Best Track Pants For Any Workout Reviewed

Track pants have been around for decades. As the name implies, track pants were meant for track athletes. These are people that do track and field sports and the pants were part of their essential gear. They are the first people to popularize these particular pants, hence the name track pants. As the years went by, track pants started to become commercialized and everyone was starting to wear them. At first other athletes of different sports started to wear them but now track pants are something that normal people wear when exercising or out on a casual day around town.


Featured Recommendations

Adidas Soccer
  • Adidas Soccer
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Double Knit
  • Draw Cord
  • Price: See Here
  • Champion's
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • No Pilling
  • Wide Hem
  • Price: See Here
  • Southpole
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Adjustable pant leg
  • Absorbent
  • Price: See Here


There are lots of benefits to wearing track pants. One of them is that they are extremely lightweight. Track athletes needed to be fast. In order to be fast, you could not be held back by wearing something heavy or created an opposite direction of wind flow. As a result, track pants are usually made to be extremely thin and very light. This allows for movement that is not impeded by weight or drag. Quite simply put, track pants are very aerodynamic.

Another benefit to track pants is that most of them are wind resistant. This allowed for people to wear them outside during the winter months and not freeze from the blowing wind. Most people who exercise can attest to the fact that hitting the gym every day becomes quite boring and mundane. In order to change things up, people will choose to complete their fitness routine outside or engage in other activities. Wearing a pair of track pants can prevent the wind from going through your pants and chilling you to the core.

Most track pants were also made to be water resistant. This goes hand in hand with being wind resistant. For combat fighters who enjoy doing their exercise outside, this can prove to be a challenge during the winter months. These months are usually dark, cold, and rainy. Wearing a pair of track pants over your jogging pants can keep them from becoming wet. Coupled with wind prevention, your legs will stay warm and comfortable while you continue to reach your fitness goals.



10 Best Track Pants



1. Adidas Soccer

Adidas is a well-known brand that specializes in sportswear. These pants are one of their many popular items in their clothing lines. This particular product was made to last and is able to withstand the toughest training regime you throw at it. The waist has an elastic band so that it can adjust to the size of your hips. This product guarantees a perfect fit each and every time.
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Double Knit
This particular product has been double knit to enhance its durability. What this means is two layers have been knit together so that even if one layer was to break or become frayed, it would not render the product useless. The double layers also have the advantage of being more thick and warmer so that it could retain heat even if you were exercising outdoors.

Draw Cord
The most frustrating thing for people when wearing a pair of pants is for them to sag or droop. Many people opt to use suspenders or belts to hold up their pants. However, seeing as these are more exercise pants, neither of those options work. To prevent the pants from becoming loose, this product features a drawcord at the waist so you can adjust the pants till you see fit.

Cost and Value
The price of these pants varies depending on the size and color. There is a wide range of sizes all the way to XXXL and there are over twenty color options. These pants are ideal for running outside as they are reinforced for warmth. There are also many bright and eye-catching patterns that can help identify you to drivers when you are exercising outside.

Double knit

Drawstring cord

Fits very well

Lots of colors

Heat retention


Cannot be machine washed

2. Champion's

This company has been well known for its athletic wear. They originally started in the basketball industry but has since evolved into different sports clothing such as sweaters and pants. This particular pair of pants come in a variety of different colors and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their sizes range from small all the way to XXLarge.
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No Pilling
It can be incredibly frustrating when your new pants start to pill. This often happens when the fabric is not of quality and it is aggregated in the wash. When two fabrics are run together, it inevitably causes the pilling to start. The fabric of this particular item has been treated to prevent early signs of wear and tear which includes pilling and threads coming loose. An added bonus is that it will stay looking new for a longer period of time.

Wide Hem
Recently, most of the newer track pants have been manufactured with a ribbed cuff. This allows for people who have smaller calves to have the pants wrapped around their legs and prevent the cold air from seeping in. This product is one of the few pairs that still offer a wider hem. Having a wider hem prevents the track pants from riding up as you exercise and move around.

Cost and Value
This product has a great value for the price tag it carries. One of the biggest ways it saves you money is that it looks new for a longer period of time. This prevents you from requiring to buy a new pair as often. It also features a drawstring closure so that you can tighten them to your liking. This will keep the pant legs from drooping on the floor and becoming ruined.

Chemically treated

Stretchy fabric

Drawstring for tightening

Wider hem

Multiple colors


Order one size up if you prefer them more loose

3. Southpole

This product has great style and do not look like your average run of the mill track pants. They are navy blue with a thick horizontal bar of red around the upper thigh area with a large white swatch running perpendicular to it. They do not look like your usual workout gear and can pass off as casual wear. They are great at heat retention and also offer a ventilation system should you need it.
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Adjustable pant leg

Most people have problems buying pants, either the waist will fit while the leg is too long or the pant leg is too tight. This can be detrimental to athletes as their muscles need to be able to move. A tight pant leg will restrict the calve movements and potentially bust the seams. This product has a zipper at the bottom of the hem, allowing you to adjust for more space if your calves are more muscular.


When you exercise, your legs will produce a lot of sweat. It can become quite uncomfortable if the sweat has no where to go. The moisture can react with the oxygen and fabric over a period of time and cause your skin to become irritated. The material of these pants have strong absorbent properties so that your legs stay dry and comfortable during your entire fitness routine.

Cost and Value

This is a great product that has even greater value. The price tag is very reasonable, allowing you to purchase multiple pairs without breaking the bank. The zippered hem at the bottom is great because it provides multiple uses. It allows more room for your calves when you are exercising, but also adds an additional layer of ventilation when you become hot. Unzipping the pants to midcalf can bring in a large injection of cold air to cool your legs quickly.

Ventilation hem

Absorbent material

Sleek and stylish

Elastic waistband

Skinny fit


Colors not as bright as picture shown

4. Baleaf Tapered

4. Baleaf Tapered
This is a great product that you won’t regret purchasing. It has a low price but comes with a plethora of benefits. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear and won’t leave you scratching your legs. It also has deep pockets so you can fit your phone or keys into it if you don't want to bring too much stuff. They are tapered and lightweight enough you can comfortably wear them without feeling weighed down.
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Terry Fabric
These pants are unique in the fabric that it is made from. They are made from a soft type of fabric known as terry cloth. This material makes for a great exercise product as it is made nearly with all cotton. The cotton can easily ventilate and expel the trapped heat as your legs warm up from moving. During your cool down period, the pants can also retain some of the heat in the fabric and reflect it back to your body.

For anyone that has owned anything made of terry cloth, you will know just how soft the fabric is. It is very soft to touch and comfortable on the skin. It is one of the only fabrics that are known to not cause irritation when you wear it. This is because the threading is done in large long loops that rest lightly against your skin rather than tight stitching which pokes out at you.

Cost and Value
This product comes into the market at a very affordable price. For the price you are paying, it is absolutely worth the investment even if these are kept at home as a backup. They will work well to keep your legs warm on your way to the fitness center and cool them down as you exit. The fabric is also soft enough that when you’re doing light exercise, it won't chafe or cause discomfort as you move around.

Comfortable and soft

Good for indoors

Contains pockets

Very affordable

Made from terry cloth


Tapering causes tightness, consider going one size up

5. Puma

5. Puma
Puma has been around for years as strong competition in the athletic clothing department. They are well known for their shoes and clothing that are durable. Their products are known to last a long time and can handle daily use. Their threading is very tight, even, and with precision stitching, guaranteeing that seams will not be the reason for replacing them.
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Machine Wash
It can be so frustrating when you find the perfect pair of track pants only to find out that they’re not machine washable. A lot of track pants aren’t simply because the materials are not able to withstand the temperature inside the machine and will shrink. This particular product is made from polyester which is resistant to shrinking, ensuring that your product will stay the same size after washing.

There is a lot going on with your body when you exercise. Arms and legs are moving in all sorts of directions and often times there are also repetitive motions. If your pants are unable to follow along, it will easily rip or tear. This product has good elasticity in the material so that you can stretch and move with confidence. With every move you make, they will stay in place and not cut off your blood circulation.

Cost and Value
This product is more on the expensive side but part of the reason is that it is an item that has a name brand. The brand gives an assurance that the pants are made of quality fabrics and is made to be more durable. One of the greatest benefits these pants provide is that they can be washed in the machine, which works to save you lots of time. When you’re done with your workout, simply pop them into the washer and call it a day.

Elasticity in fabric

Machine washable

Name brand

Sturdy and reliable

Deep pockets



6. Adidas Athletics Essential

6. Adidas Athletics Essential
This is a great product for people that like to change up their exercises rather than staying inside a fitness center all day. The waist is made with a thick elastic band which can tighten around your waist for a snug fit. In the event, you accidentally buy a size too big, there is also a drawstring cord that you can use to cinch the waist so the pants don’t droop.
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One of the most underrated things are pockets on your clothing. Everyone subconsciously uses them and only realizes their importance when they’re no longer there. This particular product has two pockets in the front so you can put items in it while you exercise. This will be especially beneficial for the people who enjoy going outdoors for their workout.

These pants are ideal for exercising outdoors. During certain parts of the year, rain is more prevalent and most of the time you’ll return home wet as a dog. These pants were made to weather out storms and all the dirt, grime, and mud you can throw at it. The materials that make up this product is waterproof and any liquids will just roll off.

Cost and Value
This product is on the more expensive side, but it is worth the extra investment. They are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This will save you money so that you don’t need to purchase another pair. It will also reduce the amount of time you have to shop for your clothes and leaving more time to do things you enjoy. Coupled with the durability, this is a product you do not want to miss!

Water wicking


Adjustable waist

Two pockets

Multi purpose


Not made of stretchy fabric

7. Screenshot Premium

7. Screenshot Premium
This is a tough and durable pair of pants that are made from high quality materials. Rather than using one material entirely, this product has been reinforced with spandex for extra durability and elasticity. These are made to last and can take quite a beating. They are hemmed with a tight fit around the ankles so that it does not let any cool air in when you are working out.
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Slim Fit
Depending on the exercise you are partaking in, it is important to find a pair of pants that work for the specific reason you need it for. This pair of pants offer a slim cut meaning that the pants are more tapered and are tighter against your leg. This is ideal for runners as pants that flop and moves around will slow a runner down significantly. Having a pair of pants that can allow you to keep your speed will help maintain your training goals.

When you are exercising, it is important for the pair of pants to keep tight against your skin. A good pair of track pants will move with your body and not cause a disturbance. This particular product has spandex material mixed into the fabric. This will allow the pants to be more stretchy and able to tolerate being pulled for a long period of time.

Cost and Value
This is a great looking pair of pants that you can purchase at a reasonable price. They come in a large number of sizes and a wide range of colors for you to choose from. There are over twenty different colors and styles, ensuring you will find a pair you like. Because they come at a slim fit, this is ideal for people who are engaging in speed sports such as running, marathons, and speed skating.

Flexible and stretchy

Slim fit

Ideal for cardio

Multiple colors

Lots of sizes


Tight because of the fit’s design

8. Adidas Jogger

8. Adidas Jogger
Adidas is a great brand that is well known for its athletic wear. They received their start making shoes for people before moving onto soccer kits. To this day, many world-renowned teams use their gear in competition. This pair of track pants were made using the same concept, the same materials, and the same design.
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Ribbed Cuffs
It can be such a bother when your pants keep slipping lower or drooping when you are trying to exercise. To prevent that from happening, this product has ribbed cuffs at the very end of each pant leg. The elasticity will wrap perfectly around your legs and keep them up so they don’t sag down too much. An added bonus is that the ribbing is double stitched for more durability which will increase the longevity of the pants.

One of the most important things a pair of track pants can do is be breathable. Having the ability to get cool air into your legs will make your workout so much more comfortable. This particular product is made of cotton, which is the most lightweight and breathable fabric on the market. Cotton has larger holes in the threads, allowing for better air transfer in and out.

Cost and Value
By choosing to buy this product, you are doing yourself and the environment good. To help make a difference in the world and make it a bit of a better place to live in, this product was made with recycled polyester. This helps save a lot of water, energy, and materials in the world. Despite being recycled material, it is still very durable and can easily withstand wear and tear.

Breathable fabric

Ribbed Cuffs

Trusted brand

Recycled polyester

Good for environment


Runs longer

9. Hat and Beyond

9. Hat and Beyond
This is a wonderfully designed product as there are multiple pockets to hold all your items. It is also made with material that is ultra stretchy, guaranteeing that you will be able to run, hop, or skip in them. They have a cuffed hem that prevents cool air from going up your legs, but also includes a zipper to undo part of the hem if they become too tight.
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When you are doing exercise, it can be very annoying to be bogged down by equipment. It can be even more annoying when it’s just your clothes that are heavy. These things can all work against you and make you tired more easily and operate on reduced stamina. This product is made with a polyester and spandex mixture, which is incredibly light.

Zip Up Pocket
Many people try not to carry much when they are exercising as it weighs them down and there's also a possibility of forgetting things. It is always recommended that you don't carry many valuables on you have there may be a possibility of it getting damaged or stolen. Unfortunately, at a minimum, you’ll need keys and the pass for your gym. This product contains a back pocket where you can zip up precious items so they don’t drop out when you are exercising.

Cost and Value
This product has a very reasonable price tag and is a worthy investment. They are ideal for everyday use and multiple pairs can be purchased if you exercise every day. There is a large selection of colors and designs for you to choose from so you can change it up on a daily basis. Because of the low pricing, this isn’t a product you will cry over if they are ruined.

Super stretchy

Lightweight and soft

Zip up pocket

Very affordable

Large range of colors


Quality control issues

10. Baleaf Training

10. Baleaf Training
If you are looking for a workhorse product, then look no further. This is an ideal product for people to wear to and from the fitness center. Should you decide to exercise in them, they have elasticity in their fabric so it can keep up with your movements. It comes in three different colors and is subtle and nondescript.
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Moisture Wicking
Sweat is good as it means you’re working hard, but it is also very annoying because you end up feeling very wet. These pants use a material that can easily wick away the moisture that you end up building. When your body sweats, the material absorbs the sweat and brings it to the surface of your pants. Over a period of time, the sweat will accumulate enough that it becomes a drop and wick away.

Temperature Control
It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re in the awkward limbo where pants are too hot but taking them off will make you too cold. Track Pants are usually used outside and meant to protect you when you’re cold and allow for ventilation when you heat up. This particular pair of pants have wide enough space between the threading so that there is enough room for cool air transfer. This will allow the heat to leave and cold air to come in.

Cost and Value
This product offers huge value for the small price you pay. Having good ventilation for your track pants can make a huge difference when you are exercising. Being comfortable will allow you to focus on the exercise rather than the amount of discomfort you are in. Coupled with the fact that it is made with quick-dry fabric to help eliminate your sweat, this is a product you cannot miss.

Temperature control

Moisture wicking

Reasonably affordable

Simple workhorse

Zipped pockets


No drawstring for tightening


There are many great reasons as to why you should invest in a pair of track pants. However, like all good things, there are always a few negatives. One of the biggest things you need to accept is that regardless of how great your pair of track pants are, they will get old and worn out one day. At that point, it is important that you already have a backup pair to turn to or at least start researching what your needs and wants are. Beware that there are some low-quality pants out there that are simply a waste of your money. Doing your research ahead of time can help you stay away from those low-quality products.



Criteria For Evaluating
The Best Track Jackets


When you are looking for a pair of good and durable track pants, try to find something that is made with polyester. This is a material that is synthetically engineered and used for all sorts of clothing. It is very advantageous for a pair of track pants to be made by this material. One of the biggest reasons is because polyester is incredibly strong. The fibers are threaded together to create a flexible armor, meaning that it can last longer than your average pair of pants. While the fibers are strong and tough to pull apart, they are also incredibly flexible. It can be pulled in all sorts of directions over a prolonged period of time and still bounce back to its original sizing. This is because the synthetic fibers were created with elasticity and can stretch much more than other sorts of material that we wear.

For combat fighters who enjoy a good run or a long hike, track pants that are waterproof are essential. While polyester itself is not waterproof, the fibers are quick to dry. This is because the threads are bound so tightly together there is no space in between the threads for moisture to get in. This means that any moisture built up on the pants will simply roll off or evaporate as it stays on the very surface. That being said, it also means that polyester track pants are not very breathable.

Many people choose to go with polyester in their tracksuit because the material does not wrinkle or shrink. This can work to save a lot of time when you do not have to iron your clothes. Because the fibers are anti-wrinkle, it also means it can be thrown into the washing machine and dried without worrying that it’ll look like a mess when it comes out. An added bonus is that since the material doesn’t wrinkle, you can let your machine twist it and toss it.


There are usually two types of fitting for track suits, slim and loose. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The key is knowing what your needs are and buy according to them.

Loose fit track pants are preferred by most athletes as they are easy to move around. There is no restriction to your movement and they are simply a pair of pants that keep your legs warm and dry. They are ideal for combat fighters on their way to compete at the tracksuits have the ability to keep the heat retained in your legs. This can help tremendously if you’ve already warmed up as your muscles will continue to stay warm and limber. The downfall to these is that because there is a lot more material, your legs will feel like they are swimming in them. They also do not have many forms and tend to become loose much easier than slim fitting pants. The loose fitting track pants are suitable for people who are looking to be comfortable in a pair and are not planning to wear them when they need to be fast.

Slim fit track pants are the type you want to invest in if the plan is to use them for cardio training. As the name implies, slim fit means that they are much tighter on your legs. The material is designed to be tapered almost completely against your legs. These are ideal for combat trainers that are engaging in cardio training as they will not hinder your running in any way. They are stretchy enough to withstand all the long strides and squats your legs are doing. The most important thing is they do not increase the amount of drag when you are running, meaning that it will not affect your endurance as much as a pair of loose-fitting ones will. The downfall to the slim track pants is that they are much tighter and depending on the sizing, may cut off your blood circulation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I purchase a pair of track pants?
A: Most large sports markets carry a wide range of track pants. However, if there is a particular pair you are looking for and it is not at a physical store, it is recommended you check online retailers to see if they carry them. For a more comprehensive list of track pants, online retailers are the way to go as they are not restricted by the amount of shelving space as a physical store is.

Q: Are there kids track pants?
A: Absolutely, there are many different sizes ranging from children to youth to adult.

Q: What happens if I wear track pants indoors?
A: Nothing detrimental will happen to you, however, you may become quite hot as track pants do not have very breathable material. They are often used to warm legs and keep them limber.


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