easy to set up and pack up. They’re mostly made of latex, which means you can regulate the effort required at every step of the exercise. Plus, by positioning yourself differently, or taking different poses, you can target muscles, or muscle groups with a laser-like precision and chisel them to perfection. Forget about bulky weights and massive training machines – resistance bands can be used anytime, anywhere.

Specifically, resistance bands provide your muscle with a variety of strength training exercises, which keep you toned, make you build muscle mass and help you lose fat. In addition, working with the bands is often recommended by physical therapists and doctors, since they are the best tool for rehabilitative exercises for a variety of injuries or conditions. All in all, resistance band are both very effective exercise tools, combined with almost unmatched convenience of use.

10 Best Resistance Bands


1. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products are generally known for making good quality products, and this is very much the case here with this set. The set is comprised of five differently colored bands: yellow (2-4 lbs.), blue (4-6 lbs.), green (10-12 lbs.), black (15-20 lbs.) and red (25-30 lbs.). All bands are however 48 inches in length, and can be combined to either increase or decrease to exercise tensions. When stacked, you can get up to 75 lbs of resistance, which is impressive. Plus, the set includes a lot of useful perks. You get a carrying bag, door anchor, starter guide, exercise chart and an ankle strap.

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Five Bands Set

The set includes five bands, each offering different amounts of tension, which makes this package very suited for those who are into customizing their training routines.

Lots of Extras

Along with a starter guide and an exercise chart, you also get a door anchor (for attaching the bands to the frame of the door for easy exercise in your home), and an ankle strap and a carrying bag. Nice!


  • Bands included: Yellow (2-4 lbs.), blue (4-6 lbs.), green (10-12 lbs.), black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.). All bands are 48 inches in length
  • This stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to 75 lbs
  • Features a metal clipping System on bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle straps
  • Includes a door anchor, exercise chart, carrying bag, ankle strap and starter guide
  • All Black Mountain Products come with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

  • Price/Value

    For what you get, this is definitely a very good deal! Get this and get premium access to the world of resistance bands!
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Five bands which can be combined
    • Includes carrying bag, door anchor, ankle strap and useful guides
    • Can be attached to objects at home
    • Some customers report a band snapping

    2. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands

    Well, Fit Simplify have a slightly different vision of what makes the perfect resistance band kit. Not necessarily worse or better than other products, these bands are simply different. They’re made of eco-friendly materials, and are designed to last more. However, this kit doesn’t come with metallic parts (such as hooks, straps or anchors), but instead resemble large rings made of flat rubber. The design is pretty intuitive, we have to admit. For the less intuitive types, this kit comes with a 41-page instructional booklet, a carrying bag, an eBook (for you Amazon Kindle lovers!) and – online instructional videos. Supremely affordable as well, this kit is the right fit for the tech-savvy, eco-friendly, fighter for nature!

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    Intuitive Design

    This is a very simple, yet ingenious design. Just slide your hands under the bands, or use your foot or knee, take a pose, and start stretching! There’s no limits to the exercises you can do.


    These bands are made of highest quality 100% genuine eco-friendly latex. Fit Simplify also claims they are stronger and able to stretch further. Very nice to see such eco-friendly products in this niche, it has to be said.


  • High end exercise bands. Our 12" by 2" heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex - free of non-natural Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) - and come in 5 varying resistance levels.
  • Great with any workout. This resistance band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program including P90x, Insanity, Crossfit, Beach Body, Yoga, Pilates and more.
  • Multiple uses. While these resistance bands are often used for sports and fitness, physical therapists love these physical therapy bands (rehab bands) to help them rehabilitate their patients.
  • Our stretch bands work especially well for people suffering from leg, knee and back injuries and help in recovery from torn MCL and ACL, knee replacement, patella and meniscus rehab. They are also perfect for use by women during pregnancy and after birth to keep their bodies in shape.
  • Superior quality. All of our exercise resistance bands are thoroughly tested before we ship them out to you.
  • Bonus instructional booklet and eBook, where we include dozens of different illustrated exercises that demonstrate how to use our resistance bands for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, hips and stomach.
  • Bonus access to our online VIDEO workout guide.
  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Price/Value

    Very good value for the money. More affordable (we could say extremely affordable), and comes along with very nice perks indeed. Recommend!
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Innovative, use-friendly design
    • Five Bands
    • As is usual with these products, they can sometimes tear

    3. WODFitters Pull Up SINGLE BAND or SET

    Similar design theme to the Fit Simplify bands above, but make no mistake – that’s where the differences end. WODFitters are offering a very durable, heavy duty resistance bands here, and you can tell merely by looking at them. The rubber is thick, and can take a lot of punishment, for a very long time. This, though, comes at a price. These are not the most affordable bands on the market right now, but we could say it pays off. You can either order a single band, several bands, or a set. Your choice!

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    Extremely Durable

    Strong materials and a superior build quality. You could probably pull a small car with these – just kidding. Or… not.

    Sold as Single Band or Set

    This is actually good. If you’re someone who’s already relatively strong, you sure don’t need all those weak bands that usually come with the sets. You can buy whatever you need this way, and combine to your heart’s content. Need just one band? No problem, just buy one! Need... eleven bands? Again, no problem – you make your own set.


  • The current discount is for a SINGLE BAND. Choose 1 of 5 different resistance levels!
  • Perfect for assisted pull ups, strict or kipping.
  • Combining bands gives you 3 levels of assistance - one with the thicker band, one with the thinner band, and one with both bands.
  • Try it for 60 days. If during this time you don't love it or don't feel it was worth every penny of your investment today, we give you your full payment back. No questions asked!
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee!

  • Price/Value

    Relatively pricey when compared to other resistance bands – a set of them by another manufacturer could cost you less than a single WODFitness band. But, when you consider the durability, perhaps this is the more cost effective option. As the saying goes, “A poor man pays twice.”
    • Extremely durable
    • Buy single bands and customize your set
    • Simple design
    • Easy to use
    • Our scans revealed nothing of note

    4. Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

    Limm’s offer is uncomplicated – a set of 5 bands, a carrying bag and an instructional booklet. The great people at Limm call their resistance bands “loops” (which, after all, might be the correct description), and each loop is of different tensile strength. The “sizes” are as follows: X-Light (yellow), Light (green), Medium (blue), Heavy (red), X-Heavy (black). You can combine these to your heart’s content! Besides, these loops appear very thin, but while some customers report they can easily snap, most customers have no such complaints. Just a heads up!

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    Elegant Design

    The colors are nice and vibrant, and the bands are elastic loops. Easy on the eyes, easy to use. 10 points in minimal design.

    Extras Included

    Besides getting the complete set of loops, you also get a nice carry bag and a simple instructional booklet. Perhaps less is more, as they say.


  • Each strap has a different strength so that you can increase the intensity of your workout gradually
  • Improve muscle tone in arms, legs, back & buttocks without need for expensive gym memberships
  • Straps are 12" long so they can be stretched further - Great for Pilates, Physical Therapy, Yoga & Crossfit!
  • Flexible loops are lightweight, durable & compact so you can take them along in a purse or briefcase in the included carry bag
  • Set of 5 straps come with complimentary ‘Home Workouts’ eBook, printed manual, handy travel bag & 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Price/Value

    No complaints here. Affordable, but also thin, so if you’re a strong person, maybe you should look elsewhere. Perhaps best recommended for beginners or light users.
    • Elegant design
    • Easy to use
    • Thin but sturdy
    • Carrying bag and manual included
    • Depending on your strength, can snap

    5. Sport2People Physical Therapy Equipment

    Sport2Sport can go even more minimal, though. This is about the usual what you’d expect from a resistance band set, but it does lack certain perks that you can find from other manufacturers. The bands themselves are flat, thin loops, they come in five colors and different tensile strengths. You also get a mesh bag (which is nice), but no exercise manual. You can get an e-book, which is a nice addition, but let’s be serious here, not all people like to drag their phones or tablets in the middle of an exercise, and sometimes having a handy paper manual is handier than swiping on your touchscreen’s device with sweaty fingers. To be fair, the instructional videos on the Sport2Sport website are excellent!

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    Mesh Carry Bag

    The mesh material makes the bands breathe easily and avoid condensation. They’ll never get smelly with this bag.

    Instructional Videos

    This offer also allows you to bring yourself up to speed with some instructional videos provided by the manufacturer. Which is… perhaps better than a hefty manual, it must be said. Nice touch!


  • Sport2People resistance bands for exercise are perfect for your everyday workout at your home, gym and fitness or on your trip.
  • StrechMe stretch bands have been designed for explosive endurance strength training
  • 42% Stronger! Sport2people loop bands are made of heavy, reliable latex, without rubber smell
  • Laboratory Tested!
  • Perfect for men, women and children! With length of 10" and width of 2" they are easy to grip and they don't roll up through your body.
  • Great for rehabilitation!
  • Free E-Book
  • Mesh Carry Bag Included
  • Money Back Guarantee & Replacement

  • Price/Value

    Not the best in any case, and sitting squarely somewhere in the middle. Not including a print manual is a minus, but the instructional videos make up for it. This set is very affordable as well, so… You’ll definitely get value out of this!
    • Elegant design
    • Easy to use
    • Mesh bag for easy storage
    • Instructional Videos
    • No print manual

    6. Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, now for something different! Phantom Fit are obviously on a mission to put some motivation in our backs, and even though their set includes four, instead of the usual five resistance bands, it also features a soundtrack! Or, as they put it, a bonus CD with 8 tracks with feel good, upbeat music designed for exercising. Definitely an interesting moment. Other than that, you get no bag, but there are digital downloads, and the bands are the familiar flat loops.

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    Bonus Workout Music

    Find a system, slap this CD inside it and press PLAY! While we have no idea if the tracks are really any good (tastes definitely vary), this is still a nice addition. At least, for those too lazy to bring their own exercise playlist on training day.

    Four Bands, Instead of Five

    This is another peculiarity. To some it may make more sense, to others not. Anyhow, we decided to make sure you knew. It’s all about informed choice!


  • Save over 50% today on 4 easy to use, labeled resistance bands that range from light to x-heavy to meet your resistance needs!
  • Workout your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and butt all at once with resistance loop bands, Perfect for crossfit exercises, yoga, and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.
  • Use any single band or combine multiple bands to find your ideal resistance. Over 15 different single or band combinations mean that you'll easily be able to find the right resistance each and every day.
  • Made of durable latex that is snap resistant and guaranteed to help you strengthen your body. Perfect for squats, lunges, side-to-side exercises, stretching, triceps and biceps exercises, and MANY more!
  • Quality is guaranteed and if it snaps, we'll send you a replacement!
  • Buy today and receive a free Phantom Fit carrying case and some downloadable workout music that will get you pumped and ready for your resistance band workout.

  • Price/Value

    These may be just four bands without a bag, but… you also get a music CD, and digital instructions! The set is also the most affordable we’ve seen. Press PLAY.
    • Exercise Soundtrack!
    • Easy to use
    • Simple design
    • Instructions come in the form of a digital download
    • No carry bag
    • Can rip

    7. Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands – Set of 4

    Starwood are apparently Phantom Fit, but, without the love for music. And with the addition of the love for carry bags. Otherwise, you get four resistance bands, each having a different tensile strength. The colors are the familiar blues, reds, greens and yellows, while the shape is also not a stranger to anyone. These bands are flat loops. We have to note, though, that these bands are quite durable, and don’t snap easily.

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    Carry Bag

    Well, you can at least store these loops in a nifty little cool-looking bag, instead of having them strewn all across the floor, or jumbled in an unruly drawer somewhere. Storing resistance bands is important, because they sort of behave like rubber snakes. Sorry for burning that image in your mind…

    Four Loops instead of Five

    Just letting you know, pal.


  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - Great for women and men of all fitness levels. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance to work muscles throughout the whole body progressively and safely.
  • VERSATILE - Suitable for P90x, Insanity, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Beach Body - ideal for increasing strength and mobility. Aside from using resistance bands for exercise workouts in the gym, many people use resistance bands for physical therapy at home too.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - These 12" (30 cm) long and 2" (5 cm) wide exercise bands are durable and built to last. Stretch, snap and sweat resistant, they can be stretched repeatedly year after year unlike many other fitness bands or physical therapy rehab bands.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – These bands are made from eco friendly natural latex material
  • USE THEM ANYWHERE - The resistance band set can be easily transported to use wherever you like. The exercise loop bands fit easily into the carry bag provided. Get a great resistance bands workout in at home, the gym or when travelling

  • Price/Value

    Excellent value for the money. Being one of the most affordable resistance band sets out there, this package offers good quality bands coupled with a carry bag.
    • You get a carry bag
    • Very durable
    • Simple design
    • Easy to use
    • Some can find these too tight, others too lax

    8. Resistance Loop Bands, BEST Set of 4

    Similar to different products, but still worth your time and money – the Physic Fitness Bands offer a set of four, durable elastic loops, along with a nice carry bag. The carry bag is made of a soft material comfortable to the touch, but it’s not a mesh material so try to leave these bands to dry before storing them in your bag. Otherwise, these are good quality resistance bands, with the overwhelming majority of customers being satisfied. Affordable as well!

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    Carry Bag

    The Physix Fitness Bands have included a nice little carry bag as well. It’s black, and we have to admit – the logo fits it really nice!

    Four Bands

    This set numbers four bands, instead of the usual five.


  • LITTLE TIME FOR FITNESS? NO WORRIES! - Finally! Get amazing results fast, and with very little space! Customers agree, Physix Fitness Bands are surprisingly simple and effective. Turn 15 minutes per day into health & body toning results. New Eco-Friendly Durable TPR Latex, Compact & Ready for rehab or muscle-toning routines.
  • TURN BORING INTO EXCITING – Spice up your routine with your New Eco-friendly loop bands. Go hard or take it easy! Perfect addition for mobility, powerlifting, Home Gym & Physical Therapy. Comfortable elastic Stretch Bands for legs, glutes, shoulder, hips, & arms enhances all aspects of Health. Designed for both men and women.
  • BALANCE LIFE WITH A "GYM IN YOUR POCKET - Delivered to your door with a free mini storage travel bag, fits neatly in your purse, gym bag, or pocket!
  • GET MOVING FAST WITH FREE ONLINE VIDEO WORKOUTS & EBOOK - Download the latest еxercises for men and women, get a visual guide on all levels.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Physix Gear has bent over backward to put your needs first. With hundreds of options available, you are making a very intelligent decision doing business with our company.

  • Price/Value

    Great value for the price – you can’t get much more affordable than this. And, the most important part – it gets the job done. But if you’re looking for a set with manuals and more bells and whistles, look elsewhere.
    • Carry bag included
    • Easy to use
    • Very durable
    • Some may find these bands not resistant enough

    9. Black Mountain Products Single Resistance Band

    In the end, we come full circle. Remember the excellent Black Mountain Products set of five resistant bands above? Those were excellent indeed! But in case you don’t really need five of them, and would like to create your own customized set of bands, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, the design of these resistant bands is cylindrical, unlike the “flat loop” type of bands. These bands come with metal parts and attachments, plus a door anchor and a starter guide. Pretty good, we must say. Create your own set of resistant bands!

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    Cylindrical Design

    These bands resemble tight hoses, or rubbery ropes, attached to handles made of durable fabric attached by a metal connector. In short, they’re sturdy and will last you a long time.

    Nice Extras

    The starter guide is a welcome addition, but the door anchor comes especially handy. You can either store this band on the back side of your door, or use the attachment to do some exercises. Both ways work!


  • 1 Green band (10-12Lbs.)
  • Attached foam handles.
  • 48" in Length
  • Comes with manufactures warranty.
  • Door anchor and exercise brochure included.
  • Black Mountain Products Single Resistance Band
  • Yellow 2-4lbs, Blue 4-6lbs, Green 10-12lbs, Black 15-20lbs, Red 25-30lbs, Orange 30-35lbs.

  • Price/Value

    As far as single bands go, you can find more affordable ones. But keep in mind that the design and the durability that comes with it totally makes it worth it!
    • Door attachment
    • Very durable
    • Starter guide included
    • No carry bag

    Final Thoughts

    Well, after all that stretching, we finally come to the end. But let’s do a quick recap. Resistance bands are awesome because they are lightweight, ultra-portable, and very healthy for your body (provided you use them, fighter!). The versatility of resistance bands can only be compared to jump ropes, and both pieces of equipment will help you tone your muscles, lose weight, and help with regaining full body mobility in the case of injury.

    We leave the choice up to you, and your wants and needs. If you’re a beginner, it doesn’t hurt to get a cheap set and just give it a try. Or get one of each type, a loop, and a cylinder, and see which one works better for you! With these things, one thing is for sure – the possibilities are endless. So, good hunting, and good exercise!