Biofreeze Cold Therapy Gel Review

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Biofreeze started out as a gel muscle rub that could be used for a variety of aches and pains. You are now able to get it in many different and convenient varieties. When you spend time in the gym it is natural that you are going to become sore. Adding a muscle rub to your routine can help ease the pain of strenuous routines. This is especially true when you are participating in hard-hitting sports like boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts. Naturally, whey you are taking and delivering strikes it is going to lead to some soreness. This is unavoidable, however, a product like this one can help you get back in the gym and keep working on becoming your best.

This item is not only good for athletes but also for those of you that suffer from ailments like arthritis. Unfortunately, when you suffer from this type of pain, heading to the gym or working with your trainer can seem impossible. Using a topical rub can make getting back to the activities you love easier than ever. There are not too many side effects that you need to be worried about. In addition, a little bit of this product goes a long way. You will be getting a good bang for your buck. Using this product can help get you back to training with a heavy bag or participating in sparring sessions with a decent reduction in pain.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Works Quickly
  • Exceptionally Versatile
  • Small Amount Needed
  • Won't Stain Clothing
  • Dries Quickly
  • Non-Greasy
  • Smell Fades Fast
  • Different Strengths Available
  • Strong Smell
  • Not Everyone Finds Relief


The Biofreeze brand has been around for quite some time and it has been trusted by many. When you are an active person who likes to stay busy it is natural that you are going to experience aches and pains. This brand has come up with one product to help all of those minor aches and pains without needing to take medication. That product is named after the company itself, Biofreeze. Available in a decent amount of options, you will be able to use this in a way that is comfortable. If you hate lotions and gels, that's fine go with a patch. Patch not your thing, how about a roll on? This brand has done an excellent job in providing options for athletes, sports stars, combat sports enthusiasts, and just about everyone else. If you have goals to meet but your body isn't feeling up for the challenge this brand's product can help you feel better and continue to strive toward your next big adventure.


Depending on what style you choose to go with the application process is going to vary. If you are going with the gel you will simply need to rub a small amount on the affected area. It is important to note that a little bit of this product goes a long way. They also offer patches that you can simply place over the area of your body that is sore. The role on version is going to be great for consumers that don't like the feeling of lotions or creams on their hands. They do also offer a cream option. Many people do not like how long the gel takes to dry and decide to go with the cream. This brand has thought of everything, they even offer a spray on variety. Obviously, this is going to require the least amount of contact, however, it may also be the least effective. Working a muscle rub into your skin is going to help it work better. You will also find on-the-go pouches that make using this rub easy and convenient wherever you are.


Consumers have mentioned that this product has a very strong scent. This is due to the fact that there is menthol in it. It smells a lot like the test rub we use when we are sick. The scent can be overpowering depending on where the location of your sore joints or muscles are. Obviously, the farther away from your face the less you're going to notice the smell. With that being said, it has also been stated that the smell dissipates fairly quickly. You may notice it for a short amount of time, however, it should not be that big of a deal and it should not last very long. If you are extremely sensitive to strong smells this may not be the best product for you. In fact, most muscle rubs come with a fairly strong smell and many of them do not fade away as quickly as this one. So, in terms of sent, this one is strong but you will be able to count on the fact that it's going to fade quickly.


Most people find this item to be very effective. It offers an amazing cooling sensation that happens almost instantly after application. You'll want to make sure to rub the gel or cream all the way in to get the best effect. The cooling sensation is going to last you for quite some time. In fact, many consumers have mentioned being able to feel the effects the following morning when they put it on the evening before. When you are working through hard fitness routines, combat sports training or you suffer from a variety of different ailments finding some relief can be difficult. Using a topical rub like Biofreeze can absolutely help keep you in the game. Your body is going to feel better and appreciate the fact that you have decided to give this item a try. You will notice that most people run for an ice pack when they're feeling sore. This is a very effective method, however, it comes with its own problems. You can find the same effect when using this item. It's going to work more quickly and with fewer issues than even using a common ice pack.


This item is extremely versatile in use. Obviously, you're going to be able to use it on any sore muscles that you acquire. In addition, people are using this product to help relieve the pain of sprains and strains. You will also be able to use this item in your daily routine if you suffer from ailments like sore joints or arthritis. It truly is good for pretty much any pain that your body is going through. Keep in mind, you are not going to want to use these sensitive areas like your eyes or your mouth. Obviously, these are places that you would want to avoid putting a cooling cream on. You also wanted to keep in mind that you are going to be applying this item with your hands. Therefore, you'll want to wash them afterward to ensure that you don't get it on other areas of your body unexpectedly. If you are treating your hands just take precautions to make sure that you don't end up with this product in your mouth or in your eyes.


There are a plethora of size options available to you. It truly depends on what style of Biofreeze you choose. the gel typically comes in a 4-ounce tube but you can get a discount for ordering multiple tubes at once. The cream comes in a 3-ounce container. Deciding to go with the spray variety will also give you three fluid ounces of product to use. The roll-on stick comes in at just over three fluid ounces. If you choose to go with the single packages that are made for those that are on the go there are 10 packages in each box. The patches that are available are in boxes of five. As you can see, there are a variety of different sizes to suit your need and your lifestyle. All of them are relatively affordable and convenient in their own right. Obviously, each person is going to have a different preference and this brand knows it. So, the fact that they give you so many different sizing options is a major plus and will make it easy to find the perfect fit for your routine and lifestyle.

Side Effects

It is important to take side effects into consideration before deciding to use an item like this one. Some people will have an allergic reaction to this item. So, if you have truly sensitive skin or you know that you are allergic to Menthol you will want to avoid this product. Signs of allergic reaction would be noticing a reddened area, a rash, itching, or blisters. If you notice that it is becoming difficult to breathe or you are wheezing, these are signs of a serious allergic reaction and you should get help immediately. It is quite uncommon for people to experience side effects from this item. Some have found that the cooling sensation is just a little too much for them to handle and they prefer to not use it. Obviously, if you have had issues with products like this in the past you are going to want to avoid this one. If you are truly concerned if it is going to be helpful in your routine it couldn't hurt to reach out to a healthcare professional and discuss the advantages and disadvantages in your particular situation.


Obviously, the biggest advantage of using this product is going to be the reduction in pain that you notice. It can help to allow you to participate in all of the activities you love. If you've taken some heavy bumps from fight sports training it can take you away from the activity for quite some time. In addition, if you wake up with sore muscles and Joints it can make it extremely hard to get motivated to go to the gym. When we hurt we don't want to do anything but nurse our sore muscles. Using a product like this can help alleviate the pain and get you back to your fitness routine. Participating in activities like boxing and mixed martial arts leads to more aches and pains than many other sports or activities. So, the need for this type of item increases. This item is also not as messy as others. A little bit is going to go a long way and it will last for quite some time.


There are really only a couple of downfalls associated with this item. One of the biggest complaints in regards to it has to do with the strong scent. Many people who are sensitive to strong smells so, this item can be a bit bothersome. It is true, the smell will fade quickly, however, it's definitely strong in the beginning. The other thing to take into consideration is that this product is not going to work for everyone. Some people have mentioned that they have not gotten any relief while using it. It is fairly strong, however, there are options out there that offer a higher percent of Menthol which could give you better results. Most people get excellent results with this item but a rare few will get none at all. These are definitely things to take into consideration before deciding if this is going to be the perfect products to keep you in the game.


Most of the people using this item feel that it is an exceptional value. It offers great versatility and will truly help to knock out those sore muscles. The cost that is associated with this item is quite affordable. Regardless of which style and variety you go with the price will fluctuate a bit but they are all pretty affordable. Most budgets will be able to absorb the blow of this item easily. Obviously, if you go with the patches you are not going to get as much use out of them as you would a tube of the gel. People find them to be more convenient, however, they are not going to give you as many uses. So, depending on how often you plan on using this product will depend on how much it will end up costing you in the long run. It is definitely more affordable to go with the larger gel tubes then it is the individual packages or the patches. Overall, people are quite happy with the cost and the effectiveness of this item.

Bottom Line

Let's face it, everyone ends up with sore muscles at some point in their life. This is especially true for those that are participating in hard-hitting sports like karate, Taekwondo, or kung fu. When you're sore it can take you away from your activities for quite some time. Using a muscle rub can help get you back into the game more quickly. It can make meeting your goals easier than ever and less painful. This product is fast-acting and you will notice that you are feeling better for a longer amount of time. It is quite affordable and most people will have no issues with negative side effects. Overall, in terms of muscle rubs, this is a solid choice that won't let you down. There are very few people that don't get a positive effect from this item and we believe it fits well into almost everyone's routine.