Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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If you are looking to put a top quality spin bike in your home gym that makes you feel like you are partaking in a class then this bike may be for you. The Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike is built to last. Regardless of your fitness level you will be able to find the challenge you have been looking for when you invest in this bike. It does carry a very high price tag, however, consumers feel as if it is well worth it. The flywheel is heavier than many others which means you will get a smoother and more consistent ride. We were a bit surprised to see that this product does not have a ton of features. With some investigation, we have found that you can buy accessories for this bike to improve the features that it offers. So, if bells and whistles are what you are looking for, you can add them for an extra fee. This model offers good adjustability and customization. If you find you don't like the seat or the pedals, simply switch them out for your preferred options. Overall, customers are thrilled with their investment in this item. They feel as if it has had a positive impact on their weight loss, muscle building, strength enhancing, and endurance related goals.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Easy Assembly
  • Smooth Ride
  • Stylish Look
  • Gym Quality
  • Supportive & Comfortable
  • Good Adjustability
  • Exceptionally Positive Customer Reviews
  • Excessively Durable
  • Very Expensive
  • Quite Heavy
  • Poor Instruction Quality
  • Limited Features


For twenty-five years, BodyCraft has been working towards helping people meet their goals in fitness and overall well-being. Their products are all built to last. You will be able to cycle, run, or participate in a variety of other fitness activities without worry of your item breaking down. With fine attention to detail, their products are some of the most durable on the market today. Offering superior customer service, if you have any issues they will politely and quickly help you handle them. Obviously, this is an aspect that customers can appreciate, especially if you run into trouble with the item you just bought. Whether you are starting out on a journey towards better fitness or you have been at it for years, they offer products that you will be able to use for years to come. Putting your trust in this brand is not a mistake and once you use their items we are sure you will agree.

Basic Features

The spin cycle carries all of the features that you would expect to see in a top-quality exercise bike. It all starts with a just ability. You'll be able to customize where your seat and handlebars are located which will lead you to and improve the level of comfort even when you're riding for long hours. This bike also gives you extremely easy to control resistance. You will simply need to turn a knob and you will be able to increase or decrease the level of the challenge during your routine. Another great feature that this product offers is not only one but two places to hold your water bottle. You'll be able to position your drink on the left or right side of the bike, whichever you prefer. It also offers an emergency brake so that if you need to stop quickly you can.

Advanced Features

In terms of advanced features, this product is seriously lacking. We were exceptionally surprised to see this considering how much it costs. It is important to note that the design and structure of this product are exceptionally high-quality and a bit more advanced than others. But as far as features go that is simply not the case. What we have found is that if you are looking for some advanced features you will be able to add them onto this spin bike. Through the brand's website, you can order pieces to help you track your workouts and improve the level of comfort that you get while riding this bike. Just because this bike does not have a lot of bells and whistles does not mean that it is not an excellent choice in exercise bikes.


The pedals that come with this bike are standard aluminum alloy pedals. They do have a toe cage attached to them to help keep your feet securely planted on the pedal. This feature also helps to improve your thrust while pedaling and will lead you to a more effective workout. If you don't like the pedals that come with this bike, rest at ease. You can easily switch them out for SPD or other styles of pedals. In fact, you can even order them through this Brands website if you know they are the ones that you would prefer. Most customers are satisfied with the pedals that come with this bike. There are quite durable and will fit a large variety of feet with ease.


The pieces of this bike that concern comfort is fairly well light among its users. The seat that it comes with is slightly larger than a standard bike seat and in turn, provides you with a better level of comfort. If you find that you don't like how this seat feels you can switch it out easily for one of your preference or add a gel cover to improve how it feels. The handlebars are another area where comfort really matters. The handlebars on this product offer a variety of different areas to grep to make sure that you can find the position that leads you to the highest level of comfort. In addition, the handlebars are completely adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. Overall, customers are very happy with the level of comfort that this bike provides while in use.


The resistance that this product provides is handled by a friction brake. Some customers have noted that it does make a bit of noise but for the most part, people don't notice it at all. You'll be able to easily turn a dial to increase or decrease the level of resistance that you are experiencing. Naturally, this will allow you to challenge yourself at any level you choose. So, beginners will have no problem finding a comfortable pedaling level nor will advanced riders. Regardless of your level of fitness, this bike will offer an excellent challenge with its huge variety of resistance options. It is important to note that attached to the resistance dial is the emergency brake. If you need to stop suddenly simply press down on it and it will cease the flywheel from spinning.


This bike uses a belt drive, however, it is not your standard exercise bike belt. This brand steps it up a notch and uses a V ribbed belt that is meant for an automobile. What this will do is give you amazing durability. You will get a quiet and stable ride and you won't have to worry about your belt breaking mid-session leaving you with a useless piece of gym equipment. Using this bike for years to come will be no problem with the style of drive system that is seen here. Many options that use a drive belt can lead to Ultimate frustration due to poor durability. The fact that you won't have to worry about that with this item is obviously, and ask back to that customers prefer. Overall, this is one of the best belt drives you could ask for.


This spin bike is slightly larger than others you may have looked at in the past. This does lead to a more stable ride but it will also take up extra space in your home gym. When using this bike you absolutely won't have to worry about it tipping over while you get on and off of it. You'll be looking at a length of 43 inches and a width of 24 inches. The height of your exercise bike is typically not the most important Dimension but it does come in at 47 inches high. As you can see, it is not huge but it is going to take up a bit of room. This bike can accommodate weights up to 350 lbs. That is quite a bit more than others and appreciated by consumers that are just starting out on their venture towards a healthy weight. Overall, while this bike is a bit bigger it is also more comfortable and more stable than many others.


All of the reports agree that assembling this bike is fairly easy. Whether you are mechanically inclined or not you really shouldn't have too much trouble as the majority of this bike is already put together when you receive it. It has been mentioned by several users that the instruction booklet leaves something to be desired. This could mean that those of you that really rely on instructions are going to have a little bit of trouble. We have to admit that this is a bit of a letdown when you are paying such a high cost for an item you expect that the instructions will be very clear to ensure that everything gets put together as it should. Overall, customers are spending around an hour putting this item together which is not too bad at all.


Adding a spin bike to your home gym comes with a plethora of advantages. Obviously, spin classes can be a major Challenge and when you add that challenge to your home routine you will notice improved results. This includes results in your weight, muscles, endurance, and strength. You'll be able to easily adjust the resistance level so that your routine will be as easy or as difficult as you choose for that day. The spike also offers good adjustability and customization. If there are pieces that you don't find quite suit what you're looking for you can swap them out for ones that do. This includes not only the seat but also the pedals. Adding an indoor cycling routine to your fitness schedule can help keep things interesting and motivate you in continuing towards your overall goals.


While there are not a ton of disadvantages that come with this product there are a few that should be discussed. One of the main things to take under consideration is the cost of this item. It is exceptionally expensive. Another thing about it is that it is very heavy. This will make relocating it difficult, even though it is on wheels. Probably the biggest complaint about this item has to do with the limited features that it offers. You can absolutely add things onto it, however, it's going to cost you extra money and when you think about the price already this is a major let down for many people. The only other thing that people seem to complain about is the quality of the instruction manual. When you're making this type of investment you expect to have a clear set of instructions. Overall, most of these disadvantages are minor inconveniences but they are things that you should think about before you decide to make this purchase.


There are no major complaints about this product and most customers are very pleased with it, however, we would say that it is a below-average value. It will give you a killer workout and provide you with the level of challenge that you want. The reason we feel that the value is below average is that it is very expensive and it is truly lacking and features. You could spend the same amount of money and get a lot more bang for your buck. It can take many people quite a bit of time to work this product into their budget and it will be a large blow to your bank account. The quality of this product is outstanding and so is the construction. This does add to the overall value. It has been mentioned from customers many times that the quality of this item is equal or better to those bikes you see in your gym.

Bottom Line

When you want to bring a gym level spin bike into your home this is a solid option. If you are not looking for a bunch of bells and whistles this bike may be right up your alley. It will take a pretty large investment to call it your own and that may make it impossible for some budgets to afford it. All of the reviews about this product are positive. People are very happy with their purchase and feel that it has led to major Improvement in their overall fitness and health. There are a plethora of pros that come along with this item and only a few cons. You will be able to customize it to fit exactly what you are looking for in an exercise bike. Overall, it is a solid option that will provide you with years of use.