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1. Safari Gardens Bluetooth
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Best Workout Headphones Reviewed

Workout headphones are a must-have for any music, book, T.V, or movie lover. Gyms can be loud when they are crowded, even if people aren’t talking much the sound of machines and a variety of ongoing classes can be very distracting. In addition to quieting down the noise, a great soundtrack or playlist can make the difference between a good workout and absolutely crushing your workout.

Featured Recommendations

Safari Gardens Bluetoothimg
  • Safari Gardens Bluetooth
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Exquisite Sound Quality
  • Price: See Here
Mpow Flame
  • Mpow Flame
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Price: See Here
SoundPEATS Wirelessimg
  • SoundPEATS Wireless
  • 4.8 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fantastic Waterproofing
  • Price: See Here

There are a variety of features offered in today’s headphone choices. Which are the best for the gym? A must-have feature of them is waterproofing. A good workout means a lot of sweat and typically electronics and moisture do not go hand in hand. Waterproofing will keep your music playing no matter how intensely you decide to workout for the day.

Other things to consider are the type of workout you will be doing, whether you want to have your phone or music device attached to you or just nearby, and what style is the most comfortable for you. While we are sure there are many other things to consider these are some of the key factors to take into consideration.


10 Best Workout Headphones


1. Safari Gardens Bluetooth

Best Workout Headphones Reviewed
1. Safari Gardens Bluetooth
Safari Gardens gives us an option that offers superior sound quality and quick charging times. Once charged the battery will last you up to six hours of continuous use. They are compatible with all devices and with a range of sizes, you are sure to find your perfect fit. You will be able to take phone calls with ease and your phone won’t have to be attached to you with the excellent range of them. In addition, they are waterproof so you won’t have to worry about sweat interrupting your most motivating song.
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Intelligent Sound Filter
Noisy gym floors can be very distracting during a workout. This can be unmotivating and even dangerous. A sudden distraction while on a treadmill or while lifting weights could lead to injuries that will put a fast stop to your current goals.The intelligent sound filter takes the noise of the gym and removes it from your ears. Listen to your favorite track or audio book and leave the worry of distraction behind.

Ergonomic Design
There is nothing more annoying than killing your workout just to have your earbud pop out, causing you to stop what you are doing and replace it. The variety of sizes and ergonomic design offered in these will ensure they stay in place. Work as hard as you possibly can without ever worrying that your music is going to stop and trip you up.

Cost and Value
Clear sound and great stay put ability holds a mid ranged price tag. Most budgets will absorb the cost of these stellar gym headphones pretty easily. You will be able to listen to your music or other chosen audio sounds that will help you take your routine to the next level and at a fairly decent price.
  • Crisp Sound
  • Flexible Ear Hooks
  • Modern Design
  • Simple Connection Process
  • No Breaking Up
  • Difficult Volume Control

2. Mpow Flame

Best Workout Headphones Reviewed
2. Mpow Flame
These earbuds will give you the bass that others lack. They offer waterproofing nanotechnology as well as an easy Bluetooth connection. The Mpow Flame earbuds are a great addition to your gym bag and are easily transportable in the case that is included. A variety of tips and cord clip offer great levels of convenience. These are also great fitting and help to cancel out loud noises around your gym.
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Quick Charging
We all hate getting ready for the gym just to realize our favorite cordless earbuds are dead. Most take two to four hours to fully charge, who has that kind of time? The battery in these can be charged in just an hour and a half. While you finish getting ready get them charging and by the time you are ready to go you are sure to have enough charge to last through your routine.

HD Sound
When you are making an investment in quality workout headphones you naturally want the best sound quality. The HD sound in these is superior to many. Crystal clear perfection is what you get when you listen through the Mpow Flame. Let’s face it when you are listening to music and destroying the gym, it’s really about two things, the sound, and the sweat.

Cost and Value
One of the most affordable pairs of workout headphones in our guide the Mpow Flame will keep you listening to your favorite noise for hours. Advanced technology usually costs a lot of money. These superior earbuds will give you all the best features at a cost that is exceptionally reasonable.
  • Great for Daily Use
  • Balanced Sound
  • Long Lasting Charge
  • Very Comfortable
  • Reduces Background Noise
  • Charging Issues

3. SoundPEATS Wireless

Best Workout Headphones Reviewed
3. SoundPEATS Wireless
SoundPEATS Wireless offer exceptional fit and sound quality. They offer Bluetooth 4.1 for extended distances of connection. In addition, they are sweat proof and offer a microphone tor in use calling. They are designed with sound chambers to increase the overall quality. Furthermore, with five hours of battery charge, you are sure to have your favorite tunes throughout your entire workout session.
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Customized Feel
These come with two different sets of ear straps and a variety of sizes in the tips. Pick which strap feels the best and which tip cancels the most noise and fits the most comfortably. Most brands don’t offer any customizable options and we have to just hope for the best. SoundPEATS keeps the wearer in mind and allows their product to fit you perfectly.

6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology
Many buds offer some sort of noise cancellation but that certainly doesn’t mean they are all created equal. The technology used in these is a step above the rest. When you truly want to keep all distraction away from that epic treadmill run these are sure to do it.

Cost and Value
The best value in our guide, the SoundPEATS wireless will fit into any budget easily. You can have truly superior sound and easy connection to Android and iPhone devices at a price that pleases. Not all great products have to take a chunk out of the bank and these are proof. If you are on a tight budget but want quality gym gear, these will be a great pick for you.
  • Can Take Phone Calls
  • Superior Cost
  • Incredible Sound
  • Simple Controls
  • Excellent for Daily Use
  • Durability Issues

4. Phaiser BHS-750

4. Phaiser BHS-750
Phaiser BHS-750 wireless headphones were designed by a Swiss Audio Engineer to offer you crisp clear sound quality. Offering one of the longest battery lives in our guide the music really won’t stop playing. The waterproofing stands up to sweat, rain, and even snow allowing you to work out even in extreme conditions. Hands free calling, easy connection, and comfort are other features we love in Phaiser’s product.
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No Volume Distortion
It’s annoying when your favorite jam comes on, you turn it up loud, just to have your sound quality plummet. The superior innovation that went into making these buds won’t put you in that position. Keep it loud and keep your workout intense without all the distortion that you are used to. Phaiser really did it right when they designed the speaker system in this option.

T-400 Ear Tips
Eartips can get very uncomfortable depending on what they are made of. The T-400 ear tips are made of memory foam and offer exceptional comfort. While very soft this material is also very durable and easy to clean. Noone wants to wear dirty sweaty earbuds and with these, you won’t have to.

Cost and Value
The Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds carry a higher cost than most of our guide. The best sound and easy connection make the cost a bit more understandable. Honestly, most budgets will be able to absorb the cost of these and when you do buy them, you will have a reliable comfortable set of headphones.
  • Superior Noise Cancellation
  • Secure Fit
  • Comfortable During Long Use
  • Comes With Many Extras
  • Good Bass
  • No Distortion
  • Casing Durability Issues

5. SENSO Activbud S-250

5. SENSO Activbud S-250
Cordless headphones are not all created equal. The SENSO Activbud S-250 headphones offer you HD sound, great bass with clean treble for a great sound experience during any activity. The eight-hour battery life will ensure your longest sessions are accompanied by your favorite music choices. You will also be able to easily control the volume and other features with the simple push-button system. In addition, you won’t have to worry about compatibility, as this pair connects with all devices.
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One Year Warranty
It is difficult to find a pair of headphones that offer any type of warranty much less one for an entire year. We have all spent our hard earned money on a product that let us down for one reason or another. This is not only frustrating but also time-consuming and rough on the budget. If you have a problem with these earbuds simply send them back within the first year for replacement.

Eight Hours of Play
Sometimes those days of exercising lead to a long walk down the trail, losing your music halfway through are frustrating and can really impact how far you actually decide to go. Music is very motivating and eight hours of play ensure you will be able to listen to your motivation through the entire journey. If extra long sessions aren’t your thing, this feature will greatly reduce your charging necessity. Use these headphones day after day and don’t worry about charging.

Cost and Value
Falling to the middle to lower end of our price range these workout headphones give you excellent quality and they are protected from any damaging water. You can wear them comfortably for extended periods of time. All of this and a price that fits easily into almost any budget, what more could we ask for.
  • No Residual Pain
  • Excellent Value
  • Great Fit
  • Long Time Before Recharge
  • Awesome Volume Levels
  • Earpiece Durability
  • Harder Connection Than Some

6. Bluephonic Wireless

6. Bluephonic Wireless
Bluephonic gives us all the great features we are searching for in a set of workout earbuds. Water and sweatproof allow them to hang tough on all of life’s adventures. While the ability to keep listening even if your 33 feet away is nice, it’s nothing compared to the HD sound and long battery life that these provide. The design is one of comfort for the wearer regardless of how many hours they log wearing them. Stay as active as you please and the music will never stop when wearing a Bluephonic product.
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Made for Active People
Music helps people stay motivated and for some of us, it is part of our everyday routine. From showering in the morning to running in the rain at night, these headphones are truly waterproof and will maintain their quality. In addition, the strap for your ear will hold them securely in place during all of your fitness ventures. It is designed to maintain your comfort while staying in place.

DeepBassX HD Sound + SilentNoiseX Technology
True quality sound with less outside noise seeping through. The Bluephonic wireless earbuds offer the sound of your favorite track like you have never heard. In addition the SilentNoiseX Technology makes the loud, distracting, sounds of your day utterly disappear. This allows enhanced focus and the need to set new goals as your music inspires you to go that extra mile.

Cost and Value
Advanced technology and awesome innovation do come with a slightly higher price tag. While you may have to adjust a bit to afford them, you are sure to be satisfied with the sound quality and versatility in daily use. The comfortable design and excellent waterproofing are features that again help absorb some of the overall cost.
  • Excellent Volume Range
  • Superior Balance
  • Years of Use
  • Comfortable Wear
  • Stellar Sound Quality
  • Touchy On/Off Button

7. Soundmoov Truly Wireless

7. Soundmoov Truly Wireless
The exceptionally versatile and easily connected earbuds take wireless to the next level. They offer a secure and comfortable fit and supreme sound quality. Included with your purchase is a charging storage box which will help you stay connected while on the go. Use one or both, depending on your preference and while wearing the left enjoy hands-free clear calling. These headphones truly simplify your choices as they stand in a class of their own.
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Truly Wireless
Wireless headphones typically aren’t really wireless. While there may not be a cord attaching you to your device, there is commonly one found connecting the earbuds. These can get in the way and be a general annoyance. The Soundmoov Truly Wireless headphones are actually that. Two small earpieces that can be used one at a time or simultaneously give you true freedom from cords.

Charging Storage Box
When it comes to battery life, these buds aren’t the best. You get about two hours of continuous use per piece, so an overall use of four hours if you use them one at a time. Soundmoov took those long uses into consideration when they paired their product with a charging storage box. It doesn’t take them long to charge up and be ready for your use again!

Cost and Value
Taking your music to the truly wireless level will cost you a bit more than most others in our guide. You get superior quality, advanced technology, and clever innovation. Affordable for most people you will love the versatility and comfortable wear.
  • Large On/Off Button
  • Zero Wire
  • Quick Charge
  • Warm Sound Quality
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Short Battery Life

8. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium

8. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium
These open ear headphones are unlike many others in our guide. They will allow you to be aware of what’s going on around you and you won’t ever have to worry about your ears getting sore. Taking calls while on the trail will be easy and regardless of sweat or rain, you will be able to hear your favorite sounds. Comfort and technology are nicely paired with the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones.
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Open Ear Design
These are made to wrap around your head and the speaker is not actually placed in the ear. While many of us want to keep surrounding noise out while at the gym, what about other times of the day? If you're listening to music while at the park and you meet up with some friends you will be able to join in the conversation and keep your music going too!

LeakSlayer Technology
Every piece of these headphones exudes up and coming technology. The sound is pushed through your cheekbones and the LeakSlayer Technology helps reduce any extra noise. Listen comfortably while enjoying your surrounding when you give this set a chance.

Cost and Value
Ranking number one in the category of price, to own these it will cost you quite a bit more than the others. Their extreme innovation and technology will give you crystal clear sound plus the ability to hear what is going on in the world around you. This may cost more money but you will be able to use them for quite some time which does make their overall value better.
  • Pair Multiple Devices
  • Easy Controls
  • Excellent Call Clarity
  • Stellar Sound
  • Long Battery Life
  • Ticky Sizing
  • High Cost


Many of the things that annoy us the most about our workout headphones are solved in the TREBLAB J1s. A convenient magnetic case makes finding them a breeze and multi-pairing allow you to pair with multiple devices at once. This item carries a lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease. In addition, many sets claim to never lose a signal, you won’t find that here. What you will find is fast reconnection for the off chance you do disconnect from your favorite song.
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Battery Life
Battery life is a huge deal when it comes to a great pair of headphones. No one wants to find themselves twenty minutes into the best workout playlist ever just to have dead batteries. This pair offers nine hours of battery power, making your longest days seem a little bit shorter with great tunes.

Complete Call Control
Many excellent brands offer calling capability in their earbuds. Often times we find the call clarity is awful and trying to even answer can be nearly impossible without the need to pick up your phone. Simple click controls allow you to fully control all of your most important calls. Paired with the long battery life and you won’t have to concern yourself about dropped calls and upset clients.

Cost and Value
These long-lasting music machines will cost you only slightly more than others in this guide. With extra simple controls and all the convenience features, you can think of these are a perfect choice for most budgets. They will last you a good amount of time and they will stay in place nicely, which for the cost is exactly what we would expect.
  • Great Connection
  • Blocks External Noise
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Dynamic Sound
  • Variety of Ear Tip Sizes
  • Longer Recharge Time

10. Levin Bluetooth 4.1

10. Levin Bluetooth 4.1
Levin offers us a one-year satisfaction guarantee which will ensure you love their product or your money back. These are not quite headphones and not quite earbuds, with ear pads these will sit exceptionally comfortably. The wire wraps closely around the back of the head so you don’t have to worry about cords tangling in your clothes. Easy controls that are big enough to actually use are also a feature we truly love. Add to all of that, superior sound quality and easy connection and this is a great option in the world of workout headphones.
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Length of Use
We were very impressed to find a pair of headphones that lasted nine hours but these blow it out of the water. Offering twelve hours of listening time and up to thirteen and a half hours of talk time you know these will hang in there when you need them the most. If you want to listen to your music and listen to it for long periods of time these offer you the opportunity.

Bluetooth 4.1
The use of this technology allows your pairing to happen easier and your connection to stay fast. You will notice less skipping and break up while in use. In addition, your device can be almost three feet away without you noticing any change in the sound quality. This is awesome for gym use, allowing you to easily stay hands-free.

Cost and Value
More affordable than many in our guide, just about anyone can afford to add these to their collection. Superior sound and advanced capability never had a cost that looked so good. You will be surprised how amazing of a product you are getting, as it includes all of this and waterproofing.
  • Soft Flexible Wear
  • Excellent During All Activities
  • Clear Quality Calls
  • No Long Cable
  • Exceptional Battery LIfe
  • Won’t Support All Devices

Today’s technology offers us a variety of choices and many of them look similar which can make choosing the best very headphones difficult. Sound quality always plays a big role. In addition, you want to work with features you are comfortable with and make your overall experience a positive one. Low quality or ill working workout headphones can drag you down and make your overall exercise level decrease for the session. Furthermore, technology allows a lot of us to work from home and you may find you need to take a phone call while in the middle of a set. If this is something you expect could happen during your gym time a pair with a microphone can make it much more convenient.

Criteria for Evaluating the Best Workout Headphones

Criteria Best Workout Headphones


In the category of waterproofing, not all items are created equal. When you workout, naturally you sweat. Not to mention if you like to exercise outside, the variety of wet conditions you may face. Many of us have ruined a brand new pair of headphones due to excess moisture. As we compiled the guide to the best, the ability to handle water and sweat was a top-level concern. We don’t want to waste our money and we certainly don’t want you to waste yours.

There are different levels of waterproofing, called IP ratings, which stands for Ingress Protection. Ratings of this nature can be used for the ability to keep dust and debris away or in our case water and moisture. The level varies from no water resistance to full on wear in the shower waterproofing. To most of us, they just look like numbers. Let’s take a look at the breakdown and what each one means:

  • IPX0 – No protection from moisture or water.
  • IPX1 – Can handle drips vertically
  • IPX2 – Can handle water strikes at up to an angle of fifteen degrees
  • IPX3 – Can handle spraying up to a sixty-degree angle
  • IPX4 – Can handle splashes from any direction
  • IPX5 – Can handle a slow jet spray
  • IPX6 – Will take higher pressure and heavier sprays of water
  • IPX7 – For half of an hour can be under up to three feet of wat
  • IPX8 – Submerging under more than three feet is OK – Actual depth will be specified by the manufacturer

Before deciding on your perfect pair you may want to find out that pairs specific IP rating. If you are not a very sweaty person or you always work out indoors a lower rating may suit you just fine. For someone that sweats a lot or likes to get out and tackle the world, a higher rating may lead to longer use and extended wear without causing damage.

Style Best Workout Headphones


In today’s market, you can find a huge variety in the style of your headphones. Some go over the top of your head and offer an earpiece that covers your entire year. On the opposite end, we have completely wireless earbuds that are exceptionally small.

Styles change with time. What once was out comes back in with newer and better features than previously seen. With all of these choices, how do you know what’s best for you? The answer has to do with your own personal comfort. During your workout, obviously, you will encounter sweat. Most people avoid the traditional headband type headphones because they want to avoid the lingering smells that accompany dried sweat.

  • Earbuds –
    A top pick for athletes across the globe, earbuds certainly have their advantages. With the Bluetooth capabilities, pairing is simple. They are also small and easy to transport. Many brands offer a case so you won’t have the worry of losing them in your gym bag or causing them damage.

    Some users avoid this type of style because they have a tendency to dislodge from your ear. This is not only frustrating but could cause injury if a sudden distraction causes you to lose focus. Another problem is their overall comfort level. Brands today are using ear hooks and strapping systems to increase comfort and ensure your music stays securely in place.

    You will also find a variety that offer different lengths of wire or a few that are completely wireless between the two earpieces. Frequently, totally wireless will have a shorter battery life. Of course, pairs with wires can become frustrating when tangled in your clothes or around each other.
  • Wrap around buds or pads –
    With a wrap-around design, you will find better security than with other styles. Fitting around the back of your head you will be free to run, jog, dance, or clean without worrying about losing your tunes.

    This style tends to go over the ears. Some people find the pressure to be painful. If you find them ill-fitting they could even cause red, rubbed areas on or around your ears. When purchasing this style you will want to make sure you look at sizing guides to ensure you get a comfortable fit.
  • Open Ear –
    Open ear styles do things quite differently. They push the sound through your cheekbone and allow you to hear with crystal clear quality. The major advantage to this is you will be able to involve yourself in the world around you. Listen to music during the meeting, while participating and not bothering anyone with extra noise.

    Some find that wearing this style for long periods of time uncomfortable. There is pressure added to an uncommon place and this can lead to discomfort. Others find them the ultimate comfort. Depending on your experience in the past this can be a tough call to know if you will like the overall feel or not.

Sound Quality Best Workout Headphones

Sound Quality

It makes perfect sense that when purchasing a great new pair of workout headphones, you want to take sound quality into consideration. Today’s technology can make it sound like you are in an arena listening to your favorite band live. But is the sound of your music the only important thing? Obviously not.

With so many people working remotely and running to the gym on their lunch break, the ability to make and receive calls has become imperative. It’s hard enough finding time to go exercise without worrying that you may miss an important call from your boss. The quality of your call is just as important as the quality of your music. Each of the choices we have provided will allow you to take important calls no matter what you are doing.

In addition to both of these, when talking sound quality we also need to think about connectivity distances. If you don’t want to strap your phone or device to your body you will have to leave it sitting somewhere. This can cause annoying break up during your favorite guitar solos and cause a distraction during your lift session. Most of the options seen here offer about thirty feet of solid quality connection. When you get much less than this you may as well keep your device strapped to you.

Lastly, we took into consideration the overall balance of sound. Some sets do great with bass but you can’t hear an articulated word during your favorite song. Others you get all the words but can’t hear any of the soft tones. Finding a good balance of all the above is difficult. You may want to think about what is most important for your personal listening preference. Some on our list offer superior base, other’s find supremely warm balances of base and treble. No matter which is most important there is a great option here for you.

FAQ Best Workout Headphones

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My ears are very small so earbuds are out and I hate classic headphones. Are there any workout headphones that are for me?
A: In earlier times the answer would be an unfortunate no, but in today’s society it is a resounding yes. If these types don’t work you can try a pair of ear pads or open ear headphones. Both will feel quite different but the size of your ears won’t play a role. They are offered in waterproof varieties which make them both great options for the gym.

Q: Will open ear headphones allow everyone else to hear what I am listening to?
A:  This, of course, depends on the brand you purchase. You will have an increased level of ability to hear what’s playing outside the buds if you buy a low-quality pair. Middle to upper, quality brands almost all offer some sort of dampening technology. This allows you to hear your choice of book or music and no one else. It is important to note, some offer such good dampening properties that even when you take them off and set them on the table, you will not be able to hear the noise of your chosen track.

Q: How do wireless headphones work?
A: It is really quite simple. Wireless headphones function via Bluetooth capabilities. Simply turn the Bluetooth of your chosen device on and follow pairing instructions. Select your wireless headphones and press play. Your music, books, podcasts, or shows will be playing in your ears with a few button pushes.

Q: Is there anything I can do to make my earbud straps stop hurting my ears?
A: The straps or ear hooks for your favorite buds can be very uncomfortable, especially when first being used. If you just purchased them, you may just need to give them time. Your ears will adjust to the different pressure points and over time you will notice them less and less. It is important to note, if they are causing extreme discomfort or damage to your skin, you should stop use immediately. They may be too small or just not made for your ears. You may be able to buy new straps or you may need to purchase a new pair altogether.

If you have owned them a bit longer and they don’t cause your skin actual damage you may be able to make an adjustment to increase the comfort. Available in a variety of places is self-adhesive foam. A sponge-like material you can attach to your painful straps or clips will buffer the pressure and should leave you with comfortable ears.